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2008 Cadillac CTS



  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    The doc fee is simply a way to rip off the buyer for an additional amount after the deal has supposedly been settled.

    When I am negotiating for a deal I always ask for the out-the-door price. I don't care what fees they have to add in, what their profit figure is or anything else they want to include. I only want to know what it will cost me to drive the vehicle out of the dealers store. Then I have a true figure to compare the deal at various shops.
    Any other figure is open to a rip-off, such as the 'document fee', to be added when you go to pick up the car.

    Also, if you are comparing deals make sure the different vehicles are exactly alike, option for option, or know the value of the differences.
  • I have a new corporation that is growing and need to look into getting a company vehicle. Can anyone tell me how to get into a corporate lease agreement on a 2008 Cadillac CTS, what are the requirements, and what is involved. I want to make sure I have done all my research and have all my bases covered when I go in there.

    Thanks for your help.

  • I purchased $10,000 of upgrades for my 2008 CTS but it didn't come with a Universal Home Remote (garage door opener). I have a place in the upper console for it. The dealer went to GM to purchase a unit but was told that none came with my VIN# and it is not available for me to install.

    Does anyone know how I can purchase one of these units.

    GM does not want to satisfy their customers.
  • I was suprised that the o8 CTS didn't have the universal opener in the basic luxury package. My 05 just had the luxury level 1 package and it came with the opener. On the 08 you have to go to the premium luxury package to get it. My 08 has the luxury1, seating package, and performance package, and still no opener. Maybe they will correct this for 09, but it would be nice if they came out with a retrofit, I would buy one.
  • I hadn't meant to take this long on the last log of my '08 CTS rental, but here goes.

    By the last day of my rental, it was clear that the word had gotten out since I saw no less than two other rentals at my hotel and another coming into the car return lot with me.

    Weather in Boston was wet and messy....lots of deep puddles, old slush from the previous snowfall. The RWD CTS handled everything with no fuss...I was actually expecting to see the traction control engage for a few things but nothing happened. One nitpick...during a good rain, the CTS's water deflection off the roofline seemed to push the water in front of the side mirrors on the front windows, which made it more difficult to see. This may have been the fact that there was still some snow and ice on the roof of my car at the time. the side mirrors are also smaller than previous doubt for reduced wind resistance but it makes seeing that car in your blind spot a little harder.

    I was admittedly smitten with this car when it first came out but you never know what your opinion is going to be once you put some miles on it. I intentionally didn't want to abuse a brand new, never broken-in engine, but overall, the experience was really nice (despite the ugly weather, hacked up Boston streets, etc). Make my version a Premium package with the Nav system and ebony interior, and I'll be very happy.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,978
    Thanks for posting your experience...
    - Ray
    2016 BMW 340i
  • What is the standard audio system on the CTS? I'm looking to lease one within the next couple of months and I don't need the nav system.
  • The stardard is an 8 speaker bose. Warning about the XM receiver, its quality is horrible. CD's sound very good as does the music from the hard drive. But shame on xm for that poor sound system.
  • I have had no problems with my XM radio. The sound quality has been very good and it almost never loses it's signal.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    does look like you may have a defective headunit...dont know if the XM module is fully integrated or a separate stand alone.....but worth a shouldnt sound as you characterize.....
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    I never knew that XM manufactured all the XM radios. It was my impression that Delphi, Sony, Pioneer, and a few others made their own units. Please enlighten my as to how you know that XM makes the radios. :confuse:
  • The reason it sounds like i characterize is that i talked to many owners first hand and also talked to a few owners of sound systems. They told me the Sirus receivers are of much better quality than Xm right now, but expecting a merge soon.
    The difference between the Music on the Hard drive with the centerpoint setting and the XM receiver is noticeable.
  • I searched for the answer to these questions that I have and did not find anything. Please forgive me if this has already been discussed!

    I have the Nav system and I have a couple questions:

    1. Can you actually record what's playing on the radio or does it only buffer it to the hdd? When listening to the radio and I hit record, nothing happens. I've read several reviews where they say you can "record" the radio but I have not been able to do so. It is FM that I'm trying to record.

    2. I purchased a SanDisk Cruzer 4.0 GB flash drive and loaded a few mp3s on it to copy to the hard drive. I inserted the drive and hit the AUX button and got the error (this is from memory so I'm not sure if it's exact): The USB device is not supported. Please remove. The system automatically went back to the source I was listening to prior to trying to play the songs on the flash drive.

