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I am giving the CX-7 (Grand Touring) some serious consideration, but with a moonroof installed, I need about 3/4 inch or so more headroom to keep my head from not hitting the left edge of the moonroof opening when the liner is pushed back.

Of course, getting a CX-7 GT without a moonroof takes away all sorts of option possibilities.

What other vehicles besides the CX-7 would give you all of the following?

1. Good headroom
2. AWD/ABS/stability control
3. Averaging 20+ mpg (or at least close)
4. Decent legroom
5. Some style and luxury

Any vehicle out there meeting the above requirements? (Cost is not that much of a deterrent, "within reason".)

Bud H


  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Member Posts: 498
    How tall are you? I'm 6'4" and have the moonroof. I have adequate leg room and there's about about an inch to spare above my head.

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    I'm 6'3" with a 32 inch inseam. So most of my height is in my torso.

    If the left side of the moonroof opening wasn't directly above the driver's head, but instead was just a few inches to the left, it would make a big difference. (That is how my 2002 Highlander is set up with a moonroof - otherwise it might have been a problem in that vehicle.)

    I'm used to sitting fairly upright which compounds the issue. Perhaps rotation of the seat for more thigh support would also help the headroom issue......
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    Spend some more time with the seat adjustment.
    I too have at least an inch to spare from the top of my balding pate to the lining of the moonroof. :shades:
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    I too want a moonroof but, am questioning only an inch above my head for safety reasons. One inch is really not much room if even a small fender bender accident. I am so used to my Subaru Forester with 2&1/2-3 inches that I wonder if I'd get used to only 1 inch.
  • budhbudh Member Posts: 109
    Did you have that much headroom in a Subaru Forester (2 1/2 to 3 inches) and also have a moonroof in that vehicle? Or is that with no moonroof in the Forester?

    That is about how much headroom I have in my Toyota Matrix - which was special ordered WITHOUT a moonroof.

    Bud H
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