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Dodge Caliber Transmission Problems



  • dweezildweezil Posts: 271
    edited July 2011
    Tommy: The CVT has nothing at all to do with the Vega. IIRC the CVT originated with the Dutch DAF in the 60s. Snowmobiles use this sort of transmission.

    The Vega offered a 2 speed PowerGlide automatic and a semi automatic as well as a manual transmission when it first came out.

    But I hear you: the point is the same. CVTs are not ready for prime time. Still.
    Ever read any of the nightmare stories of CVTs in Vues and ION Quad Coupes ?
  • mideberrymideberry Posts: 2
    I am having similar experiences with my 2007 SXT Caliber and here is what I have found: the transmission is made by Jatco. Jatco is owned by Nissan and supplies both Nissan and Dodge with the CVT transmission. There are other makes Jatco supplies these to as well.
    They now have plants in Japan, Mexico, and the US.
    Nissan has extended the warranty on 2003-2010 CVT transmissions to 120K miles. Dodge has not (even though they just avoided a multibillion dollar loss on the taxpayer's backs)
    I have had a conversation with the Chrysler Group Customer Recall Center and asked them about this anomaly and to their credit, the woman I spoke with was unaware of the extension by Nissan and thought I have a good question. She asked that I wait on them to look into it and promised their response by 8PM Monday 7/25/2011.
    I will keep this forum updated as I learn more.
    If you want me to contact you directly my email is - please put CVT in the subject line so I can sort them out.
  • What kind of warranty do you have on your 2007? My 2008 Caliber has a lifetime warranty on it.
  • mideberrymideberry Posts: 2
    The factory warranty on the 2007, which was the first year for caliber, was only 35,000 miles. I bought it second hand from a lease company. The transmission they used is a Jatco JF011E which was also used in 4 Nissan models, hence my interest in the Nissan extended warranty.
    Are you telling me that you have a car with a transmission that is warranted for as long as you own the car and unlimited miles? I'm curious how you got that. The longest factory warranty I've seen on the '08 and beyond is 100,000 miles.
  • arnienarnien Posts: 2
    Some, not many, 2008 models were sold with a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser only. It is not transferable. I own one, am an employee in a Chrysler dealership. The car must be inspected every few years to maintain that warranty. The inspection is at no charge to the vehicle owner.
  • gizm0mangizm0man Posts: 13
    After I had my tranny replaced a year ago, I developed a 2nd problem that my dealer has been unable to fix. There is an occasional flat spot in acceleration. Sometimes from a stop, the is a flat spot/hesitation/drop in power at about 2400-2500 rpm then power kicks in again. Dealer tried multiply flashing of the memory. Even went as far as getting a 2nd tranny, Ever hear of this?
  • ola_auola_au Posts: 1
    edited July 2011
    My Cali does the same thing too occasionally. Today was a rainy day and it's been hesitating more than it usually does even at slightly higher speeds (20-25mph). It really makes the whole car jerk. Im afraid that it will break soon. I have a '08 2.0 SE with only 47K miles. :lemon:
  • mideberry,
    I just got off the phone with the service department at the dealership where I bought my car. Yes, according to him, my car has a lifetime powertrain warranty. I questioned him because when I was going back through papers on the car, I noticed that the sales person had sold me an extended service policy that covered not only the bumper to bumper that I thought I was getting, but also the powertrain up to 100,000 miles. He could have just sold me one on the bumper to bumper components. Now I have to try to get some of that money back! :(
  • You need to take your car to the dealership. I don't know what kind of warranty you have on yours, but it should still be under warranty with those few miles. I wouldn't put off taking it though; they may try to say you voided the warranty by continuing to drive it with those problems.
  • experterexperter Posts: 1
    edited August 2011
    Let me make it clear: Nothing is wrong with Jatco CVT's. I had Nissan Murano 2003, 2004, (both over 100k miles, towing, snow, hills, off-road etc) and now have 2009. ALL OF THEM WITH JATCO JF010E TOROIDAL CVT, NO BELT THERE.
    AWD (!) SUV's like JEEP, Caliber, SATURN VUE are all junk because they use budget light duty BELT-driven CVT, even if it is the same JATCO.
    How in the world would you explain why SUV comes with light duty belt driven transmissiln??? TO CUT THE COST.
    Most SATURN VUE 2002-2004 with their belt CVT had tranny down before 100k miles. GM dropped CVT in 2004. I am afraid the same will be with JEEP and Caliber. It is a question of time, IMHO.
  • I have had my car into the dealer several times over the past year for my eletric throttle light coming on, hesitation at acceleration, failing alernator tests etc. So this last time I took it in, they cleaned my battery and said the hesitation was caused by corrosion. Ha!! Last weekend I hit the acceleration and I got nothing but puttering, spped wouldn't top over 10MPH but RPMs were flying. Shut off car, wouldn't start, wouldn't turn over...I had power elsewhere BUT not at start. Three times I tried and finally it kicked in and started, drove for a bit and then again...same problem. Took it to a local shop, he was "lost" had NO idea what was wrong but said transmission...hahhaa the kicker, I flipped it 102K miles right now which means no warranty...thanks Dodge I will NEVER BUY ANOTHER DODGE EVER!! See what happens with governmental bailouts, quality takes a backseat!!
  • My 2007 Caliber was making a subtle "tinging" noise when I accelerated. I took it to a mechanic who said the transmission needs replacing.

