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Mercury Mariner Transmission Problems



  • kgrallkgrall Posts: 1
    I also had my 08 mercury mariner in the shop for 12 days having the transmission repaired 61000.00 miles of course the warranty did not cover this even though my 5 yrs were still good !! Now it is leaking trans fluid VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH FORD!! This my third new vehicle with ford and my last that i will purchase through ford.. RECALLS NEED TO BE DONE.
  • hezholyhezholy Posts: 1
    edited April 2013
    My 07 mariner has just under 75000 and I had the same exact problem as you. My car was fine then boom transmission went out. I am trying to figure out who I talk to. I am upset with the dealership I bought this car from becasue they should know all about this. Now they are telling me it is 3000 to fix and I do not have it. Has anyone had any luck with this issue getting resolved?
  • jilljenjilljen Posts: 2
    I have a 2006 Merc Mariner with less than 50k miles on it and I keep all maintenance on it up to date completely. On Sat. it just stopped at a stop sign like I had put it in neutral. Today I had it towed to the Transmission shop to find that it will cost $3500 - $4000 to repair!!!!!!!!!!! Who has that kind of $$ these days??? :sick:
  • I couldn't agree more. Purchsed the car in late 2010 with about 60k miles on it. Two weeks ago, something happened and every mechanic I've taken the car to says it's the tranny.

    Ford HAS to know that this a common issue. That there hasn't been a recall or some effort to help the consumer is shameful.

    It's class action time.
  • I guess it all depends on how much you need your vehicle to be reliable, and how much time you have to spend at the dealership. Just read the posts on this blog.

    If you're going to accept the dealer's "repair," read the small print. 'Nuff said.

    Good luck!
  • jilljenjilljen Posts: 2
    I am with YOU!!! Let me know if you move forward, I am on board. It cost me $4000 out of my retirement account.
  • I brought a 2008 Mercury Mariner a little over yr ago, with my disability back pay, never owned a vehicle that was under 100000 miles on it this had 17000 on it when we purchased it. Now the transmission is slipping and it stalls at a stop, we have 45000 miles on it. I am so upset, reading all this and not knowing how we can ever recover. If There is anything we can do to get this out there to help others and ourselves. Please let me know.
  • Although this car has been somewhat reliable, it suffers from a lousy engineering flaw. In particular, the ABS tone ring. There are four on the Mercury Mariner. Both front driver's side and passenger side went out on mine around 60,000 miles. Because the front tires and half-shafts are more exposed to the elements than the rears, rust occurs and causes the ring to break. Unacceptable in my opinion. This breakage leaves you with two possible solutions: replace the tone ring (which costs approximately $5 - $30 each) and $150 labor or replace the tone ring "assembly", complete with half-shafts (approximately $200 parts and labor.) Regardless, a poor engineering design by Ford has once again reaffirmed my belief in buying Toyota or Honda. No matter what Ford says, this car is not up to Japanese quality. Sorry, Ford. Will never buy American again. What were your engineers thinking? Oh wait a minute... I guess they weren't.
  • I have a 2008 Mercury Mariner with approximately 115,000 miles on it and recently the tranny started to act up. When I go to put my car in gear the entire car jerks. This is very dangerous on our roads in Northern Wisconsin. I called Ford and they told me it is not their problem. I bought my car from the Ford Dealer in Superior WI. When I bought my car I was told there had not been any recalls on the car. This was incorrect as there was a recall that had expired regarding the tranny problems. Ford nor the dealer will work with me. I should have listen to my spouse and bought a Chevy sometimes guys do know better. I will never buy another ford product in my life. I will tell everyone what a piece of crap their vehicles are, and I would love to join a class action law suit. I will be writing to my State representatives and encourage all others to write to their elected officials. Pretty sad how they will lie just to sell a car. To the local Chevy dealer I will be there soon to buy a new vehicle.
  • ghalgeghalge Posts: 1

    I bought a 2007 Mercury Mariner in 2006. In March of 2008 the transmission had to be fixed under warranty, 20,000 miles. The car was exhibiting the same problems as the recall which is not a recall 13N03. The car just loses power as it goes along then finally won't go forward like its in neutral. If the car cools off you could move forward again at reduced power. it limps.


    I am now having the same problem and FORD/Mercury says its not a problem. That's is just BS there is no way a car should need a transmission never mind two at 100,000. cars should go at least 150,000. This is a safety problem. if this has ever happened on the highway and I lost power suddenly an 18 wheeler would have just run over me and the car.

    I am very unsatisfied with this car and how FORD/MERCURY is handling this.

  • Is there any way to know if there is any class action taken on this matter ? We need some one to organize .
  • 06fordcustomer06fordcustomer Posts: 1
    edited February 2016
    I have a 2006 Mariner and the transmission just went out. Never had any clues that is was going out. It just lost power an hour after changing the right front wheel tone ring. Another of the so many issues is the iddler pulley, which I have had to change 5 times in less than three months. They just bend and break! From what I can see transmissions and idler pulleys in this vehicle are a mess. My ten-year-old makes fun of me now, and says that she will never want a Ford--not even as a gift! What is the problem with Ford vehicles? They should not make and sell vehicles like that!
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