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Cadillac CTS Engine Problems



  • Well, you can't very well recall a car that has been touted as the "best US sedan ever" can you? Can you? Apparently not. Besides, the tax payers own a large share of the company that is making these POS cars. We would only be suing our selves. :mad:
  • Mine eats up oil I'm still trying to figure out what to do
  • My car eats oil I'm still trying to figure out what to do.
  • Did u ever sell your stocks
  • I am beside myself with my 2006 CTS. Last week my timing chain went. My car only has 58,000 miles on it. It cost $1400 at the Cadillac dealer. I just found this blog and cannot believe all the postings related to the timing chains going at such low mileage. It is a disgrace and Cadillac should do the right thing, issue a recall and refund the people who have already had to pay for this issue. How in the world can Cadillac expect loyal customers when they won't even take responsibility for this major issue????? Are you kidding me Cadillac?????
  • cady2004cady2004 Posts: 13
    edited October 2012
    Good price for the repair.
  • Good morning nymom96,
    We're sorry to hear that you had to make this repair on your CTS; is everything going well now with the vehicle? If you want for us to follow up on anything with your dealership, please contact us at with more details (including your name and Edmunds username, phone and address, the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, and the name of your involved dealership).
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • Better price if Cadillac paid for it.
  • Hello Sarah,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I sent an email to the address provided in your response.

    I hope that GM will do the right thing.

  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,142
    I hope that GM will do the right thing.

    Hold not your breath.
  • Just curious...Isn't the normal life span of a timing chain usually around 80,000 to 90,000 miles?
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,142
    tend to have replacement intervals of 60 - 90K miles. Rumor has it that actual life is considerably greater.

    Timing CHAINS are old-school. They last indenfinitely. . .on other vehicles.
  • jz17jz17 Posts: 1
    Today is my first day on this page and it makes me sick to see so many posts regarding oil consumption on the 05 CTS. I bought mine back in 08 with 31K miles and never had any issues until August of this year. I used to put about 500 miles on my car every three weeks. Now, because of a job change, I put about 500 miles on it every four days with my commute. I drive rural highways with no cell reception and experienced the pinging noise and the check engine light coming on. I immediately called the dealership and made an appointment to take the car in the next day. They told me I was 3 quarts low and they ran tests to ensure no engine damage. When I inquired why the check oil light never came on they had no answer but said oil consumption is normal for Cadillacs...since when? Ever since that day, my car is now consuming oil. I had to add almost 5 quarts last week, 3 weeks after they changed the oil and filter, and yet the check oil light never came on. Of course my warranty ran out in September but was still in effect when the issues started. Any idea to find out how one qualifies for the GM oil consumption program? :confuse:
  • Good morning jz17,

    If you were interested in having an oil consumption test performed on your vehicle, your servicing dealership would be able to do this. Essentially, the test involves you bringing the vehicle in every so many miles and they will measure the loss of oil to determine if it is within the acceptable range. We can help get this process started for you, if you like; please contact us at with more details (including your name and Edmunds username, phone and address, the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, and the name of your dealer).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 571
    You should start checking your oil level with the dip stick every few days. If you had to add approx. five quarts the engine was about to burn out. The oil light is an oil pressure light, not an oil level warning light. They often come on too late to save an engine. Cadillac should be ashamed of this engine.
  • ronyxxxronyxxx Posts: 19
    Okay, what if its burning more than the "acceptable range", which a Dealer told me was a qt every 2k miles and it has over 36k miles on it...Are you going to do anything about it? If so, what?
  • ronyxxx,

    If you've done the oil consumption tests with your dealership and they find that your vehicle is excessively burning oil, they should have access to information on what the appropriate steps are to remedy this. Have you already done the consumption test process?

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • ronyxxxronyxxx Posts: 19
    No I haven't. They want $200 to start the test and a previous GM Customer Service reply said that there was a 36,000 mile limit and my car has 65,000 on it I Don't see the sense in paying for the oil consumption test if its a dead end
  • billpaulbillpaul Posts: 103

    Isn't it about time that GM officially extended the warranty on these engines?

    Given that these engine failures are so well-documented on the internet, I would think that it has to be affecting car sales. Why not do the right thing?

    Note that Honda extended the warranty on automatic transmissions a few years ago when Honda transmission failures were common.
  • madctsmadcts Posts: 6

    My 2008 cts had 60,000 miles on it when it happened to me. They're oil consumption guidelines are a bunch of crap. The way I started was I had them do an oil change. Then, after 3000 miles, took it back and measured what was left. It was almost 4 quarts low! The dealer then did the consumption test for nothing. (100,000 5 year warranty we all have).

    They ended up replacing all the pistons, rings, rods, the whole top end. Then they found out that all that oil in the exhaust ruined the catalytic converters. The converters came loose and jammed into the exhaust pipe. They ended up replacing everything from the heads to the tail pipe!

    They had it for 26 days! I had a rental paid by warranty.

    Take it to another dealer. It does not cost them anything if they know what they're doing.

