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Mitsubishi Montero



  • This question may already have been asked before but please bear with me.

    Where can I purchase brake pads (f&r) for my 2001 Montero? I've checked the usual places but they say they don't have replacement pads. They said the only place to get them is from the dealer. Is this accurate?

    Also, I thought the brakes would whine when they needed to be replaced. Mine aren't making noise yet but the dealer says I need to get the front brakes replaced (32K+ miles). Finally, do I need to get the rotors turned if the pads are replaced or do I only need to do this if the vehicle shakes when braking?

  • scurscur Posts: 2
    I've just replaced my car battery and now my audio system is asking me for a code.

    I've called the dealer that I bought it from but since it was a used car they have no records of the code.

    I was then told that I would have to get the serial number off the back of the stereo and bring it to them to look it up. By the way, I was quoted $95 for them to perform this task.

    On a small scale, this has the feel of some kind of scam.

    One of the sales guy initially told me that all I would need is the VIN for the service department to look it up.

    So, what's the deal here? Does anyone have any further insight about this.

    Thanks in advance for your input.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Thanks for the post. Just what I thought it would be, nothing more than restating CU side. I noticed they didnt have the auto reps input. Real balenced reporting.

    rbc3az: re brakes. Dont feel bad the GJC brake pads and rotors are needing to be replaced at 12-15K. Seems they used cheap metal. My personal opinion is that you dont need to turn unless you have a warped rotor. If you cant feel it it is probably ok. Everytime you turn them the get thinner so I would not do it just for the heck of it. I dont know where you can get pads as I have not had to replace mine yet. My friend with a 95 Montero did his own but I dont know if the pads are the same.

    Im sure someone here will have info on pads
  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    The CU report was pretty much old stuff that has been argued back and forth for the last 10 years.

    Same story about maybe CU does some things to increase cirucation of CR. Who knows? I don't think they have tested every SUV out there. There are probably several more that will fail if and when tested. Have to wait for their need for another circulation booster.

    Changing topics,

    Last time I was in for service I asked the sales manager about trading my 2001 LTD with 25,000 miles in on a 2002 for 0% 60 month financing (I have 3.9% for 48 mo. with about 30 payments left).

    The dealer didn't seem very interested in the deal. Said he could give about $20,000 on the 2001 in trade which would make it about a push.

    Any thoughts?
  • Phonos - that tracks closely with what I know about trading in . . . . short version of a long story is that our Sacramento, CA area dealer told us our 2001 XLS was of no interest to him on a trade as he could get all he wanted at $18-19K from rental return sales. Basically there's no demand for used 2001s.

  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    The TMV calculated with this sites computer and your 25k in outstanding condition indicated that the trade in value should be about 22K, to a private party sell at 23,500 and the dealer would turn around and sell such a vehicle at 26K.
  • Pads available after market from "raybestos"...My past experience with aftermarket pads on my Mitsubishi's have been negative. They have squealed badly and had vibration noises, switched to factory pads issues gone! The price I was quoted for aftermarket pads was within $ 20.00 of the factory pads...pads from dealer are $ 48.00 per front & rear sets. I strongly suggest having your rotors turned...any imperfection in the surface can cause the pad to vibrate and cause that annoying squeal and uneven pad wear. The brakes have a "wear indicator" that you will physically hear if they are worn to point of needing replacement. This will sound like a metal to metal rubbing sound when NOT apply the brakes. Having my done on Tuesday at the dealer for $ 340.00 front and rear. This price is competitive to local shops offers...Having recalls taken care also. I'm having an issue with what I deem as a transmission slip on cold shifts between 2 & 3rd gears...we'll see what the dealer says...expecting the "that's normal" answer. 2001 LTD, 31,000 mi.
  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    The price sounds about the same as for my '95 Honda for all four brakes at the dealer. Glad to hear Montero is about the same. I have the noise problem with the factory pads though when it is hot/dry.
  • I'm looking into buying a 1995, with 102K miles. They replaced the oil pan for leaks??, and when I went to drive it, would'nt start. We jumped it off, and the volt meter gradually decreased from 11V to 8V(over 20 minutes). Otherwise, the automatic trans. seemed a little rough(hanging in each gear)to start with but, ran smooth otherwise. I'm selling my wifes car to pay most of the $7K their asking...any body got any input.
  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    Have it looked at by a competent Mitsubishi mechanic before you commit. May cost you a few bucks, but worth it in the long run with the problems you describe.
  • Had my brakes done, recalls and 30,000 tranny service done. Their original response in regards to my tranny slip complaint was " never heard the complaint before" they tell me there is a TSA regarding this. It involves "flashing" the tranny computer and downloading new parameters via modem from Mistubishi. However, the computers where "down" at Mistubishi so they could not do this...another trip to the dealer to have this done. Interesting was BS info they give. Originally when I first complained about this slip @ 10,000 mi the SA told me that they was a computer problem and they where replacing the control unit. Did not have the time to leave truck then , 20,000 miles later and this is the "new" info. Curious to see if this is the fix. (I doubt it)
  • tykytyky Posts: 5
    I have a 2001 Limited with 7K miles. Lately, I have been experiencing excessive wind noise inside the cabin at 50 mph and up. I tried to locate were the noise was coming from but I can't tell exactly. It seemed like the noise can come anywhere around the front cabin area. I know that someone has posted a similar problem before but I'm wondering if anyone is beginning to experience this problem.
  • I have a 90 Montero with 170k on it. She's not the prettiest thing in the world, but she does her job. Until now. For a few days, whenever I drive it, it stalls when I come to a stop or even begin to slow down. Does anyone have any idea what's going on? When I am stopped, the rpm's just get so low that it cuts off. I don't want to keep driving it like that for fear that something worse will result. I would appreciate any insights.
  • I don't know if my question has been posted here before. I searched previous messages in this forum and could not find the same subject.

