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Suzuki XL-7 Problems and Solutions



  • donna05donna05 Posts: 5
    This is happening to me as well. Car was dropped off at the dealers this morning. They called around noon saying they need to further diagnose the problem because the diagnostic testing showed misfires. Could be as simple as spark plugs or cam phasers, is what I thought he said. I noticed that this has happend to a few others out there. If it ends up being the cam shafts/phasers does anyone know if this is covered under the warranty?
  • tonyalttonyalt Posts: 6
    I had all my spark plugs changed, still said misfire. It is getting worse. I am going to ask about the cam phasers. I am wondering if it is vapor lock. or something close to it if there is such a thing anymore. After I drive mine 1-2 hours it has to re-prime itself/rebuild compression to start. although mine has 121k miles on it but I have taken very good care of it. Still have original brakes. :lemon:
  • donna05donna05 Posts: 5
    Thanks for getting back to me. My car is only 3 years old and has 54,000 miles on it. I fax'd over receipts for 6 of my oil changes which is all I could find. It will be really interseting to see what they come back and say the problem is and if they are going to try and say they can't cover it because I did something wrong. The book recommends changing the oil every 5,000 miles. My car monitors my oil life and I change my oil every 3,000 miles when the oil life is to 50%. So I am changing it more than necessary. I'll let you know.
  • tonyalttonyalt Posts: 6

