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Honda Accord Coupe Electrical problems

I have owned my 2003 Honda Accord Coupe EX since January 2003, until 2005 I had no significant problems. I haven't seen any discussions related to this, so I am checking to see if others have had these types of experiences:

First, I started having trouble with the rear defrost failing. Each time I took into the dealer, the problem was fixed, and shortly there after, it would fail. Over the course of the winter this occurred a couple more times, however it now seems to be 100% resolved. The oddest thing was that when the rear defrost wasn’t working my heated seat light for the drivers seat worked, but when the rear defrost was working, the light was not.

In early 2006, the passenger automatic door lock stopped working. The dealership replaced the regulator. When I asked why this happened, no one was able to answer, other than “sometimes this happens”. Approx. 6 months later the driver side regulator failed. Again, no real response on why this is occurring. It seems unreasonable to me that a vehicle that is 3 years old would have two regulators fail.

Starting in the summer of 2006 my stereo controls on my steering wheel have been inconsistently not working properly. Sometimes when I press the volume down – it goes up. To change the station, occasionally causes the volume to change. Since the problems are inconsistent, I can’t be guaranteed they won’t be working when I take it into the dealer, and therefore I have not reported the problem to date.

It should be noted that I do not have any after factory installations. Any ideas or similar issues out there?



  • joe_smithjoe_smith Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Accord Coupe and I recently have had problems with my brake lights and passenger window. My rear two brake lights stopped working at the same time while the upper middle light still works. I check the bulbs and they appear to be OK. Also, my passenger window stopped working. The driver and passenger switches won't roll the window up, but the wireless key entry will roll the windows down. I replaced the passenger side window motor fuse (fuse #26 under dash) and the problem still exists. Also, the indicator light on the passenger and driver side switch does not work. Are either or both of these problems fuses or something more serious?

  • All three main brake lights out - the two in the taillights and the one on the deck in the back window. Everything else works: Hazard, turn, night lighting, backup. The brake light in the optional spoiler works, too, which would indicate that the sensor at the pedal is okay. All bulbs are okay. Can't find any fuses marked "Brake."

  • 57sedan57sedan Posts: 1
    My daughter has a 2000 Honda Accord. As stated in title, third brake light works but those in the left and right lens assemblies do not. Fuze is good and new bulbs have been installed. No lights, however. Also on the brake light indicator on the instrument panel, the light indicates that the brake lights are working (goes out after initial check at startup). Thanks!
  • ucfphi225ucfphi225 Posts: 18
    Alright, hopefully this helps someone else out; I had to compile info from multiple sites to figure this out.

    Car: 2003 Honda Accord 4cyl 2/dr coupe
    NOTE: Should be the same for any model Accord around this same generation.

    Primary Problem: Wife's car will not shift from park. Button on the center console shifter depresses maybe half way, but will not release the gear lock. Car is stuck.

    Secondary Problem: Investigation reveals that all three rear brake lights are not working. (previously worked fine) All fuses checked and are fine.

    Diagnosis: A part called a "break light switch" or "stop light switch" has gone bad. This part tells your car when you press your break, thus activating your lights and also telling your transmission that the car is in a braked positioned, and is safe to be shifted out of park.

    The Fix:
    Step One: First, if you need to move your car (like I did from Walgreens parking lot). There is a small plastic tab on the upper left side of the shifter face. (just northwest of the "P" for park) This is the shift lock override. Use a piece of cloth to protect the plastic and stick a flat screwdriver in the open slot and pry the plastic tab out. Now, take your car key, shove it in the hole, thus releasing your shifter. Now put the car in neutral and depress the brake (obviously). Now put the key in the ignition and start the car. Put it in drive and go. (have someone follow you. remember, you have no break lights which is a major safety hazard, as well as a traffic violaion)
    NOTE: If the shift lock overide doesn't work you may have a bad cable running from the shifter to the tranny. See a trained mechanic for this.
    Step 2: Get under your steering column near your pedals. You'll need to pull out the plastic protective cover (pretty easy, it's just snaps in and out of place)
    Follow the brake pedal's arm up. About 3/4 the way up, you'll see a plastic piece with a plunger on the end, that depresses when the brake is un depressed. It's about a 2 inch part with a fat end that a wiring hub plugs into. Unhook the wires (press tabs and pull). Now grab the fat end and twist it (clockwise *I think) about 1/4 of a turn and it will release from it's plastic mounting piece.
    Step 3: Pick up or order a "stop light switch" from your local auto store (cost me $11.88+tax at Advance Auto Parts).
    NOTE: The ordered part may look different that the original, which worried me at first too, but it's fine as long as you order the part for your car's specific specs.
    Step 4: Back under the dash, pop out the plastic mounting piece from the metal part that sits in front of the break pedal arm. You new part has a round "female" part that will insert into this spot. It just snaps into place.
    Step 5: Plug the new part into the wiring hub. The part recognizes your breaks are activated when the plunger end is out (natural position). So with it just plugged and not installed your brake lights should be activated and if you start the car, it should shift. I'd check this before going farther, to make sure it works.
    Step 6: Insert the male plunger piece into the female part until the plunger is fully depressed by the brake pedal arm (do not touch the brake pedal, just leave it alone) With the small plunger thing depressed turn the part about 1/4 of a turn (counter-clockwise now *I think) and it will snap into place (with plunger depressed)
    Step 7: Have someone check your lights while you hit the brake and test the shifter. Assuming it works, put the cover back on and you're good to go (not to mention an extra $150 in dealer labor plus towing charges in your bocket)

