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Mercury Mariner Transmission Problems

I bought my 07 Mariner in Oct. 06 it has 16,500 miles on it, and since then I have had to replace the transmission and I have had to have it towed twice because of starter problems. I need a dependable vehicle what do you suggest I do? I tried telling the dealership it is a lemon and to trade it out equally but they won't.


  • clariosclarios Posts: 19
    My '05 Mariner has been excellent, and based on what I read here, I think that is the case for most. So you probably did get the unlucky lemon. Lemon laws vary from state to state. Try for some information. I think that the norm is having to make a major repair three times. But I am not 100% sure about that.
  • Thank you for the web site I will check it out.
  • We just lost the transmission in our 07 Mariner at 3300 miles! That's not good!
  • I have had problems with mine even after the transmission has been changed out.. I have a new started now also! I want to trade it in.
  • jazzy10jazzy10 Posts: 1
    i purchased a 2008 mariner 4 days ago and the transmission went after 800 miles it wouldnt go in reverse it wouldnt change gears a host of issues the dealer is getting a new tranny from the factory what are my chances this will be okay or should i refuse car ???
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 571
    Installing a new factory transmission should not cause any problems.
  • After the Ford Dealership put a new from factory transmission in I started having other problems.. I had to have it towed 6 times and still they said they could not find a problem. I filed the lemon law on them and my mariner quit again, with in 45 min. of them having it towed 20 mi. they called me and said they found the problem. It was the starter. They recieved the Lemon Law papers thats why they fixed it. I still did not feel safe in it so I traded it for a Dodge.
  • jjswansojjswanso Posts: 1
    My 2005 Mariner transmission gave out in less than three years. They tell me there is no PT Warrenty on the 2005. This kind-of sucks. I heard that the transmission they put in this car was too small.
  • kmswebkmsweb Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Mariner and have also had trans issues. When I got it, it had 28000 miles on it and even though I test drove it, I didn't notice that there was a problem with the overdrive. It would rumble into overdrive when I was going over 45mph. I had it repaired under warranty, they also fixed a leak in the trans cooler. But there were other problems that I started noticing after it was fixed. It would clunk into 2nd gear if I was coasting after letting off the gas, and I would loose power for a second when driving up a steep hill. I took it to one dealership and they told me I needed a new fuel filter and that was why it was loosing power, they said they didnt notice a clunk into 2nd. I thought that was bull so I took it to another dealer and they said there were no error codes, but the tech could feel what I was talking about. They had to replace the whole trans & cooler. Now its been a few months and my warranty is expired. I have started hearing that clunking noise again and am worried its going bad again. I dont drive like an a-hole. I totally baby this truck because its my first newer vehicle that I had to pay a good chunk of money for. My husband thinks the sealed trans is garbage. And we have started joking about how many Fords you can normally see sitting in front of a transmission shop waiting for service. I wish we could swap the trans with a better one cuz I really like my truck.
  • I've had my 2008 Mercury Mariner for less than three months. In that time I've had to have a brake kit put on, the torque converter went out and they had to replace my transmission and the Power control module had to be replaced. Oh, and I forgot they had to replace my battery because it was leaking.
    I would say this is a lemon and has completely turned me off to wanting another Mariner or Ford product.
    I have contacted the BBB to request a full refund of my money so that I can go buy something else.
  • fbrock,
    I am having similar issues with my 08 Mariner. I've only had it for a year. This is too early to be experiencing problems w/ the transmission. Is Ford putting old parts in their vehicles? This is awful! What is the outcome of your situation with BBB? If there is a positive outcome, please advise because I am interested in filing a complaint. I would like a full refund as well so that I can purchase a car of worth w/o the stress and headache. NO MORE FORD PRODUCTS FOR ME!!!
  • drc7drc7 Posts: 1
    I leased the 2008 Mariner in Feb.2007. A week ago my car started lunging forward when stopped and taking off from a light or stop sign. The car feels like its shifting gears and dragging as if the emergency brake is on. The car lunges so hard that the first time it happened I thought someone had hit me from the back; but there was no car behind me. I drove it for about 5 more days before taking it in for service hoping it would just stop, but it just drastically increased. Just like the rest of you it is a transmission defect. They have to change the transmission coolant, but the part is on back order for two weeks because of the high increased problems with this vehicle. Thats just great and I only have 8100 miles on this car. I barely drive it, this feb. will be two years that I've owned the car.
  • sassy20sassy20 Posts: 1
    We have a 2006 Mariner and the transmission just went out. Never had any clues that is was going out it just stopped. From what I can see transmissions in this vehicle, no matter how old is a problem. I had to go 1 1/2 hrs. to pick up my husband. What is the problem with these ? Is the company so lame that they haven't figured out they have a problem?
  • pincer78pincer78 Posts: 1
    has anyone else had problems with the transmisson after have the transmisson cooler replaced? i am being told now that i need a new transmisson and since i have 65000 miles on my car, its out of warranty. i will NEVER buy FORD again.
  • janette30janette30 Posts: 1
    YES! just today my transmission messed up on my 2008 mariner and is at the dealership. I had the cooler replaced in November through a recall, and only have put 3100 miles on the car since then till today. I bought an extended warranty, and should be covered, but ford is trying to get out paying for it, so Im not happy. There is no reason for it to happen to either one of us...and Ford should stick by it's problems, and it's customer's.
  • I just bought a yr old (used) Mariner. One month later, it's in the shop for the transmission (and speaker). I was told that there was not an official recall, but a 'customer satisfaction..' where only some models have this issue, so if you complain, they look into it. Well I just dropped it off again after they rebuilt it and still having issues with accelerating fast enough. So outdone! I just got rid of my last car after replacing the trans twice! They make you feel like your crazy and nothings wrong but my neighbor has the same one and hers drives exceptionally better...acceleration is very obviously better! I typically really like Fords, but was sooo disappointed to be dealing with something so major at only 22k miles.
  • crazymarinercrazymariner Posts: 1
    edited May 2012
    I have a 2005 AWD Mercury Mariner. At slow speeds, pretty much only start from a stop. I get a screeching sound from under the vehicle. I lifted car off ground and put car into drive with the parking brake on for resistance. The noise sounds like its the center support bearing at the drive shaft.
    Picture of center support:

