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Jeep Wrangler Towing



  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    If the steering lock actually does lock up in the ACC position then you need to replace it.

    However, that would be an extremely rare occurence. What often happens is that in the circumstances you describe the load on the Jeep front wheels becomes very light coming out of the dip; and when you turn, instead of tracking the path of the motorhome, the Jeep front wheels flip over to full lock (in other words, fully to one side).
    They aren't actually locked by the steering column lock though, but you have to stop and center them up manually as you know.

    There's little you can do about it though, except drive according to the conditions and slow right down when approaching and driving through a dip/turn.
  • brent59brent59 Posts: 2
    It does lock as I have to move the key to on while turning the wheel back and forth to release the lock.

    I found a shop where they remove the lock pin in race cars and will do this for me. I just don't feel safe thinking this might happen at high speed.

    thanks for your help
  • h2odogsh2odogs Posts: 2
    A couple of questions I have a new 2010 4dr with 35 inch tires and body lift... First which is my biggest problem is I have lost allot of performance in power and MPG due to the big tires and when on the freeway going up hills etc it slows down to much and I have to take it out of overdrive any suggestions on upgrades for the motor or gearing??
    And I plan on towing it behind the RV and need to make sure my RV can tow it what is its tow weight??
  • jeepguy48jeepguy48 Posts: 9
    go gears it takes alot of power upgrades to make up for the power lost. check owners manuel for vehicle weight. also call the stealer.
  • h2odogsh2odogs Posts: 2
    Thanks for the suggestions. Gears are what I was expecting would be needed just need to decide what ratio. I wont be towing allot of weight maybe trailer with Wite Water Raft and accesorries on occasion. The air cleaner and exaust are just to load... Thanks
  • I was towing my 1995 Jeep Wrangler 4X4 to utah this past weekend. Around the flagstaff area i had to make a u-turn and the wheels only turned a little bit and stopped turing so i atarted to drag the front end. The key was in the on position but i had the battery disconnected. I also had the T/C in the neutral position as well as the manual transmission. I also noticed the the front drive line was locked in to gear is it supposed to be locked even when the transfer case is in neutral or do i have to go and get it looked at.
  • We're considering buying a used Wrangler and using it to tow our 2,000lb sailboat on a 4-wheel trailer. The boat is 20' long. Last summer I used a friend's Wrangler and while towing the empty trailer, had a difficult time avoiding excessive sway... especially on the curves. The Jeep owner said he needed to replace the sway bar. Would this have solved the problem, would I need to add additional towing gear, or is the Wrangler incapable of towing a 2,000 lb sailboat or was the empty trailer the issue?
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    On a regular TJ, max towing in 1500..

    Even if it was 2500, I wouldn't do it. The TJ's wheelbase is just too short to be stable enough for a 20' boat. The tail WILL wag the dog.

    The sway bars (on the suspension) won't do squat. You'd at least need a beefed up connection between the trailer and the Jeep, but again a short wheelbase TJ pulling a 20' boat is just a disaster waiting to happen - IMO at least.

  • I'm moving from Alabama to California, i have two cars to get out there. Can i tow a 2011 Hyndai Elantra on a car dolly behind a 2010 Jeep Sport Wrangler 4wd 6 speed?
  • pstraubepstraube Posts: 2
    I have a 2008 Wrangler Sahara Unlimited. The owner's manual says I can tow 3,500 pounds (which is far more than my camping trailer weighs) and have a maximum tongue weight of 350 pounds. This is where my problem lies. I had the tongue extended on my trailer and they put a large, boxed in tray on front. I don't know what the new tongue weight it but I'm guessing a couple hundred pounds or more beyond the 350 limit.

    I asked my dealership about changing the suspension system or something else on the Wrangler but they didn't seem to know what to do. I am concerned since the back bumper drops about 3 inches when the trailer is hooked up.

    If I missed a similar thread that you can point me to, great. Otherwise, any suggestions for me so that I can safely tow my trailer and keep the Wrangler a little more level will be greatly appreciated.

  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    The solution is simple. You don't increase the tongue weight capacity of the Wrangler, instead you reduce the weight on the trailer tongue.

    First, here's how to measure the tongue weight using a bathroom scale (without breaking it ;) ): Tongue Weight

    Next, adjust the load on the tongue by rearranging to contents of the trailer.
    Move or add weight to the rear to reduce the tongue weight, move or add weight to the front to increase it.
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