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Scion xB Windshield cracks



  • Working for several years at an automobile insurance company, I learned one thing. Insurance companies are cheap. Well, o.k, I learned two things, windshields don’t have to be replaced, they can be repaired. The reason I learned these things is because, when a customer would call in a claim to our company of a cracked windshield that they wanted replaced, the cheap insurance company would refer them to a company that repaired windshields at a fraction of the price, therefore saving the insurance company a lot of money and saving the customer a bit of time.
  • I have never had a problem with my insurance co. They've been very cool about my glass. Never paid out of pocket either. I totally get the fix it before it gets worse deal. Makes sense! It's cheaper and that's what you should do. I don't know if I'd call them cheap. They're thrifty. Hey, the less they pay, the less I pay.
  • I have GEICO. I've been with them for, damn, 18 years. I love them. I pay nothing for glass coverage. Hell, I pay nothing for insurance. Guess a good record and 18 years with one company makes your rates lower.
  • I have a 2005 Scion xB that after 70k miles, has developed a crack. However, its not the spontaneous crack people here are claiming. It happened in the parking lot at the Target I was working at. I heard a customer yelling at the service desk, a few minutes later, heard a burn out in the employees parking area. I went about the rest of my day until lunch when I went out to my car and there was a crack starting from below my wipers halfway up. The parking lot was very pebbly and I did see two pebbles in the wiper area, so I'm pretty sure it was a pebble, I even found the point of impact, a small chip, at the bottom of the crack.

    My windshield has held up quite well and it did indeed take a rock to crack it. I'm not saying the random crack situation doesn't exist, but I doubt all xB's are affected. Its an otherwise great car, and I hope the people who do have a defective xB windshield get the right compensation, however I think this is just a few bad batches of windshields, and not the design of the car itself, causing the spontaneous crack. My xB doesn't have the strut brace, and is driven quite a bit, and it wouldn't need a new windshield if it wasn't hit.

    I do think the probability of a rock hitting the windshield is higher than normal simply due to the relative size of the windshield and its steep angle, as well as the aerodynamics of the xB. It basically suffers the same problem a compact pick-up truck had.

    In retrospect, My 87 Ram 50 blew its motor at 115k, my 92 Dynasty needed a new transmission at about 70k( granted, I replaced the tranny and had little trouble since, and the car still ran great when I sold it), so 76k miles on my xB and all I need is a windshield sure beats my previous vehicles.
  • I've had my scion 2 weeks today. A rock hit and it cracked. It's not covered under a warranty and I have a deductible on my insurance so I have to replace it out of pocket. After reading about everyones policies covering the windshield I think I'm gonna switch companies.
  • I've had my scion since 2005. I have not regretted a single day I owned that car and it's been through high and low with me. Everything from floods in Texas to blizzards in Colorado,quite a few cross country trips and some extremely tight parking spaces,not to mention my maniacal driving at 110 mph (not kidding, lol) :blush: Not even going to mention all the food my toddler habitually spills on the back seat!

    I have 3 cracks in my windshield and am replacing it out of pocket. Two of the cracks are to due to rocks hitting it at high speeds and the 3rd one,the most severe, appeared out of nowhere a few days ago and is spreading slowly. I did not bother to get that one sealed since it's the 3rd crack and it's large and conspicuous,so the estetics suffer. On the overall quality, my windshield is covered in tiny nicks,but only 2 became cracks in 5 years. The windshield is 200 bucks, not all to bad once every 5 years. :P love my car!
  • The problem isn't the windshield. It's the strut bars that hold it in place. They were made incorrectly and put pressure on the glass causing the cracks. I've had my windshield replaced 9 times now and if it was the actual glass, wouldn't the first replacement have fixed the problem? I'm glad to hear that you have yet to deal with the problem. Hopefully you will never have to. I love my xB and don't want to replace it. It's an awesome car except for that one pesky problem with the engineering of the strut bars. Trust me, my boyfriend is an expert in this area. He and his brother are both engineers and have proof that this is the issue. Even Toyota agrees but won't call it a recall for fear that they will have to shell out billions to fix it and end up dealing with numerous lawsuits. You know, the usual corporate crap. Good luck, hope your glass holds out!
  • Hi Dave,
    I know this is an old post, but thanks for the info! I have an '08 Scion that is on the 2nd windshield and I have had 1 ding repaired, I have 2 large cracks presently and another ding from yesterday. I am reluctant to replace the windshield until I can solve the problem of why this keeps happening, but it's getting harder to see out! I would like to try the strut bar and I am sure my brother-in-law can fashion one out of steel for me. I am wondering if you would be able to draw a simple sketch and either post it or email ( it to me? I would be so grateful! I LOVE my Scion, but am distressed over this issue. :cry:
    Thanks Again,
  • Hello Sarah,
    I don't have a method of posting. I going to take several pictures and send them
    to you.
    I don't have an Engineering Degree, just 60 years of observation. Our xB is
    almost 4 years old and still on it's original windshield. I never get cocky about
    a fix to a problem so many people have. But the strut bar is a good start.
    I will send pictures tonight.
  • My windshield is spidered in cracks. The first two hits were bounced off the back of a dirty flatbed pulled by a gravel truck. I tried to catch up, to get a plate number, but he left the freeway. Those verticaled down to join one another when I got caught in a severe hailstorm a few months later. Then on the interstate again, rocks bouncing off a dirty flatbed, two hit me and my windshield received a half moon crack two inches across. A couple months ago, as I was driving, I heard small creaks, and the passenger side half moon was cracking a bit at a time, over to join the vertical cracks on the driver side.

