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Volvo C70 Prices Paid



  • I paid $47k with every option except BLIS, and that included transportation to Staten Island, NY. Sticker on the car was $50,012. I'm sure I could have done better locally but no one was willing to search out further than local or at most the northeast region, so I did it myself. I'm in NY and I purchased from Volvo of Orange County in Santa Ana, CA. I couldn't have been happier with my choice of dealership and the service I received from them.
  • walter5walter5 Posts: 1
    Hi All : i want to buy above car with 77,000 Is this a good used car value ? any thing to look for on car before i buy . repair history ?


  • slk41slk41 Posts: 1
    I am looking at a 2008 leftover C70, not a demo. The price is 37678 down from a MSRP of 45,300. I know it's quite a bit off but it is a 2008. They also are being generous with my trade - meeting my expected number which was shocking. But I am hesitant to buy an almost 2 model year old car. And when the 2010 new model comes out, will my value do a nose dive? I was considering leasing as my can I'm trading is a 2007 with only 22K miles on it so I only drive about 800 miles a month, some months less than that. But to do a lease, I would want to wait for the 2010 model but then I won't get the deal I'm getting now either.

    Any thoughts/suggestions?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    How long will you keep this car?
    If it is only a couple of years,lease it.
    BTW, you may as well lease the 09. 2010 will be a very short run so I doubt that there will be much in the way of incentives. Facelifted car comes in 2011.
  • drmhfdrmhf Posts: 29
    I would like to purchase a 2009 C70. 5 year/ 60K warranty and free maintenance make purchase very attractive. Could someone give me a good bottom-line price I should pay? Thanks
  • majajhmajajh Posts: 4
    To the great credit of the dealer in Honolulu (where everything is overpriced), we got an astounding deal- a little less than $37000, before fees! How? A mistake was made in the ad, which was supposed to be the purchase price after the end of a lease. They honored their ad to their own hurt. The car was around $46000 the week before. We are so happy! I told the guy that if he ever needed an endorsement we would do it.
  • Just returned from Sweden where we picked up our 2010 C70. Volvo Overseas Delivery Program is better than purchasing from any dealer. Free round trip flights to Gothenburg Sweden, one night in hotel, 2 weeks free insurance to drive car in Europe, free shipment to your dealer in United States. Looking forward to doing it again.
  • Here isa my situation. I have worked out a good deal on a 2010 C70. The dealer is telling me I must sign by month's end to get payment. I jjust looked at the programs and saw the incentive goes to 3/31/10. the dealer book says 3/1/10 for this lease program. i don't want my payment to go up, but i still have 2 payments left on my current lease. I'd prefer to drive my current car for another month
    Please advise
  • I have a deal on the table that I now think might be a rip-off. Some advice would be greatly appreciated:

    -2011 C70, sticker of 42400
    -Sales price of 39999
    -Trade-in of a 2006 Hyundai Azera, owe 12500, getting 9500
    -Credit score right at 700
    -Downpayment of 3000
    -12000 miles per year
    -48mo lease
    -Monthly payment at 650

    Haven't agreed to this and haven't asked yet what residual and money factor were used, but payment seems high.
  • Can someone provide me with April/May money factor for US Bank Volvo lease on a 2011 C70? also, any info on when the 2012 C70 is coming out? Thanks!
  • rnmtrnmt Posts: 11
    Car Man,
    Have been offered 697.57 per month lease 36 months 12K miles with $1,000 down, including first month payment, for a C70 priced at 45,700 (excluding tax, title and fees) with money factor 0.000820. This is C70 with leather seats, multimedia, climate and convenience package, blind spot information system.
    How does that sound to you, cause to me there is room for improvement, but I was hoping I would get the April/May money factor for top tier. Also, the lease numbers per month do not add up. Thanks
  • Not sure exactly what the MF is or even if it's fixed dealer to dealer. When looking around, three places seemed to each use a different number. I stopped focusing on the MF and just the bottom line. Most started at 500/mo but then we got a bit of a bidding war going and ended up with this:

    2011 C70 with the convenience and climate packages, metallic paint, and wind guard ($43895 MSRP). The negotiated lease prices was just under 39000 (i have an s40 so loyalty may come into play). 10k miles for 36 months. 9.25% sales tax in our county. $3500 down and $420 a month including tax... all out the door prices.

    So glad I walked out on the first place at $460/mo (they couldn't produce a list of fees so it just seemed shady). Supposedly there was at $995 acquisition fee which we laughed at and were told that they might be able to get it down. We just took our business elsewhere. Eventually they called and said they could do $420 but it was too late :D
  • Thank you for sharing your experience--I also decided to focus on bottom line numbers. After visiting 2 Volvo dealerships in my area (south FL) last weekend, I got my C70 with convenience package, metallic paint and BLIS a couple of days ago.

    I negotiated a price of $38,600 (MSRP $43,075), put down $2,000, they paid off $11K owed on my previous Volvo (trade in value $9,500) and applied my loyalty $1,000.

    My lease is 36 months, 15K miles at $479/mo with tax. Overall I'm very pleased with my deal given the negative equity on the old Volvo and my needing extra mileage allowance. The free factory scheduled maintenance is also a plus.

    I hope this info helpful to anyone shopping for a C70, because it seems everyone on the boards is shopping for the XC's!
  • Now that you've had the C70 for 2 years+ would you do it again? How is the car running? I'm in the market for a C70 and wanted to know if I should do the Sweden trip. Hope you're still loving the volvo.
  • It's been 6 years, do you still love the C70? I'm thinking of getting one but not sure.

    Hope this finds you well.

  • Just read your post. You've had the C70 for a while now, would you still recommend it? I'm thinking of getting one in a few months.

    hope this finds you well.

  • Just a heads up to those who might be considering a new C70. I just traded our '11 on a new '13 and will pick it up tomorrow.

    The price was fantastic, making it a little easier to take the 'hit' on trading after only 2.5 years.

    I received $7500 off just by walking in the door PLUS another $2000 off for Volvo loyalty. We even lowered the price a smidge more but I honestly would have been happy at $9500 off the $45K sticker.

    They are going fast !!! Our dealer is down to 5 or 6 units left!
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