    Cost: $11.88+tax
    Time: (Had I not had to do 2 hours of research to figure all this out) about 45 minutes from taking out the old to installing the new
    Difficulty: Easy (and worth it). I'm no mechanic, but consider myself fairly handy, especially with simple tasks. This really wasn't that difficult. Hardest part was getting under the dash in a small 2/dr coupe.

    Hope this helps. Good luck.
  • zek7717zek7717 Posts: 2
    HAve a 98 accord. While driving, the engine will just die. No warning. Coast to the side of the road and it will restart and I'm on my way. Seems to be worst in rain. Any thoughts??
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 62,958
    Fuel pump or fuel pump relay would be my first guess. These are the kinds of problems that could drive a man nuts.

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  • zek7717zek7717 Posts: 2
    My gut says it is an electrical problem......
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 62,958
    Not so sure. Electrical things generally don't go on and off like that...if it fries, it's fried. But a relay might stick.

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  • hcarsonlyhcarsonly Posts: 1
    Nice Post!!!
    Thanks for saving me the research! I will try that. Just found out that my brake lights weren't working last night and I have been checking fuses and bulbs this afternoon.
  • Hello all

    I have an issue with a 03 coupe accord the sts light keeps coming on, can this be because the brake light switch needs to be replace if so hiw come? or what's the reson for this?

    please help
  • Question? I just bought a 2003 Honda accord lx v6(auto). Sometimes when I part the key in the ignition it will not show the gear I am in such as park, reverse, and etc...The air condition will blow out hot air, showing that car is not working properly. What I do is turn the car back off and then it will work properly. Is this a problem that car be fix?
  • Can anyone give me some ideas on why my wipers stay on, while the switch is off. I just bought the 96 accord coupe 30 days ago. Within a week of buying the car, I noticed occasionally, when driving over a hard bump, the wipers would come on briefly and then stop.
    Now, for the past 2 days the wipers have stayed on constantly. They only stop when I turn off the car
    Any ideas ?
  • I seem to be stuck here. My Dash/meter lights, hazard lights, and temp gauge have stopped working. Also the heater only works on full blast. All this seemed to have happened at once. I checked all the fuses which were all good. Before I give up and take it somewhere I thought I would check with you guys, any ideas?
  • The horn on my Accord has been stuck on 2 days this week early in the morning. It has been getting down to around freezing both times. I unplugged the horn relay to stop it the first day, then later that day plugged the relay back in and everything was fine(the temp has risen probably 15 degrees by then) It did the same thing this morning. Has to be something to do with the air temp. Anyone heard of this? Horn circuit is very simple, can't really be do many things!
  • beef0rbeef0r Posts: 1
    Does anyone have a good DIY for replacing the backlight bulb for the seat heater? I have an 04 6speed w/ navi and just noticed it was out today.