    I have liability insurance only, and have already replaced the windshield once. I'm getting quotes of $600 to replace it and I am saving my money for it. However, I know it will just get cracked again, so am holding off as long as I can.

    My Scion now has over 150,000 miles on it. I have loved this car. It still gets like 31 mpg. It is dinged up. Scratched up. A piece of the front grill popped off. Right now, something is wrong with the electric windows. I start the car, the driver's side window rolls down. And sometimes I can't get the drivers side window up or down and have to do ritualistic movement of the passenger side window up and down and then maybe the drivers side window will start working. I have used it for my volunteer work, which is hauling cats, by the score, feral and owned, to be fixed. About a thousand per year. Had 23 cats in the back in traps once. I fold down the back seats, have a piece of plywood cut to fit the back then, for hauling. I sleep back there too, a lot, when way out somewhere, catching cats to be fixed. Because I'm 5'8" tall, I sleep diagonal across the back section, with the board across the folded down rear seat. It's the only decent car I've ever owned, that I don't have to fix along the road everywhere. I would never complain about this car because I love it and it has allowed me to do something with my life---getting thousands of cats fixed. Some shops, including a Schwab near where I live, have made terrible fun of my car and of me, because I transport cats to be fixed, but they were mean jerks and now I get tires from a wrecking yard.

    I told my Scion, because it's the first year out Scion xb, "one day, they'll be pulling cars like this out of junkyards to restore." I'd like to pimp it out, repaint it, all that, but that's not an option for me. I love my Scion xb very very much. It's seen better days, however.
  • maggie75maggie75 Posts: 10
    I love that you use your Scion to take cats to be fixed. That's awesome. I've slept in mine too but only between classes. Great napping car. You really should get some kind of glass coverage. It'll save you wicked bucks. I know out here you can get independent glass coverage, basically, make a deal with the fix-it people. I know the guys at Safelite really well now. (because of my pesky windshield) There are also guys that hang out at the gas station that are selling their replacement products. The first one is free, even without the extended insurance. They just hope you come back to them. You should search someone out. You'd be surprised what people are will to give you for free to keep you as a customer. Keep up the good cat work. That really is very cool. (I'm a cat person, what can I say. I feed feral cats)
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 7,234
    my wife and I are also cat people. They're beautiful creatures.

    I am pulling for you to find a method of not only getting your xB's window fixed right now, but finding a method of getting your xB's window fixed that won't break the bank.

    I hope all goes well and here's another salute for your work towards getting cat's fixed. Tis a noble work you're doing!

