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Chrysler Pacifica Transmission Problems



  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    bulldozer: I know for sure what is causing your "bump" Your PAC's motor mounts are shot, kaput, gone, broken, damaged, and need replacing. This very thing has happened to me as well in the last three weeks. I took it to my selling dealer on Dec, 30, and I said I thought it was the transmission. They took it for a ride. "can not duplicate the problem" case closed! I took it to a dealer we have used before about 75 miles from us. They test drove it, and they said motor mounts were totally gone. They are installing the new mounts aon Jan. 13th. The Service manager said the bad mounts are very common and are factory mounts generally gone by 20,000 miles. I am pleased I did not take the word of the selling dealer.

    The dealer we bought our PAC from also has a GM dealership. In December the owner moved the Chrysler Dealership into his GM dealership. GM and Chrysler did not give the owner to OK to do this, and there is s problem with his joining the dealerships. When he joined the two dealerships he let 22 techs and workers go. All I saw was GM Techs. There are 15 to 20 GM vehicles to one Chrysler product. I think he is going to either sell the dealerrships or close it all together. At any rate I doubt I will return there unless it needs to be towed in for some reqason.

    The PAC's made after Dec. 06 don't seem to have these problems. The same setup is used in the TC with the 4.L 6speed auto, and so far I have not heard of any 08 haveing any problems. My PAC was made in early Dec. 06, so I think this explains our situation.

    I have no intention in getting a buy back or anything else. the LifeTime Limited Warranty is going to replace whatever the PAC needs. I am retired so I can invest the time. We are so pleased with the rest of the PAC it's worth working things out.

  • waterdrwaterdr Posts: 307
    I have had similar issues. When it is really cold, sub-zero temps, it does not like to go into OD right away. I usually give it a minute or so and if I use the manual shift and return it to auto, it works fine. Also, if I let the car warm up properly before driving, it does not happen at all.

    Keep in mind, 5 below, 10 below, 15 below temps are insane. They don't make cars to run on the moon. Our Saab does similar goofy things, though, it usually sits in our heated garage, so we don't notice. Fluid is fluid...when it gets cold, it thickens-up.

    Also, that car may be doing this on purpose as a safety mechanism to protect the transmission to keep the speed up...not sure there.

    But, 60 minutes of highway driving does seem WAY to long.
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    The transmission will not shift into overdrive until it is up to operating temperature. Even in Siberia this should not be more that 10 or 15 minutes.
  • I bought my 07 Pacifica in April 08 with 19k miles on it. It's 4.0L, AWD and I am also experiencing all the shudder issues as many of you, the famous clunking in the front passenger suspension and drivetrain vibration when sitting in park or at a stop light while brake is applied and car in gear. I can actually feel the seat vibrate. I have kept all my work orders from the dealer as I take it in. The last time I was in I asked them specifically to check the TC and they blew me off. They couldn't duplicate any of the issues, I took a ride with two techs at different times,one said he could feel the shudder and there is something wrong, the second said he couldn't feel anything that it's just like every other Pacifica out there.

    Here is the log

    1st visit - Front end alignment to fix crooked steering wheel.
    2nd visit - Replaced left outer tie rod end to fix clunk in front end.
    Replaced both front and rear engine mounts for the shudder\vibration issue
    3rd visit - Replaced inner tie rod and set toe to attempt 2nd fix at the clunking
    Reset the alignment to fix it from the 1st visit
    4th visit - Replaced rear motor mount (mount seperated from rubber)
    Replaced strut and mount and aligned the front end for clunking 3rd time!
    Flashed TCM per TSB for shudder
    5th visit - Could not duplicate shudder\vibration, clunking or a rattle when the car starts after it has sat for a few days.

    The car is currently at 35,800 miles and I am about ready to just go park it at the dealer and tell them I don't want it back until it's fixed. I am tired of it and all the hassle of taking the car in not to mention the warranty is almost up.

