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2008 Cadillac CTS



  • srynsryn Posts: 27
    Can you explain the difference between the bluetooth capability that you indicate will be available in post-April models and the hands-free capability that is currently offered? An acquaintance previously explained to me that while CTS's didn't offer bluetooth, they could be synced with an owner's current cell-phone service to accomodate hands-free communication. Is that true and, if so, how is bluetooth fundamentally different?

    Thanks in advance.
  • lms2lms2 Posts: 2
    If I thought it would do any good, I'd complain, but I think GM has been doing things that way for about a million years. Someone must think it's useful.

    I ended up ordering the CTS today. The legroom tightness in the back of the g35x was a deciding factor, although it seems like it had more headroom back there than the CTS (even without the sunroof in the CTS).

  • 150mphclub150mphclub Posts: 316
    It is not only GM that has the "take it or lump it" attitude. In September of 05, I special ordered a Mercedes without the sunroof (Sunroof was a $1700 option). Five months later it was still not on their production schedule, so I cancelled.

    I challenge you (anyone) to try to buy an Acura, Audi, BMW, Infiniti, Lexus, Mercedes or other non-american luxury car without a sunroof.

    The CTS I ordered (without sunroof) on 2/29/08 has not been built yet, but I am clinging to the hope that GM will build it.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,954
    I was somewhat encouraged when I read this - posted regarding the 2009 STS, not CTS, but still:


    Repackaging created (implemented 4th quarter of 2008 model year) "

    I have not seen an explanation of exactly what that means - but perhaps GM \ Caddy has heard some of us complain...
    - Ray
    Did not buy a V8 STS largely due to option packages & individual option availability issues...
    2016 BMW 340i
  • cptsullycptsully Posts: 18
    Hello All-

    One of the things I DON'T like about my CTS Nav system is the fact that while you're driving, and hit "nearby POI's", it gives you a very limited number, and you can't scroll down too far. However, once you stop, it offers POI's out the wazoo.

    I remember reading a post that had a link to aftermarket software you can install that would allow you to manipulate nav system and info while the car is moving. If I recall, it also lets you watch DVD's while driving, (though I have no intention of doing that.) Does anybody have that link? Anybody try that software? Do you think installing it voids any warranties as well?

  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    I just spoke with my saleslady this afternoon and was told that dealers had only two more days to order 2008 CTS's. After that they will be ordering 2009 cars. Blue tooth will be available and there are some color changes, but nothing else appears to be changed.

    I had hoped for the addition of a rear view camera to be available with navigation, and possibly a change to the sun roof screen, also the possibility of power folding mirrors and automatic cruise control, but it appears that they are not to be for this year.
  • I doubt that any dealer knew about specifications or materials changes ahead of next year model announcement; it’s a possibility that the company might increase the engine horsepower, or the quality or the intensity of the sunroof screen without a change in 2009 ordering guide. It’s also a possibility that Cadillac don’t want to announce all 2009 improvement at this point so they can sell their 2008 existing and coming stocks without deep discount. As for automatic cruise I would rather have an infra-red camera for night vision than the “Adaptive Cruise Control” which has been proven not very reliable yet in luxury cars that have it.

    I had to drive about 35 miles away from where I live to see different Cadillac Dealer. The salesman was very helpful and told me that he thinks he might locate a CTS built with PDQ (luxury collection) without the sunroof, but I doubt it. He also said that I wasn’t the first one to complaint from the sunroof screen and the Cadillac representative is aware of the problem; adding “knowing Cadillac, from past experience, they don’t react as fast as they should”. He also assured me that Blue Tooth will be no problem in future CTS.

    I have sunroof in my Lexus along with every car I’ve owned/leased for the last 15 years; never had problem with sunroof and never complaint from it; matter of fact I love it. I just don’t understand what Cadillac had in mind when they designed a controversial sunroof that can not properly cover it.

    In September 2007, I went with my dad to buy his new 08 CTS, and that was suppose to be his fifth or sixth Cadillac, he ends up buying a Mercedes E350 just because of the translucent sunshade; it’s simply not acceptable.
  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    The dealers have already been issued the specs and color samples for the 2009's. They are taking orders for the '09's.

    As to my speculations as to the options I hoped would be added for '09, they were based on some observations and my own personal hopes. I held out buying an '08 based on those hopes and observations.

    As to the backup camera, one of the engineers on the Caddy blog said I should 'stay tuned' when I asked about the camera, but it was not to be. The hope for power folding mirrors was based on the presence of an extra switch on the mirror control panel below the mirror switch in the photo of the black interior in the '08 brochure. I thought Cadillac would respond to the complaints of the translucent sun roof shade but they have not. The other items where pure speculation based on options on other similar priced cars.

