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Scion tC Brakes and Rotors Problems

nevin_tcnevin_tc Posts: 1
I have a 2006 TC. I have seen a post with a similar situation when the brakes get hot, they squeal when putting them on with 2 out of 5 brake pressure(5 being the full pressure). It goes away if I brake it fully.

Any follow-up and advices? I have been to the dealership couple of times with the problem, and they said it is normal and fine. Pretty upset and getting annoyed with the noise during the summer. Thanks in advance.



  • thomas16thomas16 Posts: 7
    I have a 2006 TC - and your description matches mine. It didn't start until I had been driving it for a few months. Each time I go in for an oil change I ask them to check the brakes and the reply is the same - no problem. Took one of the mechanics for a ride to hear the noise. I sit in alot of stop and go traffic. I was told by the dealership there is a film that wears off of the brakes after a few months - and that's when the squeal starts. According to the dealership - they are making brakes with a type metal - sorry that I can't remember exact words. So basically I have to live with it. I love the car so I'm learning to ignore the noise - it could be my imagination but lately it's gotten better. I do note this on my oil changes in case something does happen so that I can show that I repeatadly asked them to check.
  • I just bought my 06 scion tC about 5 hours ago =D And I don't know if its supposed to do this or not, but when I slow down the brakes make this whooshing sound, not anything like a squeak or a grinding at all, just a whoosh, not very loud, i can't hear it unless the radio is completely off, but i was just wondering if that was normal, or if i should have it checked out.
  • lvlghlvlvlghlv Posts: 3
    Anybody have thoughts/comments/suggestions on rotors? Took my tC in for maintanence and was told I need to have the rotors "resurfaced"...
  • I have a 2006 scion tc with 16000 miles on it. Lately I've been having brakes noise. Loud and squeaky, it's very annoying, I took it to the dealer and they said it probably needs a cleaning so I pad $40 to have my breakes cleaned. The next day, the brakes still makes noise....The dealer said it's because the brakes are made with some metal in it and eventually with wear the noisewill go away. I'm very upset with this problem. Does anyone else have this problem. ALso, after the dealers took a look at it, I noticed that when I accelerate there is a noise. Anyone else have this problem?
  • has anyone had trouble with the rotors rusting practically overnight on their scion tc ? and if so, short of wearing off the rust by stopping, whats up with this ?
  • mikenumikenu Posts: 2
    Has any jeep owner had to replace their front rotors at low mileage 10-25000 miles because of them being warped. I have an 06 rubicon with 25000 miles and i have to replace my rotors already. Warranty is only for 1year or 12000 miles on brakes. Called my dealer they won't back it up and chrysler will not either. Anybody else have this problem?
  • I'm not sure what it is, but I don't like it. I've decided it's not brakes, because I hear the noise when I take my 07 tC out of gear & coast, too. The noise is:

    wom-wom-wom-wom + grindygrindygrind

    I'm going in Monday, but if anyone reads this & has any ideas, please let me know.
  • Take it back to the dealer and ask if anyone else is having this problem, we have a 2006 Tc and the rear rotors are rubbing on the emergency brake backing plates, cause this loud sound, they seem to be bent out, lm not sure way, but that is the problem, so play dumb and see if they know about this, we took ours apart 5 times trying to figure out what the sound was, and it is something no normal, also check the internet for more information regarding this type of problem-

    The Tech :mad:
  • Well, I was less than thrilled. The service guys told me that the noise was from my tires, which they think are cupped. My college roomie spent a few years working at Tire America and taught me about cupped tires years ago. I am also anal retentive about keeping them properly inflated. I think the service guys were wrong. When I asked them why my car suddenly started making those noises in the middle of a road trip, they once again told me it must be my tires. I don't think they even considered my rotors. I plan on taking it up to another dealer soon.
  • I don't think it has anything to do with brake or rotor because I had my rotor replace to see if the noise go away but it didn't. But the interesting thing I found is that the tire pressure because if my tire pressure drop below 32 PSI the squeaking occurs. I still have the stock bridge stone tire which I rotate my tire and I have replaced two tire but when I place my Falken tire in the front the squeak seem to go away. But in the cold weather the squeak is loud as hell. I've try so many thing to get the squeak to go away but I just live to deal with it. I have a 2006 TC.
  • My daughters 2007 Scion tc is haveing the same noise....wom wom wom as you describe it sounds the same. I had her replace her tires first because they needed it. Just to see if that would solve the it didn't.
    Then I replaced her brake pads all four tires... she had nearly 60k miles. It did nothing to eliminate the noise either.
    I looked under the car the chassy is in good shape dry and clean.
    You only hear it when you are going down the road. windows closed especially.
    I read here that others have had the rotors checked and it did not eliminate the problem either.
    Im being told to go to my dealer for them to inspect. Im thinking now they have no clue.
    The only real problem I would worry about is if something is dangerously wrong.
    Not sure we arent talking about that. With this being a Toyota Brand I would start with letters of complaint or concern to Scion directly.
    Lets see if we can get enough interst on their part to look into this issue.
  • lexi06lexi06 Posts: 1
    My daughter has been complaining about her 2006 Scion tc almost as long as she's had it due to the "noisey brakes" and like all of you, we've had them checked over and over again but the dealership says there is nothing wrong. I even had new tires put on just this winter. She said it's like there is something stuck and "grinding". I agree with lisafaz, I'm starting to get concerned for the danger of it being a Toyota product, and maybe need to send a letter of complaint/concern to Scion. Today my daughter tells me when she pushed on her brakes they went clear to the floor and were jerking, that's why I "googled" to see if anyone else was having any problems.
    Let me know if anyone has heard anything since these last responses. Thank you.
  • lavalitelavalite Posts: 3
    Well add me to the list of not so happy Scion customers. I have a 2008 TC I bought new and I have been having the brake problems since day one. Twice the dealer suggested having the rotors resurfaced at MY cost but I refuse since its been happening since the first day. My brakes make the wosh wosh sound when not applied and grind bad when I do apply the brakes, it makes noise 100% of the time at any speed, backing up it even grinds worse. I am clearly getting the noise from all 4 wheels so the back parking brake assembly is not the only possible suspect, my mileage is at 21,500. I just called Scion today and had a case opened up, we will see what their solution is at this point, I should know their response within 24 hours. I suggest EVERYONE with this problem to call Scion directly and avoid the dealer, Scions number is 1-866-707-2466 press 3 to talk with a rep, it took me less than 5 minutes wait time.

