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Chevrolet Lumina Maintenance and Repair



  • ba_burbanba_burban Posts: 1
    hi there just curious if you fixed the problem with the lumina, on the no start or crank problem i think i have the same problem, power from battery is good, everything work but doens send juice to the starter, ran fine before so parked today, all fuses are good and connections seem good? not sure if you figured it out or not, please let me know thanks
  • shabbyshabby Posts: 1
    There are some moaning sounds on my 2007 Chevy Lumina coming when I push the accerlerator. This happens when the AC is turned on. I took it to the Garage who changed the AC Compressor. The sound still comes.. Anyone has any idea whats wrong?
  • boogermacboogermac Posts: 1
    Hi Folks,

    Anyone know where I can find a free download 2001 Lumina sedan repair manual, or for today, at least an electrical diagram? I'm trying to repair the blower control circuit which seems to have a number of relays besides the manual knob speed control.

    Thanks in advance!

  • mcdiarmidmcdiarmid Posts: 13
    There is one relay for all the fan speeds which is under the passenger side dash, next to or behind the blower motor. It can be a challenge to get it out. Does the high speed work on the fan? Usually the other speeds bow out one at a time unless the whole relay is gone.
    Try to buy a subscription to It`s a very good online service and repair guide. It also has TSBs on various issues with your year car. It`s worth the money!

  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hello Shabby,
    Did you contact the dealership and explain that you are still experiencing sounds from your vehicle? Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • I have change the fuel filter and now I have been told that it could be the fuel pump where is this at and how much does it cost? thanks
  • I know this is a long time before answering, but hopefully will help someone else,
    unless you know a good, cheap mechanic, the answer to the "battery bleeding
    down, and vehicle not starting" is to install a "kill" switch. it is about a $20 item
    or so at Advance auto, it looks like a swivel blade between two separate sets of
    clamps, approx 3 or 4 inches apart. if you install it yourself, be extremely care-
    not to "ground out" the positive side against the vehicle, just disconnect the
    negative connection before beginning. be sure to tighten the connection to the
    vehicle before connecting to the battery, to avoid putting too much pressure
    on the battery, while tightening the connections. the cost of "troubleshooting"
    the electrical problem is not worth it, several people have spent hundreds of
    dollars, and still didn't find the problem, the "kill switch" will solve the problem,
    unless, of course, there is a short in the system, in which case, it should have
    blown a fuse. mine did not, and with 315,000 miles on a '98 chevy lumina, it is
    not worth spending a lot of money for this problem, although I do expect to
    drive this vehicle for another 100,000 miles, at least. good luck to everybody,
    and Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!! Boo!!!!!!!
  • I had this exact problem..... Check the obvious, glove box bulb and trunk lid bulb if they are installed.
    Mine ended up being one of the electric lock switches... it would toggle to the open position and not spring back.. so it was as if someone was holding it down. battery would last about 2-3 days like that...
    See that this post is old, but it might help someone else in the future
  • I just did a tune up on My 92 Chevy Lumina 3.1. In this tune up I changed the following:
    - Spark Plugs (gaped correctly to .045)
    - Plug wires
    - Oil and filter
    - Air Filter
    Prior to this my car idled fine but when I accelerated it would hesitate for a sec then it would accelerate just fine. I figured it being an older car with 200k miles it was probably a vacuum leak or something small. It ran great for 2 days after the tune up, then on the third morning my car would turn over but wouldn't start. Not really sure what the issue could be, seeing that the work I did was minor. I proceeded with changing the fuel filter. After changing the fuel filter, my car started right up and ran great for about 35min. I drove it around, turned it off, and started it continually for about 1 hour after that, and everything seemed fine. Then about 6 hours later, I tried starting it up again and the same issue... Just turning over but not firing up. Generally after about an evening of sitting, I'll attempt to start and it sputters for about 1/2 second then nothing... Just turning over without starting up. Any help or Ideas would be excellent. Also, I've been driving this car around for the last year without ever any start up issues as described before the tune up. Thanks, Ace
  • mcdiarmidmcdiarmid Posts: 13
    So, do you have a check engine light on? There are several components that monitor the engine. It could be a simple issue. For example: Throttle Position Sensor (TPS), or Crankshaft or Camshaft Position Sensors, a MAP or MAF sensor could be a problem too. The problem is, is that without a check engine light on and a code, it`s harder to pinpoint. The slight hesitation before throttle up suggests one of the above sensors as the computers seems to be trying to compensate for a problem (thus the hesitation). Also the starting issue lends towards a sensor problem as well.
    If your Check Engine Light is on, there might be a way for you to read the codes yourself.

