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GMC Acadia Real World MPG



  • We have approximately 3000 miles on our Acadia. It routinely gets 12MPG with city driving. We bought into the GMC hype that this was the SUV for best mileage.... my 4x4 Avalanche gets better mileage than this new "Engineered Crossover from GMC". I am not happy with it at all. Been to the dealer twice to "flash" the memory. As far as I am concerned, this low MPG is a deal breaker. I could have bought a real truck instead of this "crossover" if I knew the mileage was going to be this bad.
  • Not to make you feel bad, but my Acadia gets 16-17 mpg in the city and 22-24 at 73 mph. (1,000 on the odometer)

    If I were you, I'd be howling at the dealer, area, and GM reps.
  • I only can DREAM of getting 16-17 MPG in the city...... consider yourself lucky. I'm not sure what my next option is going to be.......
  • Think about it before you buy. Too many excuse makers on here about driving style. The facts are this vehicle will not get the 24 and 28 advertised.

    Our 2008 has 7500 miles on it and gets about 16 in City and 20 on the highway w/ cruise control.

    Also, I had an issue w/ the rebate program that neither GM or the Dealer would take accountaiblity for....wont buy another GM after having done so for 15 years.

  • i hear ya buddy and i feel your pain Having same BAD GAS MILEAGE problems with my brand new 2008 acadia received NOV 30 07. so far after 475 miles i am getting 9.2MPG city driving. i am not an aggressive driver. The gm service guy in brooklyn says he is getting the same performance with his own acadia. I have an appointment with dealer service dept. day after christmas. i had an occasional strange gas smell coming from the vents that would dissipate after a few seconds. but that problem did not return for over 2 weeks now. i found no leaks or puddles from the car. I DO NOT accept explanation of 16/22 MPG is only under "OPTIMUM" conditions. the 2008 EPA estimates are based on NORMAL usage, such as, air conditioning use, normal acceleration, braking, etc.. the car is wonderful otherwise. i wish someone can give me an idea as to why i am having such bad gas mileage???!!!! :confuse: i would like to give a heads up to dealer mechanic.
    when you find out something...PLEASE LET ME KNOW! much appreciated.
  • I have had a Acadia FWD SLT 2 since April 2007 and have about 10,000 miles on it. I used to get 20-23/mpg hwy (70mph) and around 18 city driving 30 mph. I did the transmission update and not am lucky to get 18 hwy. I love the Acadia but wondered if anyone has got the decline since the transmission update?
  • pemnelpemnel Posts: 4
    I also own a 2007 GMC Acadia AWD and I consistantly get 24 to 25 mpg combined highway and city driving. I once got it up to 30 mpg on the hiway only. (60 mph and working at keeping the rpm down) My Acadia is now a year old and has almost 14,000 miles on it (it was #17 sold) I had the trans. upgrade and have not seen any difference in the mileage.
  • donl1donl1 Posts: 112
    I have a very hard time believing 24 to 25 mpg in combined driving.
  • pemnelpemnel Posts: 4
    Once again, I made a 400 plus mile trip from the coast to the city, around town running errands, and back to the coast and averaged 25.1 MPG. My Acadia is a 2007 AWD SLT2. although there was only one person in the car, I had 6 cases of books in the back on the way up to the city. After I got home, my wife drove the Acadia to and from work (about 10 miles each way a combination of 50 MPH hiway and 25 tto 35 MPH through 3 small towns) and the milage dropped to 24.2 MPG. There is now 13,000 miles on the car and this is the milage that we have been getting since we bought the car. We do notice an drop in milage when we drive aggressivly or have a full load of passengers. I have in the past owned cars that were "Lemons", maybe this time it was my turn to get the "Diamond".
  • 1st tank on 2008 SLT1 FWD less than 200 miles on it getting 16.8 mpg doing the 15 mile commute to/from work. Previous car was a 2004 Suburban 2wd, which I could get 15 mpg doing the same commute. Considering it's the first tank and had alot of dealer lot standing on it, and that the mileage showing on the DIC has been slowly increasing the entire time, I figure I''ll get 17-18 doing this...

    Also, given I could get 15 on the 'burb, when it was rated for 13 in the city (and spending hours looking at the inst mpg on the thing trying to see how to drive it to get all I could), 1-3 over city average seems reasonable.

    Spend 4 years at 15 city 18 hwy, and 17 city anything more than 20 hwy seems wonderful. I guess the people hollering the most are those that went car to this thing, vs goliath to this thing... :)
  • 2nd tank on 2008 SLT1 FWD with about 700 miles on it got 18.8 mpg doing the same 15 mile commute as in previous message. Average MPH was about 26. Mileage was as high as 21 at one point, but once I got to the weekend and started hauling family around to soccer games, grocery stores, etc, it dropped.