    I hope your father enjoys his Mercedes, but I will stick with the CTS.
  • ewl88ewl88 njPosts: 76
    From what I understand the hands-free capability is linked to onstar. The salesman says that verizon wireless users will get a new "free" phone number that automatically forwards to your mobile phone. But nonverizon users may have to pay for the new number/account. And of course onstar isn't free for more than 1 year. I haven't confirmed this information.
    Bluetooth is pretty standard is most luxury cars and some nonluxury cars. It is a wireless radio technology that allows your mobile (if it has bluetooth built in- most recent phones do) to communicate with your car's bluetooth system. A car microphone picks up your voice and transmits it to your mobile. People speaking with you are routed through your car speakers. The tech is not perfect- pairing is sometimes problematic, sometimes mobile's contact will not be downloaded by car's bluetooth. But when it works, it is really good and removes the need for a bluetooth headphone or earbud. I don't use a bluetooth headphone but a good car system should be clearer and eliminate the need to fumble around for the earbud.
    Hope this helps.
    I hope the cts offers bluetooth. I am still deciding on my next car when my Inifini m35x lease is up.
  • rspruittrspruitt Posts: 11
    Adding my 2 cents, I'm sure Cadillac has a sound reason for not including Bluetooth in this vehicle, but it's a clear competitive disadvantage. If an owner utilizes Verizon as their cellular provider the work around is fairly effective. Verizon will set up a number to be linked to OnStar which will utilize the same bucket of minutes. This works for outbound calls but inbound callers must dial the OnStar versus cell phone number. Call forwarding from your cell to the car does not cure this problem as double minutes are utilized. If the car owner does not utilize Verizon, then essentially you are paying for an extra phone line.

    Add-on Bluetooth kits are available but I'm not a fan of customizing a brand new vehicle. Alternatively, buy a $100 Bluetooth earpiece and live with the inconvenience.

    (That being said, I love my CTS and will live without Bluetooth for now.)
  • A Cadillac dealer, about 35 miles away from home, is trying to locate a CTS with all options, without a roof, emailed me saying that he might have one for me in few days.

    According to the average loaded CTS is sold about $1,000 above invoice, and according to Costco their negotiated prices should be better than the average price at Edmunds.

    My question is how much did you pay "ladies and gentlemen" above invoice? Excluding incentive, GM card pay back, Employee/Supplier discount…etc.

    Your input is really appreciated
  • horns1976horns1976 Posts: 56
    My mother wants to buy a new car to replace our 10 year old Buick Century. Currently, I do all the driving for her. She would like another Buick. I asked our local Buick dealer to get a LaCrosse Super for me to test drive. I was told NO way, wait for the 2010 model. Whatever. Their loss, my gain.

    I really like the 2008 CTS, especially the RED color. I have sat in one but did not drive it due to the tiny rear window. I am only 5'6" tall and my mother is much shorter than I am. When I drive, I never use the outside mirrors. I turn and check to my left or right. Will the design of the rear of the CTS give me any visibility to the left or right when I turn to look or will the headrests and rear pillars block my view?? If there's no visibility to the rear, I'll forget the CTS and move on.

    All comments appreciated. We really need new wheels and I want a sporty type vehicle. The CTS is about the only American car that I would consider at this time. Thanks to all.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    Why would you have to wait for the 2010 LaCross Super model, which is TWO model years away???...
  • bryanbryan Northern VAPosts: 217
    Yeah, that kind of perplexes me too--my GM dealer has had one on the lot for at least three months with no takers. Why would a dealer not want to sell you a car NOW? Surely they don't expect you to wait two years?
  • horns1976horns1976 Posts: 56
    I agree with bryan and marsha's comments. The dealer didn't want a Super on his lot if I didn't buy it. That's the bottom line. The head honcho said the new LaCrosse will be out in Oct. 2008. I say no way.

    I still plan to check out the 2008 CTS further. I really like the car and it has received positive reviews. One knock on the CTS is "rear visibility." I guess I'll see for myself if I drive the vehicle.
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    My mother is in almost the same situation. She wants a new car but something smaller than her LeSabre. Ie - about the size of the old Regal/Century.

    Buick makes no such cars.
    If she doesn't mind going a bit larger, though, there is a good alternative, though. Get her a 2007 or 2008 Certified Lacrosse CXS. This car has several things going for it:

    1:The 3.6VVT engine is from the CTS. It's geared, though, for low-end torque instead of high-end HP. As a result, it's *faster* than a base CTS around town, since the torque jumps to nearly maximum(looks like a flat line almost) at about 1600rpm. Far below that of the CTS. It has zero lag as a result. So it feels very eager and fast, like the CTS. It also can, as a result, pass quickly in overdrive without having to drop down a gear. It feels like the world's smallest V8 instead of a V6 the way they've set it up.

