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Toyota Tacoma 2004 and Earlier Frame Problem



  • I hate to tell you this otto8. I found out the company that supplies frames for Toyota's trucks and it's Dana Corporation. I believe its main office is somewhere in Ohio. :lemon:
  • How do you post a pic here?
  • You have to put your photo on a hosting site and then post the link to that photo here.
  • ern3ern3 Posts: 2
    I am in the process of turning in my 99 tacoma because of the frame. But, as I am looking at other vehicles, I don't see any I want to own. Does any one know if the Toyota frame problem has been fixed? If I buy a 2007 or 2008 tacoma, will I eventually have the same problem????
  • otto8otto8 Posts: 116
    yEA .......M ade by Dana in mexico along with the beds, springs and
    a host of other parts. 45% or LESS US and Canadian part contents.
    tundra too!

    Anyhoo......With toyotas NEW tacoma plant in BC MEXICO you
    wouldn't want to guess what will happen down the road?

    SHAFTA hard at work to benefit the USA and Canada!
  • Well, I hope the HELL toyota has some quality control measures going on down there. This is the best way to lose customers.....Ask the BIG 3. They seem to have learned that it's not a good idea to keep screwing your customers. Kudos to the big 3 for trying. Lets hope toyota does the same. At least they have stepped up for this problem. Now I am worried about the 2001 s and above.
  • releaserelease Posts: 8
    Can someone tell me definitively whether or not they allow you to leave with your truck if it fails inspection. Most of the posts here imply that if it fails they cease it on the spot but when I went to toyota, the person I spoke with said he thought that it was my choice whether or not they kept it. also, does anyone who has gotten an offer letter know which of the KBB prices they were offered 150% of?
  • Mine failed, but not so bad that I couldn't drive it. You can drive it. Now, if they deem it too bad (cracked frame, etc.) then they will keep it. Too Unsafe. As far a KBB, I am still waiting.
  • tlampstlamps Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 Tacoma with some heavy rust on the frame. I had my truck inspected last week at a local service shop and the mechanic told me about the frame problems and that Toyota may buy it back. I don't really want to lose my truck, but I don't want it falling apart driving down the road. My 2000 only has $61k miles on it.
    I have an appointment with the dealer on Thursday, when I called the service tech said this was a new process and he was not sure how it worked? This will be interesting.
  • releaserelease Posts: 8
    Scheduled my appointment today. The woman at the desk told me that I can keep the truck even if it fails and the KBB price that she said is quoted is the "retail" which is the highest of the 3 prices. we'll see.
  • pdavepdave Posts: 1
    I wouldn't recommend buying another Toyota. If you check around on the Internet, there are newer Toyotas with frame rust problems. Toyota's frame is a "box" frame which means water gets trapped in the frame during the winter causing rust, especially if you live in an area where salt is used for snow. The US "big three" trucks use an "open frame" and water can't get trapped inside.
  • I just took mine in to the dealer during my lunch. It took me 2 weeks to get the appointment. They allowed me to take my truck (98 Tacoma 4X4 Extracab, 100,000 miles, Northern New England) home since they deemed it safe to drive (1 hole, low in the frame). The service deprtment has started "the process" and I should here from Toyota within 1-2 weeks. I am hoping they will buy it back. I am sure the resale value on these has dropped significantly. Has anyone heard of Toyota fixing the frame and not offering the buyback? Thats what I am afraid of.

    I know of from 5-7 trucks that have been taken back by Toyota (3 of these trucks belong to co-workers), most similar stories (150% of KBB retail/excellent, sometimes they confiscate the truck and sometimes they don't. When they confiscate it they offer a rental car. The process takes about a month.
  • I received a message from ISB (I am guessing a company that is taking care of this for Toyota) that I need to fax them a copy of the registration for my Tacoma.
    I'll keep you posted as things progress.

