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Mercedes Benz R-Class Prices Paid



  • joeslackerjoeslacker Posts: 10
    You are ripped off by the damn CT dealer. I bought a complete new P2, 7 seats, heated seats.... on 50 miles, MSRP$56100, in Boston area herbchambers. I got a deal for $46k even.
    go check their inventory from the web. They still a plenty of them. The 6000 market incentives is official from manufacturer to dealer, call the MB US headquarter in front of those jack [non-permissible content removed] CT dealer about this incentive.
  • sagarwalsagarwal Posts: 12
    I'm being offered $7,000 off sticker on 08 R350 AWD P2, ipod, 7 seat option, 6 disc changer, heated front seats. MSRP is $56,170, dealer quoted $49,170 plus tax, title. $50 doc fee. I ALSO get 1.9% financing for purchase (I want to buy not lease). Deal is in TX. Second TX dealer willing to go $8500 off sticker but no 1.9% financing. Are these deals good considering 09 soon coming out and some people here getting up to 10k off? Thanks for any input.
  • joeslackerjoeslacker Posts: 10
    Just picked up the car on July 2nd. The MSRP is also $56,170, AWD, P2, ipod, front heats, 6-CD, 7-Seats, I got the final deal (after a week of price haggling) for $44800. Yes, no 1.9%, I don't need finance anyway. You can find a lots of 0% credit cards transfer, why not finance with your own credits? Plus, from emunds latest July R350 quotes, 0.9/1.9% 'may' be combined with $6k rebate.

    Anyway, don't be fooled by those TX dealer who is offering you only $8.5k off sticker. My first visit to my dealer was $10.5k off, then they came down to $11.5k off when we came to the deal.
  • a6_to_m35a6_to_m35 Posts: 43
    Most are getting 10k off MSRP for outright purchases with the $6k dealer cash and an invoice deal. But the 6k incentive CANNOT be used for leasing.

    As far as I know, there is only a $2k lease incentive. Can nayone confirm? I'm getting quotes from several dealers in the $650 range for a $56k car for 33 months, 53% residual and a .00075 money factor.
  • vchadvchad Posts: 97
    hey A6 to m35. DONT LISTEN TO THEIR LIES!!! i was recently in the market for an E-class or a R350. The E-class had 4k rebate and the R-class had 6k rebate. I ONLY LEASE my cars. The dealer said pick anything on the lot...being i already had a couple suv's....i went for the E-class. PLEASE DO NOT let them fool you...that 6k can be used on lease....i am living proof. while i was at the dealer..i saw with my own eyes couples coming in, NOT knowing about the 6k incentive...and thinking 5k of msrp was a steal! You should be able to get 11.5K off msrp. I purchased my E-class on last thursday, With EMPLOYEE pricing. My car msrp was it employee pricing of 49k and MINUS the incentive of a purchase price of 45k. GO to another dealer if they insisit 6k wont work on lease.
  • bknycbknyc Posts: 61
    Just picked up an 08 R350 4matic (MSRP of $56210) for $659 p/month for 33 months including NJ sales tax (7%) with no money at out pocket and the first payment paid by the dealer (Not a penny due at inception!!). I think I did ok?

  • sagarwalsagarwal Posts: 12
    Thanks to everyone who replied. Guess you guys are getting much better deals than here in TX. Just got the R 350 for 8500 off sticker PLUS 0.9% financing for 72 months. You can definitely combine the 6k incentive and 0.9 % financing. (figure I can invest 50k in relatively safe tax free bond fund and in the end come out ahead). I contacted several dealers in TX and this was by far the best deal. If only those airline tickets were'nt so expensive...I would fly to NJ and get those awsome deals you are talking about. Anyway the wife and kids love the car while I still drive my old camry.
  • joeslackerjoeslacker Posts: 10
    Well, you could have done much better then $8.5k off sticker. $10k off is minimum at current promotion, as I mentioned, I just got $11.5k off sticker $56170 last week.
    Flight may be expensive, but you are talking about $3000 difference. And I am sure the dealer has no problem deliver the car to anywhere in the country.
    Anyway my wife and kid love this car too, we've taken it for our first trip and it was fantastic!
  • herisheris Posts: 15
    I live in Jacksonville, FL, area. I was willing to travel up to 350 miles to pick up a vehicle. I had also decided that I was willing to buy Certified Pre Owned (CPO) because with MB, you will get a warranty up to one year after the original warranty expires (4 years, 50K miles) then add an additional 50,000 miles. So, keeping in mind of when the vehicle went into service, I kept excellent track of all vehicles available for sale in our area and surrounding areas. I checked several online sites for dealers, individuals, and even on eBay. Cars on eBay are 'leaders'. Call those dealers and work a phone deal.