    Ford doesn't sell product. They only sell the whole drive shaft.

    Anyone else have an issue like this?
  • jacekijaceki Posts: 1
    Took my 08 Mercury Mariner with 43707 miles (at the time) to have it fixed after noticing a transmission fluid leak in front of my car. The car has a powertrain warranty until May 2013 or 100.000 total miles.) It turned up to be a transmission fluid cooler leak (something that Ford Company is very well aware of (TSB issued)). To Jeremy's credit, he tried to run it under warranty, but came up empty handed. For some reason, the cooler is a part of the condenser for A/C system, therefore not covered under powertrain warranty (????) I am now out of $925.96, and Ford Company and Countryside Ford dealership refuse to do anything about it. When I brought up all the problems with this particular part in other models (08 Escape, 08 Mariner, 08 Mazda Tribute), they could not wait for me to just pay for a repair and leave (Jeremy even started the car for me!). Called the Ford Company, and after over the week they refused to do anything about it either. Folks, beware of Ford Company products as they refuse do take care of the substandard parts they put in their cars. I will get rid of my Mariner as soon as possible and will never buy another Ford product. I will also spread the word as far as I can.
  • I have an 07 Mariner that I have had so many random problems with, it is incredible. I have had an alternator replaced, a driveshaft replaced, abs rings replaced, two separate window regulators replaced, ac condensor replaced, and now the transmission is shot! I only have 79k miles on this piece of trash. I contacted Ford a year and half ago and their solution was to suggest I buy an extended warrantee. I highly discourage anyone from buying a Mariner.
  • tbar83tbar83 Posts: 1
    Wow! My '07 Mariner is just under 78k and without warning..... The Transmission went out! if this has been going on since the 2005 model, why didn't Ford fix the OBVIOUS problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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