    Anyway, overall the MPG for this thing is pretty good, especially compared to the Suburban I came from. Haven't had it on the highway for an extended period, so don't know that MPG.

    AWD is going to be less. My wife has a 2005 MDX, which is AWD, and the way it works, from 0-15 mph, the thing is in four wheel drive mode. Once you get over 15, it switches to front wheel drive mode. Just having the connection to the rear wheels, whether it's active or not, is going to drain some power, and thus MPG. Where I think the impact is worse is over that first 15 mph. I would think the drag is much more when in 4WD mode, so if you're in alot of stop and go traffic, your constantly in that mode. I would think the AWD Acadia works in a similar fashion. On the highway, the MDX does pretty good, but in alot of stop and go, it's down around 14mpg...
  • cravenfancravenfan Posts: 11
    Normal driving - 1/2 highway, 1/2 backroads to and from work = 19.5mpg

    Highway - 22-24 (24 if I baby it, go the speedlimit, etc.)

    Pulling a snowmobile on a trailer = 16.5 in trailer mode

    Pulling two snowmobiles on a trailer = 13.5 in trailer mode

    My Yukon got about 16.5 all the time. My Acadia has more horsepower than my 99 Yukon did and pulls the sleds better. ;)
  • ajhdaisyajhdaisy Posts: 2
    We just bought an 08 FWD Acadia and the first tank of gas we got 19.2 mpg! Combination of City/Hwy miles, live in MS so no mountain pulling! I have been very slow to take off and brake and I think that has helped alot too.

    Hey, compared to some of these posts, I think that is pretty good!
  • fletch6fletch6 Posts: 1
    I bought a 2007 Acadia in June of 2007, and drove to Ohio from Fl. I went up I95 to 77 in South Carolina, and I averaged 72 miles an hour, and got 23 mpg up and back. I have not had any problems with my Acadia, unless you consider all the complimemts I get on my Acadia a problem.
  • I am getting 7.2 MPG all city with a soft foot, no compressor, and mostly coasting like a granny. Called the dealer and they took it for a test and said they got 16.6 MPG city. I checked the DIC when I got the car back and notice that they did get 16.6 but had an average speed of 36 MPH. meaning for their city test, they put some highway on it. Called the sales man to complain and he actually told me to go f-- myself. He could care less about the problrems I am having just so long as the sale was made. If he had not bait and switched me, maybe I would have one of the working Acadias instead of this Lemon. As of today, 7.2 MPG, check engine light on twice for cam shaft glitches, dealer had it for 3 days and did nothing to repair because the light went out on its own.
  • kbaconkbacon Posts: 1
    I've got a '08 SLT1 FWD and have had it 3 wks now. Milage has slowly been increasing the more I drive it... about 1100mi now. Averaging about 19mpg lately... started at 17mpg average. Reset the DIC heading home other night (15mi)... started coasting (shift to neutral) as soon as I saw lights turn yellow.. tried not to brake if I didn't have to. Slowly eased on the gas when taking off.. and I managed to average 27.7mpg for that 15 mi trip. This was going 45-55-45-55-45-35-30.. I caught a couple of stop lights.. but made most of them. I was highly impressed!
  • manufan1manufan1 Posts: 26
    By this month I've had my '07 AWD Acadia for a year. There is no major problems to my Acadia and I still love it as the first day I bought it. So far my only complaint is the poor MPG. Yeah it wasn't a problem before but now it is. The 17/24 has been a fairy tale to me.

    I am not a agressive driver and I know all the gas saving tricks. The first time I filled up the gas tank then set up the the odo....It ran only 220 miles and the gas light on. To make sure that I did it couple of more times and found out no big changes.
  • stdavisstdavis Posts: 7
    Well I have to concur with manufan1. Purchased the 08 Acadia AWD SLT2 Dec 30th 07 and have put about 5000 miles on it so far, almost 100% in town driving and I haven't seen 15 MPG yet, as a matter fact the MPG has declined to under 13 since we have started needing the AC more.
    In every other way the vehicle has exceeded my expectations, but I would be glad to give up performance to achieve anything approaching 18MPG in town.
    I have an 04 BMW X5 4.8is with 60k on it and I routinely get 16.5 in town. It's hard to imagine driving any more conservatively than what I do now.
    Has anyone heard of a fix that GMC might apply to improve the milage??? I've heard of programing adjustments that may change shift points in the transmission that could improve milage,
  • manufan1manufan1 Posts: 26
    I had that software update 3 month after I bought my Acadia because GM sent me the letter for the update. It did make big difference on the accelerating performance. The update made transmission work more responsive than before and since then I started to feel I was driving a normal car, otherwise when I drove it up/down hill, or just to accelerate it, I could hear the engine noise went abnormal, tranmission odo went up & down and it was just lost control. I did not record the MPG before I did the update but I believe it was worse than now.