    Any ideas on this?
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    it is my impression its not the recievers that make the diffference but the compression of the signal within the bandwidth coming from the XM on my 04 sounds great.....but I certainly wouldnt compare it to a CD or even an are never going to get the same sound quality from XM that you will from playing off the HD..and the better the sound system..the more it amplifies the differences....

    you may also need to refresh your signal for your can do that online at the XM site for call and have it done...
  • I have Sirius in my 07 ram hemi and XM in my new CTS. I have found the overall quality of the XM to be superior. In fact I have found the complete standard audio system in the CTS to be excellent.
  • thebugthebug Posts: 294
    Got into a dog fight (as I like to call it) with a BMW 760i (maybe 06/07) in the mountains today, and dusted him on a 6% grade climb. Kept him at least ten car lengths (maybe more) behind. Some would like to think that he wasn't trying, but I know different. My rational is, that while he was struggling in the hammer lane, (wouldn't get out of the way) I had to pass on the right. When I got door to door with him, he tried to speed up, and he simply got dusted. Pushed to 143 MPH by the time I reached the summit and then had to back off because of traffic. That allowed him to catch up, and then I got to do the YEAH, it's a Caddy look. This car is hot.

  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Sound from a radio I feel is the same as the old argument of which is better, Ford or Chevy, or in this day an age GM or Toyota. 2 people can sit in the same car and one love the radio and the other hate it. I guess that is why there are different radio options.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Whats going on with the CTS? You haven't reported back yet as far as how things have went after you got car back, or I missed it.
  • I have an 08 3.6 DI RWD CTS. Been in a few light snow storms this year, with factory tires, and it hasn't been pretty. Traction control works real well though. I tried doing some donuts in a snowy lot with it on, and it refused to let me play. Turned it off though, and wheeeee! Around and around we go! (What the manual refers to as "spirited driving" :) )

    Anybody put snow tires on their CTS this season? How 'bout a report on how they are working out for you?
  • Sorry, the refinery I work in has been partially shut down due to a mechanical problem with a 7000 hp electric motor an the equipment that it drives. I was shuffled off to the night shift as we are working 24/7 till it is running again. We have had the CTS back a week now. I have only driven it once, got it up on the interstate and ran it up to 90mph, it asccelerated really well, and I didn't find any problems the short time I drove it. My wife took it to Dallas on Presidents day, about a 200 mile round trip and said it ran great. I have been closely watching the garage floor and so far no oil or antifreeze on the floor so it looks like they did an excellent job of re-installing the new engine and getting everything tight. We have probably put about 350 miles on it and I hope everything continues to be ok. I don't know if I said in an earlier post or not, but we ordered it in gold mist with the 18' polished wheels and even though that isn't a real popular color it really is a nice looking car. Gold mist kind of changes color from gold to almost silver depending on the light. As soon as I get off nights I have to go back to the dealership, the service manager said something about GM making a payment on the car and free lifetime oil changes and tire rotations. I also need to go in the shop and tell the mechanic how much I appreciate what a good job he did on the car. No leaks, and nno scratches on the paint and no rattles. Maybe the nightmare is over and we can now enjoy the car. With only 2100 miles on it there is still a lot of time to decide whether to keep it or trade it off. All depends if we have any more major trouble or not.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,294
    ". . .tell the mechanic how much I appreciate what a good job he did. . ."

    Excellent plan. If I were you, I'd ask to have the same guy do all your routine (& god-forbid, non-routine) maintenance. My guess is that he's already taken ownership of maintaining that car and he'll take really, really good care of it & watch it like a hawk. Think of it as having your own private pit crew.

