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Nissan Xterra Maintenance and Repair



  • kucikkucik Posts: 5
    Well, well, well, my AC continue having a problem after I replaced the themo control amp. It toughed than I though it would be to replace this divice. I had to remove six screws all together (front/back) and very hard to get the evaperator box to open and get to the sensor. Now, I got new problem, my condersor fan doesn't turn. I checked the relays and fuses, they are check out fine. Now, since I have been troubleshooting on AC I have learned a whole lot about the AC system. The themo control amp. functions as the temp switch, which allows the compressor to turn on/off when the temperature limited. If you press the AC switch and the compressor clutch engaged, then your sensor and compressor is working just fine. Then you have to check the low and high pressure. I purchased the pressure guage to check my low/jhigh pressure. I found out that my low is 50 psi and high is low as 50 psi. Then I called my friend who own the air conditioning shop oversea to help me troubleshoot the problem. He said that if my high pressure is lower than specification, which supposes to give out 230 psi, meaning that the AC either has leak or block in the system. He believes the accumulator drier/receiver failed to operate or compression valve blocked at the evaporator core. Also since the condersor fan didn't work and the wire harness is connected to the accumulator junction, hoping that if I replace new accumulator and if it works then, I am hoping the fan will also work. If any of Xterra owner who have experiencing the same problem just like mine, you can give me some tip to troubleshoot this problem. New parts is coming and I will post of what i found after replacing the accumulator. :sick:
  • greg62greg62 Posts: 3
    My 2006 X, they say needs a new clutch at 23000 miles. No excessive driving habits. 1700.00. I called Nissan North America to voice my delima. The Regional Specialist is supose to call me tomorrow. A mechanic at the Nissan dealership told me he broke down his own Nissan? at 100,000 just because it seemed like time to do it. Said it looked like brand new. Something is fishy. Original warranty was for 1 year or 12000 miles. I wander if the lemon law applies here.
  • I have a 05 and had that sound and found out it was the exhuast pipe was making the noise!
  • I had this and they fixed it! There is a loose wire back there that is taped up this wire is an extra one! and it gets loose and rattles around! The shop can fix it for you!
  • I have the same sound in the same time and I sent the car to the maintenance but they said that they checked the car the car is ok but the sound still the same.
  • anyone with the body years of 04,05,06 please check your the spot welds on the rear hatch where the inside door structure and door skin weld together,mine has broken the paint on the welds,moisture coming from inside door cavity is seeping threw welds,you will notice orange rusty stain around spot welds,lack of undercoating inside door,water seeping in threw rear door handle appears tobe the cause,in a debate with nissan customer service(800) and my dealer at this time,as to how we are going to fix this.....
  • :sick: HELP! I have an 02 xterra not shifting into overdrive. When I first start the car my check engine light is on, the O/D (overdrive) light flashes about 3 times, then when i shift into gear and drive off in first gear all seems well then it shifts hard into 2nd gear and from then on will not shift into overdrive. So going 40MPH is riding at 3.5 RPMS obviosuly higher than normal. And say when traveling at 40MPH if i let off the gas the suv seems to go into nuetral. Got any ideas? THANK YOU!

    i read in another forum that a gentleman had the same exact issue he ran the code and it came back shift solenoid A and knock sensor.. The guy said he had this replaced and after 20 miles he had the same issue. so maybe that helps someone help me with my problem...I appreciate any help.
  • My Nissan Xterra stalls while driving. You can only restart it by jump starting it. So I had the battery tested and it was bad. Now with the new battery it starts and still stalls after driving approximately 10 minutes. It won't start again unless you let it sit for awhile. Then it the problem repeats itself.
  • cj6530cj6530 Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 Xterra Offroad with 8K miles. The Xterra will sometimes hesitate for up to 5 seconds with the accelerator pressed after sitting at a stoplight. It seems to do it more on an incline. It only happens around 2 times a month. The dealer cannot find the problem(says that they have never heard of that before). What can I do....has anyone else had this problem?
  • clutch failure before end of warranty period, and nissan refuses to pay a dime for repair despite:

    my 35+ years of experience driving manual trans.