    I suspect a bigger problem that Toyota does not want to address at this time but I am not letting up on this. I have reached the end of my patience with this problem and will not stop until THEY fully solve it. I bought almost every car I have owned brand new and GM lost my business due to many problems I had with their products and I will happily add Scion/Toyota to that list. Its time Scion step up and get this problem fixed as I found out I am not the only one. I am a very loyal customer ONLY when I have good experiences, soon I will be purchasing my wife her 4th brand new Honda CRV since the first 3 have been absolutely flawless/problem free. I owned a 2007 TC that was fine until a semi decided to take me out and totaled the car so like a good loyal customer I went back and bought the 2008, at this point I will never buy another Scion/Toyota product. How they handle my situation at this point will be the deciding factor if I ever buy another, its up to them at this point.

    I will post back here and let everyone know what the case rep tells me (within 24 hours) but I feel I will get the usual "take it to the dealer and let them look at it" response. I will keep everyone posted. If your having the same problems, make that phone call.
  • lavalitelavalite Posts: 3
    Well I got the expected " bring it to the dealer so they can inspect it" but they did admit they had the records from the last time I had it in for a check. Its going in Monday, I will keep everyone posted what the 2nd check reveals.
  • paulgrahampaulgraham Posts: 1
    edited July 2010
    Concerneddad57 - We are sorry to hear that. You can always call one of our pros at 866-70-Scion for some help or visit and click "contact us". Let us know how else we can help!

    I work with Scion, see full disclosure here -
  • lavalitelavalite Posts: 3
    Well after all the stuff I went through it ended up being the caliper pins and was 100% covered. At this point im totally happy but wish they would have just fixed it earlier. Now heres the "odd" part, they said it was just the back caliper pins that were frozen which caused the brakes to stay applied slightly and caused the noise HOWEVER im 100% sure they also regreased the front pins too ( I looked ). I know for a fact all 4 wheels were making noise but now its as quiet as can be and is working perfect. My only complaint is them telling me twice the rotors needed to be cut "at my cost" and once I got corporate involved they found the problem and the rotors did not need to be cut so I feel they were going to grease the pins when they charged me for getting the rotors cut. I think they knew all along what the problem was but they just did not want to fix it at their cost.

    I am 100% happy with how Toyota handled the situation but the dealer not so much. If anyone here is having the same problem go right over the dealers head and call Toyota directly and have them open a case for you, one call from corporate to the dealer will get them to "figure" it out. Toyota has kept a returning customer by stepping up to the plate, the dealer most likely not.
  • This has started only recently, but pretty consistent. My brake light stays on about 4-6 seconds when I'm accelerating from a light. It only happens from a complete stop. The manual mentions fluid: I checked and it's OK. Checked emergency brake and foot brake in case it was stuck: not the case. No odd sounds either, so I'm lost here. Anyone?
  • usnma1usnma1 Posts: 1
    When I first bought the car of kid down the street, the brakes were super deep...almost to the floor.

    My first thought was the master cylinder was bad so I just bought one and replaced it however now the brakes are even deeper.

    I unplugged the antilock brakes which helps a little bit but now the speedometer doesnt work and check engine light is on.

    any help or imput would be greatly appreciated...I'm trying to avoid going to the dealership as much as possible.
  • I have had this same problem as well. What the problem is, is that your brakes are most likely warn and not have much life left on them. So when you are stopping the pistons in the caliper have to push out farther causing it to use more fluid. the light is turning on because of all the fluid in the master cylinder instead of the resivor. If i were you first thing I would check is brake pads and rotors. this happens when rotors are getting thing or pads are low on life
  • ohmygeeohmygee Posts: 1
    I have a 07' TC and the past few years I have had issues with my brakes. A few times they completly didn't work and went right to the ground making a grinding sound while i drove right into an intersection... I took it to my toyota dealership twice with this problem and they made me feel like i was crazy. They replaced my routers and i made a complaint with Toyota. Recently My brake light started going on while I was driving, so I decided to take it to another car place to get it inspected... low and behold my front and rear brakes are completely shot and the routers are rusted... the car guy was shocked that Toyota wouldn't have noticed this, because it was definitely not safe. To say the least I'm not a happy Toyota customer.
  • My daugthers been complaining about her brakes making squeeking noise, I replaced the brake pads and used the anti noise grease that are at sold at pep boys but the result are the same.although I have not mentioned this problem to the dealer I am glad to open facebook and found out that there are many owners out there experiencing the same problems,What can we do????? I am now beggining to worry about it since my other daughter drives a 08 scion xb.any input is much appreciated.
  • ata7882ata7882 Posts: 1
    I've had the same problem and have replaced the calipers twice in less than a year. Really think Toyota needs to address this problem and make it right. Also have read about the paint flaking off the side mirrors anyone else with this problem?
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