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GMC Acadia Real World MPG



  • vomavoma Posts: 1
  • Considering the seemly under powered performance I get, I wouldn't expect much when towing. I don't think I would consider towing anything over 50% of the rated towing capacity, other than just short haul towing a boat to the lake or a 1 time towing of a trailer to move, I think towing regulary would be a big disappointment.
  • Since I have been so negative regarding the performance characteristics and the fuel economy of this vehicle, I thought I would take a brief moment to praise the handling in the recent bad weather here in OKC. I thought I had made a big mistake buying the AWD and have always blamed the bad fuel economy on the AWD, but my recent experience in the OK Blizzard of 09 was exceptional. Even if I never need the AWD again it paid off big time in these conditions. I did a 400 mile round trip from OKC to Stilwell on Christmas Eve and Christmad day, and other than all the issues with everyone else and the delays due to everyone else's problems I sailed through the worst driving conditions I have ever seen with this vehicle. I can't say enough about how well it performed and the fact that it kept my family safe during this 12 hour ordeal.
    I guess there is a silver lining after all.
  • rcoombercoombe Posts: 2
    I have been very disappointed and frustrated by the low gas mileage that I get on my 2009 Acadia. I get 16 mpg routinely and have once recorded 19 mpg on a completely highway trip, the best mileage for me. I had a 2000 Suburban that slill got 16-17 mpg routinely and would have bought another one, but gave up the power and size for the Acadia which is definitely not living up to the dealer claims.
  • stdavisstdavis Posts: 7
    Join the club and get used to it. There are no fixes for this problem. 2+yrs with the 2008 AWD and the best it is ever going to get is 13-14 in town and 19 on the road. With a mix you might average 15-17. I wouldn't mind so much if there was plenty of power to offset the loss of fuel economy, but it is severely under powered as well.
    All I can say is if you ever have the opportunity to drive in severe weather you will learn to apprecite the handling characteristics of the AWD anyway.
    I don't care what other people say on the board regarding great fuel economy results with this vehicle, that is not typical and GM (Gov't motors) has no reputation to up hold so lying about fuel economy is just SOP.
  • I purchased a 2010 Acadia last week and traded in a 2008 Tahoe with only 17000 miles. Only traded for more options for the wife, the Tahoe got 18 Mpg in town and 21-22 on the highway. This ACADIA ONLY GETS 13 MPG in town and on short trip. Advertised so much better mileage that I got in a hurry to purchase for an upcoming vacation. The salesman told me you need to drive it about 3 or 4,000 miles for the computer to learn how you drive. LOLLLL, give me a break. Do not buy a 2010 Acadia if you don't own a gas station. I am still crying, what a nightmare, cannot get my Tahoe back and it's only been a week and a half.

    Jim Butler, Midland, TX.
  • The dealership picked it up today. Said they did some work on the computer and now it shows to be getting up to 19.5 MPG when I run it 40 miles down the Interstate. Also the front end was pulling continually, said they worked on it. Drove 2 miles down city street, stopped at 3 traffic lights and never touched the steering wheel. Guess they fixed that for sure. Still a far cry from advertised mileage, but sure is better than 13.1 MPG. Will give it some time and see how it goes. First tank of gas (dealer gas) at 100 miles was considerably below half tank, now after filling it up and having them work on it, have a 144 miles and just under 3/4 tank. That looks a little better. Sure makes me feel better about giving up a beautiful Tahoe for a downsized SUV.
    Will let everyone know next few days how the mileage increases or decreases.

    Jim Butler
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    edited May 2010
    I think that's pretty typical for a lot of new cars and I think the salesperson was right when he said to give it 3 or 4,000 miles.

    We just had a similar discussion over in Answers involving a new Tahoe. I think it's going to take a few tanks before you get a good indication of how your future mpg is going to be.

    And while those mileage indicators are pretty accurate these days, I'd still track a few tanks manually just to be sure.
  • victorg009victorg009 Posts: 9
    edited July 2010
    We bought 2010 AWD Acadia in Nov-2009 and it had 13 MPG in city and around 20 MPG on highway. It came with 2010 Acadia transmission program which used lower gear than necessary and engine RPM stayed around 2000 RPM or more regardless of speed. See my post #61 in this thread for details.