    I was shooting for a R-320 CDI, low miles, newest year. I really wanted to keep any purchase I made under $40,000. I know this sounds unbelievable, but I promise you, what I am about to write is the absolute truth. IF you want a deal on an R-Class, now is the time to make them. It's the end of the year and the '09's are coming out. Just keep yourself flexible.

    On June 11, 2008, I went into our local MB dealer to test drive an R-350 and R-320 CDI. The salesman was from Europe and drove an R-Class, too. He "SOLD" me on buying diesel, so that was my preference. I was willing to buy the gas model R-350, but was not going to be impatient. I also looked at the price on the MSRP sticker and then the added dealer sticker. I read all of info about leasing and prices that were being promoted in the store. I believe the R-320 had a $55K + price tag. There was no way I was going to pay more than what I was willing to pay for an Odyssey Touring that had everything I wanted except for the style. So, price-wise, I was comparing dollar for dollar.

    We never sat down to discuss numbers, because I was on a mission that day: test drive the new Sienna, Odyssey, and R-Class vehicles. R-Class won hands down and I began my search.

    Bottom-line: when the local guy realized that I was actually a SERIOUS buyer AND serious about competing for the best price car; I seriously told him my WANTS. Do NOT expect to GET what you WANT unless you TELL someone. Tell God. Tell the salesman, but tell someone that can do something for you.

    It came down to timing. The local guy couldn't get below $41,200 (NOT including tag, 6% tax + $50, and title) for a R-350 on Thursday, 24 June 08. I had found online from a Pensacola MB dealer, a 2008 R-320 CDI, w/ 11,300 miles, Premium Pkg 1, heated seats, IPOD, Voice, glass moon roof, -pano roof, 6 CD, Harmon/K stereo, for $45,500. I got them down to $38,900 and had them add the blue tooth cradle ($500 gizmo) and had them make it CPO/100K warranty for another $795. So, out the door $42,200 and some change. PLUS, they guaranteed me a price on my van, sight unseen, which made me very happy. I got the tax advantage and didn't have to sell my van myself.

    Once I worked that deal, on Friday afternoon, 25 June 08, the local dealer called me back and said that he had worked a deal for a R-350 BRAND NEW, 0 miles, Premium Pkg 1, pano roof, center console, heated seats for $39,900 OUT THE DOOR! So that means that for a car that had a legitimate $52,000+ price tag, they were willing to drop it to at least $36,707. The dealer fees at this dealership are $549; add 6% +$50, and about $200 for tag and title. If you figured the tag, tax, and title on $52K, you'd be at about $55,919! So, literally saving you ABOUT $16,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My numbers are accurate and honest. I really wanted the R-320, so I went with the more expensive deal; however, the diesel engine costs about $1,000 more, plus buying the extended warranty ($795), and the module/cradle and phone gizmos make up the difference in price. And I am so pleased.

    As for making the great deal on the R-350: I almost did it. We called the guy last Friday night after doing the math on whether the price difference on savings buying would offset the savings in gas mileage. Figuring we'd trade in a few years, I was going to go R-350. However, when I turned down the car in the afternoon, then thought better of it, he could not guarantee that the car would still be available. I HAD to know by the next morning, but no confirmation came. We were traveling to Pensacola to pick up my son and the R-320 if the call did not come in. And it did not.

    On Monday, 28 June 08, I got a call from the local dealership saying that "our car would be there in a few hours".

