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Hummer Maintenance and Repair



  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    A wild guess I know, but perhaps the correct answer will be found in your Owners Handbook?
  • Got tired of the time and gas going to the very few pepboys we have here to be told, paraphrasing; i think we had some 5w30 pp, our computer shows ten bottles of rl si 1, and truck came in this morning but i can't find any.

    Called redline about dealers and lack of fi cleaner. RL said they could be shipped directly even though si 1 not on the website. Dave also told me the distributor is just down the road in roanoke. Called him. Went there. Bought a whole case of si 1 and a case of sm 5w30 red line. Good bye pepboys and it has been fun at the slippery subject and bitog. Long oci and more time away from the computer.
  • ab784ab784 Posts: 3
    You really think so ???
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    I guess I was feeling more cynical than usual. :blush:
  • rctexasrctexas Posts: 1
    I did a test drive for 2007 H3. Found that there is some issue with brake and accelerator pedal. While driving it shakes or wobbles (as if it's loose or something like that). Dealer says it's a known problem and GM has a replacement part for that. My question is: is it really true ? Is this a known issue or has anyone experienced this ?

    Any info would be appreciated ?
  • ab784ab784 Posts: 3
    My car started doing that doesn't do it all the seems like when I drive it for longer period of time, it starts doing that, also the tire pressure monitor signals from time to time, but I don't know why. I had the tires checked and everything seems to be fine.
  • O'Reilly's oil promotion runs 9/26-10/30/2007. Stopped in this afternoon, bought a case of synthetic oil and was given a rebate for purchase price refund. Went on line to O'Reilly and started the rebate procedure-paperwork going in tomorrow.
  • My Driver Information alerts me to 'Service 4WD'. After checking the owner's manual, it merely states 'Check fluid levels' for axles & transfer cases. Done, but the warning light still comes on periodically. Is there something else that needs attention ?
  • For those not needing off roading reservoir shocks,
    saw bilstein part number of F4-BE5-E672-H0 for front shocks for $121 (did I really see that) vs monroe reflex locally for $71. Looks like a call to bilstein on monday since dealers called today had no clue. And what about the rears, bilstein.
  • Per Bilstein West-rears B46 1698 ($60) - but they are expecting H3 shocks to be available in June.
  • A Hummer can be towed with all four tires on the pavement by selecting Neutral in the transfer case settings. To do this, hold down the 4HI button and 4LOW Lock button at the same time for 10 seconds. This will put your transfer case into neutral and allow you to tow the vehicle. It will also not rack up miles on the odometer in this mode.
  • my 08 alpha has given me more problems than I can count. my latest, it runs 3/4 hot on the temperature gauge and the service dept says "Thats normal". Seriously? Anyone else with this issue? How normal is this?
  • cgattusocgattuso Posts: 1
    Yes...this brake/accelerator/steering knocking is a known issue. Bought an 08 H3...started happening at 5K miles. Dealer had to replace the steering shaft. Dealer stated this is a known issue.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A national news magazine reporter would like to speak with owners of a Hummer and are having buyers remorse. If you are an owner, please respond to with your daytime contact information no later than Thursday, July 24th.

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  • Just came from Bob's, Redline topics all over first page. Saw the amsoil gear lube test link some time back. Changing dif lube and transfer case has been on the back of my mind. Called Dave at redline and received a nice email with a preliminary response to the lube tests mentioned above. Sticking with redline for the dif's and transfer case.

    Went to pick up a new qt lube pump, small capacity, but nice to use. None available at Pepboys, Auto Zone, or Oreilly's. Just bought one a couple of years ago to do the crd.

    Should've just searched the net. A nice lady at Plew's sent me to B.E. Atlas in Chicago - getting a box of 5 for $20 plus S&H.
  • Finally replaced the gear lube in Blue Beauty this weekend. GM synthetic out and Red Line in. Took for a short drive to top off the tank and sling the lube around for monday morning. Better Half came home tonight and almost gave a wow - she said the 3 felt effortless. Didn't do the tcase with Redline D4. While reviewing the shop manual noticed the pipe thread comment (bought some today almost $30 full retail for a little tube, but who pays retail these days).

    Another gotcha on the tcase, the vin reflects the possible newer case, there is no blue dot, but there is a sticker saying to add the 8 ounces through the speed sensor. Pulled out copies of posts from fstop on the other forum about this issue. Based on the wow comment the D4 is going in the fill hole or 1.5L of D4 or whatever I feel like.