    I think the update is only recomended for some same lot Acadias because it was a problem. Wonder how they rate their MPG 17/24, or maybe where I live has too many traffic lights?
  • benmcbenmc Posts: 5
    I've had my '07 SLT Acadia for over a year now and am NOT impressed with this vehicle at all! 90% of my driving is interstate, and I'm getting 19 mpg. I probably should have kept my Tahoe, which got 17 mpg! I am seriously considering selling and getting a Toyota Highlander Hybrid. This will truly be the LAST General Motors car I ever purchase. The misleading 17 city/24 highway is a true farce - and was only touted this way to sell the car. Bad move, GM!

    So if you are considering purchasing an Acadia ... be FORWARNED!
  • olds4olds4 Posts: 2
    My wife and i have a 2007 Acadia which we have enjoyed for well over a year now.I have been very impressed with the mpg of our Acadia = 19-21 city/hwy driving.I truely find it an accomplishment for a vehicle of this size and weight not to mention the amount of power the engine puts out to get this kind of fuel milage.Just to put things into perspective - i also have a 1997 GMC Sonoma,single cab,step side with a 4cyl standard which only gets 24-28 mpg. I just wish my wife could drive a standard so we could trade off sometimes.

    I have read a lot of post about Acadias on this site and i have come to the conclusion that most people do not know how to figure their fuel milage.Take my wife for instance - she always goes by what the onboard display tells her,which is sometimes not fully accurite.The onboard display was showing around 17mpg,but when i did the real math my self (miles divided by gallons of gas) it came out to 19mpg.This test being in a 3-day period of driving back and fourth to work-city/hyw 50/50.There are a lot of red lights and my foot is very heavy - so i was very happy with my results.So my point being - if you do not like the mpg that the onboard display shows - just do the math yourself,it may make you feel better.

    going on 20,000 miles-and my 2nd power steering pump.a happy customer so-far.
  • stdavisstdavis Posts: 7
    After taking my Acadia back to the dealer and having them go through the car to ensure everything is 100% they told me that a couple of things might help the MPG, so I thought I would pass it along.
    First, I took them up on replacing the air in my tires with nitrogen. I thought this was a gimmick, but it was only 39.95 plus tax and I am willing to try anything at this point to improve the MPG. They also told me to run the tiers at 38 psi from the 32-34 I was running. Initially it looks like I gained a 1-2 MPG
    Second, they told me to make sure I filled up at Tier 1 gas stations and be sure to only fill up with pure gas, no ethanol. This seems to have given me another 1-2 MPG improvement.
    Third, they tell me that GMC will come out with a new spec for their transmission soon and that I could expect a little improvement from this as well, but it might be a while. Apparently, this will only be a programing change in the transmission shift points that should result in fewer shifts between 20-30 mph. I think the transmission shifts fine, but they tell me there are a lot of complaints regarding how much shifting the vehicle does in this range.
    The end result for now is that I have seen a change from ~12.5 mpg in town 14.5-15mpg. This is 100% in town driving under pretty much the worse conditions for mpg, with continuous stop and go averaging about 25-40 miles a day calculated manually over several tanks of gas and the on board computer is dead on.
    We'll take a nice long road trip soon and see it we can achieve anywhere near the 20mpg+ that so many people have reported getting.

    I must also say that since our Acadia is only 6 months old and we have put about 6k on her that the dealer told us they would be willing to swap for a different Acadia if it came down to that. I would hate to put this to the test, but at least it was a offer that goes above and beyond what I thought they would do. I told them I might consider giving up the AWD for better MPG if I could get everything else the same. Of course the AWD shouldn't be a factor since all the driving has been done under dry conditions where the AWD shouldn't be kicking in.

