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2006 Grand Vitara vibration problem



  • Suzuki woman has been very helpful for me in the past. I believe she is for real and would be willing to assist in whatever manner. I thought about the court system but it is such a hassle and I really don't have the time. Kentucky does have Arbitration, so I could just file a complaint with them. Check your state law or Suzuki would be able to let you know. Le me know what happens.
  • :shades: Well, first off, I would drive the truck to see if it's really fixed. Then I would make a determination on whether or not to contact an attorney. As for the guy in Canada-there is a bit of a difficulty here that all of us are shaking our head over. Firstly, your laws are different as you are a different country. Secondly, your TRUCKS AND CARS are different because your emission laws are much different. My take on the GV problem is that Suzuki lost a lot of money on this problem and they may be getting a bit strained at the bit to fix more trucks. We got a delivery of trucks that had come from Canada and they were totally different from what we are able to fix. Calls to American Suzuki were frustration VERY unhappy mechanics. Tons of electrical problems. Finally shipped them back to Suzuki at a loss. Arbitration is a very good way to get the powers that be to the table. Make sure you have all paperwork and records and state exactly what you want. I think with an arbitrator you will get satisfaction. It's just such a shame that Suzuki lets this kind of thing go on! Best of luck to you Kentucky and to you Vancouver. Suzuki woman strikes again.
  • xostnotxostnot Posts: 232
    You know, one thing many of us worried about when deciding to buy the new GV, was that entirely new car designs commonly show up with, or develop difficult problems. It looks like this has happened with the new GV, and the only lucky thing for most of us is that it seems most of the GV's don't have this problem. Vitaras have had a pretty good record on the first model year for new versions, but I guess this will be the end of that positive reputation. Good luck to those struggling with this problem.
  • I read the consumer reports on all the cars manufactured.. I received the latest report and the consumer satisfaction ratings for the Grand Vitara are dropping. All the while the consumer satisfaction for the Izuzu and the toyota and the honda are skyrocketing. The ratings for the Hyundai sonata are soaring. The Pontiac vibe is extremely highly rated. All the while, Suzuki seems to want to hide in obsurity- suddenly. They don't want dealers to advertise in Newspapers all of a sudden. Advertising reimbursement and allotments are suddenly cut. One cannot dabble in the car manufacturing business and then when you find out that you have a defect, back up and hide. You are correct, not all the Grand Vitaras have a problem and many of the cars and trucks produced by Suzuki are excellent. It's stepping up to the plate and aiding the people who are affected that makes the difference. Suzuki woman strikes again! :shades:
  • xostnotxostnot Posts: 232
    Yes, it's one thing to be aware of a defect like this when deciding which vehicle to get. That will turn off a number of sales. But if the prospective buyers also know that they will get the run-around IF they end up with a bad one, then there aren't many people who will be willing to take both risks.

    I wonder what the proportion of vehicles with this problem is, and I wonder if it's confined to the US/Canadian market. I don't see much "chatter" about this on the Suzuki fan websites.
  • i3oyeti3oyet Posts: 16
    I started going through the Arbitrators but the problem with them is they don't have enough power to order the manufacturers to do certain things. Example is myself, I have installed some accessories (ei: Auto starter with alarm that cost me 700$ Canadian) I wanted to give Suzuki one last chance to fix my problem due to the fact that it's been a year and a half of comming back and forth to the shop with no real result. After they have that last chance, I would like them to buy the car back with all my accessories too but for some reason, arbitrators here in Vancouver can't order them to do that. Zusuki has caused me nothing but pain since I bought the car. Sorry for whinning every time but this is how i feel
  • Okay, no manufacturer is ever going to pay you for your accessories. Only for the car or truck. It really is unreasonable for you to expect them to buy what optional equipment YOU chose to put on the car-have it removed. Come on, you really MUST realize what YOU chose to put on a car or truck can be removed and it isn't anything to do with them! Just let them buy the vehicle back and get your stuff removed from the truck! Suzuki woman strikes again! :shades:
  • xostnotxostnot Posts: 232
    While I greatly appreciate your input, and think you're technically right here, I don't think this position on accessories is fair. We buy vehicles with certain expectations, and should not have to leave them stock in case it turns out they have problems no one can fix. Is it not enough that owners of such vehicles get no compensation for the incredible hassle they go through dealing with the vehicle itself? What is their time worth? $90 per hour like the dealership's mechanics? If that seems silly, bear in mind again that people buy new vehicles with certain expectations.

    This accessory business sounds like good material for a small claims case, unless buyback terms preclude any such action. What would happen in the case of a "tuner" car, with tens of thousands of dollars of stuff added (none of which related to the problems.)?

    I guess any damage done to buyers will eventually translate into future sales. I have friends who had a new Outback that Subaru spent a year failing to fix. They did a buyback /trade for a Forester. Hated it, traded for a new Toyota, and love it. Needless to say, they will never buy another Subaru.

