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Audi A5



  • Audi A5 is one of the prestigious cars of Audi...Five-link front suspension with upper as well as lower control arms, stabilizer bar and individual, gas-charged coil springs/shock absorbers , plus Independent trapezoidal-link rear suspension with rigid subframe, stabilizer bar and individual, gas-charged coil springs/shock absorbers , even it can fold upto 30 MPH... there are many other features that Audi A5 has.. One of the best piece from Audi..
  • anyone have the nav and b&o systems in their a5? worth getting, or safe to skip?
  • I am considering buying an Audi A5 ; what are road noise/interior noise/maintenance issues
  • volvo_drivervolvo_driver Posts: 34
    edited March 2011
    Interior road noise is almost nonexistent. I had a hard-top 2006 Volvo C70 previously and was concerned that a soft-top would be much noisier. The reality is my 2010 Audi A5 is quieter. The Audi's soft-top is so well insulated. I could not be happier with the switch from the Volvo C70 hard-top to the Audi A5 soft-top. No maintenance issues either - only thing was it requires topping off the oil fairly frequently due to the efficiency of the engine I was told.
  • tslbmwtslbmw Posts: 172
    I was in the same boat and finally decided on a used manual 3.2 quattro. It's an 09 with 30K miles and I couldn't be happier. This is truly an amazing car...and not just the looks, but the handling, interior, smooth/slick 6 speed, B&O system, etc...just an overall excellent car.
  • nash4unash4u Posts: 5
    Hello All,

    Ok, Let me first tell you about my situation. I am Single 28 yrs old, just recently got a job and want to buy a new car. It should have sporty features but should also be a good value for my money.

    I have test driven a few cars and have made my mind on 2012 Audi A5 and 2012 Audi TT. I am planning to finance this car for about 5 years and then maybe sell it off.

    Please let me know which car would you recommend as my first sports/luxury car.

    a few points that I have in my mind for these cars is as below:

    1. Audi TT has been one of THE sports cars offered by Audi but Audi A5 is a little more spacious.

    2. Both the cars have and I-4 engine, 212 HP and 258 lb-ft of Torque hence there is not much of a differentiation here.

    Which one would be the right car to invest today as per my needs.

    Or do you think i should go for a more powerful engine such as a V6 offered by BMW 338i coupe or Infiniti G37??

    Any advise is highly appreciated.

  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    I think the TT would make a better sports car

    The A5 more livable; in 2 years you get married have kids...they'll fit in the back. Want to go out to dinner with another couple...the seats are fine.

    I haven't driven the A5 with the 2.0T...but the 3.2 felt real nice (and the S5 felt Reeaalll nice).

    I haven't taken either for an extended time on the highway but i would *guess* the A5 is a little more tolerable for long periods of time.

    I've been watching the used car market for the A5 since it's come out and the prices haven't dropped very much. I haven't compared any numbers versus other vehicles, but it appears as though the A5 retains its value (relatively of course).

    If you want to take your *new* car to auto-cross on the weekends...then the TT may be the car for you.

    I vote for the A5...but wouldn't pause for a moment if somebody else suggested the TT.

    The TT seams more of a niche vehicle...but as the saying the car for your self, not the next person.
  • looking @ the 2012 A5 premium plus....... does any one have any experience they would share of the sport package.......... is it worth it... Thx
  • Hi,

    I'm about to purchase an A5 next week. I usually keep my cars for 5-7 years to get the best value out of them. To those that have A5s do you plan to keep your A5 for a decent amount of time? Any reliability or maintenance issues that concern you?

    Thanks in advance and Happy Holidays to all.
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
    "The 2013 Audi A5 receives a face-lift and a few minor interior revisions. Audi Connect mobile WiFi also debuts. The A5's 2.0T engine is a mixed bag. It gives this coupe and convertible class-competitive acceleration and great fuel economy, but it doesn't sound as refined as a six-cylinder at high revs and it transmits some off-putting vibrations through the steering wheel."
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  • I've recently bought myself the Audi A5 2.0TDI Quattro Sport from a dealer in Leicester which was both advertised and sold on the basis it was a quattro. The V5C also states this. However, there are no badges, markings or confirmation on the car what so ever and I'm not entirely sure this is the real thing. My suspicioun was raised having given a little too much throttle leading to a wheel spin which felt like front wheel only??

    As you can no doubt imagine, I'm not mechanic or motor specialist but do enjoy driving a nice car. Having moved into a very rural place I was looking for something that was good for the city but could cope with the winter given my travels. Could anyone shed any light on how I could check this (in a language I could understand please - Idiot proof).

    Thanks to all.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    It should show on your 'windows sticker' and your sales documents.

    Is it a 2013? Coupe or Cabriolet?
  • kechal12kechal12 Atlanta, GAPosts: 26
    Looking at buying a 2013 A5 cab. prem plus but it's hard to find one with both Sport package And Comfort package. Is the comfort package worth it? Does it make a meaningful difference? I live in MA so it's cool even in April.
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
    Bet those neck warmers would come in pretty handy for driving with the top down during cool weather. ;)

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  • kechal12kechal12 Atlanta, GAPosts: 26
    Does anyone have an opinion on the difference in performance characteristics of the A5 cab with and without the Sport package?
  • subewannabesubewannabe Posts: 403

    I am astonished there hasn't been a post on this forum in almost a year, Anyway, in response to the last post, the sport seats are great, the sport ride is tight ,considering its a 4000lb + vehicle, almost harsh for a luxury car. The cost of all-season radials for the low profile 19" sport wheels will make you weep. In the meantime, I have the top down 90% of the time driving in western North Carolina in my '10 a5 Cabrio, love the B&O sound and audi local dealer's maintenance and service has been outstanding. I've added 1/2 quart of synth ol in 12K miles.

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