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Kia Rondo Real World MPG



  • I am working on one of those "fuller tanks now". Got 90 miles before the needle budged down to the full mark. It then goes quickly between Full and 3/4s. My mileage for this tank will be very good. Then I'll get a weak gas pump and I can't top it off like I can with a forceful pump, and my mileage will suck.
  • flipbflipb Posts: 18
    I've had a 4-cyl '07 Rondo LX since February. I haven't seen the wild swings in MPG mentioned by others here - I've consistently averaged mid-20's, at best around 27.5 and 21-22 at worst.

    However, I recently let the gauge get very low on a long highway trip, including 30+ miles driven with the low fuel light glowing. Given my 8,000 miles of experience with this car, I was very confident based on the miles driven that I wasn't really at risk of running out of gas. Sure enough, even after that experience, it took about 12.5 gallons. On average, I'm putting in about 11 gallons at each fill-up, and I always wait for the needle to get awfully close to "E". According to Edmunds, it's got a 15.8 gallon tank. Doesn't it seem pretty pessimistic for the fuel gauge to hit "E" when there's 3-4 gallons (~75-100 miles) left in the tank?

    Anybody else notice this?

    Also, I found it interesting that the Rondo is EPA-rated 21/29, while my wife's '06 Hyundai Sonata is rated 24/33. The two cars have the same engine and transmission, and curb weights are within 75lb of one another. In reality, my wife and I get very similar mileage - if anything, the Rondo uses less fuel than the Sonata, but that's largely because of differences in our city/hwy mix.
  • If you are only able to pump 11 gallons from an "E" indicator, I'd say something is "different" (not necessarily broken) about your Rondo---the gauge, the sender, the tank, or the fill pipe, etc. Only pumping 12.5 gals after driving 30+ miles under low fuel warning is strange. I've filled up with 14 gals and my light hadn't come on yet.

    One would think the Sonata would clearly out-mpg the Rondo, given the EPA rating and the differences in slipstream profile (drag efficiency).
  • flipbflipb Posts: 18
    Interesting that others haven't had the same experience. I guess fuel guage/float/sensor equipment is one thing that's probably difficult to calibrate with precise consistency at the factory. I've rarely gone more than 300 miles on a tank because the gauge has me constantly second-guessing myself, but I might start waiting for the trip odometer to get closer to 350.

    On the subject of inaccurate gauges, I also suspect that my speedometer is a little off. Whenever I pass one of those stationary radar installations where it shows your speed, I always find that the speedo shows 3-5mph higher than the radar. I actually don't mind this at all - I drive 70-75 (indicated) on the highway, never worried that I'll get a speeding ticket but also never feeling like I'm going too slow.

    Regarding the Sonata, we've been fairly disappointed with its fuel economy. But my wife's commute is an 8-mile drive that takes 30 minutes in rush-hour traffic, so that probably explains a lot.
  • I've driven over 6000 miles (mixed highway/city/traffic jams/rural, with and withuot AC, sometimes with open moonroof) in an EX V6 and always got a consistent 20-22 mpg (American). I've tried to use the manual shift, and discovered that it will not allow me to go to 5th gear under 38 mph (However, if you are already at 5th, it will stay there until around 30 mph). We have a lot of flat rural roads, which are limited by signs to 30-35 mph. So instead of driving of 5th, it rides on 4th, which I assume contributes to the lousy gas performance. A similar behavior is also for 4th, although at lower speeds. Anyone else noticed these, or am I mistaken?
  • bmorsebmorse Posts: 1
    I've had exactly the same experience. We got our Rondo in June (EX V6). Mileage started out in the high 20's, and has been dropping steadily since. The last couple months we've averaged 17 - 19 MPG in mixed driving. We are very careful drivers in terms of gas consumption, so I would expect to be hitting the upper end of the expected mileage. Haven't brought it into the dealer yet, but from the other postings, I'm not expecting them to be much help.
  • At 3000 miles, my 2007 4-cyl Rondo is still delivering good all-around mpg (20-30 mpg, depending on the rato of city to hwy driving I do. but the issue of declining mpg over time rang a bell with me, so let me relate something.

    My daughter bought a new 2006 Honda Civic in 6/2006. She began by getting amazing mpg 30-41 in city/hwy driving (and it's not a hybrid). Recently at 10,000 miles, she could not top 34 mpg on straight hwy driving. I told her to run the best fuel injector cleaner she could fine at Autozone through two consecutive tankfuls. Problem has been solved. I experienced the very same thing with my 2006 Vibe,

    Before you rely on the dealer to fix things, try this. Given the amount of soot that collects at the tailpipe tips on the Rondo, I plan to do the same if/when its mpg drops.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    Morons indeed. But when gas makes a sudden big jump it is surprising how many become sensible drivers. And somebody needs to teach them sensible driving. Where is the cop?
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    On 3000 mile roadtrip, averaged about 26 MPG. This is I-4 in '07.
    Rather disappointed since I got that or better in my old Aurora with V-8, much heavier vehicle, on same trip and it is much better in ride, handling, quiet, and voom voom, performance (250 HP).

