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Chevrolet Tracker Rusted Crossmember Subframe



  • 02rr02rr Posts: 7
    My dealings with GM customer service left me disatisfied. Probably wont be back to a Chevy dealer anytime soon. Any suggestions for a Good replacement vehicle?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    I apologize for your frustrations. Can you please send me your case number? I would like to look into this for you. Please feel free to email me directly with your concerns and experience as well. I look forward to your response.
    GM Customer Service
  • Just took my 42K mile 02 Tracker in to be inspected because I had it on a lift and was very concerned about the amount of corrosion on the suspension crossmember. Per their bulletin "Dealers are to inspect the crossmember. If the crossmember shows signs of advanced corrosion or perforation caused by corrosion, the crossmember is to be replaced." Well after looking on mine I thought for sure the fact that it had layers of rust flaking off and the control arm mount brackets had thinned down to close to half their original thickness that it would be covered, not to mention the bolt heads holding the control arms on it look to be a size smaller due to rust. However, the dealer performed the required test with the hammer and flat tip punch and it passes for now....they say bring it back in a year and they will check it out again for me. What a bunch of BS, they know this is a failure mode of the suspension system and has led to accidents and yet they do nothing about replacing these BEFORE they cause accidents. It is not a question of if it will happen, it is a matter of WHEN it will happen. I think they are just waiting to see if they can get past the 10 year period so they don't have to cover it. I told them that they have told me it is safe for another year per their inspection and as such they are now liable for any accident related to the failure of the lower control arm due to the corrosion of the front crossmember. I just bought a new 2011 Camaro last year and now I am wondering why I still keep buying GM products. I think that will be the last!
  • I own a 2000 Chevrolet Tracker It was a used car when I purchased it Today Oct.15 2011 I had the front cross member replaced it was totally rusted out. per the mechanic For some reason I Google( What is a cross member on a vehicle )and there it was a Recall notice for 1999-2004 Trackers Total bill $2,189.24 Why had I not been notified ? This problem could have Killed me or someone else Plus I'm out a couple thousand dollars
  • Password - Register Etc. I get confused some times any how I posted a Recall notice about my 2000 tracker cross member repair I wrote$ 2189.24 which is the cost for repair but that included 2 rear brake drums & front drive shafts & two tie rods The Cross member cost was only $ 908.00 ( parts & labour. ) All the other cost where parts worn out due to age of Tracker I think if you took your Tracker to a Dealer You bill would be about $ 1000.00 as your ball joints tie rod etc. will also be worn out and not covered by a recall.
  • fnr1fnr1 Posts: 1
    My 2001 tracker has 35000 miles on it, i drive it every day i see the difference.. the dealer looks at me like i have five heads, and i'm a girl so how could i know. the original svc mngr is gone and the policy change is now out by months?
  • 02rr02rr Posts: 7
    I have a 1999 Chevy Tracker I was just recently denied coverage for front crossmember corrosion. I would suggest GM customer service either through their website or search through previous posts in this forum look for (gmcustsvc).
  • Just bought a 99 Tracker and then found the rotted out crossmember during an oil change. Seriously, it's got 65K on it, and otherwise is in decent shape.Contacted GM customer service and hopefully it's still covered. If not, I have to drive this with my 7 month old son, and will have to repair it myself. Has anyone done it themselves after being rejected, and can we get the part from Suzuki???
  • I purchased a new crossmember from for $215 plus shipping. My mechanic charged me $70 to put it in. tid=30955&section=19&type=parts
  • Decided to just buy the new parts and replace it myself.....I am not happy about GM's decision to wait until this part rusts to the point of being a threat to my safety, so I have decided to foot the bill and replace it myself. I just bought the crossmember and whatever connecting bolts I could still get from them shipped for $260 and parts should be arriving today. I ordered the parts from at a much reduced price compared to the local dealership.
  • 02rr02rr Posts: 7
    Please post a follow up on your results replacing the front crossmember, I would like to know how much trouble it gives you.