    They just replaced the water pump last week. (Under warranty)
  • Good morning madcts,

    How is everything running on your CTS now that all of these repairs have been performed?

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • ronyxxxronyxxx Posts: 19
    Glad for you that you were so well taken care of. Mine is an '05 so out of warranty. Probably why Sarah hasn't replied to my reply to her.
  • ronyxxx,

    I hadn't replied as you did not seem interested in proceeding with your dealership; I didn't want to badger you on the issue.

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • synmansynman Posts: 3
    The new Government Motors is worse then the old GM.
    Timing chain issues with my 2006 SRX with 59,000 miles.
    The Blazer I sold to buy this vehicle had 160,000 miles, no drivetrain issues or any leaks.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Are you getting this looked into, synman? If you are working with a dealership and wanted for us to check into this further with them, we can be contacted at (include your name and contact information, a summary of the situation, the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, and the name of your dealer).

    Sarah, Chevrolet Customer Service
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    Your Blazer probably had an old tech 4.3 litre OHV V6. No timing belts or chains like the new tech 3.6 OHC V6 with THREE timing chains. You probably could have driven the 4.3 another 50k to 100k miles without any major engine issues. If I buy GM, it will only be an OHV engine. This means a full size pickup or used car because GM in it's infinite wisdom stop producing its most reliable engines (e.g. 3800 V6). GM hasn't shown it can build a reliable OHC engine. Good luck.
  • Hi,

    Did you ever find out what was wrong with your vehicle? I am experiencing something very similar. My car has cut out on me 4 times (no lights, no steering, no brakes, NO WARNING). The dealer cannot seem to recreate the issue and I am not sure what to do. I purchased the car new (December 2011), so it's not even 1 year old. I need some guideance, so any feedback you can provide will be helpful.

    Thanks! :lemon:
  • Firstnotlast,
    Not sure I have a complete answer for you. I had one Cadillac dealership look at it in Waldorf, MD (not where I bought the car but closer to my home). They had the same problem you did which was not able to recreate the problem. I then took the car to the Cadillac dealership in Greenbelt, MD where I bought the car. They also inspected it top to bottom and were not able to recreate the problem. The problem happened to me 3 times in all since I bought the car at random situations and times. It has not happened to me (knock on wood) since I got the car back from the latest visit. My only thought is that all the inspecting/tightening of all connections from the two dealership visits fixed the problem. If the dealership did not do this, ask them to go through the engine/electrical and tighten/check every connection that could cause this. Maybe this alone will be a solution as it seems for me thus far.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    We're sorry to hear that this intermittent cut-out concern has been interfering with you enjoying your CTS. If we can check into this further with you and your dealership, please email us at with more information (including your name and contact information, a summary of the situation, the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, and the name of your dealership).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • gregbgardt1gregbgardt1 Posts: 2
    edited November 2012
    I was driving a 1998 Honda Accord with 165k miles on it when I decided to buy the CTS with 58k miles. Here is a nice laundry list of repairs one can expect when owning this car:

    03/30/07 - Check service stability system - Diagnosis: replace steering wheel position sensor $262.28 - 61,687 miles

    09/07/2007 - Can't turn car - Diagnosis: Power steering pump failed - $688.51 - 67,235 miles

    09/07/2007 - Noise in rear end at low speeds - Diagnosis: Gears failed, replace carrier assebly - $1307.94

    06/24/2010 - Excessive play in front end - Diagnosis: Replace left front tie rod - $260 - 84,304 miles

    08/23/10 - rear pinion seal leaking - Diagnosis: replace - $264 - 86,009 *also checked for engine oil leak, couldn't tell what it was. See 10/5/12 issue

    03/2011 - Car wont move, spewing fluid, have to tow to dealer - Diagnosis: Coolant line blew, radiator replacement - $667 - 90,000 miles

    07/1/11 - Humming noise in rear end - Diagnosis: replace right rear hub & bearing assembly - $826.68 - 95,295 miles

    03/2012 - Did recommmended 100k tune up - Normal wear and tear but wanted to make sure everyone knows I take care of the vehicle. Also have changed engine oil every 6,000 miles since I have had it.

    10/05/12 - Thud in front left - Diagnosis: replace left front strut - $354 - 111,203

    10/05/12 - Oil leaking from engine - Diagnosis: $5 part failed, replace oil filter adapter gasket - $302 - 111,203

    Currently: 112,000 miles and check engine light is on. The vehicle in not reaching operating temperature Diagnosis: replace thermostat - $700
    Currently: Got stranded on highway cause vehicle ran out of gas, however, not my fault. Tank read 1/4 tank left. Fuel sender is faulty which also has a TSB out there that they manufactured with a faulty part (siphon hose) - Cost to drop tank and replace is $700.

    Needless to say, my honda had one repair from the 60k to 165k I drove it. EGR valves had issues. This CTS has been an absolute lemon so if you are looking to purchase, look forward to taking an additional loan out on the vehicle to the tune of about $6,300.

    Enjoy! Greg. - 40133811
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