    In April dealer reprogrammed transmission and now car delivers about 15MPG in city driving and engine RPM stays at 1500 or lower when driving at constant speed below 56 MPH. At speeds above 56MPH it behaves same as before reprogramming.

    The new transmission program was not a standard 2010 Acadia programming, and it came from GMC headquarters after I was contacted by GMC regarding my MPG/RPM concerns that I filled in New Vehicle Survey from JD Power and Associates.
  • I have had my 2011 Acadia (SLT2 AWD) for about a month now and my gas mileage is going down, not up. I am currently averaging 9.6MPH a far cry from the advertised rating which coincidentally includes over 100 miles of interstate driving with cruise control! Called the dealer and got a complete run around. My previous V8 got almost twice the mileage and had far more power. This vehicle has been a huge disappointment.
  • Got my acadia 31Aug/2011 Awd SLT/1, and todate almost 1800mi did my road test for 3x to placerville back to SFO and its same as i've got 20.5mi/pgal driving @55 to 65mph and 12 - 15 in city. To date, my concern is that starting the engine from overnight parking, i have noticed loud sound while warming the engine and it will last for more than 1 minute. I have my old car (sold out ) but did not have this kind of engine warming. Well, this is new and i hope they GM dealership and true that all issues and recalls from model 2007 - 2010 were all modified and no more troubles for acadia 2011. Pls text me some of your updates (2011 SLT/2). Did you
    noticed that 2011 height is lower than old models?? Well, i can say is GOOD LUCK AND HAVE SAFE DRIVING FOR BOTH US!!
  • What type of Acdia do you have? Just got a 2011 FWD SLT2 and I am on the second tank of gas. First tank I have not calculated as I had a lot of idling setting stuff up. So far I am happy with the vehicle. :)
  • I have the same thing, only a 2010. SLT2 with all the bells and whistles. Nav, Sunroof, DVD, leather buckets front and back, added running boards for wife.Still not getting the kind of mileage that I got with the 08 Tahoe that I traded for this. But am happy with it now. Had to have it towed in once so far because could not get it out of park at grocery store. Very aggravating. But had same problem the day I brought it, brought it on Saturday and could not take delivery until on Monday when they could get it out of park. Should have been a clue. But I am happy with it. Will probably go with the Denali next year or so. I've only got 7000 miles on it now, put on 4200 on vacation the first month of service. So only drive about 30or 40 miles a week. Should not have to fill up every two weeks, but I do. You learn to love the vehicle not the window stickers. Ha Ha.
  • hockessinhockessin Posts: 2
    edited December 2010
    I bought an AWD 2011 Acadia in the summer in Newark, DE. The salesperson told me to expect 16 - 24 MPG. On average, I get 13 -14 MPG, whether city or highway. After 3 months of driving, I called the GMC service department to see if there was a problem with my car and they told me that 13-14 MPG is typical. I'm very upset!!! I would have never bought the Acadia if I would have know it was a 13-14MPG SUV. I will never buy a GMC again. The car is nice, but overall I'm dissatisfied. The horrible gas mileage makes the smaller issues seem worse (there are quite a few). For a $40K+ car, I was expecting much more. Stay away from the Acadia and GMC manufactured autos.
  • I was planning on ordering an Acadia this month.
    My assumption was it would get better milage than my 07 Tahoe 15-17 MPG. Is the 2011 better MPG than older Acadia's? Its rated at 24 on the highway, from what I'm reading in the forum, I shouldn't expect to get in the high teens low 20's. HELP
  • I am not getting as good as mileage as I would expect nor what I was led to believe. My 08 Tahoe was better than my 2010 Acadia, but I have grown to like it regardless. I might keep it another year and go to either a Yukon or another Tahoe, but not another Acadia. Hope that tells you what you wanted to know. Dealership did do some work on my computer (supposedly) and it does do better than it did when I first brought it......
  • We just traded in our 08 Honda Pilot for the 2011 Acadia AWD SLT1. My wife's biggest complaint is the gas mileage. The Pilot killes the Acadia in mileage. However, in every other way the Acadia is far and away the more comfortable SUV and IMHO a better SUV. Going to talk to the dealer about the computer fix though and see if that does anything.
  • nojobnojob Posts: 1
    Have 2011 Acadia, 1200 miles. Took a trip at 75 mph, under 2000 rpm, flat ground, speed control,and only got 19.7 mpg. My previous 2 vehicles (Fords) got the advertised mileage from the first day. I bought this truck because of the advertised 24 mpg. Has anyone reported that they got the advertised mileage?
  • I drive an 08 bought new Jan 08. I have never been able to get any satisfaction about the MPG. You get precisely the same results I get.
    If you drop down to less than 70 MPH you will see that you also drop below 2k RPM's the MPG will go to about +22.1 MPG given enough miles. That is probably the best you will ever see unless you can stand to drive 60MPG where you might see 24MPG.
    I think the only people reporting that they get 24MPG or anything near it are people that live in areas where the typical highway speed is 65 or less. I think for everyone in the midwest that can go 70+ MPH on the highways and 75+ on the turnpikes for extended periods will never see less better than 20MPG.
    In addition the mixed highway and in town low speed and highspeed driving will be less than 17MPG. I think the best we ever see in town is 12-13 MPG.