  • Sunday morning my daughter was driving our 2000 Suzuki Vitara 4 door 4x4 at 35 mph intown. pulled hard to the left...she slowly drove it home. I put it on jacks Monday and the left control arm fell down...the bracker holding it had completely rusted the entire crossmember was gone. Bailing wire and tears did not help but hours on the computer did. Suzuki part number 45800-66D01...front suspension cross member... is on it's way to the local body repair shop. Cost of the part...$ labor. I am cutting the labor cost by applying good pentrating oil to the 8 bolts that tie the crossmember to the frame and both the control arm bushing bolts. If I was not 70, I could fix it myself...but not anymore. 152,000 miles so no help is anticipated.... great previously rusted metal used to make the "new" metal I suspect in Asia....although mine says built in Canada. Merry does appear that this has not caused loss of life...yet. :sick:
  • Crossmember came in, was about $232 shipping. Chevy was no help, guess my vin number is not one of the affected units, but I have half dollar sized rust holes between each control arm mounting tab. I'll take plenty of pics and post the results here, and as for chevy, they can go to he... I've owned all GM trucks, and have a pair of old chevelle convertibles for toys. This is the LAST gm product I will own, they obviously don't care about my 8 month old son's safety.
  • 02rr02rr Posts: 7
    I wonder what GM's reasoning is in their handling of these problems, it seems they have little interest in retaining customers or their safety. Please keep us informed with your progress.
  • 02rr02rr Posts: 7
    My 1999 Tracker was denied coverage for its rusted crossmember. The following is what I did with mine. If you chose to do it yourself I've posted how I did it as a guide, I am not an expert it's just information that I think will be helpful. I purchased a new crossmember from for $237.89 including shipping. I replaced the crossmember myself in my driveway. I started by spraying all the bolts with penetrating oil a few times the week before I started. 4 bolts are inside the frame accessible through an oval hole in the frame. 4 bolts accessible from under the hood looking down at the crossmember.4 nuts on the lower control arm pivot bolts (I only removed the front bolts). 2 bolts for the radiator support from underneath the car, as are the 4 bolts for the steering rack not so easy to spray. 1 bolt that secures the power steering hose on top of the crossmember I just sprayed on top of this bolt. To remove the crossmember I removed parts in this order.1) the bolt securing the power steering hose 10mm wrench or socket. 2) 2 bolts for radiator support 12mm socket. 3) 4 bolts for steering rack 14mm socket it is a tight fit between the front differential.4) 2 bolts with nuts for the lower control arms 17mm wrench and socket also ball peen hammer and punch to push bolts out. 5) 8 bolts securing crossmember to frame 17mm socket I had to loosen then tighten spray with oil repeat process a few times be patient. 6) using 2 floor jacks I jacked the front wheels until they were just off the ground (place jacks under the frame at factory designated position). 7) Place jack stands under frame. 8)With an assistant using a 5ft. long pipe or pry bar pry the lower control arm down on one side. 9)Now you can wrestle the crossmember out once you get past the pried down control arm your assistant can stop prying. To install reverse the steps. Remember 2 outer rear bolts in crossmember should be in place before installing as lower control arms block these. Once crossmember was in place I did not fully tighten until after I got steering rack bolted in place. My steering wheel is slightly off center when vehicle is going straight I will look into this (check alignment). I know I covered some very basic concepts in my explanation but this job is not that hard to do for the average person. Also I chose to pry the lower control arm down instead of climbing all the way underneath my vehicle, if you do it this way be careful you do not break it. My Tracker has been a very economical vehicle for the nine years I've owned it. The crossmember rust issue has been a bit of a disappointment for me with GM.
  • aar08aar08 Posts: 3
    Hi - you are very smart and lucky to know how to do all this yourself! Even someone who cant do it themself can use this valuable info to help the person they find to help do this.
    After I read it, it made me wonder what happened when mine was done at the dealership - my 2003 Tracker was covered -BUT - as soon as it was done there is a obvious squeak in the passenger front end area that is really annoying. When I took it back to dealership to have it looked at they said it was NOT related (never heard it before repair). I was sent away confused told to go to a body shop and have it fixed there. And it's not a body shop issue what?
  • Hey guys, here is a video of what a failed crossmember looks like. If yours looks like this, have it repaired ASAP!

