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Volkswagen Eos New Owners' Reports



  • I have had my 2008 EOS Komfort for almost 2 years and have had continuous issues with my hardtop. It seems to work until it is supposed to disengage from the front windshield and then it freezes. It does go back down, but only works about 60% of the time. I have had it in the shop several times and even though they witnessed it they were able to get it to work and said there was nothing wrong with it. They pawned it off on a mercury switch and said it has to be flat to work. I have had it on super flat surfaces and it still doesn't work. I am taking it in again for the 4th time and going to try to demand a fix of something. Feeling at a total loss!!! I love this car, but am hating this issue.
  • nanreynnanreyn Posts: 11
    I really feel your pain here. I am sure there is a complete service record of your car with the dealer. If this were my car (I have a 2009 Eos) I would be demanding satisfaction from VW now!!! If you haven't complained to VWUSA, then make that call. I have found the dealer repprsentatives at VWUSA to be very responsive to these issues.

    After a rocky start my baby is now working perfectly and I LOVE this car! Looking forward to another beautiful Spring in Virginia
  • I have been experiencing excessive oil consumption on my 2008,2.0 Eos for over 40,000km's. I have now finished the "monitoring" stage at VW. Basically they tested my oil at 1,000km intervals (3 times), tested the oil hot, cold etc and analyzed the components of the oil. The dealership agrees it is using way too much oil. I need to top up between 2-4litres of oil between oil changes! These km's are being put on highway driving!! VW Canada says it is "within normal limits" as of yesterday. My dealership has now started the fight with VW Canada..won't be the first time. I have already had a new transmission put in. I have one year left on my lease and I will gladly say goodbye to the car that has caused me so much grief. I am officially done with VW. 4 cars-nothing but problems...
  • shoneosshoneos Posts: 2
    I am with you on that. I have a 2007 vw eos and had nothing but issues out of it. My biggest gripe is with the oil consumption. My Eos is using about 2-4 litres between changes as well. Of course, I have asked the dealership if they had mentioned that this is within normal limits before I bought it, I would have passed. I will never waist my money on any more VW autos. Thanks for your post.
  • Have recently replaced wheel bearing, both radiator fans and drivers side door lock switch at 47,000 miles. Purchased car with new engine replaced at 43,000 because of excessive oil use. Am trying to find prior records to see if DMG trans was serviced at 40,000 miles. Today dealer told me steering has some play requiring steering rack replacement for safety reasons. Getting free loaner but wondering if this car is going to be VERY expensive to maintain after warranty expires.
  • nyeenyee Posts: 2
    I am debating on whether or not I want to purchase the 2010 Eos. I've read some reviews and I am a bit weary, not to mention I use to own a 2000 Jetta with lots of issues and had to trade it in after 2.5yrs. Does anyone have any insight on the 2009/2010 models? Are there still water leakage and oil consumption issues?
  • nanreynnanreyn Posts: 11
    My 2009 Eos and I are coming up on are 1st anniversary. I have not burned the 1st drop of oil, nor have there been any leaks. I did have some issues with the door locks, rattle in the top and a quirky rear window that seemed to go up and down when it wanted to. All issues were fixed by my dealership within the 1st three months of ownerership.

    Regarding water leaks, I have asked my dealer to include lubricating the seals on the top with my annual maintenance visit, and they agreed to do it at no charge to me. Personally, I think VW should include this item with the annual maintenance on the EOS.

    I love my Eos and am extremely happy with my purchase. Please remember that this is not your ordinary convertible. It has a lot of electronic gears and switches, belts and pulleys. When you buy something this complicated, it goes without saying that you will be spending more time at the dealership.