    Their change to the 3.9 is because they need the 3.6 engines for the CTS, which brings me to point #2.

    2: It's a front wheel drive CTS with a Buick badge on it, and it costs a LOT less. GM makes less profit off of it than the CTS, which is why their limited 3.6VVT production is going there from no on. The 3.9 is a revamped 3.8 and drives like it. laggy, hunting for gears, throttle lag... it's a joke compared to the 3.6. The Super is really an overblown version of the same nonsense. Why pay premium money for the latest bling when you can get a CTS mechanically, or close to it, for less money?

    3:It has the same suspension as well as the first generation CTS. It's a massive improvement over the typical slush and wobble that Buicks normally have. I drove a normal LaCrosse and this back to back and it was like someone turned the "suck" switch off and it transformed from a toad to a little tiger. It really is a drastic change.

    Note - the Lucerne CXS is also a similar eye-opener. It reminded me of a late 90s S420. Like no Buick I've ever driven. Big, solid, powerful, and tight.

    4:It's family and older person friendly. Good interior, nice seating, and exactly what most people in their 50s and 60s want. It's also easy to see out of the rear. The optional bench seat up front opens up the front to where it feels much roomier inside as well - almost like a slightly smaller Lucerne. My mom was impressed. It also can be had in a nice light leather interior, unlike the G6(black leather only).

    5:It's inexpensive. As I mentioned, a one year old certified version can be had for well under $20K now. With the remainder of the recent 5 year/100K mile warranty.

    6:The transmission is the venerable 4 speed GM. This is actually a GOOD thing. First off, these are a whopping $1600-$1800 to fix compared to $3500+ for a Camry. No joke. Price a CTS transmission rebuild versus a Camry or most anything else with 5-6 gears in it. $3500-$4500. Ouch.

    The 4 speed is exactly right for a car with loads of low rpm torque like the Lacrosse CXS and the Lucerne CXS, because they need to shift less often. You get a smooth ride and the thing has the torque to muscle its way to the next gear.

    GM's mistake was mating it in the original designs with the 3.8 and 3.9, which is a typical pushrod design made to get good EPA ratings and as a result deliver maximum power at 4800rpm or so. So it developed closer to 120lb-ft of torque and maybe 130hp driving around town. Got great gas mileage, but drove like a turd. It needed more gears, since it was programmed to shift at about 2500rpm unless you floored it. The gearing was also so high, that to do this, you needed to keep it manually in 2nd until about 50mph to reach maximum HP. 3rd maxxed at almost 90mph, and overdrive was impossible - well over the design limits for the car(130 or so). This wasn't red line, either - just where you managed to get the listed HP!.

    First gear maxxed out at 25mph, leaving a suspicious hole between first and second, which is why it was such a turd around town. The thing sounded like it would explode at 25mph and then boom - 230HP to 130HP at 30mph and then a long climb up to maximum again. And the torque converter locking up if you let off for an instant at any speed over 35mph didn't help, either. I know the 3.8 well - I lived with four of them through the 80s and 90s. But the 4 speed IS a very reliable and bulletproof transmission. Just they stuck it on everything when it was made designed to work with V8s.

    The CXS, though, is like an old 60s V8. Less gears is fine(and less money to maintain/fix) because it has no lag down low. You blip the throttle 1/5th the way down and you're at maximum torque instantly. Mile high gearing works well in this case. And it's why old V8s did fine with 3 speed automatics - with 400hp+ on tap, there wasn't any situation where it lacked for power. Plus, the 3.6 is a very smooth and refined engine.

    ***whew*** :)

    The only other car that I would recommend would be an IS300. The IS350 is overkill and the 250 is underkill - it's worse than a typical Camry V6. The IS300 had a better engine, handles a bit better since it's 200lbs lighter, and a certified version is quite inexpensive. And you can see out of the back, unlike the new IS. It is the only Toyota I ever drove that reminded me of a Volvo or BMW from the 90s. Completely European sport sedan feel - but with some luxury as well.

    The paddle shifters plus the I-6 and RWD made for a very good car.

    A typical example of a LaCrosse CXS.
  • 150mphclub150mphclub Posts: 316
    On 2/29/08 I put a deposit on a CTS with the PDR & PDW packages. Two months later, I don't even have a prospective build date. Funny path to profitability.
  • muschanymuschany Posts: 4
    When I first started shopping for my CTS, I went the Costco route. Turns out their price was MSRP minus $750. Not much of a deal in my opinion. That was in late January or early February. It may be different now.