    I have no clue if the TC was ever replaced and when I mentioned it they also told me my car was manufactured after the TC issues. I am at a loss here, can I demand them to replace the TC? From reading on here that is the issue.. The shudder happens between 1500-2000 rpms and it doesn't matter what gear I am in. If the rpms are above 2k there isn't any shudder.

    Any information or advice is greatly appreciated !
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    Biggd1999: Welcome to the forum. As I look over your list it seems like there have been a viariety of issues looked at. Does your Service Manager want to help you, and is he responsive? If he is than you have a good dealer so stick with that dealer. If not then that is a horse of a different color.

    It makes no difference if you bought you PAC new or not, you can ask the service dept. for the build date and the in service date. My PAC was made on Dec. 12, 06. And it was near the end of those with TC issues. You can request the service record for this PAC, that will tell you if the TC has been replaced as well as other issues.. If you did not buy a Chrysler Service Contract you should id you intend to keep the PAC. Too bad you did not get the Lifetime Power Train Warranty.

    the rpm's are exactlly what is the same as everyone elses rpm shudders. Mine only does it in 6th gear. My TC was replaced already but the dealer is thinking the TC needs to be replaced again. I agree, we need to just get the shudder to happen when the test drive happens. I hope this helps. Let me know if there is something else.

  • Hello again last monday the guy from Chrysler called me and told me to took my car again for a test drive with the service manager so can he anowledge that the problem still in my car and based on that he can take a determination in what to do at the beginning I told him that I have been doing that the last 16 months and takes much of my time every time I drop the car, he told me that the report from the people that he sent said that the car was working fine ,even that he order to change all engine mounts, insulators and re flash transmission so at the end he felt something I guess. I spoke with one lawyer that I have as plan B just in case thinks goes wrong for me and told me to go to his office that he was planning to do something more than the lemon law and of course told me to bring my check book because there were some court fees involved, that did not sound right to me I just want my money or a replacement in good working condition I don't want to harm any one. After this I took the car to the dealer for the test drive they felt all the shudder and kick back from the transmission in 0 to 10 to 0 they are about to call Chrysler on monday I'll keep posted.
  • Sounds like you are having some luck. Chrysler will not help me with my Pac and neither will the Lemon Law, Cant find a Lawyer around here that will with it. hruey dont offer abritration where i live.
    My Transmission is bad, vehicle doesnt start all the time. They think my computer is going out ( according to another shop) no warning lights etc.. Its a piece of junk. Cant get help anywhere with it. I cant even trade it in, the other dealerships tried to drive it and they wouldnt even give me 10,000 for it. they offered me 9800.00 .. I was shocked!! when it was new paid well over 32,000 for it. talk about a decline in value. I just dont know what to do. any advice would be great. :mad:
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    I looked at the NADA & KBB yesterday. The PAC AWD Touring fro the 2007 is as followes. NADA clean trade in $ 14, 475. Clean Retail $ 17,025
    KBB Clean trade in $ 13,000 nas clean retail $ 17,615.

    I deffinately think this is horrid! But, the auto industry has tanked even for used vehicles. For me I am in over my head in upside down equity, and how! However remember that you can buy a new 2008 PAC AWD Touring for less than half the sticker right now. New Chevy thucks, Dodge and Ford are at the auto auction not even selling afor half sticker price. No matter what vehicle the market is as low as we will ever see.....I hope By what I have read and heard this auto industries is far from being over, 2009 is expected to be just as bad or maybe even deeper problems. I think we will see the time that you will order the vehicle of your choosing and get it in 60 days. Much like in the late 1040's and early fifties..

    The best solution is to ride this out. That is unless you are planing bankrupcy, or willing to keep paying for a dead horse I don't see any other options. The LifeTime Limited Powertrain Warranty is a major reason to keeping my PAC and we really like the vehicle.

