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Chevrolet Tracker Rusted Crossmember Subframe



  • gerlesgerles Posts: 5
    To: Gregory Armston
    Great! I am glad to see the info was useful and that you got in under the wire. This should have been a full recall, not a silent one. Aside from that, the Tracker has been an excellent and fun little vehicle. I have a 2-door zr-2 convertible. I like the short wheelbase, the good grip in the snow and the pop-top in the summer. Good Luck!
  • Do you know the part number of the transmission crossmember or how I can get one. We purchased a non running 1999 Chevy tracker that "only needed a head gasket" Come to find out the transmission crossmember is missing! Can't find it or a part number anywhere!
  • tdonaldtdonald Posts: 6
    I do not know part number. I was furnate enough to track this part down at a salvage yard in NB. Sorry
  • I think I may have tracked one down from a salvage yard in GA which is good. 75 bucks which I think is good. The problem is that part was missing when I got my tracker so I don't even know what it looks like and I want to make sure I'm getting the right part. You don't happen to have (or can take) a picture of it. My husband has to install it but that's tricky when you weren't the one that removed it!
  • tdonaldtdonald Posts: 6
    I did see this part..mine cost the same. I can tell you, it was shaped flat on each side, with a little u-dip in the middle, haha! I'm a female. The person who install for me was not a mechanic, and he said it was pretty easy, although I had one in place so he knew what to do..
  • Thank you so much! And that is almost how I'm explaining it to the salvage guy. I said its crooked in the middle because I don't know if it dips up or down when installed, female here too, lol! But I know there are other parts in the middle that it has to go around, hence the 'u-dip', I like that! And then, do you know (or can you find out from the person who installed it) what size bolt/ thread is used. And is there another part that attaches to the transmission?
  • As there are a good number of posts/replys about the rusted crossmembers - the most difficult one to find info about is specifically the Transmission Crossmember. NOT the Suspension Crossmember. Its amazing to me - (lucky for us) - that Chevy covers the Front Crossmember replacement under their "Special Warranty" program, but try to find coverage/info/parts/info about the equally rusted/corroded Tranny Crossmember. I have checked over one hundred locations for all of the above and other than me buying a total salvage vehicle, this part is impossible to find. DOES ANYONE HAVE AN IDEA?...other than having to fabricate one - to the tune of $300-$400...????.........Car runs great, 61k miles, in fantastic condition............but in PA, we cant get it inspected, so we have this beautiful blue/silver "yard paperweight" that will have to be sold for scrap.......ANYONE GOT A SOLUTION??????
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited November 2013
    You might try watching eBay for a while. And you might ask sellers there of similar frame parts if they have any crossmembers.
  • I was in the same boat and you are right there is very little information about the transmission crossmember. I was lucky enough to get one through an online salvage place called Second Chance Auto Parts, Inc. out of Jacksonville, Florida, 888-492-2236. The crossmember came from a junkyard in Georgia and was in perfect condition! I think it ended up costing me $150 free shipping. Bruce is the guy that helped me and he said it wasn't easy to find! I do know that another person on this forum also got one from a salvage yard online. Good Luck!!!
  • I lucked out! And found one at salvage yard for 75.00! Didn't realize they are that hard to find.
  • I own a Suzuki. Sx4 my crossmember in from is rusted... I was wondering if it is covered under recall..........and will I be able to get the part in mass.
  • Best guess is since urs is a Suzuki....find a main Customer Service number for them and call first. Tell them you want to know about recalls, specifically about non-treated/framing members......ask if they have a "Special Coverage Warranty" for the kind of problem you have. If they do, they will point u to a dealer...Take the vehicle there to be inspected and either they, or the Cust. Service folks, will verify your VIN number as to if it qualifies....that's where it starts.........if u get lucky, they will cover it......u may have to pay a $50-$100 deductible, but considering its a $900 repair, not bad......Good Luck!
  • I have a 2001 Chevy Tracker. I purchased from my daughter-in-law's friend's parents. One owner. 62k mileage.
  • I purchased a 2001 Chevy Tracker that has a rusted out front suspension crossmember. I found out when he broke it half due to corrosion last night. I called the customer service # for GM and they claimed there was no recall. I called back and spoke with a supervisor who was really helpful. I am fairly confident this may be taken care of. It took (2) calls but I am hopeful.
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