  • My daughter was driving her 2000 Chevy Tracker when the Steering went to the right. We took it to a Shop and they told us it was the crossmember.
    I called GM an they could care less. I am so disapponted in them. I guess my daughters safety is not a concern to them. I will never purchase, own, or drive chevy product after this ordeal. I dont care if you own a 2012 or a 1994 vehicle. SAFETY comes first. GM i hope you have financial issues again. I sure wont feel sorry for you!!!
  • I have also had a problem with a rusted out tracker frame. My son had the car at college and said the tires were really wearing badly. Took to a mechanic and was told Do Not Drive! We contacted GM customer service and after some bs were told it was not one of the affected cars.
    Car is currently sitting in a field. has about 80,000 miles.
    I am currently happy with my 2002 Volvo, 2008 Ford Fusion and 2010 Ford F150 and I get nervous about riding in gm vehicles.
  • garmstongarmston Posts: 1
    To:georges erles thank you very much for providing me with all the information concerning the tracker rust warranty. I too have a 2002 tracker with about 55K and a severely rusted sub-frame. A friend suggested a look on the internet where I saw your experience and some folks that didnt fare as well.I called gm and told them of the situation and at first there was some denial. I then mentioned your e-mail with some specific numbers. I gave her my vin# and after a bit of time on hold she advised me that my vehicle was 2 months past the 10 year time limit but if I took it to a gm dealer for inspection they would work with me.I took it Barlow Buick-gmc in manahawkin nj where they advised me it was unsafe to drive. (no surprise!) They contacted gm who authorized the repair at no charge,ordered the part and installed it within a couple days. The gm lady followed up with a phone call to make sure everything was done to my satisfaction. I asked if I could call someone to express my happiness with this turn of events but she said I may receive a survey in which I could do this. Maybe its the gm profit turnaround but whatever,thank you for your message, for providing the forum, and kudos to gm and Barlow buick.

    Gregory Armston
  • I just read your message, and found it very helpful. I corrently own a 2000 Chevy Tracker 2dr soft top, and about 2 years ago the Crossmember rusted through, and was going to buy a new Crossmember within the next couple weeks, so i can get it fixed, but after i read your comment i thought "Hey, if i could do this it would save me alot of money!" Do you think i could take my Tracker into GM and would they fix it for me?

    Thank you so much!

  • silentrecallsilentrecall Posts: 1
    edited June 2012
    GM Customer Service has not responded to 3 separate inquiries from me.

    I own a 2001 Chevrolet Tracker purchased new... and impeccably serviced. Consequently it was quite a surprise to me when recently the vehicle began pulling sharply to the left upon braking. I scheduled immediate service and my mechanic informed me that a part called a "crossmember" was entirely rusted through and could have actually fallen completely off while the automobile was in motion risking serious injury or worse for any occupants of the car.

    I asked him what could have caused this as we both agree that I have been very diligent as far as automobile maintenance is concerned, and he informed me that the local General Motors Dealer indicated that the company had issued a "Silent Recall" on this very issue due to sub-standard anti-corrosive treatment from the originating factory resulting in the rapid deterioration of this part, particularly for vehicles in northern parts of the country where highway de-icers may exacerbate this defect to the point of complete failure.

    Because he was made aware of a "Silent Recall" on this issue when he located a replacement for my vehicle, he informed me that I could expect that General Motors would make good on the repairs as is the usual policy on factory defect recalls. We were both disappointed and surprised to hear that because the "Silent Recall" had ended some 6 months ago at the end of 2011.... the defective part on MY vehicle would not be covered.

    My concern is two-fold.

    Firstly, obviously my mechanic can verify the maintenance schedule I have enjoyed through his business for the last ten years and therefore verify that this failure on the part of your product was in no way due to neglect of any kind on my part. Clearly General Motors was aware of the defective part and had issued a "Silent Recall" for vehicles manufactured during the time frame in which my vehicle was manufactured and driven on the same kind of road conditions to which my vehicle has been subjected during the "Silent Recall" timeframe. It then appears to me that coverage of this defective part was exactly the intent of General Motors in issuing this "Silent Recall", and the fact that I did not discover the failure of this defect until 6 months after the time limits of the "Silent Recall" had tolled is due, again, to no negligence on my part, but instead can be attributed to a diligent professional and personal maintenance schedule that may well have served to retard the degradation of this defective part such that it did not become a "customer apparent" issue until just shortly after the "Silent Recall" deadline.

