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  • jaxs1jaxs1 Member Posts: 2,697
    The VP stereo has everything needed to run 4 speakers (outputs, fader etc) except the actual speakers.
    Just buy some lower priced efficient speakers and it will be fine.
    Maybe a compact self-powered sub to fill out the sound would be nice instead of rear full-range speakers.
  • estrangedestranged Member Posts: 2
    Does anybody know if a CD unit of the american version will fit on the european version (2003-2006)?

  • blaneblane Member Posts: 2,017

    The 2003-2006 U.S. market Honda Accord is a totally different vehicle than the same year European and Japanese Honda Accord.

    The European and Japanese design Honda Accord is sold in the United States as the Acura TSX.

    Since the interiors of the two vehicles are so different, it is highly unlikely that the CD units would be interchangeable.
  • swisschampswisschamp Member Posts: 5
    The 2007 Accord has standard 6x9's in the rear and some proprietary speakers in the front. The car stereo shop people will tell you they are 6-1/2" which technically they are- but the factory speakers are integrated into a custom mounting bracket. None of the car stereo shops in the Houston area seem to have the proper adapter plate. I finally had to make some out of plywood. (Since I will not modify the factory mounting points) I have also not found any speakers that really sound good in the Accord using the factory spots. If anyone has found good luck with some, please let me know.
  • swisschampswisschamp Member Posts: 5
    I have been searching for the same thing. I know there is one for the 2002 CRV. I don't know if the Accord has provisions for a sub connection. If you find out anything, please let me know. Thanks.
  • swisschampswisschamp Member Posts: 5
    I just bought an 07 Accord EX V6. The CD, XM Sat, and AM band sound fine. The FM is horrible. I am not sure if it is the reception or just a lousy tuner. The dealer blames the tall buildings in the area. No other car I have owned or borrowed in the past has had such trouble. Anyone else have this trouble?
  • estrangedestranged Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for your answer, Blane

    I know that, but unlike the exterior (which looks like the Acura), the interiors are very similar in both models. The radio cd player has only diferents colours in the display:
    (when iluminated is orange) arge4.jpg
  • mrbill1957mrbill1957 Member Posts: 823
    Interesting that you haven't found speakers that sound good. I tried updating the factory 6x9s in my 04 EXL, and was surprised on how bad the upgraded ones sounded. I had purchased a mid priced Alpine 3 way speaker (don't remember the model #) and was shocked on how bad they sounded. I lost most of the bass, and gained alot of tinny sound. I ended up in yanking them out and re installing the factory ones.

    I don't want to get into adding extra amps since I'm happy with the capability of the factory unit, I was just hoping in a improved sound.

  • minerominero Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Honda Accord - the center stack LCD display which gives the time and displays what cd track your listening to - the light went out while driving. I thought a fuse needed to be replaced but am told the radio has nothing to do with the LCD display. I was quoted a proce of $800.00 +/- to replace the radio, but the radio works.

    Any help would be great.
  • rcc8179rcc8179 Member Posts: 131
    This is a common problem, and Honda knows it. Many of these have been replaced, including mine. The problem is that the relay that controls the lights is inside the radio unit itself (which connects to the back of the display unit). Tell the dealer that you know that this a common problem, and that Honda should cover (most, if not all of) the cost. If the dealer is unhelpful, call Honda directly--the 1-800 number is in the owner's manual. Good luck.
  • rhard49rhard49 Member Posts: 226
    Click on this link it will take you to Honda's TSB (Service Bullitin) on the problem which is pretty wide spread. It covers all 2003 Accords and some 2004's

    I had mine replaced 2 months ago.
  • swisschampswisschamp Member Posts: 5
    You described the results I got after changing the speakers. I wonder if Honda's speakers compensate for a short coming in the factory stereo. The only thing I found that improved the sound was to change out the tweeters in the dash board. I put some ribbon tweeters up there that sound considerably better - less distortion.
  • swisschampswisschamp Member Posts: 5
    Anyone yet know of a subwoofer made for the 06-07 Honda Accord? They make one for the CRV.....Will the CRV underseat subwoofer connect to the Honda Accord factory stereo?
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    Some posts have been moved to a more appropriate discussion. Here's the link: sampowers, "Honda Accord Navigation" #37, 11 Jan 2007 1:16 pm.
  • kcrossleykcrossley Member Posts: 182
    Has anyone tried adding an after-market Bluetooth Kit to their Accord? If so, which brand did you purchase and how satisfied are you?
  • mayurjshahmayurjshah Member Posts: 37
    hi Jasonmac73,

    i'm about to buy a 07 Accord VP. Can you share your buying experience with me. Mostly:

    What was your price before and after tax/title?
    Did your price include the 750 marketing cash that Honda gives to dealers?