    There was also a recall on some of them that was related to an evaporator - or something like that- I checked and mine wasn't one of them (of course) Does your windshield leak? My car tracks oil (full synthetic) every 10k miles.
  • donna05donna05 Posts: 5
    Thanks Tony, I have not received anything from them on the recall but I will certainly look it up. My windshield does not leak, thankfully. I did have to have the steering column replaced because the rubbing noise it was making was incredibly annoying and some weather stripping on my door was not properly installed and my driver's side door panel got hung up on it and I couldn't open the door. Other than that and this next problem, the car has been good. Good lukc with yours. I'll keep you posted.
  • donna05donna05 Posts: 5
    So today is day 4 that my Suzuki has been at the dealers. I have been told because there is sludge present that my 3 year old car needs a new engine! I only have 54,000 miles on the car and my oil changes were done every 3,000-4,000 miles. I am awaiting a decision from a high level as to whether they are going to honor the warranty and put a new enginer in. Is anyone else other there having the same problems!
  • Has anyone found base plates for the towbar connection on a 2009 XL7?
  • tonyalttonyalt Posts: 6
    Just wondering what happened with your car. My misfire may be due to this: my mechanic helped me pump gas the other day and when it would not start he discovered there is air in the fuel line. There is a hose inside the fuel tank that may be cracked and therefore sends air to the engine when I take the gas cap off to fuel the car, so when my tank is empty again, we are going to drop the tank and replace the hose. This was a huge problem with oldsmobiles in the past. Plus side: had my oil changed, tires rotated and brakes checked- still 50% brakes after 121,600 miles. originals
  • I'm having the exact same problem. Have you heard anything back regarding your warranty claim yet?
  • Yes after 2 1/2 weeks of waiting, pictures being taken of my car, oil change receipts being submitted, they had no choice but to honor the warranty. My car was only 3 years old and I proved that I was maintaining my car, I was lucky that I had most of my oil change receipts. I have read a lot of stuff on-line about camshafts having problems. They didn't admit to it but they did ultimately fix my car.
  • That's good to hear! Unfortunately for me, I purchased the car used last year and I don't have receipts for oil changes completed before I purchased it. I'm not sure what I'm going to do at this point.
  • I just took my car to the suzuki dealer and they are saying they will not stand by this. I took it in for surging and they said my engine is gone because of sludge. I am gonna call them in the morning and let them know I have found more people with this issue. Thank you all for posting this.
  • Has anyone taken out a water pump on the 2002 XL-7? It seems pretty tight to get to, any tips? And also my upper oil pan gasket is slow leaking anyone had that problem? If so, how did you go about fixing it?
  • I have a 2007 XL7 that I purchased used in May of 07, it had 21,527 miles on it when I bought it. I had the excelerator stick and they told me that it was my floor matts getting caught.. Never really any problems other then that until about a month or so ago and my check engine light would come on and then it was gone, off for a few days and then back again.. Well let me tell you, if your check engine light is on?? You need to definatley get that taken care of cause 3 weeks ago I got up in the a.m and started my car for work and I thought my car was going to BLOW UP!! My nice quite car now sounded like a diesel engine.. I had it towed to Burdick Suzuki at Drivers Village and they jerked me aroun for the past 3 weeks and tells me thurs 11/18/10 that my warranty is not valid because they found fluid contamination in engine and oil!!!! WHAT??? My car has been maintaned every 3,000 miles, maybe a time or two I went over a bit but nothing that would EVER lead me to believe that it would cause my engine to blow!!!!! I am looking to find out if anyone has a class action against Suzuki or if there are enough people out there to get one.. Have found many in different states... I will never buy another Suzuki again thats for sure....
  • Something happen to me all that was needed is the O2 sensor needed to be replaced.
  • I had a similar problem when the vehicle my xl7 was 6 months old,,,,go back to message 46 to view my problem,,,the engine had rust inside,,,the dealer ended up doing massive engine work and the xl 7 has been ok since then,,,but this problem has been ongoing as we can see from the other responses. I remember receiving a response from a concerned person who told me that the probem was one of transorting the engines through customs and they had to keep the engine covers off so the serial numbers could be inspected and the engines were exposed to the elements,,thereby causing the problem. Good luck and please keep us all advised.
  • I have experienced the same problem with the same outcome, claiming the vehicle was neglected in oil changes. Now they want to examine the oil. Very bad customer service.
  • I have a question, but first< I just bought this 2002 susuki XL7 11 days ago. what is the n..a/t..p button for on this vehicle? I was told it was to give you better power and performance in the "P" mode when your pulling a trailer... Is this true. I towed a u-haul from Phoenix to Prescott and when I put the button in "P" mode it blew out the seal for the front differential and the rear trans-axle seal. I had to put it back into the "N" mode to make it home. Anyone know anything of this? Thanks for replying if you have.
    It was towed away from the road on two wheels, would this have anything to do with the problem and how to resolve it. It worked before being towed
    Thank you
  • robe5robe5 Posts: 3
    Your ac should be to high (max.) blower to max. also,look at reading.
  • robe5robe5 Posts: 3
    We have a 2004 xl-7.. First light come on #4 coil and plug,second time a po430 bank 2 code,had injectors clean,third time 02-sensor,fourth time a converter all this under 80k all out off pocket fighting zusuki for the cost of fixies..the shops are ripping us all...$1.95 plug they charge $15.00..coil $74.00 they charge $321.00..converter they want for one $1200.00.Best service was Saturn dealers even when out of warrenty they still fix problems without bad G.M. double cross them.
  • cykecyke Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 XL-7 with 60,000km on it. While driving the engine suddenly went limp. The display said "driving on reduced engine power" and there was no power when I floored the pedal. There was also no power in the power steering. The display also read "service traction control" and "service stability control". I pulled over, turned off the engine and after 10 minutes tried again and the car was running fine. The check engine light was on though. The next morning the check engine light was no longer on. I brought the car to Suzuki and they said they could find nothing wrong. The codes on the car were just "old codes". They told me to drive it and if it happens again to bring it back to them. 3 days later the same thing happened. Suzuki tells me they may not be able to fix this. I have a total protection plan which covers bumper to bumper. Anyone encounter a similar problem?
  • yasayasa Posts: 1
    Over the past 2 weeks my 2007 XL7 seems to have developed 3 different, but possibly related, problems:

    1) Within the first few miles of driving, usually only once, it will "chug" and "stutter" as if it isn't getting enough gas and wants to stall. It has thus far NOT stalled and the chugging goes away after a short amount of time (maybe 20 seconds).

