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GMC Envoy Maintenance and Repairs



  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    If you would like for us to check into this further for you, please forward the last 8 digits of your VIN or your Service Request number to us via email at

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • I also have a problem with my '06 Envoy's rear suspension. I took it my dealer for the FOURTH time today since April. My dealership is Joe Ball in Pittsburgh. I've put almost $1200 into repairs which within 4-6 weeks seem to fail only to lead to "another part of the system needs replaced."
    I would not recommend a GMC to anyone anymore. I'm so unbelievably frustrated, just like MANY MANY people I'm reading about. Something needs to be done.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    We're truly sorry to hear that you're frustrated, and can understand why as you state you've been back to the dealership several times this year for the same concern. If we can check into this further with you, please email us at with more information (include your name and contact information, a summary of the situation, the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, and the name of your dealership).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • My 2005 Envoy XUV rear tailgate window will not close. My roof says open roof & close roof or clear obstruction in roof. There is no obstruction there! I was wondering if anyone knows if this has to really do with the roof or is it something with the tailgate. PLEASE HELP!!!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    Do you have any inclement weather that could be affecting the operation of your window (snow/ice)?

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • mark2424mark2424 Posts: 1
    edited February 2013
    I also have a 2006 GMC Envoy Denali (67,500 miles) with the exact same problems. I had to have my rear air suspension removed, if my car sat over night the rear of the car would be almost on the ground. I finally had to have the suspension replaced with traditional suspension. I am having to constantly check my oil to ensure it is has not burned all of it, headlights keep going out while DRIVING, and now the driver side lowbeam light is completely out causing me to have to drive with my highbeams on. The new one is the throttle position sensor, I get the check engine light coming on, then all of the sudden the stabilitrack light comes on along with another engine light and the car looses all power (I get codes P0121, P060e). I have a long commute to work every day and if im lucky, it eventually gets up to 65 mph hour after a few miles....that is if it doesn't shut off.
    This is my 2nd Envoy, I had a 2002 Envoy SLE which did not have as many issues has this top model.

    After reading all of these posts, I do not understand why there hasn't been some kind of customer service recall. On the brand model's top trim/package, these are not issues those of us who are loyal to the GMC brand should have to pay for on such a large scale.
  • badsun79badsun79 Posts: 2
    HELP! Ihave a 2006 denali envoy the rear air bags are not consistantly airing up sometime yes sometimes no then bam they air up. checked compressor the interior option for airing up flat tire works great. any help? thanks......
  • Sometimes when I try to start my vehicle, I just hear a click when I turn the key in the ignition. It takes several tries before it starts. Then I won't have any problems for a while. I also have a problem with my odometer light not coming on most of the time. However it seems that whenever the odometer light comes on, I start having the problem all over. Does anyone know what the problem might be? Thanks for your response.
  • cindyk2cindyk2 Posts: 2
    I had same problem and it was my starter. I had to get a new one and no problems starting since. I have also replaced rear air bags and gas gauge. I will never buy a GMC again.
  • I've had similar issues. It took weeks to replace the throttle body, my headlights will go out; now I realized that somehow the harness burned up. This week the car refused to start and now have to change the whole electrical system! I am not happy. I have always owned foreign cars, this is my first domestic vehicle and have spent more on this car for repairs in two years than my 94 Civic and 05 Altima combined. This is crazy. Are there any recalls we're not aware of? I'm very skeptical going GMC again.
  • what have u done to correct the problem
  • samy1969samy1969 Posts: 1
    So I got the P0300 and P0171 codes on my 2004 Envoy XUV 5.3L v8 130k.

    P0300 - Engine Misfire Detected
    P0171 - Fuel Trim System Lean Bank 1

    I've read about 100+ posts on this site on what to do about the code, and I've compiled a lengthy list of things to check (if you want the list, PM me and I'll send it to you).

    Here's what I've done:
    - 3 years ago, about 100,000 miles, replaced the fuel filter
    - oil changes every 5-7k

    This past weekend (6/22):
    - checked air hose from filter to throttle body, no cracks found
    - replaced the spark plugs with AC Delco Irridiums (part 41-110 from Advanced Auto Parts); broke one wire along the way, replaced only that 1 wire
    - cleaned throttle body (didn't remove it, but used a cloth first, then used throttle body cleaner spray)
    - inspected MAF but no clue if it's malfunctioning (looked clean though, wires looked good)
    - looked for an EGR valve, it doesn't sem to exist

    Here's the weird thing on the plugs: In cylinders 1,3,5,7, all 4 of the plugs were black and slightly wet (probably gas). In cylinders 2,4,6,8, all 4 of the plugs were white and chalky.

    Could this be an O2 sensor on the driver's side? It seems the misfire isn't as random since it appears to be isolated to cylinders 1,3,5,7...any opinions on what could be causing these misfires and likely resulting in the engine running too lean in bank 1?


    P.S. - I can't figure out how to upload an image of the plugs (but they are as described in this post).
  • I have had a used 2003 Envoy XL for about a year and a half now. It was running great for the first year. Then all of a sudden I had problems. I was driving down the street and my cars "Reduced Engine Power" Light came on and my speed went down to 15 mph and every time I restarted it the light was on . My Used car company towed it and ended up replacing the Throttle Body and within a week to 2 weeks I ended up having the same problem and replaced the gas pedal. Now a couple of months later I am having a similar problem, but unlike the other times, this time I am able to turn it off and turn it back on again and it runs ok for a little bit. It is usually happening when my gas gauge is at 1/4 of a tank. My idle is running high when I first turn on the car as well. I have read numerous posts on numerous sites that other drives have this problem but have yet to figure out why, and have been involved in accidents because of it. Is there anyway I can get any help?
  • I have an 04 envoy xuv and the rear window went down without the rear wiper being in the off position so when I tried to put the window back up I got the rear wiper obstruction error message and when I tried to turn the wiper on to get it into the off position I got the rear glass down error message I searched hi and low and couldn't find anywhere how to get around this without rewiring or taking apart the rear lift gate but I ended up finding this on an explorer sport Trac forum and it worked great hope it helps out some other people that have had the same problem and couldn't find a solution....... 1: Start with the ignition key in the OFF position
    2: turn the ignition Key to the ON position
    3: Press the rear glass control switch vent button 6 times 4: Turn the ignition key to the OFF position
    5: Press the rear glass control switch vent button 6 more times
    6: turn the ignition to the ON position. at this point the rear window will move up and down approximately 20mm (0.8 in). this movement signifies that the rear window glass motor has entered into the initialization mode
    7: NOTE: the rear window glass control switch must be held in the UP or DOWN position until the window glass stops moving. failure to hold the switch will end the initialization operation. then the initialization will have to be re-started. 

    Hold the rear window glass control switch in the full UP position until the rear window glass stops in the full up position 
  • rj123456rj123456 Posts: 137
    1. Haven't used Edmunds forums in a while, but the appearance seems to have changed radically for the worse. Now I can't seem to find any book marked posts etc.

    2. My 2002 GMC Envoy XL has had problems starting. My wife (who normally drives this) gave it up for dead but I was able to start it after 4 attempts. Each time it also makes a strange cranking sound. My wife said she saw the windshield wiper spray on each of her attempts to start it. I am going to drive it around and hope the problem goes away (left the engine running right now!). What could the cause of this be??
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