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Chrysler 300/300C/300C SRT-8 Electrical/Lighting



  • Make sure auto lights and auto windshield wipers are turned off each time you shut off engine. I was having a similar problem due to an unknown component not shutting down when the engine was off, thus it was draining the battery. Hopefully will help & worth a try.
  • I have a 2005 with 85 thousand kilometres on it. I have just joined this forum and notice some similar problems - the pull to the right is better after 4 years. Although I reported it 3 times in first three years the dealer mechanics couldn't fix it. Maybe it improved with time!

    My passenger-side airbag light came on 3 months ago (I ignored it as I drive alone for most part). Took it in last week and they said $550 to fix it so I said I'd think about it. Unfortunately my husband said yes to the other work they said I needed so I was out $460 anyways - $250 for replacing the platinum spark plugs after 50 thousand kilometres. According to claim by plug manufacturer they were supposed to last up to 100 thousand kilometres. And another $210 for fuel system service.

    When I drove the 300 home from the shop the passenger-side airbag light no longer was illuminated and then the cruise control failed. Any connection to their work at the shop do you think (they damaged something when they were diagnosing the air bag issue) or coincidence? Wonder if I still have an air bag problem?

    I love the power and look of the 300 but am disappointed with these mechanical problems (at 68K kilometres under warranty they replaced the front strut bars, outer tie rod ends, sway bar bushings and lower control arm and the back power window fails regularly). I am considering going to my husband's local mechanic for a sanity check on the dealer mechanic's opinion, but not sure if he can handle all the Chrysler specific problems.

    Thanks for the feedback and advice.
  • jmorayjmoray Posts: 3
    You don't have a problem! I also noticed the same thing about a year ago. I then went to the dealership and tried two other 300's.....both with 3.5 and hemi. This is how the car is wired: to help "identify" your lane change/turn, the DRL headlight goes out on that side.
  • Yah,
    thanks for the reply. I eventually came to the same conclusion!
  • I bought a Pre-Owned 300C with 57k miles. I had the car less then a week when the Dash and all Warning gauges came on then went off, knocking out my Automatic lights. I was able to turn the lights on manually, but wasn't able to turn on the Automatic lights. Once at my destination, I turned the car off/on and then the Automatic lights were back on. I have brought the car to the dealer three times already. And within those times they: 1) Added a Ground out wire under the driver's seat. I don't know why the Dealership added this, especially since I have leather seats. I wasn't even a block away and it happened again. I turned around and brought it back to the Dealership. This time they Re-Programmed the Cluster Codes. 2) Again it flickered and the Dealership replaced the Cluster Codes and Satellite antenna. Because it knocked out my Satellite radio and I had to play with the lights to get them on. 3) And it flickered again and the dealer replaced my Frontal Control Module.

    And this past weekend they flickered again. I'm to the point of having the car returned because I feel its a lemon. With the time changing it gets dark earlier, and not having lights is dangerous.

    Does anyone know how to solve the problem besides returning the car? I love my 300C, but hate being hassled all the time bringing it to the dealer every other week.
  • This does not happen in the summer when I do not need headlights to drive. During the winter, first the dashboard lights blink followed by the dome and door lights coming on randomly.