    So, if you're looking, tell your salesman what you want. Shop at the end of the month to get the best deal. The local guy was SHOCKED that we did not go for the $39,900 OUT THE DOOR PRICE, when I told him that I wanted a deal under $40K. He DID it. He came through, though unfortunately, not in the time frame that I had to have confirmation.

    As for getting the R-320 -Vs- R-350. I'm getting around 22 mpg around town and got 25.5 mpg when I recently went from Jax to Tallahassee and back and Jax to Pensacola and back. I do believe I can improve those numbers but I was just trying to see worse case how the car could perform traveling 75~80 mph on the Interstate. The R-320 has tremendous power and I love it.

    My 'disses' are that there are not enough storage places for 'stuff', blue tooth with new cradle is only picking up 1 bar (taking this in) and the voice controller gal isn't as good as the gal in our 2009 Hyundai Sonata. (The Hyundai Hands Free Voice/Blue Tooth gizmo is AWESOME and better than MB. Mercedes needs to check out this system!) Another 'dis' I have is that the "locking gas cap" is stupid. It locks while driving. When the car is parked, someone could siphon off your gas because the door just pops open with a slight push on the door. I'm not happy with paying $4.80/gal. for diesel and making this easy to have gas stolen. So, this is a concern. Anyone have any clues as to why this this gas door doesn' t lock all the time?

    Do I wish I did something different in my deal? Yes. I wish I went for the gusto and bought the P2 package. Then I would have felt like I was comparing to the Odyssey Touring package. I was trying to be frugal for my husband. ugh. This is my car. Why didn't I just splurge one more upgrade? Iknow... I could not justify the price difference for Nav. But I sure would love to have had the backup camera.

    I hope some of this information helps you get the best deal out there that you can.
  • joeslackerjoeslacker Posts: 10
    Congratulation for your R320. Hope you will like it, my wife has driven for a couple of weeks, and both she and the kid love it very much.

    You will always find surprising deals for a pre-owned luxury vehicle especially like MB. They price it higher, on the other hand, they also deappreciate quicker in the first few years. A new car would loose immediate 10% of the purchased price the moment it leaves the dealership. So I am indeed not too surprised with the deal you got especially with 11k miles.

    I had pretty much gone through the same process you did.
    Without R350, Odyssey or Sienna is my only choice. But the Sienna is bold styling both interior and exterior except it has the AWD. R350 seems to give everything I need, 7 seats, luxury, AWD without the styling of minivan.

    I was initially considering the Certified Pre-Owned. I was offered $34k for a 2006 R350 with only 2K miles !!!, pretty much a brand new and I was almost sold for that deal. I wanted it for $33k but the dealer was quite firm on $34k. Later I found out this 6k incentives thing on the new one, so I was calling around for the brand new one, the best offer I got for a brand new R350 (msrp $53k) is $42.5k over the phone (P1, 7seats, ipod, heated seats, 6CD). I then started digging into this and figured why I paid $34k for a used car when I can get a brand new for $42.5k. Plus there is always a story behind with a low mileage or few months old used car, why take the risk. (Also there is always some issues with first generation car, so 2006 is out of my list) So I ordered the car over the phone with few hundred bucks for deposit (the dealership is 90 miles away).
    Just a few days before I picked up the car, I thought why not try some local MB dealers here. Also, I am thinking if I have to pay $43k, wouldn't it be a joke a luxury vehicle like MB without navigation in YEAR 2008!! So I decided, the nav is a must for this R350, and the P2 with additional 3k has the nav plus some other toys. So I started hunting for the R350 with P2, 7seats, ipods, heated seats...., and finally got a deal on June 30th, with $44.5k, just additional $1500 I got the P2 nav!

    Yes, you can get a portable nav like Garmin for a few hundreds bucks, but it's no way to compare with the vehicle integrated nav system. Plus it's a option you would use it pretty much everyday, so for the long term, it definitely worths it.

    I previously had a murano (paid $34k) and I regretted it that I didn't pay extra $6k for the infiniti fx35. Murano is great but fx35's styling is far more exotic, and everytime I see the fx35 on the road, I regret and hate myself to save those few grants.