    my 10+ years of experience driving xterras without a single clutch failure during warranty period.

    mostly highway driving.

    zero miles hauling (i dont have a hitch attached)

    i will not be buying a nissan -- trading in this vehicle for a new tacoma or ford
  • deramoderamo Posts: 2
    My 2002 xterra had a recall on the fuel pump.
    I hope this can help
  • Boris2Boris2 Posts: 177
    Anybody replaced the microfilter? I've heard rumors that it takes hours while other say it's a 10 min replacement? I'm getting close to 15K mi and thinking of replacing it some time before 20K. Dealer wants some abnormal amount and I feel comfortable enough with some minor directions to do it myself. 2007 Xterra OR.
  • If you have a fuel gauge that doesn't go up to full after you fill your tank coupled with a "Service Engine Soon" MIL on your console, the problem is probably an error code PO463. This is the fuel level sending unit. It's a common to very common issue with the Xterra at around 40k miles.
    Mine went bad on a cross country trip at 39980 miles. No, it's not covered beyond the standard 3/36k warranty even though it's attached to the fuel pump which is covered under the 5/50k powertrain warranty.
    Nissan has known about this and actually recalled the 2001-2003 Xterras because of it.
    So, I'm about to do battle with Nissan rather than pay the $250+ to have it replaced.
    If this was an isolated incident, too bad for me and I'd go ahead and pay it, but since it's a VERY COMMON problem, I figure Nissan is just too cheap to replace it gratis. Too bad since this is the 4th and possibly final Nissan I'll be purchasing.
    If I can't get them to cover it, has anyone successfully replaced one of these units on a 2005? The part is around $95.00 plus S&H, the labor is the killer from what I understand.
  • reg722reg722 Posts: 5
    I have a 2002 Xterra with 64,000 miles. After the first year of purchase, I noticed that when making right turns or entering onto a freeway on-ramp with circular turn, I would hear and feel a bump in the left front wheel well. I can feel it on my foot through the floor board. Ive taken it to many dealerships who say nothing is wrong with it. Here I am after 6 years and it still hasnt gone away. The sound only comes from this wheel well. Any suggestions?
  • mmxterrammxterra Posts: 1
    Funny that I would find this post just done yesterday. I purchased a 2001 xterra for my daughter and it is doing the same thing. I am going to still have it checked out monday.
  • reg722reg722 Posts: 5
    Just curious. Was the dealer able to find anything wrong?
  • stocktxstocktx Posts: 2
    Hey rockhead911,

    did you get your fuel pump replaced under the recall? My 2002 is sitting at the dealer now and they want $750 to replace it!!

  • My X is a 2005 and wasn't covered by the recall. It's my understanding that all 01-03 Xterras were subject to the recall. That several states did it for all X's, and the remaining states only did it if you experienced trouble.
    The actual part in the recall was the fuel sending unit, not the fuel pump, although they are attached to each other. You may want to ask the Service Manager for a detailed explaination of what the problem is, ask to keep the "faulty" part and tell ask him about the recall. If the pump is at all related to the sending unit, then I can't see how it's not covered.
  • moquelvogmoquelvog Posts: 21
    I have a 2000 Xterra and we just broke 100,000 miles last week. (Not bad for 8 years.) Anyway, we have found that the engine is struggling (more than usual) to get up to speed. Is this a problem with fuel injectors, timing, etc.? We have had minimal, very minimal problems with this vehicle. Just wondering what we can do to give her a little more hitch in her giddyup.

    Also any suggestions for better gas MPG? Getting about 14-15 hwy.

  • jahnu04jahnu04 Posts: 58
    I have a 2000 Xterra 4WD XE nearing 60K miles. I called the dealer for the servicing cost and was quoted more than $900. I was shocked to hear that price. Can someone tell me what's a reasonable price? I am checking other places too.