    The dealer agreed and said it's 100% covered by my warranty. However, they would not provide a loaner vehicle. I called Chrysler's customer service (800) 992-1997 and before the day was over they'd called the dealer and instructed them to give me a loaner and Chrysler would cover the cost for 10 days up to $35/day.

    They were so helpful and even gave me a "case manager," which made me wonder: How widespread is the problem with the Caliber transmissions?
  • I bought my 07 Dodge Caliber about a year ago, with about 60k miles on it. About 7-8 months later I took it to Perry Ford, where I had bought my car, they told me there is nothing wrong with it, about a couple of weeks later had called Perry Ford and they told me there is noting wrong with the car, I did it a total of four times, until today I went back and they told me to take it to the Dodge dealer, so I did. I talked with the service guy and he told me that the thing with CVT transmissions is that we would have to get a new one all together so, mostly all places won't work on them. It happen too often to be just a tune-up, when I sit at a long red light the car will hesitate, or my RPM will drop, sometimes the transmission will slip. So hopefully they replace it and I can get my money worth.
  • Hi all -

    I have an 07 (bought just BEFORE the powertrain warranty was offered - UGH) and it has about 55,000 miles. It was making the winding/warbling noise when accelerating/decelerating and then wouldn't turn over one morning. Towed it to the dealership since it was easy and they recommended a transmission replacement even though they couldn't for sure say that's what caused the problem. It also magically was starting again.

    I took it to a local transmission shop and they're doing the RDI right now after they observed it slipping - I'll update when I hear the news..
  • Just got the call - according to this place the replacement parts needed are the primary pulley (slider), belt, torque converter, and overhaul package totaling $4200 for new parts and almost $3500 for rebuilt.

    The dealership I originally took it to quoted about $4000 for putting in a new transmission.

