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2008 Cadillac CTS



  • I would take issue on three of the four choices.

    The 1992 Cadillac STS was considered to be a very good product in the context of the day. Cadillac was replacing the older 1987-1991 Seville, which was undoubtedly the worst product of the Seville/STS era dating back to 1976 (although the 1980 model with the Olds diesel engine could be argued as worst too). The older Seville and Eldorado were too small, too bland, too overweight, too weak on power....a complete failure. The 1992 model was larger with crisp lines that set the stage for the more radical Art & Science styling motif we know now (although the 1998 Seville/STS was a stylistic retreat according to critics and buyers). Even the handling was considered to be pretty good considering it was a FWD car. But the 1992 Seville was an unfinished product. The 1993 model that delivered the first Northstar V8 was the product that made you forget completely about the old Seville.

    The 1991 Chevy Caprice Classic LTZ really wasn't that great of a product but it wasn't unsuccessful completely. The Caprice Classic would go on to be an extremely popular police cruiser (and taxi/livery vehicle) and the LTZ model would eventually morph into the highly desirably Impala of that era. But like the Seville of the era, it was unfinished. The bathtub like rear wheel wells would get quickly redesigned into something less goofy.

    The 1990 Lincoln Town Car was the vehicle that seriously challenged the Cadillac Deville's stranglehold on traditional full sized luxury vehicles offering a proper rear drive car against the FWD Devilles of the day. The RWD Caddy Broughams of the day were large and ungainly. And this product all but ended Cadillac's dominance on the executive livery business, taking 90% of the market, a dominance they haven't given up to this day. Only Caddy's funeral business didn't fall under the onslaught of this product.

    The 1989 Ford Thunderbird SC. Yeah I agree...boring product that had no future market significance.
  • bdingbding Posts: 13
    Ordered my 08 CTS the first week of October, 08 ( DI, RWD, F2, moon roof, 18" wheels) Dealer said plan on 6-9 weeks for delivery. Spoke with him this week and he said because of "constraints" that I may not get delivery until February or March. WTF is this!
  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    What exactly did you order that is under constraint?
  • bdingbding Posts: 13
    Options on my CTS are 18" polished aluminum wheels, performance collection, performance package, seating package and ultraview sunroof. Dealer didn't know what the constraints were. But from reading previous posts, it seems to be the polished wheels are in short supply. To me, the wheels with Black Raven paint make the car.
  • adamg2adamg2 Posts: 12
    I now realize that I need to contact my sales rep. I signed the lease on October 26th - expected delivery date was said to be early January. I sincerely hope this is still the case.
  • I was lucky to find a dealer who had the black raven exterior, black interior and polished wheels. It looks great and worth your waiting for. The car looks and drives incredibly.
  • I ordered '08 CTS, Red, DI, AWD, PDQ on 10-16-07. Dealer told me on 11-19-07 that order delayed because of production constraints, but did not know details. Info at "" lists current '08 CTS constraints at 11-23-07: manual tranny, "18 inch polished wheels", and "PDW". Anyone have additional info on constraints? Anyone take recent delivery with B20 wood package or PDQ "Premium Luxury Collection"?
  • thebugthebug Posts: 294
    hemi05 - I must have gotten in just under the wire, because I ordered my CTS on 9/26/07 (build date 10/15/07) and it was in by 10/29/07. I picked it up on 10/31/07. I have the PDW, 18" polished wheels, black on black, leather, U2S, wood trim (dash/doors only) and performance package. It was well worth the wait, what an awesome car.

  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289
    I'm looking to purchase a 08 CTS 3.6 DI auto in the next few months. I'm having a problem figuring out something on Cadillac's website. Is the only sunroof/moonroof option available the double-view sunroof? If I don't get the option does that mean I get not sunroof/moonroof at all?

    BTW, drove it this past week..excellent car.. Hopefully trading in my '00 Acura TL. Drove the current TL also, CTS is a much better product.
  • vic10vic10 Posts: 188
    A couple of sessions ago I mentioned I saw a "traditional" sunroof on a '08 CTS. Confirmed with the dealer that that was an aftermarket installation--the much maligned double panel roof is the only GM roof. Looked great. But when sitting in the car, in the back, it had negative headroom, i.e. my head was pushing up the headliner (and I'm 6 ft., but tend to slouch....). So if you'd be tempted to go that route, be careful.