    Which dealer did you buy the GV from? The city/town name will do if you don't want to name them.
  • Okay, NOT everyone feels a great need for a remote start. I am not saying don't spiff out a car or truck-just don't be so spoiled that you expect to be paid for it if the car or truck has a problem and the manufacturer offers to buy back the car or truck. Thank God you are actually going to get reimbursed for the vehicle! You simply aren't making any sense. AND: NO DEALER is going to put 10s of thousands of dollars into a "tuner." Rims maybe at 500 dollars, paint pin stripping at 50 dollars. CHIP FOOSE DOES NOT COME OUT TO DEALERS AND PIMP OUT CARS. An accessory is an accessory-period. What does "any damage done to buyers will eventually translate into future sales." mean? Like I said, you make absolutely no sense whatsoever. What does a buyback on a manufacturers car or truck have to do with an accessory? An accessory by definition is an optional function placed on a car or truck at the disgression of the buyer. The dealer does not install it, usually it is farmed out to a private installer. You appear to have failed to realize that this is SUZUKI we are talking about, not a BMW. I won't answer you again. I have to go back to work I pity the poor judge who would ever get your nuisance suit on accessories. SUZUKI WOMAN STRIKES AGAIN! :shades:
  • xostnotxostnot Posts: 232
    I would hope we could disagree (on one point out of dozens) while remaining objective.

    IF the buyback means purchase price, then I wouldn't sweat the accessories. But if it's a depreciated price, AND the accessories AND the hassle are ignored, then I think there would be "damage" in the sense of a lost customer for the brand. If I were in this situation, and got either full purchase price back, OR some compensation for accessories, then I'd say to people that Suzuki resolved the issue as reasonably as could be expected. Otherwise I'd tell people my story and suggest they shop elsewhere. I'm not trying to offend you by saying that, it's just what I believe reasonable people will do. And of course Suzuki knows this. I do hope they handle it the best way, since as a GV owner, I want Suzuki to do well. But not at any special expense to me.
  • i3oyeti3oyet Posts: 16
    First of all. Let me say that I am really disappointed what Suzuki woman said. Explain to me in words I can understand why I spend more money on getting the accessories removed from the car when the reality is Suzuki screwed up with the car they sold me and can not fix it for a reasonable time frame. Don't think that is very unfair and needless to say very stupid thing to do? I bought the car for the price that they spicified and I bouhgt it expecting it to work like every other brand new car. Tell me in what way I can explain this whole thing to you so you can understand it. I bought the car and have been patient for one and a half year going back and forth to the shop with no real result. Do you even understand and realize what kind frustration i'm going thruogh taking time off my work everytime just to take the car to dealer. Do you understand the meaning of a brand new car. Ohhhhh my goodness Suzuki woman. You really are something. Put this in your mind. one and a half year. with so many problems. Don't you think that is reasonable enough for them to say, You've already gone through all this trouble, let us make it up and give you your money back with all you accessories. Don't you think that is reasonable. Anyone in this forum please enlighten me if you think am not being reasonable.
  • i3oyeti3oyet Posts: 16
    For those you that interested. I bought the car in North Vancouver Susuzki here in vancouver, BC. Canada. Oh and another thing......Everytime I call, They don't have time to do it on Saturdays so I have to bring the car back to them on weekdays. at one point I had to wait there in the dealer for 5 hours because they kept telling me it should not take too long anymore. It's almost done......... for five hours......NOTE:::I am now starting to hear whining noise on first, second,third and fourth gear.. loudest is still second like I mentioned the first time but it is beggining to get louder....
  • i3oyeti3oyet Posts: 16
    Manufacturers should be reasonable in dealing with customers (When they screwed up with their design or part of their product fails and can not be repaired in a reasonable time frame they should step up and make things right and not make a fool of their customers)I will tell you time and time again Suzuki woman. I have been to the dealer for repair so many times and every time I would be told that the car is fixed and works like a charm. And when I drive the car, I see no change on the problem. I went up to the next level after a while. I e-mailed Suzuki canada and like I mentioned before again. I received no response untill I started filling a complaint with and arbitrator(CANVAP)approximately 2 months after. One of their customer service person contacted me and said they are willing to replace the transmission with a 2007 version. When I ask what happens after it's replaced with 2007 transmission and still have that same problem. I was told that they will do nothing but continue to fix the problem even if it takes 10 years or more. Now!!! tell me Suzuki woman. Would that be a reasonable thing to do. After more than one year of going back and forth to the shop a representative of a manufacturer will tell me that. I was told that their only obligation to the federal government of Canada is (to fix the problem how ever long it will take with no compensation and not even required to buy back the vehicle...Maybe this people think that we as customers don't have a life that can just devote all our spare time trying to get our Grabd Vitara fixed up.
  • xostnotxostnot Posts: 232
    "I bought the car in North Vancouver Susuzki here in vancouver, BC. Canada"

    Thanks. We got ours from Richmond Suzuki. For its first oil change, I dropped it off after work. They gave me a loaner for free, which I returned when I picked up the GV after work the next day. That minimized the hassle for me, and gave them plenty of time. But it still meant I did over two hours driving in rush hour traffic. I had also had to make a trip back to them to pick up the owner's manual etc. which they failed to put in the vehicle when I bought it.