    I ended up ordering my CTS and was quoted a price of $300 over invoice. My car had an MSRP of $37,640 at the time I ordered it. It has gone up $500 now. I just picked it up Saturday and paid $35,321. This was almost $1,000 below both Supplier Price and Edmunds TMV. I think I got a very good deal. Please, don't anyone burst my bubble!
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    I beleive one of the packages you ordered has been on the constraint list during each allocation...probably need to ask your dealer if the order has been picked up yet or not....and ask what are the constraints on your order .........

    if the car has not been picked up yet from dealer may not be built in understanding was the last day to order was last Fri....thus the dealer will have to resubmit your order for an 09 ...since they dont care over from one MY to the next
  • 150mphclub150mphclub Posts: 316
    I started asking the dealer at week 5. Every week I ask, and every week I am told it has not been scheduled for production yet. Last week I sent an inquiry to Cadillac. I got an "automated response", but no answer.

    Cadillac's business plan seems to be, "spend a lot of money on ads, but pay no attention to actual customers." Strange way to run a business.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,954
    One new item for 2009 that I have not seen posted here:

    NEW! Steering wheel mounted Paddle Shift Controls
    1 - Included and only available in (Y43) 18" (45.7 cm)
    Summer Tire Performance Package and (MX0) 6-speed
    automatic transmission.
    2016 BMW 340i
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    if you havent gotten a confirm yet....I doubt it will be built...again...its not GM..but rather the allocations your dealer gets..and they knew 5 weeks ago whether they had any allocation remaining.........and remember..each dealer is an independent franchise........
  • 150mphclub150mphclub Posts: 316
    It won't be built. The dealer returned my deposit.
  • rcantwellrcantwell Posts: 77
    The car has been doing greatsince the hassle of the engine swap at 1800 miles. That whole ordeal could have been so much better if Cadillac actually had any customer service. Their idea of customer service is we are right you are wrong and you can't do anything about it. If it weren't for my dealership's service manager I would have been royally screwed on the whole deal. I had never bought a car at this local dealership because of their bad reputation in the sales department. I made the best deal I could elsewhere and took it to them and said beat it or I am buying it there. They beat it by $500 and I am SO glad they did. If I had bought it elsewhere I can only imagine the horrors I would have gone through.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,142
    How many miles on the new motor?

    Have you been back to the dealer for scheduled maintenance? If so, did you ask for "your" mechanic?
  • chrism124chrism124 Posts: 134
    MY08 CTS Owners,

    What do you like about the CTS and don't like about it? I have test driven a non-DI version with AWD and the standard (FE1) suspension. If I order one, it will be a MY09 with the DI engine, AWD and FE2 suspension. I am wondering how the reliability and quality with be over time. I know that it difficult to project 2-5 years from now but perhaps the there is usually some indication based on the 1st year of ownership. Also, do you find the CTS, with the DI engine, to have enough power?

  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    My wife has a 07 STS with the same engine you drove. IT also is AWD and I find it has plenty of power and see no need for the DI engine. If I had that engine I would be lead footing it all the time until I got in trouble (tickets) and then would revert back to babying it in order to stay on the right side of the law and also to fix the bad gas mileage I got from lead footing it. So once I get over the hotrodding on the more powerful engine than by taking it easy there is no more reason for having the bigger engine since I no longer take advantage of it. As far as being reliabile you need to remember the engine in one form or another has been around many years and the trans have been around now for a few years and yes mistakes are made and something happens but for the most part the CTS drive train is good.
  • briantucsonbriantucson Posts: 23
    I own an '08 CTS with RWD, FE2 suspension, and the DI engine. So far I've only driven 4000 miles since I picked it up in December.

    Honestly, the base engine has enough scoot.

    The only issue the cars's had so far was a wiring ground problem. What was good about the problem was that Caddy had a service advisory out for this issue. That means that they were monitoring their production and made a change to their process.

    The car is a hoot to drive, and I'm in love with the interior. I've no rattles or squeaks, and FE2 suspension really holds the road nicely. I only wish it cleaned itself. I didn't care for the sunshade cover so I didn't order it. The nav screen looks great, but I have doubts about it's usefullness (and it's a little bit redundant with Onstar turn-by-turn directions) so I didn't order it either.

    For long term reliability, Caddy makes a good product. Checkout any of the various 'consumer' reports and you'll see that it's so. I'm confident enough with this car that I'm not looking in the 2~5 year period. I'm looking at the 10-12 year period, and the vehicle is inspiring me to think it'll be there.

    Having said that I do have to admit that I expect some of the fancy electronics (hard drive, for example) will likely have to be replaced in that 10 year period.

  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095

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  • 150mphclub150mphclub Posts: 316
    It seems the V has been pushed back, too.

    "Effective 4/21/2008, the following changes will be made to the Vehicle Order Guide:

    * All sections-Ordering for CTS-V model 6DN69 has been delayed until September, 2008. Temporarily deleted all reference to CTS-V from the Order Guide."
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