    As far as Diesel, R320 cdi, with the current diesel price and its mpg doesn't seem to justify the additional 1000 bucks. The 2009 R-class just came out a couple of days ago, the R320 now is priced below R350 AWD because of the dropping sales of diesel.

    Anyway I think it's a great family car worths the money compared to Odyssey in everywhere.
  • herisheris Posts: 15
    Joe, the R320 we did buy was never titled. We are the first owners, however, it was used as a courtesy car by Centennial Imports in Pensacola, Florida. I was told that only the service manager drove it. Who knows? I have to really commend this company because they advertised that this car was blue tooth ready, but the cradle was missing. They actually sent me a brand new cradle after the sale. You know after you sign the paperwork they didn't have to do squat, but they did. They also included the large MB rubber hex mat that covers the back 'trunk' space with the back seats down. This thing is awesome! Of course, it also has the cover, etc. inside.

    As for the 2009's coming out. Are you kidding me? I'm going to check this out. Who knows what deals may be out there?

    Last month, we bought an '08 Hyundai Elantra, too. Darling Husband was going to drive this to work for the next year and we would then pass it down to our 16 year old when he's able to drive alone. The Elantra was getting 32 mpg, which is a might bit better than the 15 mpg he was getting on our Tundra. (Gotta' keep the truck for the boat! It's a shame this R-Class couldn't pull a boat.) Anyway, two weeks after the deal, the rebates came out for the '09 Sonata, a step up in size (like the Accord) and much better looking. I got a deal on the '09 Sonata and had worked such a great deal on the Elantra, that trading up cost us only $2,800 out the door. DH did it because this car has a power package, blue tooth, and some other gizmos that the Elantra did not. Considering it all, we ended up buying a brand new Sonata '09, with popular equipment group, mud guards, blue tooth for $16,700 out the door!!!!!

    I told you this because I'm just 'wondering' if a deal could be worked on an '09 if it would be worth it.

    You're right about the cost of diesel and the extra $1,000 bucks. I've done the math and for what I drive and knowing when we'd trade, I should have gone with the R-350, I do believe. Plus, it would have been quieter. I just don't know if it would have the same pick up as the R-320, which is awesome on the Interstate to drive. I know it's no sports car, but it has more power than the Sienna I was driving.

    I hate to jerk DH around, but I'm going to check out the '09's and see if they'd be worth the hassel to trade this year. DH told me that he would take this one next year.... so, we shall see.
  • joeslackerjoeslacker Posts: 10
    On the second thought of the R350 $39,900 out of the door offer you got, doesn't that suggest you should be getting a brand new 2008 R320 for additional 1000 bucks if there is one available with the same options. That means you are paying $42.2k for an untitled but 11k miles versus a brand new might just cost $41k. My personal thought is that $39.9k was really an awesome deal you should have grabbed.
    All the MB dealers I have visited all have those, so called manager or executive vehicles or loaner, untitled but high mileage. I am not sure if I should say "abused" but it's for sure no way to compare with a brand new one. My best offer for this R320 might be around $36k or $37k out of the door given a brand new one is possible to get around $41k.

    Yes, for 2009 version they dropped the R350 RWD (was priced start around $42k) and increase the R350 AWD from $44k to $47k, and the diesel stays the same at $46k. That again means the 2008 R350 $39.9k offer you got now might have a sticker price of $56k plus tax (~$59k out of the door).

    There are slightly different between 09 and 08, but mechanical wise, they are all the same.
  • Hi,

    Edmunds indicates that there is an $8000 Marketing Support (cash from manufacturer to dealer) on the 2008 R350 AWD. However I can find no information on this on any other website. Anyone know if this is correct?

  • Heris,

    Which dealer gave you the $39,900 OTD?

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,320
    Mercedes is advertising the $8000, themselves... Saw it today in my local paper..



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  • drattandrattan Posts: 3
    Just picked up the car on Aug 14th.

