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Chrysler Pacifica Transmission Problems



  • waterdrwaterdr Posts: 307
    One thing I have noticed with the PAC, is that at certain speeds, the rpms are very low. 1400 rpms at 50 mph is extremely low. Ever pulled away from a stop sign in 3rd gear with a five speed? It is the same sort of feeling. Seems to me that if Chrysler were to simply change the rear gear ratio a tad bit and then flash the computer to account for the speed difference (the speedo will now be off if you did not), all these problems would be solved.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    yotts: The best advice is to get the best Chrysler Service Contract you can. There might be a chance you could convert to a Lifetime Power train warranty. You will have to call Chrysler at 1 800 442 2666 or 1 800 521 9922 and see what they say. Ther is as far as I know no buy back bt Chrysler on used vehicles. You are going to have to get the general manager of the dealer you bought it at involved to get help. In all honesty the ABS light might be a wire left off? Generally the lemon law does not apply to used vehicles, but check with the state you live in to get the real facts. Best advice I have is continue to work with yoyr dealer and get the Chrysler Service Contract, it's great protection.

  • bulldozerbulldozer Posts: 31
    Well, I called Chrysler today, gave them the entire story. They want me to call the servicing dealership tomorrow and set up an appointment again. They claimed they will talk with the general manager of the dealership and get a Chrysler technical person involved. They called the dealership and requested the entire service history on the vehicle. I was friendly and honest. I told them that the service manager and I were out of ideas as to what to try next. Hopefully, this will be the turning point! I almost hated to do it, but what else could I have done? At least it sounds like they are going to get involved at this point. All I am after is for the car to drive like it should! I will keep you all posted!
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    Good luck. I wrote to Chrysler twice with copies to the salesman at the dealership. I never received a response from anyone. I guess that the salesman does not care if I am a happy customer or not. Will I ever buy a car from him or his dealership again - NO.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    rhollis: There is a problem with the way you are going about it. The salesman can't do a thing to help you, once the car is sold his job is done, that's all he does is sell.
    Call 800 992 1997 follow the instructions. Tell them the problem and just like bulldozer Customer care will follow the problem up and get more people involved to make sure you problem is resolved. Hope this helps.

  • david613david613 Posts: 16
    farout: I finally received my replacement vehicle yesterday evening. We had Chrysler build us an 08 T & C. Nice vehicle.

    Because we had so few miles on the Pacifica and spent so much time at service, they did not charge us for milage. The buyback process was great!!!!!!!!! I took your advice and it all worked out for me. The only down side was that it took 12 weeks to build our vehicle (layoffs, holidays, etc.) if anyone else is considering a buyback...listen to farouts advice

    I spoke to the service mgr last night and he said that they still have not found a fix for the TC. He said that they may not, which was also the case for the 2.8 V6 years ago. Keep your fingers crossed! He aslo shared that Chrysler LLC is downsizing big time and that they will be down to a total of 18 vehicles (Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep) by the next model year. I could guess what is going....surely the gas-guzzling Commander-nice vehicle, terrible on gas!!!
  • faschulzfaschulz Posts: 52
    Dear Farout:
    last week they changed the TC on my Pac with no improvements I called Chrysler yesterday and told them that my car still not working as it should , so she called the dealer and they said that the car is working o.k. , and at the time of the drive test prior to pick up my car after TC change the mechanic felt that the problem was still there he told me that he can't fix that and advise me to call Chrysler, the girl told me to take it to an other dealer I already have 4 attempts to fix the car, give me an advise, I don't want to go lemon law.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    Sorry I took so long to reply. I changed email address and that slow down some stuff getting to me. (Earthlink sucks!) went with
    Call the dealer and tell the Service manager you want to have the zone manager involved to see if you might be able to go for a buy back. Call the dealers general manager and repeat the same thing to him. then call customer care at 800 992 1997 and follow the instructions. Tell then the problems and ask then to help you with a buy back. This should stir some action fairly fast. Good luck.

