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Saturn Aura New Owner Reports



  • aj24aj24 Posts: 4
    Is anyone experiencing a sqeeling sound mainly upfront with their brakes. I don't even have 16,000 miles on my 07 Aura EX. I've been told my brakes and pads were good, but to get rid of the noise I needed to resurface rotors. Another brake shop offered to change pads out. Is this possible to be experiencing this noise so soon. Do I really need brakes? Also, what the hell is warranted on this car?!
  • I was drunk when I bought this POS. Should I pour water in the gas tank, crash it into a snow bank, or set it on fire? I would leave it in a bad neighborhood with the keys to hope it gets stolen but no one will steal a Saturn. :lemon:
  • LOL, I feel your pain this vehicle is so poorly built it's not funny. I am currently going through the arbitration process to get GM to buy back my piece of @&;$)(;! We don't have a lemon law in Canada.
  • Thanks. If you throw in the bailout, I really bought one and a half.
  • martianmartian Posts: 220
    I was looking at my wipers (2007 AURA XR), and it looks like there is a blade pointed up. Can you rotate the arm, so as to use the blade which is pointed up?
    Or this this some wierd design that will cost me $100/refill blade?
    The warranty will cover resurfacing the front rotors. Don't let the dealer tell you otherwise and if they do than call the Saturn Customer Service Center at 800-553-6000. My dealer resurfaced my rotors for brake noise and I haven't had a problem since.
  • tbran1tbran1 Posts: 3
    Bought this for my wife after her 2006 Saturn Ion (50 k flawless miles ). 3k miles so far and this car is also flawless. Wife loves it ...(she says more than me)... turns heads wherever we go in "Ocean Mist" color...( wife says it's her) ... of course I have learned not to argue.
  • I've had my 2008 Aura XE almost 2 years now. It has been great (40K miles). No problems. It has the sunroof, premium alloys, and what I think is called 10-way power seat. The only annoyance is the black door armrest panels. The surface layer nicks and some peeling. But I'm taking care of that. I just ordered a OEM woodgrain kit to cover it. It also comes with other pieces that I probably won't use. I saw someone else's Aura where they did the same thing. It looks great. I have the V6 and the mileage is very impressive....25 around town and as much as 35 on the highway.
  • I finally got rid of that piece of crap through an arbitration award and
    then got into an 09 G8 that is now at the dealership with the engine in pieces
  • I'm so sorry, Hawksnest1
    I just got rid of my 07 AURA XE for a 2007 VUE. I hope it lasts me a long, long time. It has 44,000 miles on it; and seems to be in great shape. I made sure I took out the agreement for 48 months bumper to bumper; now I hear Saturn is going out; but someone has to honor the maintenance agreement.
    Cars are a royal pain.
  • sr71sr71 Posts: 8
    So all of the Saturn dealers will be closed down soon. The warrantee is to be handled by select GM dealer ships. I called a Chevy dealer near me and got a negative reply. (Were not working on those things) Yikes! Not good news.
  • martianmartian Posts: 220
    I have a 2007 Aura XR. I love the car-one problem, however. The passenger side seatbelt sensor is intermittently failing-it goes off when nobody is sitting in the seat. The sensor has been replaced 3 times, and I am not about to pay for another attempt (the car is out of warranty).
    Can I simply disconnect it (or disconnect the chime module)?
    Frankly, this is ridiculous-if you are too stupid to use your seatbelt, it is your problem.
    However, I am concerned that disconnecting the seat sensor might disable the airbag. :confuse:
  • For 2 and 1/2 years my Aura got great gas mileage. Then in about April of 2009 it went to hell. There are time when I get as low as 11 mpg in town and 18 to 20 on the highway. The dealer did 2 test drives and said they got 29 mpg highway.

    I occasionally get good results also but generally bad.

    Also getting some surging in power. Sudden bursts of speed and then poor power. RPM fluctuating.

    Anyone having this problem?? I am getting the run around from the dealer and corporate.
  • I have had my 2007 Saturn Aura XR for over 3 years now, and it is complete junk. It is the worst built car I have ever owned. I have had the steering rack fail (I couldn't turn left), left rear brake caliper was manufactured incorrectly allowing all of the brake fluid to leak out (that was one scary panic stop), transmission was manufactured incorrectly (reverse randomly engaged, 3rd, 5th, and 6th gears would not fully engage. Reverse issue nearly killed a pedestrian, top gear issues kept gas mileage in the mid to high teens on the highway, dealers took over 1 year to admit to problem, when I presented video evidence), The catalytic converters became clogged at 47,000 miles and had to be replaced, the radio stopped working (a wire somehow shredded behind the dash).

    I can't get rid of this garbage. When I called GM to ask about repurchasing the car or giving some kind of renumeration, I was told I should have purchased an extended warranty. So, I infer, and I you should as well: GM builds horrible cars, so you better buy the extended warranty, or else you will need to pay for the repairs and the rental car that your neighbors think you own.
  • I have had my 2008 Saturn Aura for 3 years now and I love it. There are a couple of minor interior things that are much to be desired though. The buttons on the steering wheel-the black material is starting to come off on the buttons that I use the most. Also on the driver side door, the black material is starting to peel off where you rest your arm. Is anyone else having this issue? Is this something that would have been covered under warranty?
  • dinofdinof Posts: 106
    These items should be covered if you have less than 3 yrs and 36,000
    miles on your odometer. I have a 2007 Aura XR and my car is not showing this type of wear as yet . Try protecting those areas with a product such
    as Macguires Interior Protectant for all surfaces . It may save you from
    further damage.
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