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Chevrolet Impala Paint Problems



  • oshomomoshomom Posts: 3
    My dealer ship is painting my car a 2007 royal blue impala with paint chips every ware including the trunk drivers side panal and roof. But not sure if that is a good idea either. I have to bring my car back in for them to fix the fixed paint problem . I just called GMAC and they are going to contact the district Manager. But these guys all work under the same umbrella. This is going to be A BIG FIGHT.
  • oshomomoshomom Posts: 3
    Just be really carfull with that. They suck at painting.
  • wbowl99wbowl99 Posts: 133
    Had a bad tie-rod so took my 06 to a different shop than the dealer I've been having so many problems with. Mentioned the paint rubbing off on the weather stripping in the door openings and he just called to say that he had the service mgr look at it and they determined it was because there is no clearcoat on the paint in the door wells.

    Now that makes me wonder if there is no clearcoat on the entire car and that is why I was having problems with chipping. Where should I go to get the paint on other parts of the car tested to see if there is clearcoat on it?
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    On my 2000 there's no clear coat on the door jambs, the trunk lid, etc...only on the exterior portions. I presume this is to reduce costs, but in any event I don't think you should get the impression that they missed this on your particular car...I think they're all that way.
  • wbowl99wbowl99 Posts: 133
    That may be true, but we looked at another one sitting in the service bay and there was no paint rubbing off on the weatherstripping on it. The weatherstripping along the top of my driver's door is almost totally red where the paint has come off and along the top of the door jamb is now white where it is only the primer showing. It is not rubbing as badly on the other doors, but 95% of the time no one is riding with me. It made me wonder if that was possibly why I was getting so many chips, especially on the roof and trunk lid, etc.
  • susanm5susanm5 Posts: 21
    Here is an update on my Precision Red 07 Impala ss- the paint is still chipping off of the bumper and hood. The car looks like it is several years old instead of one. Very diappointed with Chevrolet-will never buy another!
  • norbnancynorbnancy Posts: 118
    On the 50+ cars I have owned, there usually was some paint chipping after some use. After all, at 50 - 70mph a tinney or large pebble comming at you at 50 - 70 mph( total 100 -140 mph) you would think some damage would be done. I am pleased to be behind the windshield and sheet metal and not the first one there. Most auto stores sell touch up paint. If carefully applied, the evidence is minimal.
    Chevrolet is no worse than other cars in the paint chip department. Enjoy the ride.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    The issues these people are talking about are far worse than normal paint chipping. Some have paint chipping off the roofs and trunk lids. I agree that chipping is normal but not the way it is happening with certain paint colors.
  • I had a 2000 Red El Dorado and drove it for 7 years and only had 1 paint chip! I also have a Ford Truck that I encounter the salt truck with all the time and not one chip in 25,000 miles! My Impala had chips at 3,000 miles! :lemon:
  • 92735i92735i Posts: 25
    I am in the auto body paint business and am in dealership and private body shops all day long. Chevy does not clear the inside of the hood, door jambs, etc. intentionally. This decision is pure cost cutting NOT quality! Clear coat is cheaper than base coat (color) but the cost of materials plus labor and production time is significant.
    I was at a chevy dealer yesterday (2/5/08) and body shop manager stated they painted 3 hoods on brand new showroom Impalas. The manager stated the problem appeared like "a blob of bird the same spot on all three cars..."

    If there ever was a production problem this is it. My guess is contamination in the production line at GM where a robot or other peice of equipment was leaking fluid or oil of some type and a number of Impalas moved under and through while catching a drop of contamination on top of the clear coat on the same spot of the hood.

    I am now in the market to replace my 1992 BMW 735i with 257,000 miles on it. I am the original owner. I am an independant sales agent and drive 500-1000 miles a week here out of Chicago across the entire midwest. I need a new car that can handle high mileage with minimal repairs AND drive through snow regardless of how bad the weather is.

    I was hoping to purchase an American car...I have always driven German or Japanese cars...after reading posts about this Impala which I was leaning towards the SS, and reading posts on the Charger and Magnum....FORGET IT!!!

    I can't afford a car that has been manufactured with shoddy quality (paint on Impala) with focus on cost cutting....and the Dodge's reportedly having transmission problems and steering rack problems...I know because I bought my wife a brand new Chrysler Town and Country LTD with AWD for safety. They've had to replace tranny, steering rack, water pump, tie rod bushings, sway bar bushings...our van has 68,000 miles.

    My bimmer has original engine and tranny. No problems with drivetrain. Original A/C compressor, original starter motor, original brake master cylinder, power steering pump, etc.

    I wonder if I should just spend $5k-$7k to refresh my car and just keep driving it and save $20k or more.