    2) I have also noticed during the first few miles of driving that when making a turn (seems I'm always turning left, so I can't say if it happens turning right), that as I start to accelerate out of the turn the engine noise increases significantly (maybe not engine noise, almost sounds like it is coming from under the car). Almost like a mild roaring.

    3) This one has only happened once so far, on Thursday night, I was driving slowly through a parking lot and my transmission seemed to slip several times.

    There are no warning lights or messages coming up. The vehicle has about 44,000 miles and the only real maintenance I've had to do thus far has been a new battery.

    Anyone else have these problems? I need to drop it at the dealership and see what they find, but I'd like to hear of similar problems or thoughts before I do. Thanks!
  • vanbcvanbc Posts: 2
    Definitely the first 2, maybe the 3rd, problem will be related most definitely. The sound your hearing when your turning and hitting the gas is the engine starving for oil. When the oil level is too low and you turn left, the oil in the oil pan sloshes away from the oil pickup tube, starving the engine for oil momentarily.

    The engine is brutally picky for oil pressure, can cause all sorts of funny noises. May or may not be related to the possible slip you felt.
  • We are experiencing the same problems you have described. Have you found out what the problem is or was?
  • It sounds like the same problems I was having. When I would try to maintain a constant speed the car would jerk and sputter. I was also having the same issue turning only left, almost a roaring/grinding noise. I first took it to a transmission place and all they did was a transmission service, next took it to a local shop and they changed spark plugs and found a bearing on the intermediate drive axel was bad causing the grinding noise while turning. I was hopeful this would be covered by warranty and took it to the dealership, it was. The dealership replaced one bearing and cleaned some other stuff out and said both problems were fixed. I went and picked the car up and niether were fixxed so I took it back. A week later I was told that another bearing needed to be replaced and I needed an entire new transmission. Both are being covered by warranty but I have to pay for some coil that also needs to be replaced, $500. Hope this helps
  • servicetekieservicetekie Posts: 1
    edited January 2012
    :mad: :lemon: I have a 2007 mileage 62700? Before thanksgiving the check engine light came on. I took it to Autozone and got a reading P700. I took it to the dealer I purchased it from (preowned vehicle) they took it to Suzuki. I was told that they would have to replace the transmission control sensor. But the sensor is replaced by replacing the entire harness. I was then told no part was available in the US and the part would have to come from overseas and would not come in until Jan. 28, 2012. I got the car back second week in January. I drove it for a week. While driving, I thought the car felt like it was dragging. The check engine like was back on and the display now flashing, service traction control. I found when stopping and switching to manual that the car was only shifting in two gears 2nd and 5th! I immediately drove the car to Suzuki, which was down the street from where I was and left it there (service dept. closed on saturday). They have informed me, they do not know what is wrong with it and are attempted to find an answer through service experts. I paid almost $1000 that I borrowed. I am lost in all this :confuse: . I have had the car for about 16 months. :lemon: :mad:
  • trotter2trotter2 Posts: 1
    Yes, happened to me. The tow guy should of put it in neutral. He caused the pin to break and it fell into the trasnfer case. Donot drive as it will eventually it will get caught between the gear and chain and break the case. Then you will have to replace the transfer case. thats what happended to me.
  • italianopritalianopr Posts: 1
    I have 2006 XL-7 with 73k miles. Until last night I had just 2 small problems with it. The first one is a small power steering leak at the pressure hose and i control it with Lucas p.s. fluid. The other problem is that after replacing the drive belt sometimes have that annoying noise when the AC compressor turns on. Tried a few times to put more tension on it but the system doesn't help. If anyone have a good idea let me know. Now, last night I cleaned the battery terminals and now it starts and runs fine after 30 minutes off. No check engine, no message, no nothing. I can start the engine and run the car but if shut it down have to wait to start it again...
  • rinso15rinso15 Posts: 1
    I have had those same problems, how do they get to keep this from being a real recall. I was stranded in South Carolina with this problem and ten months later the same is with the rear both times.
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