    Keep reading jeeper comments on the jk and looking at another h. Dang if only could get the best of both worlds. The general engine, tran, computers, the jeep history, support, sfa - dang dang dang
  • Was it months ago on the other forum where the topic was transfer case. A tcase failed around 90K miles? and another about 38k miles? Just changed blue beauty's tcase fluid to D4 redline. Have the sticker but the vin above the change so took off the fill plug first and sure enough out came about eight ounces. Always take the fill plug off first. Saw the plastic sending unit, disconnected it but didn't attempt to take it out. Easy for everything, no jacks needed and plenty of room just doing too much lately and you know that last little thing when your tired really sends the day downhill fast.

    The fluid was dirty. I don't remember the tcase (nv241 or nv242?) in the crd being dirty. Advice on the other forum was to change it out. I wish I had made time to do it earlier. Aluminum drain and fill plugs with that expensive teflon sealant really dried on - used an old brass brush to try and clean some of it off - just added a little more and installed them - probably too tight - too lazy to get the three eights torque wrench out.
  • Came back from doing our part to keep the economy going and decided to take better half to gas up the 3 tonight instead of the solo sunday routine. Went wow. Pulled over let her drive her dd and she went wow. Wish I could let you drive and feel the floating drivetrain and listen to the running gear that is now quiet. Sold on redline. Maybe amsoil has the same effect. Can't wait to do the tranny. Glad the dif's were done first so I could see the effect of each change. Unbelieveably finer than new. mpg's slightly better and expect even more now that the tcase isn't sucking energy.
  • I just purchased a new 2007 H2 about 10 days ago. Today I went to start it and nothing happens. I cannot move the shifter out of park, the vehicle will not release the key from the ignition. There are NO lights or horn, the only thing that lights up is the engine light. I am thinking its the battery, but on cars of the past you can at least hear the starter clicking, but I get nothing. Obviously a call to the dealer is in order, other than that any ideas from anyone?

    Thank you
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    depends on how much juice is left in the battery. If this is a brand new H2 than I'm guessing the sitting for 2 years on the lot in all weather has done the job to it.
  • jassonjasson Posts: 2
    I have an 03 H2, and the instrument panel has been going completely blank. Mostly, when I start, none of the gauges work. Sometimes if I hits the right pothole, everything comes on. But usually stays blank for several trips.
    I had a fender bender a few months ago, and it has acted this way since.
    I suspect a broken electrical connection or loose plug.

  • jassonjasson Posts: 2
    I had the same problem. There is a fuse panel under the hood on the left side. There is a fuse for each pin on the multi-plug for the trailer connection.
    It is a common problem if any stray wire shorts against the frame of the trailer.

  • stunyccpastunyccpa Posts: 45
    I purchased a 2003 H2, right around when the H2 was just released. The car about a year, year and a half ago has been rusting on the entire under carriage of the car. The dealership never wanted to do anything reasonable towards a trade in (for a new one without rust), and the car was out of warranty. Anyone else have this similar problem?

    I'm thinking about trading it into Toyota for a Sequoia and letting it be there problem. Too bad the Hummer is fun to drive.
  • I have 38,000 miles on my 2006 H3. I regulary chage oil every 3-4 thousand miles. Few days ago I got the message on the display saying "OIL CHANGE". What does this means.

    Please advise

  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Sounds like whoever changes your oil didn't reset the oil change message.
  • How do you reset "OIL CHANGE" message? I tried to follow H3 2006 Owners manual (page 3-45), but the message comes back when the engine is re-started.
    Please advise.
  • Well we have a 2007 H3 and it is the same as my 2000 GMC Sierra.
    With the key in the on position tap the gas pedal three times.
    Always works for me.

  • wont start all lights work and radio gas isabout 25 miles to empty
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    More detail would be helpful. Does the engine turn over? Do you hear any sounds? Lights flicker? Do you hear the gas pump? Etc.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • when running down expressway 75 to 85 mph (the different speeds at which it happens depends on the amount of headwind but usually at 83 mph) i get a loud constant rumbling wind (?) noise. its not a whistle or air leaking sound like you'd expect and pretty sure its not a tire howling but is left front near windshield or hood. was wondering if anyone else has experienced this sort ot thing. thx for input.
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