    If you are going to buy an Eos the best advice I can give you is:
    1. Make sure your dealership that has a top notch mechanic. Mine, I am happy to say, has one of the top VW mechanics in the country.
    2. Always, always use premium gas in it.
    3. Read the owner's manual carefully particularly paying close attention to the care of the seals.
    4. Go out and have some great rides!!! This car is a lot of fun to drive!!:D
  • trackulatrackula Posts: 10
    I own a 2007 model, 2.0T, 6 speed manual. The car has almost 40,000 and the only service required was a headlight adjustment. I agree the key to a dry interior is seal lubrication at least 2 times per year. That's all seals in the roof and window assemblies. We couldn't be happier with a car. Ours uses 1 quart every 10,000 at this point, although I check it pretty frequently. It is usually down about a half quart at 5-6000. Good luck on your decision. I realize this forum is full of very negative posts, but sometimes I think the very satisfied owners rarely speak up. I know of several other Eos owners in this small town and they've never heard of the Eos forum. They have had minor issues like top leaks and invariably give me a puzzled look when I inquire if they routinely lube the seals. This car is a hoot and unless things change drastically, it should be good for a few hundred thousand.
  • king11king11 Posts: 8
    Can anyone tell me how the ride quality of the Eos compares to a Passat or a Jetta?
  • nanreynnanreyn Posts: 11
    I owned a 2000 Passat before purchasing my 2009 Eos. Sorry, the Eos does not ride like a Passat. The Eos is a smaller car with a sports car like suspension, not soft and cushy like the Passat. It still provides a great ride for its size. We have taken the car on many day trips and been completely satisfied with the comfort level provided by the car. I would not hesitate to take this car on a cross country trip. You should take a test drive and decide for yourself if the difference in the ride is an issue.
  • kpctkpct Posts: 2
    Just bought a 2007 eos and love the car EXCEPT I'm a couple of problems:
    1) when stopped on a hill -- the car slips backwards rather than holding as a normal automatic transmission will
    2) when pulling out of a parking space or starting off very slowly the car bucks.
    I've had VW take a look at it and they say everything is fine... it's just the way the 2.0T drives.
    Has anyone else experienced this ????
  • nanreynnanreyn Posts: 11
    This is not the way the 2.0T handles. Not the 2009 model anyway.
  • your car runs normally. per vw. the hill slip is actually charming. a reminder that for most parts, we have a standard transmission vehicle. it just acts like an automatic on the road. seriously.
    the 'bucking' is a historic problem due to the wonderful torque provided by the monster power train. check your oil every fuel up and you'll be fine
  • king11king11 Posts: 8
    Can anyone compare the ride quality of the Eos vs, the Acura tsx? My wife has a tsx and I think the ride is very harsh.
  • yetieosyetieos Posts: 1
    Just curious on if you have looked at the extended warranty for your car yet? I am at 46,000 miles now and trying to decide whether to get the extended warranty before mine runs out. I haven't had any problems with my car (knock on wood) and I absolutely love it...But I know if the motor on the top goes out, I am going to wish I had purchased one. Does anyone have any feedback on purchasing the extended warranty?
  • kpctkpct Posts: 2
    I recently purchased a 2007 with under 25,000 miles on it . So I still had the original warranty -- but also purchased the extended warranty just for that reason . I figured if anything went wrong with the roof or for that matter anything else- the warranty would certainly pay for itself
  • Hi Amy,
    I am reading your posting from last year and am curious as to how it turned out for you. We purchased a 2010 eos in March and in May the roof was stuck in mid air. It was not able to be closed or opened completely and needed to be towed to the dealer. They have told us that we "misused it somehow" with 600 miles on it and only pushing the button to open and close it? They want over $12,ooo to fix it and our insurance agent says it is a mechanical defect so they will not consider paying. VW has had the car due to the inability to fix/drive it for 2 months. We leased it and continue to pay the bill while we are pursuing it as a lemon law case.