    I bought a 1993 Montero SR two months ago with 102,000 miles. Lately, I have been hearing some noise which comes on and off. The noise arrives in a random pattern, mostly appearing when I am cruising above 50 miles per hour. I have been driving it mostly on 2WD. The noise sounds like clashing gears. The noise did not come up during my test drive with the seller. I also had the vehicle inspected by a dealer but the noise did not manifest itself either during the inspection. I told the dealer dealer about the noise. They have no idea what it is. They needed to hear it. Unfortunately, the noise just comes and goes. Any idea what it is? Thanks.
  • I had experience the same noise/vibration. Have your wheel aligned/balanced and it should go away.
  • Hi all...I lost my second key and key fob for my 01 Monty. My question is, as these things are darned expensive if I can just by the key and have them program it, or do I NEED to buy the alarm fob as well? If I lock the door with just the key, does the alarm get activated automatically, and if I unlock the door with just the key (with the alarm activated)will the alarm turn itself off? Thanks...
  • On my 01 Monty if I have the sunroof open, the popup air deflector seems to have a weak spring? Basically it gets buffeted around (rattles) by the wind. Is this the way its supposed to be? Anyone having rattling from their deflector? thanks..
  • regalaregala Posts: 45
    You can just buy the key and have it reprogrammed thru the dealer. When you have it reprogrammed, make sure to bring all your keys. They have to be reprogrammed all together.
  • We rented a 2001 Monty like ours last year in Denver. The only difference was that ours is a limited and the rental was not. The rental came with only the key, no fob. I have gotten spoiled and would not want to do without that fob!
  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    Quote from post at:

    "I caught a bit of something a week ago about the Consumer Reports CRAP! If I remember they were dissing CR for BS.. and I got a REAL CLOSE GOOD LOOK at that 2001 montero... that thing looks like it WAS in low 4.. when it spins 180 smoke is coming off of the front tires (spinning out).. and one of the rims looks like it gets ripped right off.. like they had it in low range and just tomped it into the corner... jackarses!"

  • I took a 500-mile round trip with the family to central Wisconsin last weekend to do what passes for downhill skiing in the Midwest. We loaded-up the roof rack of our 2001 Ltd. with Yakima bars, a rocket box (16 cu. ft. luggage carrier), and several pairs of skis. I had been a little hesistant to do this after the CU flap last Spring but, given the lack of any reported problems since last June, decided to give it a go. Other than the ever-dismal gas mileage, the Monte performed flawlessly -- no stability problems or concerns whatsoever, even with a 25-mph cross wind blowing at the side of the truck. I can't believe now that I ever was worried about this. FYI, I used Yakima's "Doublecross" towers to attach the bars to the Monte's roof rack. Perfect fit, and very easy to put on and take off.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    If you have ever been on the door sills and yanked back and forth as hard as you can to see how much roll you can created with your body weight you would laugh at someone suggesting you cant add say 100-200 lbs up there.

    I'm glad to see you couldnt notice the difference.

    Hey for gas mileage try this, I towed a 3000lb trailer with a frontal area at least twice the Monteros. WOW, I thought I was in a big rig.
  • Well, I took my 2001 Montero LTD into Roseville Mitsubishi to have the power steering tank replaced (TSB) and to have the trip computer looked at again!!. I still have a problem with the "miles to empty" not resetting after I fill the tank. The computer has already been replaced under warranty and worked for a time, then the old problem resurfaced. I followed the procedure in the owners manual and reset the computer which again fixed the problem, but only for a very limited time. Now I have been told that the dealer is going to have to order another computer. AARGH!!!!!

    I discussed the problems with the computer with Dave the Service Advisor at Roseville Mitsubishi, who confirmed that he has started seeing alot of the same problems with other 2001 Montero's. The real madding part is that Mitsubishi doesn't stock new computers (or radios) but makes the dealer send the defective unit in to be replaced by a refurbished one. This means that if your radio or computer goes out, you have to wait until the factory gets a refurbished one back from their suppliers (2 to 4 weeks). Man I'm I glad my radio hasn't gone out.

    Has anyone else had to have the computer replaced more than once. I'd like to know.

    Thanks and good luck to other Montero owners.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Has anyone inquired who is exchanging a computer as to whether you can order the GPS unit from Europe. While there a couple of months ago I noticed this option and it fits into the same space as our computers.
  • sirpkpsirpkp Posts: 7
    My tank shows whatever it did before I fill up ONLY if I leave the key in the ignition and fill up. Try it and let me know. Is the computer the LCD display. Is there another one for the engine etc..
  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    A fellow 2001 Montero/Pajero owner in Greece has posted some interesting stuff on outdoorwire:

    that has started some interesting discussions including one on independent rear suspension modification.

    Seems button actuated rear locker is available elsewhere in the world but not the U.S. Sure would like that rather than "hybrid" LSD.
  • rberardrberard Posts: 22
    I reset my miles to empty function myself with
    the instructions posted on this board. When I called the dealer to cancel the order for the new one, they told me the new one had already come in. They had not taken mine out of my vehicle and I want to say that it was only a week later when I called. Unless they were not telling me the truth about the new one being in.
    They were probably shocked that I fixed it myself! Anyway, they didn't tell me that they needed to send one in to get it refurbished.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Glad to here it.

    For anyone else, I have the 4 volume set of manuals. I would be happy to look things up like this given the time. I think a few others have the shop manuals as well. The computer reset is in there and some other interesting things.

    phonos, I brought over the advertisments from Europe. They have some accessories we dont have either. I wish I could post some of the pictures, perhaps I could get my digital camera out when I get free time....which is usually never.
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