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Acura RL - would you purchase it again?



  • Hello. I do not have an answer to your roof fin question, but I do have a question about your taupe floormats. I have been searching high and low for taupe mats for my 05 and can only find gray, which doesn't match. I would be interested in buying yours. There's a different kind of "dirt" in Phoenix and I think it would work. Thanks for considering. I can be reached at
  • prprt33prprt33 Posts: 9
    I have a 2005 Acura TL with 154k miles on it and I bought new floor mats at Acura of Tempe at about 100k miles. I noticed they sold RL floor mats for really any year so you may want to give them a call as they have a nice selection. My car is black with parchment interior and yes, the floor mats get dirty quick here in Phoenix.
  • Thank you. I'll check Tempe Acura. I did find some mats that I thought would match, but they look overly tan against the taupe. Only other color is gray, which leads me to believe there were no mats made that match the original carpet.
  • tjazz1tjazz1 Posts: 2
    I would, and I have. I just traded in my 2006 RL with 105K for a new 2012 RL Tech, in black/black. Yes, I know it's about to be replaced, and I hear all the autophiles complain about it being boring, dated, behind in its class, etc. But I love the car for several reasons. First, it is has great lines--the 2011 refresh was significant (no more bagel beak), and while you can tell it is a Honda Motors product, it is NOT a fancy Accord, like a Lexus ES is to a Camry (I owned both). Second, the thing is still an engineering marvel with the VTEC engine and SH-AWD. It's the most balanced performance sedan I've owned. And the updated Sport mode with paddle shifters is still beyond the competition. Third, as much as we all can lust over the German alternatives, their reliability still isn't there, and the Mercedes, Audi, or BMW equivalents would set you back an additional 8-20K for similar features. Also, black E's, A6's, and 5's are a dime a dozen, while my new RL is a rare sighting in my small upstate NY city. Believe me, it turns heads, and draws compliments. I'll bet the new RLX will be super, but for the $46,500 I paid for my brand new RL Tech, I am quite satisfied.
  • tizertizer Posts: 23
    Absolutely. I have a 2006 RL with 90,000 reliable miles and no unexpected out of warranty repairs or issues. I usually replace my car about now but because of the level of satisfaction with the RL I plan to keep it a couple more years at least. I sold my previous Mercedes at 93,000 miles as it was going wong every which way. Eventually I will most likely get the the new RLX Hybrid but can wait for the Fanfare to settle down-along with the price while I bet my 06 RL will last another 40,000 plus miles with only routine maintenance.
  • tjazz1tjazz1 Posts: 2
    Great to hear. One of the tipping points for my move to a new model was the perfect storm of timing belt, brakes, heat shield, tires, and a few rust spots all needing attention at once--better to roll that $3k+ into a new one. Good luck.
  • michael0137michael0137 Posts: 58
    edited April 2012
    Got my taupe mats with the car - came from Chapman Acura in Tucson, AZ. They put new ones in it when I bought the car. You should be able to get them from Acura. Sorry - hadn't visited this site in awhile
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