    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated and I do hope that you situation was resolved without any cost to you. I am hesitant to keep the car, if we even get it back.
    Thank you,
  • nanreynnanreyn Posts: 11
    I would hope that you have been in contact with VW USA by now. I had an issue with my top early on although not as serious as yours. Before I knew what the problem was, I told my dealer and VW USA that if the fix was a major item,(like tearing the top down and rebuilding it, I wanted a new car. Thank goodness a little adjustment took care of the issue. If it were me, I would demand a new car, and nothing less. Good luck.
  • I also have a 2007 EOS with 40,000 miles. It is consuming 3 quarts of oil every 3,000 miles and the VW dealership in our area told me that is normal consumption. I asked them to have that written in writing and I was told they couldn't do that. I find that very strange.
    Will never buy another VW because they don't stand behind what they sell.
  • Thank you for sharing that info. I wondered about the oil last night and whether the EOS uses/burns it. My EOS is only one year old. It has approx. 33000 miles on it. I've gotten it serviced religiously. Last night on the way home, the engine light came on. I checked the oil. It seemed low. While checking the oil, the engine seemed noisy.. and noticed the lifters sound bad! Checked the oil again this morning (to make sure it was no longer hot, etc).. The oil still seems pretty low. It should not be using oil like that at this point with such low miles and only 1 year old. I do not understand how it could have such a problem at this point. I bought this car brand new last year to make sure I didn't have these kind of problems. Had enough with the older car before that. Looks like I wasted my money. Rather angry right now.
  • I have a 2007 EOS with 40,000 miles on it and it burns approximately 1 quart of oil per 1,000 miles. I've since learned that VW when manufacturing the cars installed one of the gaskets upside down, which causes severe oil leaks. VW maintains that the loss is within the "industry" standard and will do nothing to fix the problem. VW corporate has a list of all the cars that has been affected by this problem. We are in the process of suing VW with the California Lemon Law and it looks very promising. Outside of the oil issue, I haven't had any problems with the car and love driving it around.
  • My VW EOS the same issue with the hard top not closing as well as bad leakage when it rained. The dealership wanted to charge something outrageous so I went to a mechanic who I heard was very good with mechanical motors (such as the ones in hard tops) He only charged $400. But still I can understand your frustration.
  • Hi, I live in Canada and was having serious oil consumption problems. I went through all there tests and them telling me under there guidelines and specs it was okay for my 2008 volkswagon EOS to consume litre of oil every 2000 km. I didnt put up with there crap and specs. We have a company called CAMPAV which privately arbitrates between you and the dealership. In the states it's the lemon law. Anyway any body who is having oil issues in Canada thats who you go to.I am now having a new turbo put in my car ,that is the problem. Get someone private to check how much oil is the intercoollant system dead giveaway your turbo is the problem.Had to fight but I won :)
  • smawley, good for you. I went through the same issues with VW however never took the step to go to CAMPAV. I'm pleasantly surprised to hear it worked so I think I will also give them a try. Any chance you reside in the GTA?
  • My wife loves her EOS with one big issue. In park it either rolls forward or back depending on the incline of the street - even a very slight incline. If it was a inch or two - perhaps no problem - but we live on street with very tight parking - often having to park close to one care so another can get out - the big however is the ROLL makes this almost impossible. We asked the dealer - and they said it's normal. From reading hear it sometimes sounds anything but normal.