  • 71pro71pro Posts: 2
    I work for a dealer and I have to say TOYOTA has definatly stepped up for this problem they are in fact paying 150% of Kelly Blue book Excellant condition any on can find this info at and enter all the info about your truck and the milage and its the highest value. And yes most of the trucks we have seen we have kept do to the extent of the frame rot and the fact that if these trucks are hit they ARE going to fold up. so for the protection of the customer we/toyota is paying for the rentals. My dealer unfortunatly is booking a month out to perform the inspections do to the paper work involved after the customer has left in there truck or rental. and yes even if its a small hole we are still reporting it and I believe toyota is buying them back because it will only get worse. this is not a RECALL because not every truck is involved but may be in the next few years thats why its a Warrenty extension for 15 years from the date of first use of the vehicle..
  • Ok, let me get this straight...If my truck is worth kkb price of 5730.00, then I am assuming that my truck will go for 8595.00. Am I doing that right? :confuse:
  • So, say I do get a deal from Toyota. Should I buy another one? I have herd of 2001s and up having the same problems. Do these trucks get bought back in a few years also. This really SUCKS.
  • mttoptvmttoptv Posts: 1
    I have a 1999 Tacoma with 155,000 miles. I went for a regular inspection on march 28th and was told it would not pass inspection. On April 1st I took the offer to buy a new 2008 tacoma. i was told in 2-3 weeks I would be getting an offer on my old truck. I got the offer today for $12,975.00. it said in the offer letter I will be getting payment in 7- 10 days. when I brought the new truck I received a $1000.00 rebate on the spot. I will also be getting a $1000.00 rebate because I brought a new truck. I brought my 1999 tacoma for $20,000. new august of 1999. this whole deal seems like I bought a lottery ticket. to get a brand new truck for $7000.00 seems unreal. The truck I got is a tacoma 4x4 access cab standard 4 cylinder. i have no complaints. my ex-wife had the same truck I had and hers pass the inspection (sorry about that)
  • Ok Folks it has taken me 2 weeks, but I have CONFIRMED with TOYOTA CORP< 2 local Dealers and ISG (Impartial Services Group, LLC ) who will be the " third party" coordinating the vehicle transfers.

    1. ALL Tacoma's will be considered in EXCELLENT Condition.
    2. All Tacoma's will valued using KBB RETAIL VALUE
    3. MILEAGE IS Considered :confuse:
    4. ONLY Manufacturer options will be considered in the "VALUE", so all the extra tonneau covers, bed liners running boards etc you installed after market, will not be considered to increase the value.
    5. ISG (Impartial Services Group, LLC based out of Texas, they have Independent Contractors that work for them, so if your Transfer Rep/liaison seems like an idiot COMPLAIN, they only get paid when they complete an assignment and that assignment is YOU! ) ISG will be the liaison between you and Toyota. ISG will
    assist in paying off any Liens you may have on your Truck.
    6. Once all the paperwork is completed, approx 3-5 days, you should receive an offer letter from Toyota in the mail within 10 days, the offer $$$ is NON NEGOTIABLE, it is what it is! I was told specifically there is no negotiating. :mad:
    7. If it should take more than 30 days, you may request more time on your "loaner vehicle" at Toyotas expense.
    8. The frame must be perforated, meaning have "actual holes". IF it does not Dealers will NOT necessarily give you anything in writing that you " passed the frame rot test". Your VIN will be added into the Toyota data base. I suggest you detail as much as you can when you go for the inspection, names, dates time etc and keep in a safe place, as you will be warranteed 15 years from the day of inspection, and probably will eventually qualify for the buy-back program at some future date. :(
  • On some of the other forms it has been reported that ISB has been dragging their feet. In less than 2 weeks my truck has lost 110.00 in value. Make sure that you print out the KBB price when you do the search. Some people have lost big $$$ as some of this goes on for weeks. Always something. :mad:

    Don't take "NO" for an answer if they hassle you about this. I am waiting and you can be dam sure I will bring this up. My dealer never sent in my reg. and I had to fax it to ISB. I am still waiting and its been already 2 weeks. :mad: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 336
    I have a 97 Taco that goes into the dealer at 1030 this morning for a frame inspection. I'm hoping it fails. I have my eye on a nice double cab 4x4 in race track blue.
  • Got a call this morning from ISC confirming the offer for my 98 Tacoma at $11,850. They emailed a form for me to sign and fax back to them. They said I should be contacted by a transfer agent to arrange receiving a check and turning over the vehicle within 10 business days.