    The MSRP is also $56,170, AWD, P2, ipod interface, front heats, 6-CD, 7-Seats,

    I got the final deal for $43K
  • wimsiklwimsikl Posts: 1
    Thank you everyone! This space just saved me 5 grand. My 2006 R350 finishes its 27 month lease in October. When the dealer would not give me a good deal on a new one, I decided to look at buying out the old. First I was told $41k. Then I told them about this space and was given a number of $33k. Then I called MB Financial directly and was told that this month they are having a special... $12k off the residuals. So They gave me a price of $28k. Thanks to all of you for posting!!!
  • I am hoping to negotiate a deal on a 2008 Mercedes R 320 cdi TODAY. After reading Drattan's post from Aug 15 th (and previous posts), I am hoping you can tell me WHAT DEALERSHIP (name, city, state) is willing to negotiate $11,000 - $13,000 off MSRP. I am willing to go outside the state, whereever necessary, to get the best deal. PLEASE RESPOND RIGHT AWAY IF POSSIBLE. Also, I would be very interested in any other advice you may have regarding negotiating the best deal. Thank you very much.
  • I wanted to add my deal to the forum since I took the time to read others. Just got the R350 4matic LOVE IT. Handles like an s class with so much room, views and safety. Sooth like butter on the road. Seating position as high as most suv's. Very cool drive. Parking sensors are awesome. so easy to drive and with 2 baby seats in the back I can still bring the grandparents along for a ride in the rear which has a ton of room. Down side The navi input "OK" button takes some getting used to hard to push it in without toggling a different direction. Wish I had the memory seats. Navi is a little cumbersome and not intuitive.
    Really cool smart car with a great feel. I think it looks awesome. For the price of a decked out honda pilot why not drive a mercedes
    MSRP 52,070 + added Navi for 2,000 Total 54,070.

    Prem 1
    Met paint
    heated seats
    Pani roof
    Ipod interface

    9000 off from MB for 08
    4000 from MSRP to invoice
    500 off from hold back
    2250 money back for a corp discount I work for a huge USA company that gets added discounts off cars
    and they threw in an oil change and the rubber all season mats

    Total off $15,750 plus purchased with 2.9% APR for 66 months which is like saving another 3,000 if I had to pay 5.99 over 60 months


    Got magestic black with tan interior.
  • I just picked one up for $30k. Not bad...probably could have done better. However, I read the forums on these cars and, after driving mine for two weeks now, I had not noticed anyone mention the gas mileage. OMG...this is a PIG. Now I'm thinking that I'm shifting it wrong (the little hookydo on the side of the steering column, etc.) Any feedback on this would be great. Thanks!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,320
    Why are you shifting? Isn't it an automatic?


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  • herisheris Posts: 15
    I have an '08 R320 and I drive in C mode. You can 'shift' the "little thingy" on the column or just push the button down by the emergency flashers to change driving modes. Better watch those fingers driving or you can change modes easy. Glad my fingers aren't too long.

    I get much better mileage driving around town in C mode -Vs- S mode. Example: I went from getting 19.7 miles/gallon driving around the island to 24.9 going from s moce to c mode. On the highway, I switch to S mode and get upper 29's. I suggest reading the book. I haven't read it all myself, so this is a kick in the pants for me, too. My excuse it that it's a bear. :) But boy, do I love this car.
  • I am not shifting, but I experimented with the button that is located on the right side of the steering column...noticed that it displays numbers from 1-6 next the D (Drive) display. I did read a bit in my owner's manual on this, but I wasn't sure when one would use this...perhaps in slippery situations, but I live outside Orlando, and I probably won't be using this much. Not sure what this is exactly intended to do. Anyway, I did switch from C (comfort) to S (sport) to see if it was any different. Thank you, Heris, for mentioning this. I shall immediately change it back to see if I notice anything different. This is my 6th Benz...(S, E, SL, 2 MLs). Just prior to my Pacifica (really, I loved that car!) I had a ML430, and I didn't notice it was that bad on gas (of course, that was when it was around a buck a gal), so I thought that this couldn't be much worse. I am still experimenting. Thanks for the feedback.
  • Just a footnote...I love it too. I think my 9 year old son loves it more! He loves the Pan roof, etc. I am glad I paid $30k for it because I don't think it's $20k more car than the Pacifica. That was a bargain at $28k. Of course, that's when Benz owned Chrysler, and I could tell there was a lot of Benz blood in the design of that vehicle. I actually would have gone back to Chrysler, but I am not sure what direction the entire company is headed now that Daimler divorced them...