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • kamala1kamala1 Posts: 5
    I own a 2006 Scion xb and my windshield has the same mysterious L shaped crack that many others have. It appeared after the car was parked for 2 weeks in 2008. It was not the result of a rock, bump or chip. It is now about 2' long, begins at the top edge of the windshield, goes down about 4", then turns towards the passenger side and continues for a foot and a half or so. It spreads fairly rapidly. I have personally seen the exact same crack on other xb's in my area. I received the same Bauer v. Toyota class action lawsuit letter that others have mentioned, about a week ago. I am going to fill it out and send it in today. The website for the suit can be found here:
  • justginajustgina Posts: 7
    Did anyone get the information from the attorney about getting reimbursed for the windshield repair?
  • kamala1kamala1 Posts: 5
    In the "Bauer v. Toyota" letter I received it said that the settlement would be decided in August 2010. So I guess after that, we will be notified whether we will be reimbursed (or have our cracked windshields replaced by Toyota). This is the info I received:
    Hope this helps.
  • I got my windshield replaced two days ago, at Speedy Glass, for $185. It's my 2nd or 3rd, can't remember now. I also wound up getting brakes done at Brake Team, because the shoes had never been changed in over 150k miles. Yikes. I have not gotten the window problem fixed yet. Start my car and the window rolls down, or up and sometimes I can't get it back up without a lot of ritualistic moving the passenger side window up and down.

    The car is beat up now, scratched, dented, piece or two of the grill have fallen off somewhere. I drilled holes through the back hatch handle and screwed it on, since it just breaking off.

    I'm holding my breath hoping nothing major goes bad, because I love it and this car has served me so well. I am using a different clinic now, to get local cats fixed, and it's 50 miles away. I don't mind, because I stay up there for the day, and take a hike or I go sleep in my car in the rest area, which is a very nice vacation like luxury. No phones! I take some blankets, a book and pretend I'm out camping. That is one luxurious rest area, like a second home now. I consider the Scion a smallish RV.

    I am worried slightly about its future because my Scions future is tied to mine. I'll never be able to afford another car, so, here's to my 150k mile Scion, and hopes it will last another 150k miles or more without anything more than maybe another crack in the windshield. Last year, I transported 651 cats, feral and tame, in the Scion, to be fixed. The year before, it was 938 cats transported in the Scion to be fixed. That also involves first rounding them up, and that meant dirt roads, gravel roads, sometimes driving through fields, sitting in warehouses in the Scion, making quick discreet getaways, and hauling some very smelly male cats, which prompted some mechanics and tire companies, ok it was rude Les Schwab, to make fun of my car and my work. Nonetheless, I have persisted on my self appointed mission to save the feline world. That Scion has helped prevent a lot of cats from ever being born. I'm rambling severely. That's what half a cheap beer will do to me. Fix your pets, Scion owners out there. Am I allowed to post that website?
  • My windshield never did crack spontaneously. One time, it was me going 55 up a hill in the coast range, on pea gravel. The county did that because they thought it was going to snow heavily or something, then it didn't and became a huge hazard. Some jerk in a red pickup flies by me going about 85, and sprayed me and the car with gravel. I would liked to have encountered that guy and his truck later on. I got two or three major dings, that later cracked. I had comprehensive insurance then, and it was replaced.

    After that, I seemed to have poor luck. A rock truck pulled out on the freeway in front of me pulling a flatbed upon which was a very filthy backhoe. The bed was covered in dirt and loose rock and the truck itself was overloaded in gravel, which came bouncing off. I didn't have time to get ahead of him or far enough behind the jerk. I got hit twice with huge rocks. They hit so hard the sound was like shots being fired. I was mad and tried to catch up but the guy exited the freeway. I didn't have comprehensive coverage anymore, so those big huge half moon pits had to remain. Then came a late night and a severe hail storm, which caused the extension of the pit into a vertical crack. Then came more rocks thrown into my windshield which extended the vertical crack clear to the bottom and to the side, on the drivers side. Then a couple years after that, I was hit again, by rocks flying off a dirty flatbed, which created two large pits on the passenger side. Then one day, I was driving and heard little creaking noises. I pulled over and literally watched, as the passenger side cracks and pits inched across horizontally, to finally join up with the vertical crack on the drivers side. After that, I avoided police officers like the plague and tried to seek out affordable glass replacement services while saving my pennies. And finally, two days ago, at Speedy Glass, I paid $185 to have the windshield replaced. Boy would it suck if tomorrow I took a flying rock to the windshield again. I need a Star Wars type laser system, on the hood, to shoot down flying objects before they impact. Or a deflector. Hmmmm, now that's a thought.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 7,234
    keep up the good work. It seems to me that you're making a big impact in to preventing needless cat births and eventual euthenasia's.