  • farout: Thank you for the information. I am taking the car in tomorrow morning to have it looked at. I have not had any contact with the service manager yet as the desk people were very helpful until this last visit. When I called to make the appt I spoke with a certain individual that has been more than helpful until this call. When I mentioned who I was she took an attitude. The last time I was in there I drove an 08 with less than 100 miles on it and it was worse than my 07 and it was brand new. Her reply to me when I mentioned my name was " Didn't you drive another pacifica the last time you were here and you said it was just as bad as yours" I told her yes I did, but that doesn't mean there's not something wrong with my car.

    I think I will call the dealership prior to my arrival tomorrow and speak directly with the service manager with all my paperwork prior to taking it into the service dept for check in. I will update as to what happens tomorrow.
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    I think that the service people become frustrated because the Chrysler engineers do not know how to fix the problems. Simply throwing parts at the car as they did with mine (converter, sway bar busings, motor mounts, right front strut, steering rack, and reflashing numerous times, and telling me that various problems were either normal or not experienced) did not make any improvement. In fact, the car was always worse after it left the dealer. It is no wonder that the car manufacturers are in trouble.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    rhollis: I think it's NOT Chrysler engineers that don't know how to fix the problems. The real problem is the Tec's don't want to spend the time waiting for the STAR system and often that takes 15 minuets to get connected and on line with authorization to fix the problem in the correct way. Ther tec's get paid the same to throw parts at the problem as they precieve it to be. The people you had work on your PAC proved that very clearly, didn't they?

    The evidence is there, there are many 07 PAC's that have no problems after the TC was replaced, if the tec's got the correct TC to replace the old TC with. The place that did my TC a year ago last Dec. ordered the wrong one. The place I go to now said the job was done wrong. I can't fault the engineers for a tec's laziness in not contacting STAR. The dealership I bought four vehicles from has all but closed, so there is no reason to get upset, at least as far as I am concerned.

    Re flashing is common, especially if a driver has abused the vehicle, or the computer has a glitch or the vehicle has been driven hard.

    Rhollis, ALL vehicle manufacturers are in trouble now. This is a world wide trouble, not just US made vehicles by any means. Name me one vehicle manufacturer that offers a Limited LifeTime Powertrain Warranty, besides Chrysler. You can't, no one else does. If you think Chrysler screwed you bad, you should read what GM or Ford does with owners that got defective vehicles. They pay big mileage fees, and low KBB is what you just might get.

    As I recall you faced a up hill battle because of situations that just did not work out for you. However you did eventually get satisfaction, even if it was not exactally what you wanted. I too, have had a buy back on a 2005 Jeep Liberty CRD. I spent hours and hours in the customer's waiting room. I made 25 trips to the dealer which was almost 100 miles per trip. I did not get exactally what I wanted, but there was give and take on Chryslers side and mine. I think Chrysler got a better deal than me, but I still consider it fair. The fact is it just is not worth the effort to continue complaining about how I feel. I was on the Jeep Liberty CRD forum, when I got my buyback deal, I saw that a number of those in the forum liked their CRD's, even with the problems that were in the diesel engines, they were pleased. I left the forum and moved on to this forum. Once in a while I drop a note just to say hi and see what's happening.

    RHOLLIS MAYBE IT'S TIME TO QUIT COMPLAINING ABOUT HOW RAW A DEAL YOU GOT, AND MOVE ON TO YOUR NEW FORUM. Frankly I am pleased with my PAC and nothing you say is going to help anyone here. I wish there were a better way to say I am sorry it did not world out better for you, but enough is enough. If you can't say something good, don't say it. No bad feelings, just there is nothing left for you to complain about. Please, time to move on.

  • I took the Pac in this morning and I told them again about the shuddering in 6th gear between 15-2k rpms and I made a point to make sure they know if the car kicks down into 5th gear it goes away. He made a point to let me know with the roads the way they are it will be hard for them to duplicate it. I told him it did it on the way there so I am sure they will feel it. Well that was at 10am, 4:30 I still had no call back from them so I called and spoke to the service guy I dropped it off with.

    He told me they took it for a ride and they didn't feel the shudder at all. I asked them if I should come get the car and he told me no they want it over night. I told him I have no clue how they cannot feel it. I told him I would come in and get some items out of the car. When I got there I talked with him about the issues and he told me that I am the first person to ever complain about these issues to that dealership. I have a really hard time believing that! He told me that he would call me tomorrow after they got a chance to look at it again.