    I have to laugh..yes, I did call it the little thingy, didn't I? I'm a chick, what can I say? (but always have been a gearhead).
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,320
    Sport is definitely going to use more gas... It might be more fun, but you are going to pay for it..


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  • Thanks very much for letting me know that. I am really trying to tell the diff between S and C in the actual ride. I am paying attention to the tach and when it shifts, etc. It seems to fight itself when it initially shifts upon takeoffs from standing starts. So winding out in first gear can't be doing the gas mileage any favors either. I had such a bad experience with my last Benz, I am amazed I talked myself into a go of it again, so I am a bit gunshy to get enamored immediately. The test drive was the bomb, so I obviously loved something about it, but I am paranoid about having a bad time with it. I summed it up that it will be a dog because it was assembled in Alabama, just like my ML's, and that the assembly process is just not as good as if it were floated over from "the homeland." Maybe just my silly paranoia creeping up again.

    I already had an incident that soured me. I was driving the day after I got it down the Florida TPike and the "check oil levels at next fueling" prompt came on. I called the MB Roadside Assistance...I was on HOLD for 35 minutes on the side of the road before anyone even picked up.Tell me if I am wrong, but this is supposed to be a luxury car company and stellar customer service should be paramount and expected. In my mind, this was absolutely unacceptable. Well, this didn't help my overall perception of MB, and I got to questioning at that point why I didn't get a Lexus, which I was very close to doing. However, the man told me that because it was just changed (obviously, part of the CPO program), I should get it checked out and perhaps there is too much oil. I didn't get it checked out, but it seemed to "right" itself. But the entire experience annoyed the snot out of me. Not a great way to start off a honeymoon!

    Please, please someone tell me I will love this car! I truly want to.
  • We have an 08 R350 and love it after 3,000 + miles. We get around 21mpg on trips that combine city and long highway stretches. Pretty good for a vehicle this size. Everyone is right in my opinion: keep it in C "comfort" mode and you will get much better mileage.

    If you are "winding it out" while in C from a standing start, you are not in first gear. Among other reasons, the C mode gets better mileage because you start in 2nd gear (if I'm off on this point, I'm sure someone will correct me).

    As far as the Pacifica having MB genes, not really. The Pacifica and R were both almost fully designed and engineered when the MB/Chrysler merger/takeover occured. Both vehicles were so similar that MB changed the timing for the R and Chrysler launched the Pacifica as the "new" type of vehicle at the time. It took a while for Stuttgart to get the R design differentiated enough to take it to market. Hence the delay between the R and the Pacifica.

    Enjoy the vehicle for what it is: not a sports car (even though it has manual shift buttons), but sporty for the segment. I suggest also that you read the manual, as painful as that is.
  • After three Corvettes in my 20's and a 1998 500 SL (then I found out I was pregnant...there goes the SL!), I am done with sports cars, which is why I loved Patty Pacifica and now Ugly Betty Benz. I shall keep it in comfort, because, at my age, I am built for C for Comfort! LOL

    I have slowly been sifting through the manual. I think studying for the bar exam would be easier! Man, it seems like there is more to learn with this than any of my prior experiences with MB.

    Thanks to all with comments. Can't wait to go for a Comfortable drive with Betty.
  • Got a message on the dash..."Service "C" in 27 days." Okay, how much is THIS going to set me back? I am still in American Car World, and the last oil change I got cost $29.99! Haven't owned a fine German motorcar in four years, so can someone take me back to MB world before I book the appointment?
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    Read your owner's manual to verify that you actually need the service C. I paid $122 for an oil change on my 07 C350. They did nothing but change the oil and filter and top off fluids--no inspections or anything else. I won't be going back for routine oil changes, but will have repairs done at the dealer.
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