    I'm not happy with how they handled (or failed to handle) the baggy leather in the front seat bottoms, and the warped drivers side mirror. I don't like being told the regional rep will contact me about the seats, and never did. I don't like being told the mirror is not warped when I can see damn well that it is. (And why did they remove and replace my blind-spot mirror if they saw nothing wrong with the glass?) Those are minor things compared to your problem, but the result is that I'm getting the warranty interval servicing done somewhere else where it's cheaper, vastly more convenient, consumes less gas, and the staff are straight across with me.

    I should say I had a good impression of the N. Van Suzuki dealership. I stopped by there one Saturday or Sunday to see if they could check a check engine warning light, caused by my wife failing to screw the gas cap on properly. The only person around cheerfully did it on the spot, and for no charge.

    You have a manual transmission, and I don't. So I can't compare our GV. Usually such noises are indicative of abnormal wear in a manual transmission. There are lots of manual transmission GV's being sold all over the world, and I don't see much "buzz" about this problem. There's an issue with drivetrain/engine vibration, but not much about manual transmission problems. Do you participate in

    Have you tried taking it to a different dealer? I know how much hassle that is because we have to work at the same time the service depts. are open, but some other dealer might know how to handle this.

    Maybe it would drive home how much hassle this has been for you if you counted up how many trips to the dealer you've made on this issue, phone calls, letters etc. and tally up the total number of hours. Suzuki representatives don't seem to recognize what an impact this has on your life. Assuming the vehicle has manufacturing or design defects (and I see no reason why you would make up this hassle)I find their apparent lack of empathy particularly offensive.


    Reviewing your posts...just wondering about your crossbar noise problem. broncododge's suggestion about the height of the rack didn't make sense to me. Did you carefully install the filler strips after you mounted the towers? Any open slots on the rack are going to be really noisy.

    And after mouting this rack, go around and push up on the ends of the crossbars. It is difficult to mount this rack so it's really locked into the crossrails, even if it looks ok. I've read a report of one of these racks coming right off, and even if you know exactly why it has a problem, it's still hard to get it on right. Needs to be recalled, if you ask me.
  • vitara4mevitara4me Posts: 35
    Ok, another update to the vibration problem. The dealership called and told me to pick up my Grand Vitara. I was told by the service writer that it had been fixed/ problem solved/ game over.

    I told the dealership that I was NOT going to give up my gas-sucking Nissan Murano AWD rental until I test drive my GV.

    Well, the vibration is much less, but it is still there. Granted, I can see out of my mirrors now while accelerating, but it IS still there.

    They did however, fix the rattle coming from the back seat. Seems that the last dealer (out of business), had stripped one of the studs that holds the seat down. Remember that I had all the carpet replaced in my 2006 Grand Vitara because the floor had become so hot, that the insulation, sound padding, and foam backing had melted and turned into black Jell-O.

    Anyway, the only thing I won't try again is tow with this vehicle. The 2006 Grand Vitara has a 3000 pound towing capacity....or does it?

    I tried to tow a small U-Haul open trailer to Las Vegas (I rented the smallest, lightest trailer U-Haul had), and the Grand Vitara almost caught fire. I was climbing a hill (outside temp was 65 degrees F), and the engine and transmission decided that 3rd gear at 6,000-6,500 RPM would be a good choice. Well, the exhaust system became very, very, very hot while climbing the hill.

    So, unfortunately, I no longer trust the Grand Vitara to tow anything long distances. Now, if you want to tow around town, no problem, but on the freeway; forget it! Not unless you like melting floors and shoes. (Yes, the heel of my right shoe melted as well). The Grand Vitara has enough of a problem pulling itself up a hill, much less a trailer. In fact, before you decide to purchase a Grand Vitara, put your whole family in it, plus luggage, and go find a hill somewhere. You will find that 18-wheelers will be honking at you to get out of the way.

    So, SuzukiWoman, what is the name of that company that buys back vehicles that vibrate, melt, and get 6 MPG while towing up a hill?