  • rodutrodut Posts: 343
    Hi guys,

    Did any of you ever had a broken axle ? The "axle" is the part between the gear box and the wheel (it turns the front wheel).

    Ours broke at 30,000 miles, and the service manager said he never saw another one breaking so soon.

  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    I wonder what you mean by broken. I have been in the auto repair business for over 40 years and have only seen one broken axle. That was because of an accident. Do you mean that a Constant Velocity joint wore out? They seldom go bad unless the boot which encases them gets torn and the lubricant goes out and water and dirt go in.
    If your axle really broke, it would not surprise me, however, considering the way that the Pacifica slams into gear.
  • rodutrodut Posts: 343
    Hi rhollis,

    By "broken" I mean that my wife was trying to move the Pacifica on ice (wheels spinning at around 7 miles/h) and the front wheels hit our CLEAN concrete driveway, so the front wheels were forced to suddenly stop. We heard a loud BANG, and that was the end of it. It refused to move after that. It did just clunk-clunk-clunk when put in drive. Got it towed, and the dealer fixed it by replacing the axles (both of them !).

    What it weird is that my wife drives it very gently, and the gear box shifts like a dream. It never slammed into gear. It's a perfect 4 speed gear box, year 2005.

    We had a repair one year ago when the dealer had to remove the front left wheel strut, to replace the strut bearing. Do you thing they disassembled the axle at that time (by mistake ?), the lubricant fell on the floor, and they didn't put it back ?

    What is weird, is that they replaced both front axles ! On my service papers is written - black on white - that both axles were broken, which is a mathematical impossibility (probability wise). But here the possible explanation is simpler: I think the left axle was really broken, but they ordered by mistake the right axle instead of the left axle. They didn't want to stock it for years, so they said "screw Chrysler, let them pay for it", so they replaced the right one. Then they obviously found out that the car was still dead (it's written black on white on the service papers that they tried it !), then they ordered and replaced the left axle which fixed the car.

    I don't care about the dealer screwing Chrysler. But I can't understand why the left axle broke in the first place, on our driveway ! Do you thing my theory with the lost lubricant stands ?
  • elmo3elmo3 Posts: 9
    I have been following the messages for some time about the problems others are having with the Transmission Shudder. My 07 Pacifica is not different than most of your other complaints. I have had repeated tranny flashes and new torque converter; no improvement to problems whatsoever. I am in the middle of legal action and out of the blue, the dealer calls and says they have the "magic computer upgrade" flash for the tranny. It is TSB 21-010-08 but would not give me any details regarding it but indicated it was released on March 6, 2008.

    My question is do you know if this is an accurate TSB number or has anyone seen this used already. With what is happening on the legal, it seems it is too much of a coincidence, almost within an hour of my refusal of their settlement offer, for them to call at this point with a magic fix; my guess it is a false number and a diversion tactic by the dealer.

    Anyone that has info on this your input is greatly appreciated.
  • frankbjrfrankbjr Posts: 7
    Elmo3 I have not heard any information on a new flash. I am in the same boat as you. I have been keeping an eye on the postings as well. I am also in the middle of legal proceedings. The one difference I see is that the dealer that I have been going to just keeps telling me its normal. I have had the flashing and new TC put it. Still shudders. I have had mechanics drive with me at the dealership, they knew how to drive the car to make it shudder and then the service writer puts on the service order that it drives as designed. It's just amazing.
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    A new TSB was released on March 6, 2008. It is number 21-010-08. "This bulletin involves reprogramming the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) with new software and replacing the torque converter with one that includes revised friction material." It covers the 2007 Pacifica (CS) with a 41TE or 62TE automatic transmission (Sales codes DFF or DG2). I hope this helps.
    I am scheduled to arbitrate my car again - this will be the second time - on April 4. The first time they neglected to invite me to the arbitration. It has gone to three dealers for five visits with the same list of complaints each time. I guess that if I had just fallen off the turnip truck I might believe that all of the problems are normal, but I know better.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    I just called my Service Manager and the TSB is for real. This is a revised TSB and has been made to correct the TSB reflash that went with the TC replacement . So mine is being done on March 31.
    Just for the heck of it I saw the new Dodge Journey yesterday. There is no comparson with the PAC. It has the same cheap plastic inside of that of the Compass/ Patroit. The 2.4 engine and the 4 speed auto. Made in Mexico this one had 3 rows of seats and sat. radio and cost almost $24,000. Until Chrusler LLC sees that this cheal plastic inside is sub par for even the KIA them Chrysler is on a down hill slide.

