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Mercedes-Benz R-Class Electrical Problems



  • bruicebruice Posts: 2
    my 2011 c 350 coupe is in shop now. battery dead AGAIN. they can't fix it.
    this started at 9000 mi. now have 25,000. it has been in shop at least 4 times.
    never been so disappointed with a car. and THIS is luxury?
  • Uhh, the C class and R class are quite different. I don't think they share many parts like the R, M and GL do.
  • dec2dec2 Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 R Class 320 4Matic LWB, recently I have had problems with the clock reverting to GMT from British Summertime (Going back 1 hour) and the speakers going from front bias to centralised each time I turn the engine off and back on again. In addition the radio is struggling to hold a good FM signal. This has only recently occurred and I cant help thinking its probably a fuse which has blown. However I would have expected all memory to be lost, but it remembers radio stations and the memorised seat settings etc... Can somebody help?
  • dolehdoleh Posts: 1
    I always valued Mercedes, but 07 r350 4matic is the worst car i ever , i owed 2 benz without major problem but this one is a lemon at 90k unbelievable
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