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Saturn S-Series Maintenance and Repair



  • mryner99mryner99 Posts: 1
    I have a '95 Saturn SL2 (automatic) with possibly a bad sensor in the gear shifter. I thought my starter went out afew days ago, because I have a "solenoid issue" but when the guy from the tow truck company came out, he attempted to start my car before he towed it. He put the car into neutral, then put on the emergency brake, then put the car back in drive, gave the gas pedal a couple of taps, and turned the key. What do you know, it started. But since then, I have been dealing with this problem. The tow truck driver said that he's not a mechanic, but he thinks it's a bad sensor in the gear shifter, like the shifter has to be put into "Park" perfectly in order for the car to start the next time out. I've gone over a few things, hoping it wasn't a sensor, like my key was wearing out, so I thought it was the key, so I grabbed a spare and used it. The car seemed to start better, and more often, for a couple times. Also, every time I had troubles, I would open the hood and let the engine cool, thinking that the car could only be started if the engine was below a certain temperature. Nothing has worked. So, could you please tell me what is wrong with my car, if I can fix it myself, and how much something like this would cost.
    Thank you for your time...

    M. Ryner
  • Got a good one for you--A elder lady saw me looking at radiator she said put black pepper in antifreeze had already had bars sealer in and it still leaked turned soultion white--not leaking yet DUH :confuse:
  • dulinaadulinaa Posts: 10
    You have a restriction in the a/c system. most likely at the orifice tube, which is clogged with aftermarket stop leak, or compressor parts. compressors can still appear to sound ok running after they imploded. But on the slim-to-no chance, water vapor was introduced into the a/c system and a 'random' restriction of ice forms and melts, relocates, and forms again and again.
  • Funny when charging myself-goes up to red line on guage but now after I pressed in valve nothing came out can was empty
  • lukemorelllukemorell Posts: 1
    edited July 2010
    I have been trying to find out how to fix leaks in my saturn. It is a 1997 sc2 5 speed manual transmission with 130,000 miles on it, i drained the tranny fluid and refilled it with lucas stop leak and dextron III like the manual said, it's not leaking so much from the bottom of the transmission now, but leaking at the top near the clutch, but i didn't overfill it, i think it's leaking around the seals, which is the best way, to fix it, or change out tranny's? Please help. And what should it cost me?
    i was told saturn s series has 4 different trannies, i think mine is DOHC dual overhead cam, how hard are these to repair> Or can i just drive it and make sure i keep tranny fluid in it, and forget reparing it? I like this car and wanted to keep it for a few years.
  • My window regulator and motor are fine but the plastic slide in the window lift bar spit and the regulator lift arm jumped the track. I have a 2000 SL2 but I think all the regulators are identical in the area of the lift bar. I don't want to spent $65 for a new regulator just to get a new plastic slide that will probably break again. My question is: how can I replace just the broken part and keep my old regulator? Who sells replacement parts for the window regulator?
  • Autozone or junkyard
  • Autozone or junkyard
  • phish3phish3 Posts: 1
    is there a quick fix for fouled plugs already put those oil restrictors on bottom of plugs no help
  • put a tea spoon of dot 3 brake fluid in it and it will stop leaking.
  • How long can a noisy wheel bearing be let go-usually a pulsating noise all the time but yesterday when slowing down from 70-high pitched noise have not heard it since How dangerous is this? will it lock up? R Billieux :lemon:
  • you will be going 30mph and the wheel will leave your car.
  • I have an SL2 that hasn't been used in over a year. It needs a new transmission and other stuff. Is it worth fixing?
  • no, junk it out
  • With transmission gone not worth it unless low milage and good body :lemon: :lemon:
  • Did you find a solution to this problem? both of my rear doors are stuck shut just like yours.
  • Stud broken off at manifold about one quater inch of end of bolt protruding tried stud remover tool no dice any ideas Bob B :sick:
  • One of my doors dont work-motor burned out get in car realease manually if that does not work something wrong in keyless entry program :lemon:
  • I need detailed instructions on replacing the shifting cable for my Saturn SC2, specifically how to remove the mounting off of the transmission.