    I searched, but found nothing. Be easy on the newb :)
  • ldamopldamop Posts: 2
    Today, my left turn signal stopped working on my 2004 Honda Accord, When I push the handle down to signal "left" I get absolutely nothing. We replaced the bulbs with no change. There doesn't appear to be a fuse. Has anyone had this problem? The right turn signal is fine.
  • duke15duke15 Posts: 161
    Did you check the fuze?
  • I have a 1998 Honda Accord Coupe V-6 Auto. It ran like a raped ape! Then started throwing codes like p300, p303, p304, p306, p1399, p1457 and run rough... I was planning on a tune up anyway, a major one since it just hit 99k, so I went to work! I replaced the EGR, Cap, Rotor, Coil, Plugs, Wires, Module but to no avail! I do alright when it comes to automotive work and realized that these were also symptoms of a bad coolant temp sensor/switch! It's not a big deal to me because like I said, I was planning on a major tune up anyway! So tomorrow I'll change that and my thermostat and O2 sensors. Then it will be good for at least another 100k (not overlooking timing belt replacement, oil, tranny fluid changes) BTW, if you own a automatic Honda, why not change your tranny fluid when you change your oil? 3 1/2 quarts of HONDA AT FLUID, Dextron will only cost you a new tranny! Valvoline High Mileage Is The Only Z1 Compatible Fluid, But Don't Use It!
  • have you found out the problem?
  • msgivnzmsgivnz Posts: 5
    04 accord coupe w/the 3 button key - lock, unlock, trunk buttons.
    the lock/unlock does not work for the driver side and intermittently unlocks the passenger side (it does not lock the passenger side)
    the power locks only work for the passenger side
    the horn doesn't sound when i hit the lock button
    i can only lock the doors by pressing the lock button down on the driver side.

    is this worth fixing? i.e. is this a fuse or an electrical problem that could be costly $$$?
    anyone else have this issue and can you give me an idea of what's causing it so I don't have to hear the honda mechanic tell me it's the blah blah blah that costs $500 to repair.

  • I am having the same probleme with my 2004 Honda Accord v6. Have you found a solution to that?
  • Did you ever figure it out? My '03 Accord just did the same thing.....all the bulbs are good, just the left side is dead.
  • ldamopldamop Posts: 2
    Yes, but I had to take it to the Honda dealer to find out. It was a faulty fuse box and relay assembly. The mechanic performed a test on the system with HDS (whatever that is) to determine it was not working. Since they are all one unit the entire thing had to be replaced. My Honda dealer charged me $357.67. (The actual parts were $196.60 and labor was $158.00. There was a miscellaneous charge of $15 and tax was $22.62. They gave me some sort of discount which amounted to $34.55).

    Now, I'm noticing an occasional light "typing" sound that seems to be coming from my steering column that started about two weeks after I had the above repair completed. Have you noticed anything like that on your Honda?
  • I have a 2004 Accord EX with onboard 6 CD changer stereo that has stopped working completely. In the beginning, it sounded like Cd/Cd's got stuck inside, so I tried to eject the discs but couldn't. At the time it displayed "ERR" which, according to the manual, means a mechanical error. Now when I press the power button, all I get is the radio. I've no access to the Cd player anymore, although I hear some clicking sounds from the CD player.

    I would like to know what options do I have.
  • olawaolawa Posts: 1
    third brake light works but those in the left and right lens assemblies do not. Fuze is good and new bulbs have been installed. No lights, however. Also on the brake light indicator on the instrument panel, the light indicates that the brake lights are working (goes out after initial check at startup). Thanks!
  • gibbsbgibbsb Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 accord coupe and two days ago the lights on my radio went out. this also illuminates the heat/ac/cd player and clock information. Everything still works but I just cant see anything....any ideas on how to fix this?
    Thanks, B
  • hobikhobik Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem.
    I tried replacing the master door switch which the dealer said was defective (power into switch, NO power out) but that did NOT solve the problem of the locks not responding either via the key remote NOR from switch on drivers side or passenger side switch.
    Remote DOES operate the trunk lock OK.
    Anybody else? Any fixes?
  • My 02 Accord SE Coupe has a headlight problem. In the past year, I have been through multiple bulbs on both sides. Now, the right side is out again. After replacing the bulb, nothing happened. Digging a little further, the fuses are good and switching the relays didn't help. Any ideas? Could this be a ground problem? If so, where should I look?
  • Yesterday, I took the car to the dealer and they replaced the bulb. They said the Sylvania bulbs I had in the car were no good. I'm not buying this too much, because I checked the bulb and got it to work. For now, it is working.............
  • jbmavs08jbmavs08 Posts: 1
    i have replaced the bulbs and stop switch, checked all fuses, still only the middle/top brake light works...the 2 rear will not.

    any ideas?
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