    Edmunds shows that the maintenance cost in my area as less than $400.

  • reg722reg722 Posts: 5
    I have an 02' Xterra 2wd that just had its 60k service. I paid for the premium 60k service which included flushing all old fluids out. Basically from top to bottom and the price was $599. I had a coupon that knocked off $60 so it was about $550 out the door.
  • jahnu04jahnu04 Posts: 58
    Thanks, I was thinking the price would be around what you mentioned, I will have to check at few other places.
  • jahnu04jahnu04 Posts: 58
    I got the 60K servicing done yesterday for $608 out the door which included couple of repairs. The 60K service quote was $509 ($559 - $50 coupon) plus supplies and tax.
  • 12paws12paws Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 Xterra and just saw that both of the front tires are scalping on the inside. I can't decide if I should take it to a tire shop or the dealer. I have no problems with the alignment, it drives great. Has anyone else had this problem?

    Also the "always on" power source in the front no longer works. Checked the fuses and they all look good. Anyone have this problem too?
  • Boris2Boris2 Posts: 177
    When you say you didn't have any alignment problems, do you mean it just doesn't pull or you had it checked? I have similar problem - the tires are wearing too much on the inside it it looks it's an alignment issue - will have one tomorrow. It doesn't pull, but it could still be out of alignment.
  • Chriping in Engine :confuse: Hello fellow Xterra owners-

    We have noticed a "chirp" in the engine of our 2004 Xterra. We brought it to 2 different places for estimates, both of which indicated we needed new belts.
    We had the belts replaced. Still chirping. They said it must be the pulley. Replaced it. Still chirping. They admitted they took a stethoscope to the engine to try and figure out exactly where it was coming from but still didn't know.
    Any ideas? We changed the oil and put in a new air filter, too.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I've heard of chirps occurring after replacing belts (the painted logos on some belts can make a noise). Putting belt dressing on would tell you if that was the problem, but it'd be a long shot that your old belts were chirping and now your new ones are.
  • I bought an '03 Xterra about 3 months ago with 47K on it and recently have noticed a grinding of metal coming from the front end of the vehicle when I turn either right or left. The sound will last ranging from 5 seconds to over a minute depending on the travelling speed. I would've figured it was something to do with the Steering mechanism, but I took it to a mechanic today and he originally thought it might be the CV joint, but was convinced that it was the brakes. He recommended I replace the brake pads and both rotors in the front end. Has anybody else experienced this problem or anything like it? I feel a little suspicious that although I do need new brakes, it could possibly be something else causing the problem.
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    Could be the 'drive by wire' throttle if the engine isn't revving up when you press the pedal. Is that the case? If so, some owners have re-calibrated theirs with this procedure:

    1. Make sure that the accelerator pedal is fully released.
    2. Turn ignition switch “ON” and wait at least 2 seconds.
    3. Turn ignition switch “OFF” wait at least 10 seconds.
    4. Turn ignition switch “ON” and wait at least 2 seconds.
    5. Turn ignition switch “OFF” wait at least 10 seconds.

    Proceed at your own risk -- I've never had a reason to mess with mine and it might be a waste of time. It reads as if ya don't actually start the engine in the procedure.
  • i just rolled 100,000 miles and while all scheduled maintance have been performed. the only thing is was missing was cleaning the mass air sensor. this part is pretty expensive to replace at around 450.00 dollars. i was a little scared of doing it but went on the web to search for videos of how to do it. i had cleaned it before but only cleaned the sides and not the small opening that has the sensors...... i used brake cleaner and found a layer of dust inside that tiny opening.... wearing gloves to prevent damage from the oil on my hands i sprayed and used q-tips and allowed to dry for 20 minutes..... when i started the engine, i was surprice to see a difference on how smoother and responsive the engine performed.. i would say that this is a very important part to keep clean.
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