    I also explained another issue to him that has cropped up. When I first bought the car when I filled the tank up the display would say about 422 miles to empty. Just recently it has dropped to 366 when I fill it up and a 25 mile trip I lose over 50 miles on the display and I have noticed my gas mileage has taken a dump. I didn't have a clue how to explain this to them so that what I said. My wife told me this morning (been gone for 4 days) that the car has been having a really hard time starting in the morning also. It sits in a garage so it's not in the full effect of the -10-0 temps we have been having lately. Has anyone experienced this issue?

    I will update tomorrow when I hear back from the dealer. The car is about 50 miles from out of warranty also.. ugh..
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    Biggd: Some body needs their mouth washed out with soap. You have been lied to, as I would guess you knew. This dealer needs to check the date this PAC was made, if it was befor Jan, 2007 the TC should have been replaced. The shudder issue is very common knowledge. Even with 50 miles over warranty Chrysler should take care of this problem. You might have to pay a $100 deductable.

    The starting problem chould be several things. How many miles do you have on your PAC? Make sure you have some proof from this dealer they tested the PAC, should be a work ticket or something. Is this a pretty small dealer? I hope when we hear from you next they have agreed to fix the PAC. Eager tohear.

  • rumzrumz Posts: 3
    I have a 2007 pac it has a shifting problem around 30 and 55 mph and i took it back 5 times and they said it has something to do with chrysler having to meet mpg, what ever. I had a shaking problem also and the put a motor mount in and it still does the same thing and i called chrysler and they said they haven't had any body else call about this problem ya ok please help
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    Who died and left you in charge?
  • I received a call from Chrysler and Richard the person that is helping me told me to go to the dealer and see another car of the same sticker price , when I find it to let him know.
    I really don't like any other Chrysler car, I think the town and country is not as nice it used to be and the Aspen is V8 ,I dont know if have my money back would be an option?
  • Well I called the dealer today and talked them. They drove the PAC 25 miles and said they cannot feel any shudder in the car at all. He told me he doesn't know what else to do for me since this is the 2nd time I have brought it in and they can't detect it. I asked him to look up 21-002-07 REV.B he told me that it was not listed in the TSB's for my car. He said 21-008-07 REV. A is listed and they performed that on my car already. I told him that the REV. B supercedes REV. A. He told me people search on the web and find TSB's that don't pertain to their cars all the time.

    The MFG Date on my car is 2-07. Is that why the REV. B TSB isn't listed for my car in the computer? He said that's directly from Chrysler's computer system.

    Now remember, the dealer I have been taking it to is not the dealer I bought the car from, it's just the closest dealer to my house. The car has 35,962 miles on it now that they racked them up driving it to not diagnose the problem I felt driving home. If I take it back to the dealer I bought it from I will be out of warranty. Do you think it's worth the time to see if they will let me bring it in and look at it knowing it will be out of warranty when I get there?

    I am just soooo tired of the run around and all the crap I have been dealing with. Is it time to call Chrysler directly ?

    I appreciate all the info and help..
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    faschulz; Having had a buy bqack less than 19 months ago, I can say what experience I had. Tbuy back is take it or Chrysler will keeep trying to fix yours. There are 2,500 new 2008 PAC's in the US brand new. The 2008 PAC's don't seem to have the problems the 2007's did. I believe the T&C is a very respectab;e vehicle. There is no AWD. You really don't have to pick a vehicle that is the same price. We choose a Compass and it was quite a bit less. That was a huge mistake to choose a Compass! They were carp in 07. With less tha 10,000 miles we tarded in on the PAC, whic we really like.

    We started the bbuy back on Feb. 16 and got the Compass on April 4th and all the paper work was done by May 1st. The Chrysler 300 has AWD and pretty good mpg and is a good buy as well. Let us know how you make out.