    This is the results we have always gotten with the AWD SLT 2. We have tried a few techiques for improving mileage with no results. Running only pure GAS with no ethenol keeping the tires aired up to 34 or more with nitrogen, etc, ect, ect...

    I think the whole programing the transmission for different shift points is bogus as well. The fact is the V6 is just under powered for this heavy a vehicle. Obviously the shifting in and out of overdrive on the highway with just the slightest incline on the road to maintain 70+MPH on cruise control is a contributing factor, but if you change the shift points the vehicle won't be able to maintain the cruise setting within 5MPH, but it might not be so irratating.

    This is extremely disappointing, there are other factors that make this a nice vehicle, but when you have given up a loaded Tahoe that was a fantastic vehicle for 10years and got better MPG and more horse power with better performance on the road it is hard to feel like you made a good decision.

    All I can say is the AWD was FANTASTIC in the blizzard of Christmas Eve 09 in OKC and that alone has paid for the decision to go AWD in an area where I didn't really think it was necessary, but I don't believe the AWD is a factor on the MPG anyway.

    I recently drove a 2011 Chrsyler Jeep Grand Cherokee on a long road trip and got better than 25 MPG on the trip. I couldn't believe how much Chrysler has improved this vehicle. Never been a Chrysler fan but that vehicle almost changed my mind.

    It had great performance and I think it was a V8. Lot of horse power and get up and go. Very comfortable ride plently of room for a big guy and nicer fit and finish that I have ever seen before in a Chrysler product. For the price of a loaded Acadia I am sure you can get a comparably loaded Jeep Grand Cherokee. I haven't looked maybe I am way off base.

    One of factor that makes a difference for me is that Bob Howard Chevy has a service manager that has always been great to us, and that is worth a lot. Not that I have needed him for much, but it always helps to have someone you can count on, on the service side.

    The rear hatch shocks have failed twice and the heated water reservoir for the wind shield had a recall, but other than the leaky sun roof that took a couple of time to correct if has been trouble free over 3 years.

