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Geo Metro Transmission Questions



  • joe378joe378 Posts: 15
    FIRST DISCONNECT THE BATTERY! Not sure about a '94 but, look under the dash to the right of the steering column, it should look about the size of a pack of cigarettes. Two 10 MM size bolts holding it in place, remove it, unplug it, carefully pry it open and look for any burned capacitors or also look for a little bit of fluid about the amount of a tear drop coming out of a capacitor. If so replace that capacitor, it be okay to replace every capacitor, I think there is only three, take it to a Radio Shack to get the correct ones.
  • joe378joe378 Posts: 15
    Keep this in mind too dgregor, the caps might not look burned the way you might think, the TCM is held in place on its side next to the steering column, so when you remove it and break it open lay the circuit board down flat and see if any fluid comes out of a capacitor, it will not be very much, but also, these capacitors only cost about $1.00 each just go ahead and replace all of them. Remember to disconnect the battery first before fooling with the TCM.
  • joe378joe378 Posts: 15
    BTW my GEO still shifts like a new one. Hope I didn't jinx myself. Ha
  • Thanks. Found it, the caps look like new. Read about adjusting the cable, it definitely affected it, but still not right(but better). Have tried 3 times to pass emissions, and no dice. The idle is too high, won't adjust any lower, and timing is set right. Garage says it has to come down, but I turned in the screw all the way, and it only came down about 100 rpms... :(
  • unrealcatunrealcat Posts: 1
    Would somebody be so kind to tell me how do I know which kind of standard transmission I likely have in my 00 chevy Metro? Is a 5 speed, but out of that I don't know more. I'm having problems with 2nd shift; it slips out if I'm not holding the stick. Which brings another question: Can I fix only 2nd shift or do I need to overhaul all the transmission? Any help would be very appreciated. Thank you for your time!
    C Camero
  • jpmedic65jpmedic65 Posts: 1
    Will the manual transmission from a 94 Metro fit my 98 Metro?
  • Hey all, I have a 1997 geo metro 1.3 litre and I've just replaced the clutch on it. Now before I started working on the car, I checked to see if everything was in order and the shifter was shifting a definite 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th ,5th and reverse. Now that the tranny is back on and the shift linkage and supporter are hooked up it seems as though the shift linkage got longer, for example neutral is where 3rd should be, and reverse is nowhere to be found, any help would be greatly appreciated, and the sooner the better, because I'm going to be bringing it into the shop at school on Monday if it's not fixed by then, but I would rather not do that. Thanks.
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