    As a note go to the Chrysler web site and you can search the country for the vehicle you want and they will get it for you. Our PAC was almost 500 miles from us.

  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    The TC replacement TSB was good for those PAC"s made befor 01-07. So the Service advisor is correct. I would call your selling dealer ASAP. That is who would be involved with a buy back IF you can get Chrysler to buy it back. Did you buy it used? If so there is NO BUY BACK. so all you could hope for is customer good will on Chrysler's part.

    If you bought it used, BUY A SERVICE CONTRACT NOW WHILE YOU CAN. Maybe the selling dealer will help you.

  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    rhollis: You have had enough time to belly ache and boo boo! No one left me in charge, and I am rather tired of reading your constant bad mouthing the Pacifica. I have tried to be supportive and encourage your, but if I am rather tired of your bad mouthing the PAC maybe others are too but just to kind to say so. You got a better vehicle, did you not? Why not go and play wuth the fellows that have you type of toys! Sorry dude, but if you stay say something nice once in a while.

  • Great... I had a feeling that he was right once I looked at the mfg date on the car. I did buy the car used with 19k miles on it. I will have to look at getting the warranty now so in case something happens I am covered. I will also call the selling dealer tomorrow and talk to my sales guy..

    Before I owned this car, I had bought a loaded '06 PAC with the 3.? ltr in it. It was perfect except for the clunk in the front suspension. I took it into the dealer by the house for service and they notified me the front frame was damaged and I should contact the selling dealer asap. I took it in there, they gave me a rental while they checked it out. The public relations guy called and said he apologized for his dealership missing that in the cars inspection and gave me a choice of either, naming a price that I thought was fair for the damage and they would cut me a check or come in and pick out another vehicle. Well of course I picked out the lemon I have now... so I am not sure how far the selling dealer is willing to help me since this will be the second time I try to bring a car back.. ugh.. I have no luck..
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    They replaced my motor mounts today. The PAC runs smoother, and thats amazing. There is still some shudder at 55 mph in 6th. The shudder is not near as bad, but I notice it more going up a small hill just befor it down shifts. Maybe much of the shudder is motor mounts.

  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    No, you don't have bad luck. If there were 1 lemon in a lot of 10,000 vehicles I would pick it! I NEVER buy a vehicle without a extended warranty. I have bought 13 new vehicles and every one of the warranties paid off for me. Buy getting a extended warranty even if the vehicle has problems I am covered.

    You might see if there is some way Chrysler will sell you the LifeTime Powertrain warranty. I sure hope you are able to get it fixed. I always pray before I drive, or go in for service work! I really do. I am a Southjer Baptist and The good Lord has surely taken some real burdens off me over the years I' ve lived so far.

  • farout: today they called me from Chrysler they told me that the paper is ready and go to see another car, I saw a TC all loaded with a sticker price of $38,900 that I can get for $33,000 the sticker price of my Pac was $33,325 , the gril told me that I responsable for the difference in sticker prices, she also told me that they will deduct for the replacement $3000 for the miles used, that if I decide for the buy back they will take $6000. I don't know what to do because at this time I can get very good deal wih the money on hand , I have paid $21,000 so far and the Pac has 24,000 miles how does it work for you?
    please let me know.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    faschulz: We had 28500 miles on or Jeep Liberty CRD (diesel) and we paid $ .05 cents per mile which was just over $ 1,4000. Chrysler also paid us for the tire cover and mud gards. We owed just about what was left over after deducting for the mileage. We took out a loan for the difference and tax that was apid to the state. You are paying $ .12 1/2 cents a mile. I have heard the usual charge is $ .25 a mile. You could ask if they would consider $ .10 cents a mile, mothing lost by asking. The PAC has lost about 65% of the value it had when new. So this doesn't sound like a bad deal. If this gets you a vehicle that fits your needs that's what is really important.

    If you bought a Chrysler Service contract with the PAC that should transfer over, as they do this with buy backs. If you did not get a Service Contract buy a Max Care Service Contract and then you will have the Lifetime Limited Powertrain and the rest of the vehicle will have Lifetime warranty on the rest of the TC as well. That's what we did on the PAC.