    If GM could just get the MPG right this would be a 8+, but in my mind it will never be better than a 7 unless they come out with a V8. Maybe the new Denali?
  • balkybalky Posts: 1
    edited January 2011
    could you share what the dealership changed in the programming to get your mileage up? I recently bought a 2010 AWD, picked it up at the end of December have gone through about 3 tanks of gas so far with 1600km on the odometer. I am not sure why you would have to wait for an engine to be "broken-in" as every new vehicle i have owned over the last 10 years ( has been 4 so far- 2 fords - 1 toyota - i honda) all gave excellent mileage off the get go. The CSR told me that i need to have at least 10k to then consider there is a problem if i still see this mileage issue. I am going to take it back to the dealer and have them check it out . it just seems that the engine is burning to "rich" for some reason any suggestions??
  • I have a 09 AWD. Honestly it gets better mileage than I would have thought. I am on the Canadian prairies, so we have some pretty cold weather, which does decrease my mpg. I average about 20 mpg in winter, driving about 40 miles per day. In warm weather, I average 25+ and have even done as good as 30 when I drive a little slower. Typical speeds here are about 70 mph. I am absolutely happy with my Acadia and have had several friends buy one after seeing mine. Luckily I have had no mechanical issues at all, and I have over 50000 miles on it since I bought it new in Dec 08. Hope this helps some of you to know it is possible to get better mileage. Oh, and it seems that of people I know that drive Acadias, the 08's did not get as good of mileage as the newer models.
  • nmydstnmydst Posts: 30
    I own a 2011 SLT-1 FWD Acadia that we did a buyback with GM on our 2009 SLT-1 FWD Acadia. Both were brand new vehicles, but with our 2009 we only got to drive it for 4200 miles before it was released to the dealer. During our ownership the average gas mileage we got was 16/17 and that was with me driving half city and highway with speeds averaging between 45-70 daily. With the 2011 I have 4800 miles and I am lucky if I see 15. I don't know if it has to do with weather because I am auto starting the car to warm it up, then you have the heater running constintely. In the summer once in awhile i will auto start the car to cool it off and yes we ran the air conditioner, but we also had the sunroof open and windows open alot of the time too. I think gas has gotten crappier too. In the 2009 I could fill the car up and it would last me for 2 weeks. Now I fill the car up once a week and I'm going about the same amount of distance as before. Right now my car is reading at 12. I used to own a Pontiac Grand Prix GTP and thought that it getting 17 in the city and 24 highway( sometimes on a really good trip my husband could push it to 30) was hurting but this is ridiculous! I'm afraid to start letting someone mess with the computer in my car and tinkering with other things..sometimes that leads to creating problems then solving problems. I got rid of a big problem in August I don't know if I want to mess with the new car, but I sure want to do something about this gas mileage issue though!
  • I regret buying my 2011 Acadia. I get between 10 - 13 MPG around town. The dealer said it's typical. GM is giving me the run around. Call 800-LemonLaw. Seriously. There's no way a company can advertise 16 - 23 MPG on a vehicle that can't even break 13 MPG around town. Sorry to say, after 6 months of working with GM, there is no good source of relief. To top it off, trade in value for my 6,000 mile 2011 Acadia that cost me $42K is only $30K. One thing I know for sure, I will never buy another GM.
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 569
    We have to take the advertised MPG with a grain of salt. It is not the auto company that tests for mileage but a government agency. They decide what goes on the sticker. Unfortunately the tests are under rather ideal conditions. Very difficult to achieve these results especially in the winter and in a city environment. The Acadia is a very heavy vehicle and it takes a lot of energy to get it moving. Stop and go driving is a real gas eater.

    I own a 2010 Ford Edge AWD and at this time of year in a city environment I am lucky to get 13 MPG US and it is a few hundred lbs less than an Acadia.

    I don't know if this will make you feel any better, but you could have purchased many different vehicles that would not have achieved their quoted MPG.
  • bat4bat4 Posts: 1
    We recently bought a 2011 Acadia. The posted mileage is 17/24..We are not even close!! The car gets 15mpg and my wife drives 75% on the highway. I wish there was some recourse because the reason we traded in the suburban was for better gas mileage. GMC is guilty of false advertisement and if I could I would send it back to the dealer !!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    The best fuel economy possible is the direct result of proper maintenance and good driving habits. Listed below are GM's recommendations to achieve the best mileage possible. The first group are things to consider for your vehicle, while the second are tips relating to your driving habits.

    One of the major contributors to poor fuel economy are under inflated tires. Tires low with pressure create drag that the vehicle’s powertrain must overcome, wasting dollars in fuel. Always keep your tires inflated to the proper pressure as shown on the vehicle placard. This not only serves to increase gas mileage but cuts down on tire wear, further decreasing your costs per mile.