    To piggy back onto your question: Am I going to be forced to take the sunroof if I option some of the premium packages?
  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289
    Does anyone know than how hard it is to get a 3.6 DI without a sunroof???

    I'm looking for a pretty basic one, just with a couple of the basic luxury packages which total $2,600 for a total MSRP of under $38K.

    I really don't want the double sunroof option which as you say would eat too much rear seat headroom, plus I bet the option adds at least 200lbs. to the weight of the car.
  • knotemknotem Posts: 62
    If the only problem with the sunroof option was the real passenger head room or the actual (100 lb excess weight) I would’ve bought the 08 CTS 3 months ago. That panoramic sunroof virtually has no sunshade; the hot California sun can penetrate in the summer through the translucent sunshade when you don’t need it.

    I found out that if you don’t need the sunroof, you have to place a special order through the dealer; it takes Cadillac from 6 to 8 weeks to fill the order.
  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    Have you driven the car on a hot sunny day and felt the heat of the sun through the sun shade, or are you assuming the problem because of the translucency of the shade?

    The glass of the sunroof is UV coated and I wonder if this compensates for the lack of opacity.
  • thebugthebug Posts: 294
    maxhonda99 - I have the 3.6 DI without a sunroof. For me it was a difficult order because I wanted everything except the sunroof. For you it should be easy because you only want a few options. From my understanding, the only way you're forced to get the sunroof is if you want the nav system otherwise you can pretty much work around it.

    It really all depends on what your option choices are. If you want LL1 and LL2, then you have to go with PDW which makes the Performance Collection mandatory. If you don't just get the Luxury Collection and that will keep it pretty basic. I've seen two or three at the local dealers in my area without sunroofs in the 37K price range, some with the DI engine and some without, but most already have sunroofs.

    So you'll probably have to order, which in my view is the better way to go. My reason for not getting a sunroof had nothing to do with the see through shade, I just don't do sunroofs. For "me" it just doesn't make sense to put a hole in the top of your car. And as always, each to his own.

  • knotemknotem Posts: 62
    The 08 CTS I’ve test driven was parked at the dealer lot under the sun in about 95 degrees summer day; when we get in, the seats were extremely hot from the translucent sunshade, and the “UV coated sunroof” wasn’t enough to block the sun. I had my two sons with me, it was DI engine, fully loaded 2WD with MSRP over $47K; even though the air conditioning was on, we can still feel the sun-ray and heat on the top of our heads and shoulders; it was also cheap looking and doesn’t fit Cadillac style. Yes! when you open the sunshade the panoramic sunroof looks very elegant, almost like a convertible, unfortunately without the choice of ever having a top.

    I really loved the car, the style, the fresh look, the ample power, the smooth ride with FE2 suspension, and the great handling. I’ve waited since January for the 08 CTS, and I was hoping to make a deal that day if it wasn’t for the sunroof shade; if Cadillac offers “Premium Luxury Collection” without the sunroof or with a conventional one I would’ve bought the car right at the seen.
  • Cadillac has a dealer order code called "sunroof delete". I am not sure if the code has been changed for 2008, but it was R6G.
  • I apologize for being a few weeks late on this post, but wanted to respond since I've had a great experience with my Toyota Sienna's adaptive cruise control.

    The problem you described about picking up a car and not realizing it's not in your lane does not happen in mine. In fact, when I'm in the left lane going around a curve to the left, I wonder why it doesn't think an oncoming car is not coming right at me?!?

    If someone pulls in front of me, but is accellerating, it also will not apply the brakes (though it may lift off the gas a little). The only time it slams on the brakes when I wouldn't necessarily do so is when I car cuts me off. I do have to look out - if I see a car driving agressively is zooming along my side and is probably going to cut right in front of me and zoom off, I do need to disengage the system to avoid a hard brake.

    ANother nice feature is that I input the distance I want between me and the next car. Not in "feet", but in setting 1, 2, and 3. I think this is new b/c I drove a 2003 Lexus with adaptive cruise and I couldn't see how to adjust the distance.

    In the Sienna, you also have the choice of adaptive cruise and regualr cruise.

    ANyway, adaptive cruise is getting better - don't give up on it so easily! :D
  • I'm interested in reviews about how the manual transmission works - quick/late clutch engagement, a hard, clicking shifter like most sportscars v. the smooth shifting of Honda/Acura products, etc.

    I'm not in the market (yet), and with 2 little one's in carseats, I won't be taking a test drive for awhile, but I am keeping track of this car. I've been looking, but haven't found anyone describing the manual transmission.