  • I . a 2000 saturn s series. On the throttle body there are 2 vacuum lines, 1 big, one small made of plastic, the small one broke in 2 places. Once where it runs across the top of the throttle body, and second at round junction connection where plastic connect changes to rubber connect on other side to secondary vacuum pump? its a long plastic vac line that goes from top of throttle body to front of block on belt side vac pump. Not sure what it is called. Where can I get a replacement line from and will this take care of ">error code po410?
  • get rid of plastic lines,go to auto parts store get a 4 way + vacum t then various sise vac hose hook up to any little pipe that you see, any open holes in t put hose on and put screw in it.
  • I have a 1996 Saturn Sl1 automatic that I purchased a week ago with 190,000 miles on it. Today it started doing something weird, when I put it in reverse to get out of a parking spot it hesitated for a minute, then I heard a loud bang coming from the front of the car sounding and feeling like I hit something. After the bang it continued to reverse and drove fine. I drove it around a little after this to test it out. Sure enough, the next 2 times I went into reverse it did the same thing. Any idea what's wrong? Similar problems I have read about online suggest I may just need a transmission fluid flush. My car DOES have a small transmission fluid leak and a small oil leak. Does that sound like the solution? Or could I be looking at something more costly? I hope my clutch is not giving out. My last question is, if I continue driving it with this going on, what will happen? I may not have enough money for a fix for at least two to three weeks and if that's going to result in a more costly fix or more damage, I need to know so I can either stop driving it, or avoid using reverse. Any help is much appreciated please & thankyou.
  • s2adamss2adams Posts: 1
    edited June 2011
    I have had a problem with my car not starting randomly for over a year. Its a 1997 Saturn SC2, 1.9 liter dohc, 185k miles. Two different times, months apart, I would go out to my car and it wouldnt start. Both times, I would send it to the shop, and they would tell me it started right up. They mentioned it being flooded with fuel. Now the car is having problems on a daily basis. Sometimes it will start; more often, it will either not even turn over; or it will turn over very slowly, sometimes after numerous attempts. A couple weeks ago, I could drive it to work,and then drive it home after my shift after it had sat for 8 hours. But if I would go to different stores and shut it off more than once or twice, it wouldnt start up again. Usually in those situations, it wont start for hours or even days, but ill come back and try 3 days later and it will start right up. The battery is new; the starter, alternator, and coil packs have all been tested/or replaced; battery cables are new. The car was running hot, which I thought may have caused it to not start, but I replaced the thermostat which fixed the overheating, and there are still starting issues. Wont turn over. Dash lights, radio, running lights all come on...but when i turn the key to attempt to turn it over, the running light shut off. It has also clicked before when I would try to turn it over, but it no longer does that. I do hear a click noise when I turn it over that sounds like it is coming from inside the cab, down under the glove compartment. I dont know what it is, but that is the only noise it makes. In a day or two the car will probably start. And if I run a couple errands to a few stores, it probably will not start at the 2nd or 3rd stop. I would rather not throw money at the ignition unless I can be sure thats what it is and not something simpler.
  • change trans filter and fluid--filter in on engine under hood put sealer in too Bob B
  • I had this problem with a Honda Del Sol I had. After much head scratching, it ended up being loose wiring. Check all of your wiring. Look for loose connections. A wire can be loose and get disconnected for a while (an hour or a couple of days) and then magically reconnect and then everything works fine!
  • If saturn not starting consider a new fuel pump--try waiting till hear click before crankind then with no gas turn key a couple of timed--if not start hit gas pedal twice then repeat that click is fuel pump :lemon:
  • i have a 95 saturn sl1 automatic trans and recently i have enginge code 32 egr and transaxle code 23,24 and sometimes 22 pop up i changed egr and flushed trans and changed filter reset codes and car drives fine for a few hours then my rpms would surge up to 3000 and car gets stuck shifting and then engine code reads again for same transaxle codes car isnt slipping in any gears nor is trans fluid burning can somebody with saturn knowledge help was told to check fuse relays those are fine
  • look to see if the shifter cables are frayed, by the tranny
  • being that everything is so compact where would shifter cable be located and what would be the easiest way to access them
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