  • bulldozerbulldozer Posts: 31
    Hey, farout. I just thought I'd let you know. After I called Chrysler, I took my PAC back down to the dealership and left it with them. It took five days, but in the end, they replaced both front struts, rotated the tires, re-aligned the front end, and that was that. The rattle in the front end is gone, and the pull to the right is so slight now, I don't even notice it except under hard acceleration. At highway speeds, it exhibits no symptoms at all. I still have a slightly rough shift from second to third gear, but overall, I am satisfied. I have a 50,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty, so if the shifting gets worse, I'll look into it. So far, I haven't ever had a "shudder" problem either in mine or my wifes PAC, so I guess I got off lucky.

    I hear you about the Journey. I don't even like the way it looks. It somewhat resembles the PAC, but that's about it to me. I'd much rather keep what I have now. Is it just me, or is does it look kind of like a Ford Freestyle? No thanks.

    Thanks for all your help with Chrysler's number and information you shared! If I run into any more problems, I'll let you know.
  • erniekerniek Posts: 2
    took my 07 Pac in for service 3rd time 9000 miles told them of the shudder problem each time,this time I told them I had a reference # giving to me from Chrysler after so called service manager told me it was a normal thing even after telling me there was a TSB out on it,I got a rental through Chrysler Agreement, when I called next morning if service was done being they had not called me as they said they would, I was told that they had to order parts for it, NEW TC and CLUTCHES,and they will call me when they come in, said I could pick up car Waiting for call, see what happens
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    My car is going to be arbitrated for the second time in a couple of weeks. The first time they did not bother to tell me if the arbitrater could make it and he then sat for half an hour without calling me to see if I was coming. This time they are going to do it at the library across the street from my business. They are also going to have an independent person drive the car. I have been suggesting for quite some time that someone drive it. During my first eight months of ownership, my car spent 52 days at various dealers. Chrysler feels that this is normal. Based on that theory, a car should spend 80 days of every year being serviced.
  • 95 Pacifica - The last few days, it clunks when put into gear. I noticed a small puddle of fluid on the floor where parked. Crawled underneath in back and where driveshaft meets the "gear box" (not a mechanic, not sure of parts), it is leaking fluid. The part leaking is before the axle comes out to the rear wheel. Is this a seal? Is it other? Thanks!
  • monte96monte96 Posts: 4
    After the first flash of the tranny PCM, the problem was still there. I took back to them and they did some else to it. After 4 months they are going to replace the T/C. I took it to them on the March 13 and now it March the 24, I called to see what was going on because when I brougth it in they said it would be 1 to 3 days. They said that they had broke a bolt off and waiting for the bolt to come in. I'm going call tomorrom and see whats the deal. If it's not fixed when they do get it ready. I'm calling Chysler and get a buy-back or out of this deal. Any advise would Help!!!!!! :mad:
  • yottsyotts Posts: 10
    Monte96 I have had the same thing happen to mine. I had mine flashed two times already. Also when you get it back let them know about a new flash that was issued on March 06 2008 for the PAC's as well. Because I had mt TC replaced and it took three days to get mine back from the dealer. There are three bolts that are made for the replacement TC they come from Houston Tx. I think they are harded because the ones in the factory are softer steel. I asked questions when mine was done so that I could let others here know what is going on with the TC. I bought mine used and have had it in the shop various times for the same thing the tranny shuddering problems. When you get it back let us know what they did to it.
  • dooucdoodooucdoo Posts: 19
    Hello everyone, this is my first post. I've been following this message board for a few months now, or basically ever since I've owned my 07 PAC Touring FWD. I bought it as a program car with 13,000 miles on it. I noticed the shudder a few days after I bought it. I started reading the messages and became very concerened. Took it in to the dealership where I purchased it, first they told me it was normal, then they replaced the TC. I got it back and the shudder returned, took it back in and they flashed the computer. Shudder returned after a few hundred miles. I called Chrysler and all they told me was to seek a 2nd opinion at a different dealership. I said that wasn't possible and contacted my selling dealership, I just got off the phone with the technician. They ordered another TC and will follow that with another flash to the computer. Man, I hope this works. I'm getting pretty frustrated with this vehicle.