    Let me know and I`ll try to help!

  • Ian, Thanks for your response. Unfortunately the check engine light has never come on. I am wondering if during my changing of the rear 3 spark plugs, where I removed the alternator to gain access, I may have not connected one of the sensors completely. There is a sensor I unplugged and plugged back in that had a small vacuum line at the bottom of it. Not sure what this is, but this is the only sensor that I recall removing during the spark plug change. I don't know if this helps. Thanks, Ace
  • Compounded with the issue that I stated previous, now my car wont crank. I turn the key, I don't hear the fuel pump "buzz", there is plenty of juice in the battery and now no click or nothing, the car wont crank. Any possibilities that these issues are related? Any help, Thanks.
  • mcdiarmidmcdiarmid Posts: 13
    Is there an 'auxiliary' batter post near a fuse box in that vehicle? I had issues with my `95 Lumina where the bolt that holds the main power wire from the alternator was loose. This wire comes directly from the starter motor which comes directly from the alternator. Also, try tightening the wires on the starter motor itself. Thirdly, tighten all ground wires to the motor..especially the one that comes from the battery`s negative side. My Lumina had issues with the starter and that was the reason....loose/slightly corroded power wires. Some nuts may only turn 1/8th of a turn but that can make all the difference.

    Do you have a GM security system in that vehicle? Pass key or VATS system? If you turn the key to 'ON', does the security light flash?

    Let me know. Even if you unplugged a wire from that purge solenoid valve, the car would still has nothing to do with cranking.

  • cig ligther fuse is blown just replace
  • ok so my car was fine about 4 hours ago. I just tried to start it up and it turned over for a second then stopped, so i tried it again and all it does is make kind of a clicking sound or humming soumd. what could this be from? i tried tapping the starter a little but that still didnt help. i dont think that is the problem. . please help!!!
  • mcdiarmidmcdiarmid Posts: 13
    If you heard a noise other than the click or nothing, might be time to change the starter. You might be able to get a used one for next to nothing. Can you or someone you know do the work?

    Did you try to tighten the wires?
  • yes i have tried cleaning them and tightening them. . i even tapped on the starter to try to get it going. i dont think it is the starter. .
  • mcdiarmidmcdiarmid Posts: 13
    edited April 2011
    Well, have you tested your battery? Tapping the starter doesn`t always work! There`s only so many things that can be wrong. Heres how I determine whats wrong:
    First, I check the charging system. I take an voltage meter and check the voltage from the red wire off the alternator and the ground (usually a metal part of the engine) with the engine running. If its below 13 volts, the alternator is bad. If its above 13, then I turn the car off and have the battery tested. You can by a battery tester for around $30 OR take out the battery and take it to a local garage and have them check it. If the battery is good and you`ve cleaned and tightened all the wires, then it IS the starter motor thats bad. It really is that simple....thats the good news. If you`'re broke, just by a used starter.
  • well i don't know much about car's,, my dad usually fixed them. my friends mechanic came over and checked it out and said it is the starter so you were right. . Thanks for your help!!!
  • I have a 2001 Lumina with 3.1L
    trying to have my car inspected, but i'm getting a P0410 code, I know it has to do with the secondary air injection system, I checked the pump,the Relay, and the selonoid, they all working, I even send a signal from PCM to air pump relay and the air pump worked, if anyone knows or had a problem like mine please let me know . I appreciate any input and help.
  • suretysurety Posts: 1
    98 LTZ 3.8L with a transmission issue.