    Question: What is an acceptable "roll" in terms of inches/feet. Non of my other cars Roll after going into park.

    Tomorrow we are taking the car in for it's first service - any words of wisdom or language to use to tell them this is not acceptable.

    Thanks, WT
  • It is NOT acceptable for any car to roll at all! They will say anything to deter you from pushing further to get it fixed. They do not want to spend the time or money or effort to fix their problems.

    Push them, call their site manager, the owner and get them on the issue. They will also tell you that if you report the problem to a higher level, they only receive the request/complaint and end up being the same people to deal with it anyways. So what. At least then the higher level manager and/or owner will know the issue and won't want the reputation and will ensure they do the right thing.

    I had people telling me that I was a 'dumb' user, in so many words, when it came to the problem with the back window that didn't want to go all the way up. It took several times returning with the complaint before they fixed it. it no longer does it...Then I received a letter in the mail, containing a warantee extension on that very problem. Go Figure!

    Don't let them tell you anything is normal that doesn't do what a car should do. You know your cars. You are not a dumb consumer.

    It should not roll at all! Mine doesn't! I do love my EOS because it is comfortable for me.. I am on the short side. BUT they do have their problems. Mine scrapes the very corner of the glass of the part that goes down in.. crunching it. But no one listened to that either because it didn't look it to them... not enough to show them.
  • mahgi8rlmahgi8rl Posts: 1
    The roof of my 2012 Eos malfunctioned after three days. Got stuck half-way up. It's been in the dealer for a week now and so far they have not diagnosed the problem. I called the Lemon Law office for legal advice. The lawyer that I spoke to said that she has dealt with numerous other cases like this with the Eos. nApparently it has been an ongoing problem. What a nightmare. I can't take legal action until they've had it for a month.
  • woobegonewoobegone Posts: 18
    My 2008 Eos with less than 30,000 miles started having serious transmission problems in February. During city driving, without warning the DSG would downshift into first gear and the instrument panel PRNDL would flash. The only solution was to stop, turn off the engine and restart. I took it to VW of Boise, who graciously gave me a 2011 Jetta loaner. After the service staff replaced the speed sensor in the tranny, which did not solve the problem, VWoA tech support told them to put in a new transmission. With the new 2011 DSG installed, it’s like driving a totally different car! No more jerky starts from signals/stop signs, and shifting between gears is seamless. All this was done on VWoA’s initiative; I didn’t have to take it back several times, whine or beg or even ask them to replace the transmission. I’m very impressed with VW of Boise and with the tech support from VWoA. I’ve had my Eos for 30 months now and no other problems at all. What a great car! :)
  • vdubluv2vdubluv2 Posts: 2
    My 08 Eos was a CPO with 6K when I bought it in Feb 2009. It had been used by a VW district mgr and it appeared well maintained. It had just had oil change so I was told to start my oil change cycles and routine care at 15K and every 10 K after. All care has been done at certified VW dealerships. At 8K, dealer replaced the Sat Radio module since it had stopped working. At 14K the passenger seat stop moving. On the way to dealer the CEL came on. Dealer replaced seat frame and said CEL was due to the gas cap not being tight enough and that "confused the engine sensors." Reset CEL and since I was in a loaner, I went ahead and had oil change. At 25 K, I had full "20K" service with oil change noting to tech that I had added 2 Qts oil at 22K. I was told TB covered oil consumption of that amount. At 27K CEL from "loose gas cap". But I checked it. It was not loose. Added 1 Qt oil at 29K. At 30K roof stuck in the half open position and gave a light saying roof motor was hot. After 2 hours and several calls to dealer while I waited in my driveway, the car reset itself and finished opening. At 32K had oil change but tech forgot to check level before starting so who knows how low it was? Also rotated and balanced tires then. At 37K added 2 quarts oil and put on new tires. 39K 1 1/2 qts oil added. 40K to dealer for driver window refusing to close completely. Tech "reflashed" ECM. Before leaving lot, window again refused to close so dealer ordered window module and replaced it the following week. At 40,882, airbag warning, window still stays at pinch level some of the time and engine squeeks. TB on passanger airbag fixed. Timing tensioner, timing belt, and water pump replaced. Turbo overrun valve cracked and replaced also. A few weeks later at 41,142 miles, window trouble returns. I asked dealer to check oil. Dealer resets pinch protection settings per TB and performs "multipoint inspection" stating that no problems were found. At 41,555 on a Friday night, I got the STOP ENGINE NOW Oil Pressure LOW light. Added 3 qts oil went the 6 miles home and 3 miles to dealer when they opened. Window still not working properly. Dealer performed oil change to start oil consumption test and ordered door module to fix window (?). At 42,352 1 qt oil added. 43,006 1 qt oil added. At 43.800 2 days ago and oil is 1 1/2 qts low. I took it to dealer for eval and 40K service and DSG service. Waiting to hear from dealer on oil comsumption solution. Despite all this, I enjoy driving my car and my dealers have been great. They supply loaner every time and treat me with respect. I'm hoping that continues as they resolve this oil issue.
  • vdubluv2vdubluv2 Posts: 2
    Dealer replaced PCV saying that I have oil between cylinders 1 and 2. Replaced a bad battery and a few electrical things under warranty. New brakes, 40 K and DSG service are a bit pricey but I love my car. Let's hope this fixes the oil consumption issue.
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