    But I found that being overly polite to the service dept seems to be the right way to go. I believe they know what they're doing and are trying very hard to fix the problem.

    One thing that concerns me is this very morning, the tech said to me that if this next TC replacement and flash doesn't work, I'm on my own. Chrysler "star" says to use my auto-stick and avoid that rpm range where the shudder occurs. To me, this is completely unnacceptable. I just hope that the shudder does not return, otherwise I'm going to talk to the sales manager and try to get out of this thing.
  • dooucdoodooucdoo Posts: 19
    I know from reading the previous posts that some people have gone through the buy-back procedure. I also know it does not apply to used vehicles. Has anyone had a slightly used 07 PAC with the shudder and got the dealership to exchange for something else? I'm just wondering how I should approach management if the next TC replacement does not work.

  • elmo3elmo3 Posts: 9
    This message is a followup to my previous...I have an 07 Pacifica (new) and have had all the TSB done including new torque converter. I am in litigation with them and at his point fed up as they tried to settle with token offer for "my inconvenience". I am working with an attorney that specializes with lemon law only and we are getting a private inspection done at the attorney's request and will try to have it fixed one more time at a different dealership with the new March 6 TSB. If that does not work we are going to dismiss the case and file a class action lawsuit which means everyone having this problem is welcome to come aboard.

    I sincerely advise starting the process for lemon law but it takes months and Chrysler is not too concerned as their financial problems continue to mount and this problem is not going away. I would also advise including filing against the dealership as well. I will everyone know the result soon but I am not too optimistic. I will leave my attorney information on the next post if the TSB is not successful.
  • dooucdoodooucdoo Posts: 19
    I wish you the best of luck with your situation and hope it gets resolved to your satisfaction. I actually showed the tech the TSB # you posted previously. I really hope this works. The lemon law does not apply to used vehicles in my state. :mad:

    I think my only course of action is to work with the dealership. If anyone has had a similar experience or has any advice, please help
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    Working with the dealership seem to be a good plan. However, when three different dealers tell you that there is nothing wrong, or they flash the transmission and the problem is still there, and they replace way bar bushings, strut, and steering rack and the clunk in the suspension is there only worse, it is difficult to work with the dealership. They really need agood comprehensive course in basic road testing, but they do not get paid to drive cars. I am waiting to hear from Chrysler after NCDS sent an independent inspector to drive my car. In five (5) miles he found what I have been telling the dealers since last June. I will keep you posted on the results.
    I bought the Pacifica because I really liked the car. If Chrysler cannot fis it (it has been in the shop for 52 days in eight months which Chrysler says is not abnormal) then why would I want it. Based on Chrysler's theory, an automobile should spend 80 days a year being serviced.
  • dooucdoodooucdoo Posts: 19
    I'm sorry to hear about your situation, I was feeling sorry for myself until I read your post about 52 days in the repair shop. I do have to say that both my TC replacements have been done very efficiently. 1 day for the first one and 2 days on this one, because they had to order the parts.

