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Volkswagen Beetle Engine Problems



  • slloydslloyd Posts: 1
    My beetle is a 2.0ltr petrol and the engine light cameon so i booked it in the garage and the computer found that the lamard sensor was faulty,I left the car and the job was done then the garae phoned me to collect the car,when i collected the car the car would not rev little smoke was coming out the car is just a mess now hard to drive as when you press the accelarator pedal the car will not rev just sounds flat with the odd back fire but if you rev the car very slowly the car revs perfectly with no problem its just when you rev as normal it does not like it,the garage asked me too take the car a hey had no room to store it so now i need HELP !!! :confuse:
  • My daughter owns a 2003 VW Beetle Turbo. After the car is sitting in the sun for several hours and gets hot, when she shuts the engine off there is a grinding noise. The battery and starter were just replaced. Any clues?
  • kssdkssd Posts: 2
    I am having the same problem . The car was bought in Arizona and now lives in Colorado. When it gets under 30 degrees it does not start (it starts and dies ) I have had the imobilizing sesor replaced but it is still doing it, did you ever find a solution to your hard starting problem?
  • I have a 2001 beetle have the same diagnosis by several mechanics they say it's the radio had stereo shop check it out said no way radio is hooked up properly check engine light been on for over a year can't get car smogged because of it could it be the gas cap. When a couple of mechanics tried to find the code there machines blew up could it be the gas cap or something else
  • how do you get the check engine light off after doing all these repairs . Is it possible to disconnect the battery cable by leaving it off for a period and hope it resets itself can that be done?
  • hrumlandhrumland Posts: 1
    For a year or two, the check engine light has come on and the VW shop's computer indicated a faulty or blocked mass-flow sensor which I have solved with MFS spray. Ironically, it had a beetle on the sensor screen. This fixed the problem for a while until my car was hit in the right rear fender. This turned on the engine light because it broke the carbon cylinder of the emission control system which had to be replaced ($500)!
    If your check engine light stays on and the shop has checked/cleaned replaced the mass-flow sensor and/or the oxygen sensor, have them check the carbon cylinder, it may be cracked, thus affecting the vacuum.
    Good luck
  • muncymuncy Posts: 10
    my 1999 vw will start and run great for around 30 mins then stall need to wait 20 mins till it starts, got codes said problem in my evap emission control sys malfunction, any help please
  • mdove0829mdove0829 Posts: 1
    I need help trying to figure out what my cars problem is. I've only owned this car for 2 months now and I'm having a lot of problems out of it.
    1. After running the car lower than I normally do on gas, the gas light comes on and I go to the gas station to put gas in it, and now it won't start for a few minutes. It takes like 5 minutes to start. It cranks but won't start.
    2. After I cut it on and off so many times, like if I have a couple errends to do in town it takes like ten minutes for it to start back up. Again it cranks but won't start.
    It's like it gets too hot but my tempature gauge doesn't show anything on it. It doesn't blink red or anything to let me know it's overheating.
    I have a few codes that come up on the computer that diagnosed it, egr valve, turbo coolant malfuntion, o2 sensor bank 1 running to lean. I've replaced the o2 sensor and it's still saying it's running to lean.
    Please I need help and ideas for how to get my car running right
  • belaircarguybelaircarguy Posts: 107
    I see your engine is a turbo. Those do run hotter than a non turbo engine. I have been told that if you just idle the engine for perhaps 30 seconds before you turn off the motor, it will help cool off the engine somewhat and will lead to a longer turbo and engine life. You might want to give it a try, as it sounds like you car is starved for gas and to cool down before it will start again. The gas may be evaporating as the engine is hot.

    Bel Air Car Guy
  • hans15hans15 Posts: 1
    We have a 1999 VW Beetle that we bought used with 17k miles, it now has over 200k and runs great. We buy gas and tires in addition to regular service. The Beetle is a great car.
  • Ok engine light cane on took it to auto zone had it read they said bad o2 sensor they had to order it . So I drove it on to work bad smell from conveyor ok , then today left work car kinda stalled the EPC light came on the car would not rev up no matter how much pedal i gave it only idle so 5 speed have to drive 20 mph all the way home , Did this bad o2 cause this ? or my throdle body sensor going also please help !!!!!
  • The engine light came on and had it read it said o2 sensor but they had to order it I live in a small town . well I could smell the converter stink but had to drive it anyway . So when I was leavin work today the EPC light came on and the gas would not work anymore only idle so hav to come home at 20 mph will changing the o2 sensor fix this or am i in for more problems HELP.
  • my daughter has a 1999 beetle and yesterday I started it in the driveway to let it warm up. it ran good for the first couple of minutes then I heard a popping noise and I looked and oil was coming out somewhere in the front of the car all over the driveway not a little but a lot like almost the entire motors worth only took 10 seconds to get that much oil. it was still running and I shut it off as soon as I could. is there something that could pop off on the motor? there is no room to see anything unless I start taking parts off and I haven't got a chance to do that yet. the motor did not make any nocking sounds. has anybody experienced this or do you have an idea of what to check.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 61,442
    edited January 2016
    Based on somewhat sparse information, one scenario I came up with is excessive crankcase pressure caused by a defective PCV system--probably due to poor maintenance of this item (presuming my WAG is correct).

    You might check to see if the oil filler cap came off.

    Another idea is that the oil filter gasket blew--also related to excess crankcase pressure.

    Another scenario is that the engine suffered fuel dilution from a defective fuel injector, causing gasoline to mix with the engine oil and thus an internal explosion in the crankcase.

    Are you quite sure this is engine oil and not power steering fluid?

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  • wendywendy floridaPosts: 1
    hottaco69 said:

    Every now and then the car has these sort of "hiccups", where I feel the fuel isn't getting to the motor sufficiently and the car begins to have spurts of speed and then will cut off and then on again. At the beginning, the motor would just shut off and as soon as I would turn it back on it would be fine, but now its getting out of control; I'll be driving and all of a sudden it will feel like some one pinched the fuel line and I will instantly loose 10 MPH and then it will go back and forth. I notice this happens usually when I have the AC on (set to a low or 1). I have taken it to 2 different VW dealerships and they have both said the same thing, and have found nothing wrong with the car. I am going crazy because no one can tell me what the hell it is or what the F$#% I should do. I hope someone could help me in this matter, PLEASE.


    P.S. Nothing has been done to the car, and has all of its stock parts

    Minw did that, i replaced the Mass air flow sensor
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