    A vehicle that has a dirty air filter can’t efficiently draw air into the engine. This restriction forces the engine to expend energy to "breathe" wasting fuel in the process. Change recommendations are found in your vehicle Owner’s Manual.

    Always use the proper viscosity oil in your engine. Oil that has a higher than required viscosity will create more drag on the internal components of the engine causing more work for it, especially when cold. Each Owner’s Manual contains information on the proper type of oil for your vehicle. Look for the "starburst" symbol on the front of the bottle, and the SM rating on the API circle on the back label. If you are in doubt, stop by your dealer for an oil change, and any other services required. Most current GM vehicles are equipped with oil life monitors to further assist on the "when" to change your oil. (Aveo/Wave/Optra/Epica currently do not have oil life monitors).

    Note: GM Vehicles DO NOT require additional engine oil additives. Some additives may cause harmful effects to the internal seals and additionally void the terms of your vehicles New Car Warranty.
    Purchasing higher than required octane fuel is a waste of money. Using higher octane fuels in a vehicle that only required regular unleaded fuel will neither increase performance nor improve gas mileage. In all cases refer to your owner’s manual and ONLY use the octane rated fuel recommended for your vehicle.

    Even though current GM vehicles have 100,000 mi (160,000 km) service intervals for spark plugs if your vehicle is at that point in its life, have the spark plugs changed to assure proper running and continued efficient, trouble free operation.

    Avoid quick/full throttle acceleration from a standstill in town and high cruising speeds on the interstates. While the optimum MPG for highway cruising speed varies from vehicle to vehicle, faster is almost always worse. If your vehicle is equipped with a Driver Information Center that displays Instant Fuel Economy, select that readout and vary your cruising speed while on the highway. The display will change continuously with uphill and downhill sections but you should quickly be able to identify on level ground the speed range that your vehicle does the best in. Avoid leaving unnecessary items in your trunk. It takes power to move increased weight and that means more gasoline consumption and reduced performance. While the change may be slight, multiplied by thousands of miles, it all adds up. Your vehicle uses much more fuel when the engine is cold. This is especially true in the winter months when the engine will take the longest to warm up. Combine errands or trips so that the vehicle only needs to warm up once to encompass many different stops.

    Thank you and have a great weekend!
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • monicaotmonicaot Posts: 2
    Ok, Ive had my 2011 acadia for exactly a week. Everytime I get into my car and drive anywhere I can actually "watch" my gas needle dropping. I cant tell you how many tears I have shed over this this week. I purchased this vehicle for 6 years as opposed to leasing as I usually do and cant get over what a mistake I have made. I bought this car because of the MPG advertised. I know this is an "average" but how can they advertise 17/24 and Im barely getting 11 mpg!!!! Called the dealer and they told me there was a "warm up" period of 4000 miles before I start to see better gas mileage because it is a new engine. BULL! I have always had new vehicles and have never experienced this. This crappy mileage cant even be blamed on my driving habits....I am 9 months pregnant and am definitley not driving aggresively. Keep it under 3000 rpm, and do not stop/gp abruptly. How sad to have a new car that you paid a pretty penny for and not even want to drive it because you're scared of the gas that it is consuming. Can't wait to get to a point that Im not upside down on it to get rid of it. This has me extremely depressed. Has anyone experienced this at the initial purchase but seen improvements?
    GMC has a lot of nerve advertising this vehicle in this manner. NEVER NEVER AGAIN!!! To hell with GM and their crappy customer service.
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 569
    A government agency sets the posted MPG for vehicles, not the auto companies. The test is under ideal conditions in a lab. Cold weather is not taken into consideration. The Acadia is a heavy vehicle and as such requires a lot of energy and gasoline to get it up
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 569
    Last part of my posting is missing. to speed is missing. Unfortunately these heavy SUVs never seem to achieve their posted city mileage. When tested under the ideal conditions in the lab, they do much better.

    My 2010 Ford Edge will only get 13 mpg in the city under winter conditions with a lot of stop and go. The Edge is about 500lbs lighter than your Acadia, so you can see your mileage is in the ballpark. On the highway with a light foot I can get 25 to 27 mpg.

    The warmer weather and with a few thousand miles driven will help the mileage.
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