    Thanks in advance!! Hope you like the car...
  • roxonroxon Member Posts: 16
    got mine in No. California for $17.1, before taxes. asked for invoice and their holdback...and got it.
  • kcrossleykcrossley Member Posts: 182
    I was getting my 2006 Accord serviced today at my local dealer and I discovered that Honda has apparently introduced a new Honda Music Link. I queried the service and parts people for more information, but they were clueless. Does anyone know anything about this?

  • jaxs1jaxs1 Member Posts: 2,697
    You discovered this based on what facts?
    Probably not introduced at this time or they would sell it to you.
    I'm sure at some time in the future either there will be a new version or it will be removed from the market.
  • kcrossleykcrossley Member Posts: 182
    I was asking the parts manager about the Honda Music Link, because I'm still trying to decide on an iPod interface, and he said the first generation was discontinued in October and promptly replaced with a newer version—which they had in stock. I asked what had been updated and all he knew was that the sound is better and the static that plagued the 1st generation has been eliminated. Of course, he could be completely wrong too. Here's all I could find from Honda on the Music Link.

    Music Link Info
  • kcrossleykcrossley Member Posts: 182
    I'm getting ready to install a USASpec iPod adapter in my 2006 Accord. I stopped by Best Buy yesterday to see if they could do it, but let's just say that my conversation with one of the installers didn't instill a lot of confidence.

    Now, I'm thinking about doing it myself. Has anyone with an Accord with Navi taken apart their dash to add an audio component? If so, how difficult was it and what do I need to be aware of to avoid damaging my Accord or the Nav system?
  • kcrossleykcrossley Member Posts: 182
    For anyone interested in adding and iPod adapter to their Accord, here's a we site that has reviewed the various adapter currently available.

    iPod Adapter Reviews

  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    Good link, thanks.
  • saleemsaleem Member Posts: 114
    Thanks for the link.

    Two products I found, I'm thinking of installing one of them in my 07 Accord SE, any thoughts? I want to be able to plug in my ipod and control it from the car and steering wheel. I want a *much* better interface than the lousy MusicLink.

    USA Spec

  • stansbmistansbmi Member Posts: 4
    Does anyone know if there is an adapter for a Sandisk Sansa mp3 player, so that it can be controlled from the steering wheel like the USA spec or DICE units above do for the IPOD??
  • kcrossleykcrossley Member Posts: 182

    I've decided to go with the USA Spec. If you read the reviews at Crutchfields and elsewhere, it seems like everyone is pretty satisfied with it. My only dilemma is whether to have a kid at Best Buy install it, or attempt it myself. I personally think I'd do a much better job—especially since the kid commented, "I've never installed one of those before." Nice.

    The only problem is that I'm not sure what is required to rip the dash apart. Does anyone know if I'll need any special tools?

  • jaxs1jaxs1 Member Posts: 2,697
    Why does it have to be Best Buy as the only choice?
    Why don't you go to a car audio shop with experienced installers if your aren't comfortable with the Best Buy "kid?"
    Even at Best Buy, if the they break something, they have to fix it, so it will probably be OK.
    It's not as if you have some rare classic car that is forever ruined if they break or scratch something.
  • kcrossleykcrossley Member Posts: 182
    Those are all good points. Quite frankly, it's probably me trying to recapture my youth. I remember doing this kind of stuff when I was a kid. I'm also concerned about my $1,000 plus navigation system.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Member Posts: 2,697
    I think Best Buy has the resources to financially handle any damage they could cause to the nav system.
    Anything they can break can be fixed. Spare parts are readily available for late model Honda Accords.
    The biggest issue would be the hassle of having to get damaged fixed later, but the installation of that device should be easy enough that damage is very unlikely.
    If you break things installing it yourself, then you will have to pay to get it fixed.
  • saleemsaleem Member Posts: 114
    If the Sansa only has the microphone port, and no secondary controller or dock (other than power), then there wouldn't be a way to control it. Google search should help.
  • saleemsaleem Member Posts: 114
    I wouldn't count on Best Buy Customer Service to fix your computer, let alone your car.
  • mayurjshahmayurjshah Member Posts: 37
    Thanks, So I'm thinking that 16500 (including everything but 55 'doc fee' and tax/title) would be a great price. I'm in No. Cal. also...and should be able to get this down a little more, if I want to. -- Did you recently by your car? What color? How do you like it/any comments or issues??

  • stickguystickguy Member Posts: 43,076
    I have a USA spec in an Odyssey. Love it.

    Not that hard to install, but I wouldn't let the Best Buy kids sit in my car, never mind near it with tools.

    I had it installed at a custom stereo shop. Perfect job, cost IIRC $60 (I bought the unit from Crutchfield).