    (Yes, I almost ran out of gas in the middle of the Mojave Desert. I left Ontario, California with a full tank, and ran dry about ten miles north of Baker, California)

    Thanks, Vitara4me :lemon:
  • bm000092bm000092 Posts: 70
    I think that your case is unusual, but being at your place I would be very angry too.
    See, I towed my 2200lbs camping trailer with my wife, 2 kids,all the luggages and 2 bikes for a 1300 miles trip crossing the Adirondaks and the CatSkills. When climbing hills in the mountains I was selecting "4" instead of "D", I was able to maintain a good cruising speed (around 70-75 mph), passing cars and 18-wheelers. The engine was doing just fine and never suffered. It performed as good if not better than my previous Cherokee, with less gas (average of 20 miles per US gallons over the 1300 miles at an average of 70-75 mph, which is very good), and braking power of the GV is better than the Cherokee too. So I'm more than pleased with it.

    I think you just got a lemon.
  • xostnotxostnot Posts: 232
    Yes, it sounds like there's something fundametally wrong with your GV.

    We have highways near here through the mountains, where there are one or two black patches on the shoulders every kilometer, from vehicles catching fire on the long steep climbs. (Coquihalla Highway and the Connector) The GV, fully loaded, happily zooms up these hills at 120kph, faster than anything other than performance vehicles and things like pickups with huge engines and no only a driver for a load. 18-wheelers? We go past them like they're standing still.

    One time another 2006 GV fell in behind us, and the two of us were passing everything in sight until they turned off after a couple of hours of doing this.

    I never tow anything, though.
  • harp666harp666 Posts: 5
    Let me tell all of you...I have been reading these boards since I bought my 2006 Suzuki vibrating machine. I Have not gone to the dealership for my problem In hopes for someone on these boards to find the reason for me.
    I have also been reading "suzuki womans" posts about reprogramming the ecu. I find It hard to believe that "HER"(and only her) Dealership has a mystical fix that Suzuki Motors does not know about. If SUZUKI motors does not know about any fix than there Is no fix at this time for the Issue.
    If you bought a car and had the ECU re-programmed as she said to do(at her mystical dealership) and then went to another dealership still having a problem SUKUKI MOTORS would most likely void you warrenty for tampering with the ecu without no offical recall.... BEWARE...........
  • vitara4mevitara4me Posts: 35
    Spied: Suzuki Gets Aggressive
    It's a tall order

    By Paul Horrell

    "Suzuki plans to triple North American annual sales from 80,000 to 250,000 in five years. That's a tall order because it means biting into Hyundai's and Kia's growth. But the company plans to roll out a fleet of imaginative new vehicles to help it succeed, according to Hirotake Ono, board member in charge of U.S. and European marketing.

    First up for the U.S. is the 2006 Grand Vitara, now on sale in Japan as the Escudo. The five-seater maintains true off-road capability, but becomes more civilized on-road. Equipped with a 2.7-liter V-6, its body is integral with its box-section frame, and the front- and rear-suspensions mount to subframes.

    Three big launches make 2008 Suzuki's Big Year
    • Mid-2007, Suzuki replaces the XL-7 with a bigger five- and seven-passenger SUV designed for North America. Based on the 2005 Concept X Detroit show car, it uses the Saturn Vue's Theta platform. A 3.6-liter Japanese-built V-6 based on GM's high-feature engines will power the 192-inch-long truck.

    • A 2008 Verona replacement will again be built at GM's Daewoo facility in South Korea.

    • A 2008 Aerio SX replacement, codenamed New Sport Crossover (pictured) plays a big role. A 2.0-liter engine will power the front-drive U.S. version. The body was "mainly designed" by Italdesign Giugiaro and finished in Japan. Based on an all-new platform, it employs front struts and a rear torsion beam and exhibits little body roll despite its tall bodywork. Suzuki and Fiat versions go on sale in Europe next year, and Ono expects a hybrid-powered version in calendar-year 2008.

    A new sport/utility wagon, with a transverse-engine front-drive layout and all-wheel-drive capability, is set for the 2009 model year. Ono says it matches the Audi A4 and BMW 3 Series wagons in size but not in price. It'll also have the 3.6-liter twin-cam V-6. Meanwhile, U.S. dealers chose not to take a car as small as the new Swift, until they saw what it looked like. Too late. They'll have to wait until a new 2010 model. Finally, Suzuki wants a sports car, though it hasn't decided on a layout. Accountants nixed a front-drive two-seater for 2007, in part because it was designed just for Europe and Japan. A new project entails the U.S. market, but again not before 2010."

    Ok, Suzuki......what about the 2008 Grand Vitara? Any changes? Bigger engine? Rear discs? DVD player? Better MPG?

    Regards, Vitara4me
  • xostnotxostnot Posts: 232
    On Page 5, "suzukiwoman" broncododge said: "Advertising reimbursement and allotments are suddenly cut."

    Suzuki is running new ads for both the XL7 and the Grand Vitara, plus a very funny fake newspaper page about the XL7.
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