    It seems the shift points are screwed up across the board. It will not shift until it hits 4,000RPM. Also when cruising at around 75MPH, it's registering 3400-3500RPM. I don't think it's getting out of 3rd gear due to the fact it's not getting to 4,000RPM to shift into Overdrive.

    I've been wondering if it was the transmission speed sensor or transmission pressure control solenoid?

    Some quick history, bought in 2009 with 162,000 for $800. Transmission shifted hard and had a whiny sound. Transmission world in Knoxville told me it was probably stuck in "high-mode" and was most likely the computer giving me a problem, not the actual transmission. March 2010 I fixed my truck and let the Lumina sit for a year. Got her back on the road this past week with a new throttle position sensor to fix a stalling issue it had. Well now the transmission doesn't shift hard but it doesn't shift until 4,000RPM in any gear. Is it possible i put in the TPS wrong? could that cause this issue as well?

    I appreciate any advice anyone can give!
  • :mad: I have tried grounding the B pin on the diagnostic connector and with the key on and not started and cannot get the error codes to flash. There are only 3 slots in the connector that have a terminal in them, the two on the right and one two positions from the left on the bottom. I have done some research and I know one of them should be grounded with the key in the on position but I cannot get any codes to read by grounding an of them. Help please.
  • I have a 98 LTZ with a brand new battery and alternator. However the battery won't hold a charge for longer then maybe an hour or two. I keep getting told I need to check the grounding wires but I have absolutely no idea where they are. Can anybody tell me where to look so I can check them out? I really need to get this car working again.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,445
    How old is this battery? More than 5 years old? Probably no good then.

    As for grounding wires, I guess they mean a) the negative battery cable, as it bolts to the frame of the car, and b) the engine-to-frame grounding cable, which is self-explanatory. This (b) cable is usually braided metal.

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  • pettit27pettit27 Posts: 1
    morning, on your regurards to the cooling fan not coming on, i just got though dealing with this on my 99 chevy lumina, the reason your cooling fans are not coming on is that there is a sencer on the block called thermosat cooling sencer, and it is a 3 prong plug and it is located write under the throttle body housing, now this sencer conrols 3 different functions, one telling the cooling fans to turn on and to turn and off, and also it controls the tempture gauage on the dash, not with this sencer bening bad the cooling fans will not turn on, if this sencer is un-pluged, this will kick on the cooling fans, by the way of battery power and they will fun continusly, the thermstat block sencer is only 20 dollars at a parts store, and sound fix your problem, not there is also 2 fan relay that could play a part in the cooling fans not turning on, more then likely your relays dont go bad, if you have any questions, dont be afraid to contact me on here, my user name is pettit27, thanks and have a great day,
  • I just bought a 1994 chevy Lumina off of a older guy who seemed trustworthy. The car looks great and we went on a short test drive and it ran great. He did tell me about it "cutting out on rare occasion" and said it happens after longer drives. I've had the car a week and my work is 3.9 miles away. For the first 3 miles in the morning it runs great, then after that it stalls out. It won't restart without giving it gas and reving the engine, but as soon as my foot goes off the gas, again it stalls. I've also revved it up after a stall and putting it in gear. The car will cough and accelerate off and on like a bull bucking, and then sometimes it stops and runs fine for another 2 or 3 miles before it starts stalling again. I have the same problem as you, it sounds like. Ive sunk all my money into the car and car insurance. I was told from someone at work that the car is notorious for rusting in the fuel filter. He said find the fuel filter and see if its rusted or just replace it. If that doesn't work try a new fuel pump.mI just don't know. I can't figure out why it runs perfectly for the first 5 minutes and then keeps stalling. Could it be a clogged fuel injector, an air sensor or what that other guy said about the fuel lines failing when it gets hot. Let me know what you think. Help please anyone, I don't have much money and this damm car is gonna cost me my new job by making me late or not getting me there!!
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