    I really admire you for what you do! :D

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • freemasonfreemason Posts: 1
    edited May 2010
    Greetings to all on this excellent original thread. May 15, 2010, the mysterious "L" Shaped crack miraculous appeared on my 2006 Scion XB front windshield. The crack starts from the center top front of my windshield at the trim and extends downwards in a straight line for about 6 inches and then the crack extends towards the drivers side for another 6 inches, forming a genuine "L" shaped crack. There are no visible marks from rocks or any foreign objects. I thought at first it was vandalism, but doing a search on the internet the following day I am now convinced it's a TOYOTA issue. There is no way hundreds maybe thousands of people that are scion xb owners have the same problem. Just wanted to share this with you guys, I did file a complaint with the National safety vehicle people. Hopefully this bauer settlement case adjudges soon and with better compensation, maybe an actual recall for structure defects or a lifetime warranty for cost and labor for all scions. I have a 2006 scion xb with hardly 12,000 miles in mint condition, not anymore.
  • kamala1kamala1 Posts: 5
    Your crack sounds basically identical to mine, freemason, except that mine extends towards the passenger side after it goes straight down a few inches. Hmmmm.... other than that, yes, all the same stuff.
    I am holding off on paying to replace my windshield, in hopes that this class action suit will result in Toyota replacing it as they should. Hope my crack does not travel all the way across the windshield before that happens...
  • I also got the letter about the class action suit. I own a 2006 Scion XB with 66,000 miles on it. The car is kept in the garage and one morning the windshield had a large L shaped crack coming from the top drivers side down and over to the passenger side. I took my Scion down to Riverside Toyota that same morning and showed them the crack and the letter. The letter stated to take the vehicle to your Authorized Toyota Dealership and they will inspect and replace the windshield. The guys in the service department did absolutely nothing for me. They told me to read the letter... Really? They said they will not replace the windshield because no one sent them a memo telling them they had to. I am going to call the lawyer for the class action suit tomorrow and let him know that I tried to do as the letter instructed and was denied. I went to and printed out an Appeals Form. The form says that the dealership should have provided me with a document stating why they would not cover my claim. I asked them for this and they refused to provide me with one. The guy would only give me his business card. I would rather have a root canal then to have to deal with car salesmen and their service departments. So thank you for nothing, Assistant Service Manager at Riverside Toyota. I'm not done yet.
  • Thank You for your post, scionskeptic.
    So, am I correct in taking this to mean that you did indeed get a letter saying that the class action suit was decided in Scion owners' favor? Because I have not yet received one, if that is the case. Perhaps I will soon. Did you get this letter very recently?

    Your experience with the Scion dealership sounds supremely frustrating... I feel your pain.
  • so my 2008 Scion xb with the replaced windshield from the mysterious L crack is not part of the settlement? not fair!
  • scionskepticscionskeptic Posts: 11
    edited September 2010
    I hope your able to get some closure with this. I'm on my 4th windshield. I got the letter, but in Flori-DUHHH about the only good thing about this place is that windshields are replaced for free under your insurance, and the way I read the notice you need to supply copies of charges to you, and show out of pocket expenses to qualify. If I'm wrong, PLEASE correct me. This is the first and last Toyota product I'll ever buy.Eventually the insurance companies will catch on and premiums will go up for those with the XB.
  • aathertonaatherton Posts: 617
    edited September 2010
    "... so my 2008 Scion xb with the replaced windshield from the mysterious L crack is not part of the settlement? not fair!"

    Windshield complaints were solicited in 2006, and there only enough responses from 2006 owners to include in the lawsuit, which was settled after 4 years of litigation in the summer of 2010.
    How is that unfair to 2008 owners of the completely different big box? Where were they back in 2006 when we needed them ;-)
  • xbme2xbme2 Posts: 9
    Where were they back in 2006 you ask?....well, I wasn't driving an 2008 Scion XB so was not aware of the problem that the Toyota dealers act like they never heard of. Just wondering how 2008 drivers are doing with the blind spot on rt side, anything that works well for that? Thanks...and also congrats on 2006'ers winning!
  • Hello All!

    I am justgina and originally started this thread on 8/15/06. I did receive the Bauer vs. Toyota Claim Letter. My car still has the original windshield with the crack all the way across. I refused to replace it. I hope we get something SOON on the replacement windshields. It's been a long 4 years staring at that crack!! LOL
  • Justgina,
    I had the same problem, just paid to have mine fixed, after having problems with toyota. Email: the class attorney to complain. About not being notified.
  • Has anyone received their settlement check yet?
    I received & completed the initial claim forms a while ago, but haven't heard anything since. The checks were to start going out in Nov.
  • dead thread but i got my check in the mail last night along with some other scion owners from around the country i know.
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