    Sounds good so far. Good luck!
  • adamg2adamg2 Posts: 12
    I have a RWD CTS with the factory all-seasons. We have had about 4 very heavy snowstorms in Toronto in Feb alone! Unfortunately, the car is not meant for the snow - as is the case with most RWD vehicles. With heavy snow on the streets, the slightest pressure on the accelerator causes the back-end to slip out. Hills - barely even possible with the all-seasons. It was slipping and sliding across both lanes and the traction control was not allowing my car to move. Needless to say, I went with Toyo snows - combines great traction with good drivability with the roads are dry. Bought them in 17" and a narrower width (215) for better traction. Since its the end of the season, you can get great deals on snow tires right now. My package with the rims would normally be $2300 (CAD) + tax and I paid $1400 taxes in. Thus far I can't report in detail how they are in the snow since we haven't had too much snow but the all-seasons were undrivable.
    Hope that helps.
  • My CTS has the smaller engine, I think 263 HP and RWD. It also has a limited slip differential. Although I really haven't been in any super nasty snow we have had 3" to 4" here in NE ohio on a few occasions and I have been pleasantly surprised. It has done much better then I expected. I have the 18" all season tires. Maybe next year I will look into snow tires and a couple hundred lbs in the trunk would help. My last RWD was a Lincoln Mark 7 and it was flat out lousy in the snow. I swore I would never own another RWD car, so I was nervous about this but our local dealer had this Radiant bronze beauty equipped just as I like, so I felt it was meant to be. So far so good.....CJ
  • I found that the all season tires were barely adequate as well, although I never actually got stuck. My main concern quickly became front-end damage because of how low the front of the car is to the ground. With about 5-6" of snow on the ground, I was afraid my car was in danger of becoming a snowplow! I think in the future, I'll just have to leave my baby in the driveway, and drive the truck!
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,294
    for real winter (Alpins or equivalent) tires (all 4) on a RWD vehicle. The BMW crowd swears by them -- there is no comparison to all-seasons. The rubber compound is intended for cold conditions, though it wears quickly if the weather warms up.
  • I agree completely. Prior to my CTS, I had a 99 BMW 528i. I had dedicated Blizzak tires for winter, and it made all the difference. I never had problems in even moderate to heavy snow.

    I didn't buy winter tires for the CTS this time, but I think I will for next season.
  • I just placed my order for a 3.6DI CTS on Friday. Crystal Red w/Cashmere interior, rwd, performance collection package and the 40gb audio system. Now all I have to do is sit tight and wait 4-10 weeks. The up side is that by the time it arrives, winter will be almost over in northeast Ohio.
  • Turning in my 2004 CTS for a 2008 - RWD - Basic - Black on Black. Shound be 6-8 weeks. Waiting.............................
  • I was reading some of your post about the problems you have had with your cts. I just put mine in the shop 2/26( 2600 miles) Got a check engine light,they are checking the cylinder head sensor or inside the cylinder. Can you tell me what your first indication was when you had the engine problem and maybe refer me to your past post. Dealership on Long Island has been fine. Issue maybe with GM.
  • Just before we got the check engine light the second time the car would start and run very rough for about 15 seconds. Guess it was having to burn the water out of the two cylinders where it was leaking in. The dealership checked the engine and found water getting into # 4 & 6 cylinders, which were I believe on the driver's side. My car only had 1500 miles on it the first time the check engine light came on and 1850 the second time when they found the problem. The car also sent a signal to Onstar and they sent me a trouble alert e-mail that the car had developed a miss. The battle started then, GM wanted to tear the motor apart and fix it, and I felt that their top of the line brand with so few miles on it should have a new engine. They finally said flatly no new engine, we will fix it to " Cadillac" standards, I told them my standards were higher than theirs and that I would end up with a car with a patched engine. GM had the dealership run dye through the coolant system and pull the head. There was dye in the two cylinders. Dealership told GM the head was good. GM said replace the head gasket and dealerhsip told them that it did not show any signs of leaking. Dealership told GM that they thought there was a block problem and the engine should be replaced which they eventually did and so far the car is running fine and performing above my expectations. I guess they have a really good mechanic, and I went in this Monday and gave him a report on the car and thanked him for doing such a good job. Guess they don't get that very often, cause he was just beaming when I left. The mechanic was the only thing about my experience that was pleasant. My motor was the base 3.6 by the way not the DI. Now hopefully your problem is just a sensor or something. My service manager swears that Cadillac told him this is the first car this has happened to. If you go back to page 104 or so you can probably pick up my orginal post and see what a jerk I was, but damnit I was mad!! Good luck and let us know what the problem is and what happens. FYI you probably know, that Caddy owes you a rental car if the car is in the shop overnight, make them get you one, and something decent. My wife had a Cobalt for the first week, ( a piece of junk) and then we got a Grand Prix for the next three weeks that was a nice car. Don't let them run over you and get everything that you deserve. Today the service manager also told me that GM was making a payment on my car and giving me free oil changes for as long as I own the car.
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