    White Diamond Tri-Coat
    08 Acadia SLT 2 AWD
  • shoshy5shoshy5 Posts: 1
    we only get 8.2 miles per gallon city NORMAL driving. my armada got b/w 10-11 mpg. just got it about a month ago have to fill it up every 5-6 days and summmer were hardly driving like the schoolyear . the dealer said maybe the computer needs to be adjusted, is the computer eating my gas? also when i accelerate the car kind of kicks like its trying to catch up to speed.
  • Drove to San Antonio and back from Houston over Christmas. 2008 Acadia had 22mpg going to SA and 28 coming back. Wind power rules!
  • I have an 08 AWD Acadia and I get 10 mpg city / 14 mpg hwy
  • stdavisstdavis Posts: 7
    If you find any solutions let me know GMC sure doesn't have any. We have never achieved anything better the 12.5-13.5 in town with very little mix of highway and 17-19 on the road. Makes me regret trading the 99 Tahoe that did better and had much more horse power and performance. At least I knew I was giving up fuel economy for performace with the Acadia I get neither.
    All GMC could offer was keeping the Nitogen pressure (which is a joke as far as I can tell) in the tires at 38-40 and using 100% gas with no ethanol. I think this results in about 1 mile per gallon difference.
    There where rumurs that GMC would come out with a better automatic shifting algorithm for the transmission, but I have never seen it.
  • loachloach Posts: 246
    Now that my '08 AWD Acadia is broken in, we've been getting mostly 13-14 MPG city and 20-24 MPG highway depending on conditions. We've never come close to getting the 16 MPG city EPA rating, but easily beat the 22 MPG highway rating if the conditions are favorable.

    I consider these numbers to be well within reasonable tolerances. The Acadia is a bit of a pig in stop and go traffic, but really shines on the highway for a vehicle this size.
  • Acadia can archive 30-35 MPG under certain conditions, but in everyday city driving it gets 10-15 MPG only. In 1st week of owning I found it has 2 driving modes: power and efficiency. Efficiency is activated only when cruse control is ON or at higher speed, otherwise it is in hungry power mode with loud engine noise despite standard acoustic package and feels like driving a truck (but after a week of driving you stop noticing noise).

    When cruse control is engaged, the speed is considered to be constant, and in theory it does not require much power/torque to fight wind/tires drag. Therefore in cruse control the transmission algorithm uses higher gear and lower engine RPM 1400-1600 (2000RPM at 65mph). On the flat road ODBII scanner shows instant MPG 35+ at 40mph, 30MPG at 65mph and slightly less at higher speed.

    It takes lots of gas to accelerate 3 tons on metal, plastic and rubber, or drive it uphill. Therefore during acceleration/uphill MPG is never above 10, and can be even lower. The only way to increase fuel efficiency for acceleration/uphill is to change driving habits. Buy PLX Kiwi OBDII Scanner and Fuel Saving Device. As for me Acadia proved that I need PLX Kiwi and I will be getting one.

    Now to the root of low fuel efficiency problem. When not using cruse control at low speed 25-40 mph, transmission algorithm uses lower gear to run engine at 2000 RPM or slightly higher, and car gets about 15 MPG. Engine noise gets louder too. On cruise control on the same road it runs engine at 1400-1500RPM, and about 25 MPG. Efficient lower RPM program handles constant speed even with some uphill/downhill without any problems (ODBII scanner shows good MPG drop when going uphill on cruise control).

    My 2005 Camry drives at reasonable 1200-1500RPM at lower speeds on flat road, and I believe that Acadia engine can still provide enough power at 1500RPM. I am going to dealer to have transmission reprogrammed to shift to higher gear sooner to match driving with cruise control ON.
  • victorg009,
    Any update on your PLX Kiwi or asking dealer to reprogram transmission to shift to higher gear sooner?
    Which model PLX Kiwi are you getting?
  • Look for "PLX Kiwi OBDII Scanner and Fuel Saving Device" on Amazon. I already have ScanGauge II and it gives me instant MPG on Acadia, and can show summary for all day trips including miles driven, gas burned, average MPG etc, but it requires pressing several buttons at the end of the trip which I always forget, and PLX Kiwi does it automatically. If I did not have ScanGauge II I would get Kiwi already, now I am still scrambling money to get it.

    My Acadia went through first tank of gas which lasted less than 300 miles, and this includes some highway driving. I am still learning at which speeds (in range 25-50 mph which are typical city driving speeds) transmission shift into higher gear, it appears that at certain speeds it up-shifts and at some others like 25mph stays in 2000RPM range with loud engine noise and 15 instant MPG (25 MPG when up-shifts).

    Sales department at dealer said I need to talk to service department manager about transmission programming, but I am still building my case which would include speeds at which it stays at silly 2000RPM and how much extra gas in $$$ it burns.

    However I verified that my statement about cruse control is true – it always shifts into higher gear to stay in 1500RPM range regardless of speed (in city driving), and MPG is 50% higher with lower RPM.
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