    They gave me that BS about the shudder being "normal" due to the transmission's design to keep the RPM level low for EPA regulations. I'm sorry, but a shudder or lugging is not normal transmission operation. "Normal" is when the transmission shifts properly, not shudders like you're driving on the shoulder of the road. The tech's last comment about Chrysler 'star' saying that if after this TC replacement and flash if the shudder persists, I have to use autostick and work my way around that rpm level is a slap in the face to all Pacifica owners who are dealing with this.

    I too bought the Pacifica because I liked it, obviously. Now I am regretting it. But because I bought used I don't really know what my options are at this point other than try and work with the dealer and get into another vehicle of the same value. The sales manager did say after the first TC replacement that they would work with me.....I suggested swapping for another vehicle on the lot. He said to take it home and drive it, see if the shudder came back then we'll go from there.'s back and it's in their hands now.
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    It seems rather pointless to have a six speed automatic that has to be shifted manually. Chrysler simply does not seem to have a fix so they keep telling people that it is normal. I have been told that my erratically climate control is normal, the clunk in the front suspension is normal, the quirky shifting and various clunks and shuddering are normal. I think not.
    I have been driving at 70mph and had a tremendous clunk from somewhere under the car - not once, but a multitude of times. I was going to take this car to drive my daughter back to OSU, but when an employee was riding with me, he felt that taking the car on the highway was risky. I took my 116,000 mile T&C instead. I have not had the Pacifica back on the highway for any significant distance since the clunking incidents of last summer, so I do not know if it still does it, but I can imagine that it does. It is like running over something large, which i did not do.
  • dooucdoodooucdoo Posts: 19
    I agree with you 100%. When they first told me the shudder was normal, I just about came unglued. But I kept my cool and hopefully that will pay off in the end. I don't have any loud clunking going on though I have read about it while researching the TC issue. So you've had yours to 3 dealerships and they all tell you all the symptoms are normal? That is very troubling......I don't know how they can look you straight in the face and think you're going to believe that's normal.

    Have you tried writing a formal letter to the dealership(s) complete with copies of all repairs documenting days in the shop? I'm working on one right now in the event this latest repair does not work. I don't have much faith that it will, especially when they tell me it might not. I've yet to read a post from someone who's had the TC replacement done that's actually worked.

    I'll try to get some more info tonight when I pick up my vehicle and I'll post asap. The tech mentioned that after speaking with Chrysler, my Pac is going to be the "guinea pig-test vehicle" at least in my area (upper midwest) for this newest, latest, greatest fix. That's always comforting to hear!
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    dooucdoo: I thought I would add something that might help or maybe not? Anyway, I have spent a great amount of time researching this "lugging" problem as I refer to it, some call it a shudder. If your problem comes between 1200 to 2000 Rpm in most any gear, but mostly in 6th, then we are on the same page. I notice it when in the RPM range I stated and if there isa small incline in the road.
    The TC replacement did not help much, but a little. However there is a new TSB reflash for the PCM (I believe that's the right one) and Chrysler has been working on this from last Nov. Our PAC goes in on the 31 to have it done. What is not usually told customers is the computer takes several starts and stops to get it all worked in to your driving pattern. My Service manager says up to 4,000 miles. We have just 4,ooo miles from the time the TC was replaced and it is getting smoother, but we still are aware when it does it's thing.
    I am convienced it is a shifting problem that allows the 6th gear to stay ingaged at to low an rpm. 1200 rpm at 50 mph just might be like lugging a stick shift. I have used the auto shift just to see if downshifting helps very much, and it did.
    I am sure that there will be a fix and we will be pleased soon. Remember that the TC and GC both have the same trans and engine in the 2008 models, and there is no problem with them. So that is a ray of sunshine. I don't know if you got the Lifetime Powertrain Warranty, but we did and heck I have no problem believeing it will be fixed one way or another. Heck drive it and if it goes out they will have it towed in and go from there.
    If all fails, and you bought it new, let me know and i can repeat to you how to go about a buy back, it's rather detailed and long and I would be willing to give you the info. Several owners have done as i suggested and got great results. Big issue is keep your cool and hold your temper.

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