    Sorry I did not get back sooner, I just got notice from Edmunds today, rather slow.

  • farout:
    I called chrysler as you told me and spoke with Richard, I told him that I want to buy other Chrysler car and in this time go sticker price vs sticker price was unfair because to get a similar equiped car is $5000 to $7000 more, I told him that I was been told to drive the car at least 5000 miles for the torque converter to break in that is 15,000 miles, he told me that he was about to call the gril from impartial services ,by today they will have the new figures for me.
    I have seen three options 1) chrysler pacifica signatures 2008 series 0 miles fully loaded gps etc... for $25,000 out of the lot, 2) chrysler aspen 2009 all extras for $33,000+ tax . 3) Town and country all extras no gps $32,000 + tax
    I have driven the three and the one that drives better is the aspen but I'm afraid of $5 galon gas again even that this car works in four cilinder mode at low speeds and highway, average in city is 13-15 and highway would be 18-23 what do you think?
  • I cannot comment on the buyout your going through as I bought my Pac used and have got nowhere with the dealer so I am now out of luck as it's out of warranty. They could not duplicate any issues the last two times I took it in and now that it's out of warranty they know I won't be back. I am thinking of trading it in on something else, I absolutely like the Pac but the problems I have far out weight the like I have for the car. Good luck on the buyout!

    I would like to comment on the gas mileage of the Aspen. I own an '07 Durango with the 5.7L Hemi.. By far this is the most favorite vehicle I have ever owned.. I think you would be very happy with the Aspen as it's just a Durango in a little nicer clothes.. I average about 20-22 mpg on the highway and City driving is good when I can keep my foot out of it.. absolutely love the sound of the engine!

    Good luck with whatever you get.. hopefully you stay away from the Pac's as I have also drove an '08 with 99 miles on it and it was worse than mine..
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    I would look at the Chrysler that fits your needs best. The Aspens and Durango are like the PAC's longer being made. I think a vehicle no longer being made might depriate more than the T&C. IF AWD is not important to you the T&C would be my personal choice, if I lived in a place that did not need AWD which I do. As for the price of gasoline, if we get into a depression gas could become a major issue again. If the T&C has the 4. L and the 6 speed transmission, that's a great combination, I think. But don't take my word. Go and talk to the Service manager,and service Tec in the shop, see what they think.

    I sure would not believe Comsumer Reports on anything. There is a great bias against the American big three and I would not buy anything but a vehicle from the Big Three. I have had 17 Chrysler made vehicles. I know more about them and I have been pleased. Now All makes of vehicles are in reality about the same. All makers of vehicles have some weakness that's unique to them. Generally if you keep the upkeep on a vehicle up it should last to at least 150,000 miles and even more.

    Just as a note, me personally, I would honestly pray and ask the Lord for His help in making this selection. (I am a retired Pastor so I ask the Lord for direction a lot)

    I think you are on the right path. Keep us informed.

  • farout look at the numbers that they sent me from impartial services they look bad for me also they are not considering the refund that they gave me for $2,900 of the extended warranty they sold me when I bought the car, take a look and let me know how this numbers compare to yours.

    The breakdown of figures pertaining to the repurchase of your vehicle is as follows:

    Down Payment $ 9,499.03
    Net Trade In Allowance 0.00
    Monthly Payments Made (# payments) 16 X
    $424.80 (mo.payment) 6,796.80
    Flat Amount 0.00
    Aftermarket Accessories 0.00
    CREDITS SUBTOTAL $ 16,295.83 *

    Rebate(if Applicable) $ 0.00
    Mileage/Usage Fee 5,847.79
    Damage (Requires Estimate) 0.00
    DEBITS SUBTOTAL $ 8,280.79 *

    PAYOFF TO LIENHOLDER $ 17,400.71

    NET REFUND TO CUSTOMER $ 8,015.04 *
    (Credit less Debits)
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