    I'm just waiting now because I need to find another option (besides pushing it off a cliff...).
  • i personally hate these new transmissions. i was driving the nissan versa for a bit, it was so much better on gas than my caliber, but the transmission drove me insane. the caliber has one too but its not as obnoxiously annoying as the nissan was. my 2011 caliber heat has crappy gas milage as well. honestly, if it wasnt for how the car feels to drive and how much i love how it looks, i wouldnt have bought it because its a dang gas hog.
  • Final outcome - over $3k later I got it back and sold it immediately. At least it's out of my life now!
  • Im new to forum but need advice. I have dodge caliber 115000 miles making a whining noise in engine when I accelerate starts at 25 mph only happens in gear. Not in park or neutral have heard possible cvt or some kind of bearing in cvt. Im getting nervous any ideas does get louder as I accelerate but soon as I let off gas no matter the speed noise dies down.
    Please Help
  • gizm0mangizm0man Posts: 13
    Sounds like the cvt. Mine made a similar sound at 50k miles. Luckily I had an extended warranty. Still they could only find a used transmission.
    Good lucxk.
  • had to replace trans at 28000 mi. 1 year ago !! Yesterday back to dealer for another trans @35000 mi. good car for sale reasonable offer accepted !
  • sunshine126sunshine126 Posts: 1
    edited August 2012
    I have a 2009 Dodge Caliber that is going into the dealership for it's 4th transmission... YES 4th. The one that came in the car when I bought it new, plus 2 more and now another in a few days. So glad I bought the extended warranty, so I don't pay anything out of pocket, (or it would be $2500 each time). This is getting ridiculous. Why can't they resolve this problem?
  • My wife and I have a 2010 Caliber. Problem is on numerous occasions, after driving at highway speeds upon exiting a ramp where only a slowdown is necessary to negotiate the ramp, upon attempting to merge with traffic, the car does not respond as if the transmission is slipping. More than a half dozen times this has occurred, once happening each time the car was brought to a stop and then attempting to pull out. The car just doesn't go as if (with a regular transmission) it is missing 1st or 2nd gear. Took it to the dealership and they can't find anything wrong. They say since it isn't 'tripping codes' in the computer, they can't do anything. Apparently since the computer says nothings wrong, I am the idiot! But the computer doesn't drive the car, I do! It's back at the dealership once again for them to 'take a look at it' but the whole thing is pissing me off. Any thoughts? :mad:
  • gizm0mangizm0man Posts: 13
    Since my original replacement of the transmission 2 years ago, I have had a similar problem. From a standing start, the power will die at about 2400 rpm for a few seconds, then the power will kick back in. The dealer could find no fault, but they could feel the loss of power. They even went as far a replacing the transmission with a 2nd used one, but that didn't cure the problem. It doesn't happen as often as it used to. I've just gotten used to it. My car is a 2007.
  • i have a 2007 caliber r/t that did same thing. wouldn't show a code. but don't blame the car, blame the dealership mechanics who aren't knowledgable about the cars they repair. when i explained to the mechanics at my dealership they instantly agreed that it was the throttle positioning sensor. that was 3years ago and hasn't done it since. i hope that helps.
  • Thanks for that info. I don't blame the car. I am unhappy with the service (or lack thereof) from the dealership. I know something is wrong but they seem to not believe so. Let's see what they tell me this time. They have had the car since monday morning and I haven't heard anything yet! :confuse:
  • gizm0mangizm0man Posts: 13
    Stopped at my dealer today and talked to them about the above suggestion. According to them, the sensor is part of the throttle body assembly and that part is over $250. One of the tech's suggested that the throttle body assembly needs to be cleaned. He described the problem exactly as when accelerating gently from a stop, the throttle sticks starving the engine and then kicks open giving full power. I'm taking the car in next Wed. Will report back the results
  • anyone has clutch pedal problem?
  • While driving the car my husband heard a loud thump towards the front end of the car and then it started acting like it didn't want to drive. I'm thinking its the transmission but I don't know for sure.
  • Have diagnostic testing done to see if it is your Throttle Position Sensor. I have to have mine replaced. 237 dollars. You have to get it a Dodge Dealership.
  • First check your barrings, near your alternator.. my car was making whining and clicking.. They are to small barrings, near your alternator. My mechanic had to order them thru a Dodge Dealership, guy told him it wasn't that, he never had to replace it. My mechanic changed them, and now no noise. Dealerships dont know jack.
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