    2020 Acura RDX tech SH-AWD

  • jofaxjofax Member Posts: 5
    Hi KCrossley,

    Please let me know when you get the USA Spec installed and your experience using it b/c I too have a Factory Accord with Nav (albeit 2007, but I don't think that makes a difference). Specifically, I'm trying to figure out if u can control ALL of your Ipod controls thru the car, whether there is a huge "delay" when browsing thru songs/artists/playlists, and if rest of the car's stereo/Nav system functions still unaffected. Sorry if sounds like a lot, but I'm guessing you probably have similar questions when searching for a good Ipod Integration??

    BTW... Has ANYONE tried the NEO Ion Ipod Adapter??? Couldn't find any reliable reviews.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Member Posts: 2,697
    You set up up playlists in advance and then you can skip through songs and playlists using the steering wheel controls. Not for browsing through your whole music collection searching for individual songs while you are supposed to be driving.
    It wouldn't be a good idea to be trying to go down deep into menus searching for specific songs, artists and genres and tinkering around with settings while driving even with the steering wheel controls since you would have to be looking at the iPod screen to see what you're doing.
  • saleemsaleem Member Posts: 114
    I think I will go with the USA Spec. But since I just got delivery of my 07 last Monday, and i don't have an ipod right now, i'm in no rush ;) (Ps my ipod mini broke a while ago :( )

    Will keep you guys posted!
  • blaneblane Member Posts: 2,017
    For you iPod fanatics, you'll be interested in this article from the January 21, 2007 New York Times Automobiles section: - ref=slogin

    I know, I know, today is Saturday the 20th and the article is being published it the Sunday January 21st paper. You may have to log on for a free subscription to read it.

    Please though, if you are fiddling with the controls on your iPod or other music player while driving, stay off of the roads on which I, my family, and my friends are driving.
  • saleemsaleem Member Posts: 114
    USA Spec and others work with the current 5.5G ipods. Is it guaranteed that they'll work with 6G, or will there be a development cycle to get 6G connectors to market?

    Any news on when 6G ipod will be released, the talk is about October 2007 but who knows!
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Member Posts: 2,697
    Of course they cannot guarantee anything about things that don't exist.
    I'm sure they will work on a new version if needed.
  • saleemsaleem Member Posts: 114
    well supposedly the whole point of paying apple licensing fees to make ipod connectors is the guarantee that apple won't screw them over with a new design in 6 months...
  • babycutecutebabycutecute Member Posts: 17
    I have a very dumb question. :blush: I just got the 07 Accord VP and I don't know how to turn off the radio. I tried every button! I now turn the volume to mute but it would be nice if I can just turn the radio off.

    Can anyone help?
  • stickguystickguy Member Posts: 43,076
    push the button in the center of the big round volume knob.

    2020 Acura RDX tech SH-AWD

  • blaneblane Member Posts: 2,017

    This may be a very dumb question too.

    Didn't your new Accord come with an Owner's Manual in the glove compartment?
  • lex81lex81 Member Posts: 2

    Need some help. Just got the Honda Accord VP that only comes with 2 speakers.Is it possible to add the missing four speakers that are in all the other models. I see where i can add the two rear speakers but dont know about the other 2. Thanx!
  • roxonroxon Member Posts: 16
    yes. best part is, the wiring is already there! all you got to do is buy and install the speakers. i just put 6x9's in the rear deck of my VP. EASY.
  • cocolo2kcocolo2k Member Posts: 18
    does the 2007 Accord EX-L with navigation have cd-text capability?
  • lex81lex81 Member Posts: 2
    Thanx for the help!

    How about the other 2? Because all other models come standard with 6-speakers. i have the two front door speakers and now the two rear deck speakers. just wondering about the other 2. thanx again!
  • roxonroxon Member Posts: 16
    i think the other 2 are tweeters in the front dash. those might be tough to get too...but imagine they are wired too.
  • jofaxjofax Member Posts: 5
    Hi cocolo2k. I'm not exectly sure what you mean by "cd-text capabilities," but if you're inquiring if the in-dash CD player can display artist and song titles on your CDs -- then no.

    But if you're inquiring whether you can type in addresses, locations, and points-of-interests in your Nav System-- then the answer is yes. You can even spell it out verbally using the voice-recognition software.
  • whooten_coliwhooten_coli Member Posts: 4
    I have the standard Accord stereo with 6 disc CD Changer (no XM). I swear when I first picked up the car that I got pretty good radio reception. I then installed the Soundgate shond3 to add a mp3 connection. Since then, one station that I really enjoy has static. I'm pretty sure I got reception on this at first, and I know I got it on my old car. Is it possible that somehow the rca cable or shond3 device is affecting my reception (perhaps acting as some kind of antenna)? Has anybody else experienced this?
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