    Would readers please check and post back if you have full time engine braking, got to hurt milage. You can tell when you take foot off accelerator and engine does not fall back to idle RPM or bump into neutral and see if you coast easier.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    Reading through the discussion, I see where some do and suggest pumping tires harder. Although on the highway you will not be doing as much cornering, controlled by the outer edge of tire, you might need that in an emergency situation. Certainly don't under inflate, except maybe when trying to become un-stuck. But too hard will also give a poor ride and greatly change handling characteristics. A change as little as one pound PSI can make a big difference, but always stay within safe range. And this will vary by tire make and model. Too hard will also be hard on suspension and struts.
    Some suggest checking pressure monthly. Some tires naturally seep some air, more some than others. And seasonal transitions, warm to cold, will need more attention then going cold to warm to keep from under-inflation.
  • I can understand your feelings, but I am a realist. My 2003 Monte Carlo, at 3400 lbs with a V6, used to top 30 mpg on the hwy. Your Aurora, with a V8 and at 3800 lbs probably got near to 28 on the hwy.

    My Rondo, I-4 LX, and at 3300 lbs, will push 28 mpg on the hwy.

    The Rondo, even with a V6, is probably a little underpowered for its weight. But the gas mileage difference is probably all about drag efficiency (or lack thereof) of the vehicle's profile as it cut through the air, and the tranny gearing. The drag of my Monte and your Aurora was much less that the Rondo's, for sure.

    I own a 2002 Firehawk, powered by a 345 hp LS1 V8. Next to a C-5 Corvette, it was the most "drag-less" design ever marketed by GM. That, plus a 6th gear overdrive, gives me 28 mpg on the hwy.

    Anyway, I love the functionality/versatility the Rondo gives me, and the ride, while not equal to some sedans, is much better/smoother/quieter than by 2006 Vibe, and my daughter's 2006 Civic.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    Well, actually mine was the Classic weighing in well over 3900 lbs and with 20 gal of gas, probably well over 4000 lbs. But do not expect that milage over 80 and from 85 up it goes down hill fast. Sure would love a run in the Autobahn version, just once anyway.
    What I'm crying about is the milage with the I-4.
    Appreciate the input on Vibe and Civic. Don't like noisy cars since the Aurora.

    Drag could be a big factor. But can haul a 10 foot 2X on the inside (hidy hole in rear arm rest). And I guess I could put a roof rack on.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    Plus once you get a car going on the highway of any weight, it's pretty easy to get good MPG if it's aerodynamic, so don't try to compare the Rondo based on highway MPG but on average MPG compared to your other cars.
  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaPosts: 600
    with over 4,000 km on my 2008 Rondo EX with the 2.4L, my mileage has ranged from a low of 26mpg to a high of 34mpg (imperial gallon).

    Regarding the aerodynamics, I have found that surprisingly, its not as prone to side winds as much as my previous vehicle which was 10" lower in height.
  • I have a 2006 Sportage EX, 6 cylinder. Great vehicle. I get 18 mpg city average, and as high as 30 mpg on the highway going 70 mph with CRUISE CONTROL. I use cruise control as much as possible. I've also noticed that when I use the higher octane gas I get much better mpg than when using plain regular (87 octane). But generally I always use the cheap stuff because of the price. My wife wants the Rondo! She also loves to drive the Sportage because it's so fun to drive and the visibility is great all around. She has a Honda 2008 2 door coupe Accord! Go figure...
  • Well my Sportage tells me my mpg average in the tripometer section, don't know if the Rondo does, but you have to zero out the mpg every once in a while to get your CURRENT mpg. I zero it out when I get on the freeway. Otherwise, you might think your mpg is bad because you just did a bunch of mixed city-highway driving and it's going to give you the average of both. The gas you use makes a big difference, also. And use your cruise control whenever possible!
  • bgwbgw Posts: 116
    I believe the only Rondo with a trip computer (including fuel economy readout) is the EX V6 Luxury model, which I have. Mine is a 2007, maybe more 2008 models have it.
    So far, I am getting about 24-25 mpg around town and up to 33 on the highway. That's in Canadian gallons (4.54 litres versus the smaller US gallon, 3.76 litres). That's with 2 adults and 2 kids, and when on the highway,we usually also have a full load of stuff. Of course, I also use cruise whenever I can.
  • Well, that kind of mileage sounds good to me, Canadian or U.S.!
  • Please, I know that the car is a KIA, but things are just not that weird. You are getting great gas mileage all the time, people are always trying to find something wrong. You've got a great vehicle, and the engine is NOT doing anything strange. Your gas tank theory is bizarre. This car is not that complicated. The tank is full or not. You cannot "force" more gas into the tank. I don't know how you are figuring out your mpg, but there are some factors that can make it vary: The quality of gas, city vs highway useage, and if you use cruise control when possible, and your driving habits. By the way, you will NEVER get 41 miles per gallon. Not even Kia will lay claim to that one. I have a Sportage 2006 EX V6 (loaded) and have not had ONE problem. I get about 18 city, 22-27 highway, and as high as 30 mpg on the highway with cruise. Also, did you know that the engine in the Rondo is the same one used in the the Dodge Avenger? Wild, eh?
  • All I can say in reply is that I know how to calculate mpg and these were the figures I got on that trip. On one exit-to-exit expressway measurement, I got 41 mpg.