    It has gotten to be almost constant so that my hour long commute is a combination of strobe lighting and constant lighting from the bright overhead and door lights. The car also will have the lights come on while it is sitting parked. I can leave the car parked with all lights off to find it sitting in the parking lot with the overhead and door lights flashing on an off. This drained my battery so that the car was dead this past weekend.
  • cbdobcbdob Posts: 1
    Hi, i had the same problem with my 2005 300c. Very annoying and scary when your lights go out while driving down the highway at night! This problem lasted 5 months and $1200.00 later before the problem was actually fixed. They also changed my front control module to find out that was a total waste on money! I called another dealership and they said to change the bulbs. I took it back to my dealership and they changed both bulbs and havent had a problem since! Only thing the bulbs are no longer that bright blue color. Bulb part number 04865941AC. Good luck! I am having problems with something draining my battery. I have had the car for 3 winters now and every year when in gets cold, i have to replace the battery. There is something that is draining the battery and not sure what it is??? Very frustrating. Any ideas? Thanks
  • I just bought a 2006 300C with 57K miles. My trunk release, interior dome, temperature control lights and one cig lighter are out. I have checked all fuses and can't track any issue there. After about a week, the lights came on for about 10 minutes while driving and then went out again. I would think this is a short, loose wire or connector or ground issue.
    I have seen posts online about this issue, but have not found a resolution. Anyone have any ideas?
  • my 2006 headlamps, parking lights, dash board lights all blinking with car on or off. Headlamps blinking on and off on dark roads as if trying to adjust. Took car to dealer and with diagnostic they replaced the headlight switch on dash. Works smooth as butter.
  • I just bought a preowned 300 and when i come to a stop and then hit the accelerator i get a chyme noise on the car has anyone else had a problem with this , i have check the fuses and nothing also I have lost my two brake lights on the side the only one working is the little one in the middle again check the fuses and nothing please help me if anyone had this problem .....
  • ivanbroivanbro Posts: 4
    I wonder if it has something to do with the traction control. I do hear a chime when I back up. I usually have the traction control (the button next to the emerg. flasher button) turned off.
  • I was told the same by a friend but no we check the traction control and nothing its still doing the same , im not really worried about that too much im much worried about the brake lights cause they were working fine and all of a sudden the two on the side dont work i dont want to get pull over and get a ticket
  • I have a 2005 Chrysler 300. When I turn on my headlights, they would flash from very bright to very dim (about 2 times per second). The interior lights would do the same, in sync with the headlights. I took it to the dealership and put it on the diagnostic machine. It said the battery was bad. It couldn't hold a load. We replaced the battery and everything works perfectly!! Hope this helps.
  • I have a 2005 Chrysler 300. When I turn my headlights on, the headlights and interior lights flash about 2-3 times per second. I took it to the dealership and they did a diagnostics check. It said that the battery was bad and it could not hold a load. I checked the battery myself before I took it in and my volt meter read 12V while the car was off and 14V while it was running, so I had no idea that it was the battery bad. Something was wrong with it because when they put the new battery in, everything works great!! Hopes this helps anyone with a similar problem.
  • jjahrjjahr Posts: 1
    I have my 300c in Sweden. I have the same problems (flickering ligths ans dashboard). My car is a 2005 model and its the eight year now with the car.
    Never problems befor this winter.
    Every day i´m only driving som Km (miles) and i´m using the heat in the seats.

    The last 3 days i have drived for a longer trip without seatwarme etc and the flickering ligths dissapear. it must be the 7 years old battery whis has to be changed.

    Resolning the problem; Buy a new battery.

    With regards,
  • peter775peter775 Posts: 1
    I had this for about 6 months just the dealer could not figure out the problem
    I went to get routine service lasy month mentioned the problem and they fixed it with a computer update . good as new ever since.
  • butch63butch63 Posts: 1
    I have had my 2007 Chrysler 300 for about two years and i love it. I never thought I would ever want to own another car until i saw the 300. I traded in my Envoy s.u.v. which I have had nothing but S.U.V. for over the last 15 years. I love the 300, the problem that i am having is this. The check engine light comes on and then all my dash broad lights start blinking. I took it in to the dealer where i bought the car and they could not find out why it was doing that. then the second time I took it back for the same problem, the mechanic said it might be static electricity.
    So they installed a static electricity bar under the driver's seat. After I got the car back the lights still came back on a day later. I called back and they said bring it back in, well I was out of town so i said a prayer and i guess God answered it because the lights went off and I have not had that problem since then. But there is another problem with the 300 the struts keep going bad. I have had to replace my struts on this car twice already and now after only a year I'm hearing the same popping and thumping noise that I heard when they told me my struts were bad. other then that I still love the car. Looks I would give it a 10 plus. Mechanical I would give it an 8 minus. but its still a nice car.
  • My I ask how much the charge was for that fix @black300
  • Anyone had your 300c trunk lights go out? Lights are fine, not burnt out, but after reading manual there doesn't appear to be a fuse controlling trunk lights. Thoughts? and Thanks!
  • My 300c looses voltage whilst driving and all my lights dim. whilst driving voltage drops to 11V but idling it sits at 14.4v. Any ideas would be welcomed
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