    Hope yours isn't delayed to Feb, adamg2, but whenever you get yours, and if anyone else out there has the manual, please post about it!
  • thebugthebug Posts: 294
    150mphclub - They still do. This was entered on my order request.

  • The FE2 suspension adds about a 1/2 of a suspension travel cycle over indulations that the standard suspension of other ELLPS and LPS cars simply don't have.

    Mark, would you please explain what this statement means? "Suspension travel cycle"??? I'm not agreeing, disagreeing, or anything. I'm just clueless :confuse:
  • thebugthebug Posts: 294
    knotem - I took the sunroof delete option and on my CTS I have everything in the Premium Lux Collection (less nav) by taking the PDW option and all the individual options. It cost a little more to go that route, but it was worth it to get what I wanted.

    Actually would have taken the nav system (for aesthetical reasons only) but it's a must with the sunroof, so I had to compromise a little. I must say that the groups I put together turned out pretty nice. I think the sunroof option may change down the road due to the love/hate relationship that it seems to have garnered.


  • bdingbding Posts: 13
    Refresher, I Ordered my CTS on October 5th with DI, PDR, Y42, P63, C3U, Y44, Blk Raven. Was told 6-9 weeks for order out. Contacted dealer last week (11-21), he told me "constraints" were placed on my vehicle. I contacted Cadillac Customer Assistance (800-458-8006) and was told that I don't even have a build date scheduled. Rep told me that I may "never" have a build date. When I asked why, all she said was that there were constraints. Apparently the powers that be @ Cadillac have decided that if you don't order any of the luxury collections, Level I,2 or 3 that you won't get an '08 CTS. I was told that if I wanted one I should search the area dealers inventory and purchase one on the lot. I told her that I wasn't interested in any that were in the $46-49k range. If enough of us that have CTS's on order out contact Cadillac maybe someone will get the hint. If anyone reading this is wants to order one, Good Luck getting it!!!
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    Get your money back and go find a REAL dealership.

    Better yet, go over the Cars Direct and let their 2000lb gorilla purchasing department get you exactly what you want.
  • Has anyone figured out how to start you car if the battery goes dead in your remote with the keyless entry? You can use your hidden key to open the door but there is no place for your key to start your car. Did Cadillac forget something?
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    I doubt it. On my 07 STS there is a slot in the center console where you put your remote and that allows you to start it. There is a sensor there that reads something inside the remote.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    your contraint is probably the P63 the polished will not get a build date until the order is accepted...and as long as the order has a constrained will not be accepted for build and remain with the dealerships pool of orders awaiting an allocation....Your dealership gets a weekly constraint report....Thursdays I beleive.....the same day they get their allocations for ordering vehicles....your dealership knows this...your salesman might not but the inventory manager does....

    go to another dealership to order your car....lots of folks have already ordered and recieved their car.....the ongoing constraints seem to be P63 and B20....I would suggest shopping around as well........
  • adamg2adamg2 Posts: 12
    I gathered some reassuring info from my dealer today. Refresher, my very basic CTS is black and black, Y42 package, manual transmission - ordered on Oct 26. After providing my manufacturing number, I was informed that the target build date is the first week in December with expected delivery in early January. Build dates after this time are subject to delays since the factory is shut down for the last 2 weeks of December. No indication of any constraints for the manual transmission according to what I've been told from my sales manager and GM Canada.
  • thebugthebug Posts: 294
    lenbrover - See page 2-13 in the owner's manual, or us your other key.

  • knotemknotem Posts: 62
    In January, after the NAIAS, I’ll probably try to order a 2WD, DI with all options minus sunroof. I know I wouldn’t be able to get the nav but things might change by then.
  • thebugthebug Posts: 294
    knotem - Things with the nav system probably will change by then, or somewhere down the MY because of the voiced indifference with the sunroof. Besides, the nav system is a high dollar option, ($1000 vs. $3145 per order) and I'm sure they will figure a way to work those lost dollars in. They would simply have to just modify the PDW option.

    If you remember, the PDW option wasn't one of the original options. It came to life (late Sep 07) only after people started requesting the car without the sunroof (as I was told by the dealer), but wanted the other bells and whistles included in their orders.

    When you look at what the PDW package offers and requires, it's simply a scaled down version of the Premium Lux Collection. It's already too late for me but I hope it changes in time for your order, and the benefit of others who want to go that direction. If they're wise, they will make the change.

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