    Since posting that message, I've simply stopped filling the tank whenever the auto-off mechanism at the pump cuts off the filling. In mixed driving, I've been getting 19-28 mpg---pretty much how the car is now rated by EPA.

    I did have a spell where the mpg on 3 back-to-back tankfulls was on the low range (19-21), even though there was many hwy miles involved. I put a good fuel injector cleaner through much a full tank, and the mpg went right back, on the next mostly hwy miles tank, to 26 mpg.
  • sra1sra1 Posts: 20
    Rented a Rondo - LX V6 - from Enterprise over the weekend and got 22.356 mpg on it. City driving in Dallas suburb, but some on local freeway system.
  • I rented a Rondo V6 from national last week with 9k miles on it.
    I drove from RDU to charlotte, around charlotte for 3 days (avg 20-25 m per day)
    than back to RDU.
    I made it all the way back to greensboro on a single tank so i estimate around 400 miles on that tank going 80-90 on cruise.
    I filled up and reset the trip counter and headed back to RDU to return the car at 80-90 MPH on cruise.
    when i got to the airport exit i filled the tank one more time. it took 2 .0x gallons and the trip showed 81 miles.
    the gas guage said full, i ran it till it stopped.
    HOW DID I GET 41MPG???? that is crazy.
    could the gas tank be messed up and miss out on a full gallon?
  • ...I too once recorded 41 mpg on my Rondo (2007, LX, I-4cyl) during an interstate stretch.

    Since the car really can't do that, and since I've never had it happen since, it's clear, to me at least, that I overfilled the tank and fill pipe on the 1st fill-up, ran the miles up, and then underfilled the tank.

    After 4 months of general driving, I range from 19-28 on the Rondo, only on rare occasions having it dip below 21 mpg. I'm getting used to calculating 23-25 mpg.
  • I-4 LX 3rd seat. I have over 25,000 miles on my Rondo. I range from 24-30 mpg in a mixture of city/urban driving. I estimate my average at 28 mpg.

    My tank fill-up fluctuates and it is hard to tell when the tank is really full. I try to always fill up using the same gas station the the same gas pump when possible. This is the only way I seem to fill the tank completely. I know that the tank is full when I get close to 80 miles before the needle moves from F position. I usually drive 400 - 450 miles per tank of gas.
  • crewzincrewzin Posts: 76
    I filled up the wife's EX V6 the other day and I wanted to get as much in as possible. I usually stop when the pump clicks off itself. When I do that the needle is usually right above the full mark, but this time I kept putting in more gas a little at a time and it kept clicking off but I kept on going. It took 1.4 gallons more than the first click off but it's a pain to stand there and keep pumping more each time it stopped.
  • Southerndrive:

    Consider yourself one of the lucky ones who owns an I-4 LX Rondo consistently getting that kinda of mileage!

    I once got 75 miles before the needle moved, and it was the time I recorded a spurious 41 mpg---a questionable measure that I've not repeated.
  • hopx4hopx4 Posts: 11
    That's great mileage! For the first 10 tanks of gas in my EX V6 I"m averaging 24.5 MPG. The range is from 21.9 to 27. My mileage is about 75% highway and its usually just me in the car. My commute is 42 miles each way and I do that in 45-50 minutes, so there are very few lights or stops. My highway miles are usually at 70-80 MPH.
  • I have a 72 mile commute each day on a two lane country road between towns. I travel 65 mph with most traffic travelling the same speed which means I keep the car on cruise control. I check my mileage everytime I fillup and the lowest was 23.5 mpg and the highest was 32 mpg, but I know both of those were not correct due to an inability to fill up the tank.
  • After saying above that my wildly variable mpg calculation days may be behind me, it just happened again this week, over the same miles/driving course.

    Tank #1: 146 miles on 7.5 gal. = 19.5 mpg
    Subsequent Tank #2: 88.5 miles on 2.1 gal. = 42.1

    The tank I am working on now looks to be going back to the low side.....

    I'd understand some variability, but this great range is baffling. There's is no doubt in my mind that, on occasion, the gas tank allows a lot more, or a lot less, gas to be drawn in.
  • sra1sra1 Posts: 20
    If you are only filling up to the point the pump cuts off, one cause may be that pumps deliver at a different rate of flow and, depending on the capacity of the fuel filler pipe, it may cut off earlier at one pump than another. This would just be due to the fuel backing up in the pipe and tripping the gas nozzle prematurely.
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