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Acura MDX Navigation System Questions



  • Hubby purchased a '09 mdx and I just drove it home last night and there is an intermittent high pitchy sounds that I thought was a bad xm radio station as it sounds like a transmitting sound but we turned the radio off but it still continued. Comes and goes every couple seconds. Much louder in the driver seat adn can't really determine where its coming from. Doesn't sound like anything in engine/tranny as it runs great. Doesn't make the sound when its idling only driving. not sure if it has something to do with the interior floor lights or.... if I can't find and resolve I don't think I can drive it as it gives me a migraine within 10 mins. Anyone experience the same?
  • Looks like the 2013 Navigation update is now available for the 2010 - 2012 MDX, TSX and ZDX on both the Canadian and US websites. I am down in Texas until April so I'll wait until I get back to Canada to order mine. If anyone from Canada orders and installs theirs please let me know how it goes or if there are any problems.
  • andy3610andy3610 Posts: 1
    I have a 2012 MDX base model which comes with backup view only.., would like to install Nav. system in it, Acura dealer doesn't provide such accessory...any one knows where I can buy it ? ( US or Canada ) thx
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    That would be a huge undertaking to use Acura parts to do this. Nothing is impossible with the right amount of money...but you'd be further ahead to trade for a Tech model at that point. Aftermarket options should be available for less....figure a couple grand easily.
  • itsmesriitsmesri Posts: 9
    I have inserted green dvd and updated (update bar completed) then it restarted automatically. From there problem started. it is keep on starting initial screen, confirmation message (Driver 1 loaded) and blank screen then system shutdown. then its starts again initial screen, confirmation message (Driver 1 loaded), blank screen then system shutdown. Its keeps on happening.

    I am scared something went wrong? How to rest back? Suggestions please
  • cloviskidcloviskid Posts: 23
    You need to call customer support.

    I always hold my breath when I update, hoping something like that doesn't happen.
  • haldonhaldon Posts: 1

    @andrewmdx said:
    Hi. Would the Pioneer unit work with the other capabilities of the touch screen info center? Right now my nav unit isn't working and I just had a major service done to the car and the info center is stuck on the "Please check disk" screen and I have no access to any functions at all.

    I have the same message on my unit. Did you get a solution?

  • andrew54andrew54 Posts: 4

    The 2010-2013 Nav update (green) has more errors then it should. Traveling the same routes the original was much better. Consideirng that the company makes maps for just about all cars you would would think they would turn out a better product

  • andrew54andrew54 Posts: 4

    Must add - several times had to use cell phone maps in place of the update due to errors. NO I did not report them as why should I? Do their work for them and get nothing in return

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