    Secondly, it is equally clear that if this recall had been made known to me, rather than being issued "silently" I would have had the defective part inspected long ago, and discovered the need for replacement well within the applicable time-frame. Instead, I have been, apparently daily and for quite some time, exposing myself, my passengers, and any other traffic sharing highway space with me to an unnecessary risk of potentially serious consequences had this part failed at either a more critical juncture or a higher speed.

    My service station ordered and installed GM part #91177632 and I paid $791.58 for the parts and labor.

    I feel this expense is one which should have been covered through the General Motors crossmember "Silent Recall" and I am asking for my repair expenses to be reimbursed as per the intent of the recall issuance.
  • lmsc07ctlmsc07ct Posts: 3
    As a followup, I ordered the part online, and did the job myself when GM declined to cover it. Buy a couple of the long and short bolts, they're cheap insurance. I ended up needing two. The job isn't bad, pull the eight bolts out of the corossmember, four off the rack, and the two control arm bolts out. Then pry the control arm down in the front, and the crossmember will slide forward and out. LIke the book says, reinstallation is the opposite of removal.

    As for GM and their rep, thanks. My wife really enjoys her new HYUNDAI SANTA FE, bought at the HYUNDAI dealer to replace the POS Tracker. I'm sad to have a payment now, but happy that my family is safe.
  • I have an 04 Tracker having same issue .. having mech check it this week ... wondering if anyone knows of parts place that will ship this to Toronto Area ... The help is much appreciated
  • I own a 2003 Tracker. My cross member was covered under warranty! Had it replaced about 1 1/2 years ago, but my cross member for my transmission rusted this year, they did not cover this. So please everyone, also check this cross member, as I was told by my mechanic my transmission was about to fall out.
  • do u know the transmission crossmember GM# ?
  • Do you mean part number??
  • I just sent a complaint to GM as well.

    While undercoating my vehicle (2002 Tracker), my mechanic found holes in the front suspension crossmember where it had rusted through. After doing a little research online, I found that GM sent out a “Special Bulletin” replacing this part because of manufacture defects. Unfortunately, though my vehicle was under the mileage, the 10 year life of the extra warranty had expired March 29th, 2012 -- 7 months previously.

    To make matters worse, I contacted the GM head office and they told me to take it to a GM dealer, have them confirm it needed to be replaced then call them back. I followed their instructions only to be told they could offer me $1000.00 off the price of a new vehicle. They conned me out of another $50.00!

    Does GM consider the life of their vehicles only 10 years? Why was this “Special Bulletin” not made a mandatory recall? Why didn't’ GM make more effort to inform the public of this problem? Since the front crossmember of my vehicle has actually rusted through, if I had known this was a common problem I would have had it checked and it would most certainly have been replaced BEFORE the warranty expired. I had the front control arms replaced only a few months ago - they bolt to the crossmember so it has only been since then that the problem was noticeable!

    This is a serious safety issue! If I had not had my vehicle under coated this would not have been discovered until my safety inspection came due. I would have driven this vehicle for 6 months! I could have had a serious accident and even harmed someone else!
  • Have you also checked crossmember for transmission, GM forunately covered my front crossmember, because I was under the years, but when I called about crossmember for transmission, they said this was not covered, even though it is made from same material, and is another crossmember. Check it! another week or so, and I was told my transmission would have dropped out....
  • No I haven't....but I purchased a new crossmember and will have my mechanic check out the one for the transmission when he puts it in for me. Talk about expensive! It cost me $417.34 for the part, the four outside bolts and one inside bolt. They only had the one inside bolt in stock so I may have to go back and buy 3 more at $10.75 each. I haven't even gotten to the labour!
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