    Very disappointing on "American made".
  • ktr48ktr48 Posts: 1
    I happened on this site by accident and by chance I have a huge amount of paint chips on the hood of my 2007 precision red Impala. Is this something to head to the dealer about? I just thought we got blasted by a truck or something but could not think of when. I have never had a car this small before so I just thought it was because the front end was so low. If anybody has any warranty info on this please let me know! I hate to mess with the factory paint but the chips look like crap on a new car.
  • stanyhstanyh Posts: 4
    The newer Impala's have a low hood line. Its an invitation for rocks to fly on. You may easily fix the problem by having 3M plastic molded on the hood.

    I had a 2004 new generation Toyota Sienna with the same problem. However, notice how the zinc stays on the metal surface on the Impala. Thus the hood may lack the paint, but there is no rust. With the Sienna, the paint chipped of, so did the zinc. Thus the hood rusted.

    Honda's have a worst reputation. Paint chips very easily.

    Our roads are much more populated than before, and many roads have much rocks and contaminants on them. The car in front of you has these rocks flying at high speed towards your car. Its tough to keep a car new today.

    Its certainly not the fault of the manufacturer if rocks fly all over our cars. 3M plastic will help. Even than, rocks will tear the plastic on small areas.

    GM typically has good automated paint shops. They have had some paint problems in the past on some models, Malibu, Corsica for example. But its rather rare. But the Impala has all good around components for the price paid. $26K Canadian for such an equipped vehicule is good. The Impala is also reliable. Its simply a good familly car that will do well for the dollars invested. :)
  • My Precision Red 2007 Impala SS has chips on the whole bumper and starting to chip on the hood and fenders. It was repainted 3 months after I bought it new for the same problem. I would say that something is defective with this paint!
  • mkg1mkg1 Posts: 4
    yes I'm having same problem on my precision red 08 impala. the dealer said it was body style and normal stone chips, gm agreed. what know?
  • I had my Impala only 3 months before the paint on the hood started to chip off. I was told the same thing that it was normal. But if you looked at my hood you could see gray spots all over it where the paint was gone. I checked the internet and found out I was not the only one with this problem. My advise stick to your guns ask to see the regional manager and tell him you have researched this problem with the red paint coming out of Canada and GM has repainted them. File a complaint with Better Business. They will get back to you and the dealer. You will get action soon after filing a complaint. Also have all these paint complaints available to help you. GM repainted our hood and fenders. Also on these Impalas there was a recall for the back windows that scratched going up and down. They replaced them also.
  • I feel sorry for us consumers who purchased the Impala. I really like the car and it is a value BUT, this is just anothere example of why Detroit is in the condition it's in.

    The tendency for the front hood to chip is not a paint defect, it is a design issue. The front nose is low and causes the hood panel to be a perfect target for gravel and sand.

    The paint defect is a production problem (as I described in my original post). Where paint, located high on the hood, seems to crust up like a boil. This appears in the same general area on many Impalas. This appears to be a contamination issue in the production line, thus the consistency of the reoccurence.

    As for rock chips, the only way to address this on the car is to install either a shield or the clear plastic film over the hood and fenders. Many detail shops and window tinting shops offer this.

    As for the paint defect, you should explore the BBB or lemon laws, or contact a regional official for GM/Chevy. As for me, I own a Ford!
  • mkg1mkg1 Posts: 4
    thanks for the heads up... by the way mine is an 07 also. and I looked again today and I have more it's starting on my doors. my car has the measles. It isn' the design. It's the paint.
  • My 08 Impala SS has severe chips all over the front end (fascia, hood, fenders, pillars). Like many here I thought I was behind a gravel truck, but I am sooo careful I knew it couldn't be.

    Has anyone really had good luck at a dealer having it repaired?
  • mkg1mkg1 Posts: 4
    I did not have any luck getting my chops fixed. And yes I keep getting more on my 08 impala.
  • sonyabsonyab Posts: 1
    I was noticing a huge amount of paint chips on the hood of my 2008 Impala SS which is Precision Red. I sold my 99 GTP Grand Prix to buy this car last summer and I have more paint chips and scratches on this car in less than a year than during the 9 years with my GTP. I drive strictly highway and this is simply not normal wear and I did a web search and found this complaint to be common for the 07 and 08 "red" models. I not only have chips to my front bumper, hood, and roof line at the top of the windshield - but also my rear bumper started off with pin holes and now it has starred out. I bought my Impala when it was 6 months old and it was reported that the hood was already painted and of course was like new when I got it, but I wonder why??? Just thought I'd see if any one else was experiencing this and get my plan pulled together to get thid repaired. This paint finish is the worst I've ever seen and my huisband takes great care and pride in maintaining our vehicles by washing and waxing, but this really disappointing when my '99 paint looked better.
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