    Hate to see this truck leave but I won't hesitate to buy another one. :)
  • j81j81 Posts: 7
    Negative!!!!! I worked at a dealership for 10 years, in parts & service. I think this is just the beginning. I've seen late model 4Runners with the rear diff fluid leaking out because the diff was rusted out. I almost bought a 2002 Tundra, until I looked underneath. Why recall a 1995 Tacoma, and do nothing about the 1995 Truck that is a rust bucket to. Hey Toyota, what about Tacoma's eating Leaf Springs, Inner Tie Rod Ends, Steering Racks because you can't buy the stupid grommet seperate, oxygen & air fuel ratio sensors..... I could go on forever.. Working there I just got sick of hearing "Toyota is the best" Toyota sure can market. Tell me next time you're at a stop light. Tell me how many 10-15 year old Toyotas you see, and then tell me how many 10-15 year Chevy, Ford & Chryslers you see.
  • Really? Before I bought my 98 Tacoma I had a Ford Ranger. The biggest piece of junk I have ever owned in my 55 years of buying and owning vehicles. However, it was probably better than the 1964 IH Scout and the 1973 Jeep Commando, both of which should have never made it off the assembly line.
  • I think the big 3 have made great strides in making better quality vehicles. I really don't know what I'll do. I'll probably buy another tacoma. If it rusts out maybe they will buy it back in 12 years??? :P All this really sucks, but at least Toyota is trying to make it right. In a class action lawsuit,we the consumers, would get jack [non-permissible content removed] and all of the money would go to the lawyers. I'll let everyone here know how it goes. I am still waiting for an offer. Been 2 weeks now. :( :lemon:
  • I got my offer last Friday. I am (im) patiently waiting for the call to turn it over. I got a nice 2009 Camry free loaner to drive in the meantime. The offer for my '99 taco was 15, 457.50 plus the abovementioned $1000 off if I buy a new truck. I want an SUV though and nobody makes a snowplow for any of them anymore, not even the 4-runner. I need to plow, so I'm probably getting an Xterra instead. But I am very happy that Toyota is standing behind the Tacoma. It is very much like a stroke of bad luck followed by an incredible stroke of good luck. That is a lot of money to be shelling out. And I'm happy to be on the receiving end on this one !!! ;)
  • doug70doug70 Posts: 4
    I have a 98' taco that has lived upstate NY AND NH. just made an appt for this coming saturday. In the past 3 months both leaf springs have snapped and something else broke on the rear brake. It looks rusty under there, but not sure too what degree. Is this the end? could be sad.
  • j81j81 Posts: 7
    Sorry to seem so negative, but I guess seeing "behind the scenes" for so many years, Toyota left a bad taste. Things like the way they advertise a Tacoma in mud and then seeing the Toyota guy in a suit at my dealership tell a customer of a 2007 TRD "OFF ROAD" truck that his transfer case will not be covered under warranty because his truck was covered with mud. He used the term (misused). My Corolla S had about 500 paint chips on the bumper after about 10 months of ownership, the factory rep would do nothing. My 05 GMC & 06 Chrysler have "NO Paint Chips. The GMC dealer in my town would come to my Toyota dealership pickup my truck, service it, wash it, and bring it back to me. My toyota dealership won't ever offer shuttle service. What cracks me up the most is my Toyota dealer charges to install an air filter. One last thing to "vent" on. Hearing straight from California that is you own an Echo and call customer serivce with a problem you get nothing. If you own a Land Cruiser or Avalon, you'll get your way. In other words If you have money you'll get your way. I disagree with that all together. In my opinion if you purchased an Echo or a Land Cruiser, "You are still a TOYOTA Customer" and should be taken care of. Toyota's not stepping up, they don't have a choice, It's a safety issue. A new frame costs over 4,000 and put dealership flat-rate labor on top of that, it's most-likely cheaper to buy the junk back. And in the end, it will be a tax write off on top of the billions, with a "B" that they bragg about anyways. Ok, I feel better.
  • tlampstlamps Posts: 2
    I took my 2000 Taco in for an inspection last Saturday and they said I just had surface rust, no holes, so they would not buy it back. Mine looked pretty bad underneath, but with no holes = no buyback. Guess I have until 2015 until the rust warranty runs out. Maybe the frame will fall apart by then.
  • dmc2005dmc2005 Posts: 2
    Am in the middle of the process and so far hasn't been great. The day they took my truck, They called me at work to say they were taking it off the road as unsafe. Problem was they had no more rentals and couldn't get me one until the next day(turned out to be two days). Told 5 -7 days would be contacted, but 15 before the guy from ISG finally left a message. had questions, but can't get to him because he works the same hours and message says he'll call back in 24 hours. Not wanting to deal with phone-tag decided to call back to Toyota. They give you the "it's out of our hands" thing. Asked what I'm suppose to do if this isn't done when rental runs out, since i am already 16 days in and letter isn't due to arrive until end of week at earliest. They said I would have to take that up with the dealer who set up the loan. Dealer said it would have to be set up with Toyota. Hmmm? Have also had the problems with leaf springs others mentioned. Had planned on another 4 - 5 years with it since it only had 170000 miles. Now out to search for car, but will avoid Toyota. Customer service is poor.
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