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Chevy Lumina Electrical/Lights


I recently bought a 1997 Chevy Lumina Sedan and I love it!!! The simple and stupid question of mine is How the heck do I change the headlights. I got the right low beams from Wal-Mart yesterday and I was trying to pull the headlights out (I do have the manual and did it like it said) but it just didn't work. I just can't get them out.

Another question of mine is, when I try to switch the cooling switch to the normal blowers, it doesn't work. The lumina only shoots air out of the floor vents and the one right beneath the windshield. Also I don't think the A/C works.

I don't really know where to start on those problems and I AM THANKFULL FOR ANY HELP!!!!


  • ppost02ppost02 Posts: 4
    :confuse: I have a 97 Chevy Lumina that has been having intermittant problems starting. When you turn the key on the dash lights up but when you try to start, nothing. Won't turn over or anything. It may act up once and then be fine for the next 6-10 times, then it might act up 4 or 5 times in a row. The engine temp or outdoor temp doesn't seem to have any affect on this problem. The "Security" light on the dash has been coming on intermittantly also. It doesn't flash but might come on one day and stay on a few minutes or for the entire 45-min drive. Then I may not see it for days again. I took it to a local garage about a month ago and they thought the starter had a dead spot and replaced the starter ($300). It was okay for about 2 weeks and then starting acting up again. I called a dealer garage today and they say it sounds like the ignition switch ($375+). I think it may be the ignition module. Any ideas? If anyone else thinks it may be the ignition module do you know where it's located? :confuse:
  • Hi ppost02.

    I have a 95 lumina 3.1 with 165000 miles. I think we have the same problem.
    My problem started about a year ago. I figured the starter was going out and I had it replaced.

    The problem still persisted, though intermittently and infrequently.
    Never could reproduce the problem at the shop.
    My mechanic noticed oil leaking from the manifold and assumed oil may be seeping in the starter and causing this problem.
    Lumina's are notorious for the manifold gasket leak. Anyway, I had the manifold gasket replaced, but still the problem occurs once in a while.

    He replaced the starter (again) under warranty, but the problem still does occur intermittently. I still can never reproduce the problem at the shop. It only happens once in a while.

    I've been living with it ever since. Would be nice to get this fixed.

    Also, I found a work around. Turn ON the ignition switch, pause for a moment, then crank the starter.
    It starts up every time without a glitch.

  • tharmantharman Posts: 1
    I also have a 97 Lumina with the exact same problem, started about 5 years ago. They changed the starter because of a 'dead spot' but it still happened occasionally. Getting much worse the last couple of months. But of course, never happens at a shop or when a mechanic is around. It usually starts right up if I get out, go back inside and come back to try again.
  • ppost02ppost02 Posts: 4
    I gave my key a thorough cleaning, first with a pencil eraser and then with alcohol and also swabbed the key hole with alcohol and it's been working fine ever since. What I don't understand is, when it was acting up it also wouldn't start with my remote starter. If the problem has to do with the key, the key doesn't have to be in the ignition to start it with the remote. (I forgot to mention this in my original post). Unless something went screwy from the previous time it was running (the Security light?) Also, I have not seen the Security light come on since I've cleaned the key. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it continues to work and I'm glad I cancelled my appointment with the dealer!
  • So does anyone have an answer for this problem. Sounds like there is probably more than a few lumina's out there with the same problem. I have a '97 and it's really becoming annoying waiting for it to decide to start. Who said that the key had anything to do with it and why?
  • ppost02ppost02 Posts: 4
    It's partly the key, but mostly related to the "Passkey" security system. Here's a good article that tells you how it works. ticle.pdf

    Here's part of another article that tells you some things to check to see if it is the "Passkey" system or a broken wire. (Which I was told if it's a broken wire it would not start at all.)

    Don't let a common GM Passkey problem keep you from starting the car. On a tilt column, the tiny white wires going to the key pellet contacts eventually break.

    Find these wires coming out of the steering column harness at the bottom and disconnect the pigtail. Measure the resistance across the wires going to the ignition switch key contacts with the key in. If the circuit is open, the white wire is likely broken.

    Next measure the resistance across the key pellet. Attach a universal gauge tester to the harness pigtail leading to the Theft Deterrent Module. Simulate the same resistance level as was measured at the key pellet. If there are no other faults, the engine will now start and your diagnosis is confirmed.

    Michael L. Martin, ASE Master Mechanic
    Martin's Garage, Maugansville, MD

    Good Luck!
  • ppost02ppost02 Posts: 4
    :sick: I've had two months of working fine after giving the key a good cleaning, now my Lumina is acting up again. It's now at the GM garage and they just called to tell me they are replacing the ignition switch and I'll also have a new set of keys. $297+tax. According to the mechanic, you may be able to try things that will "fool" the system for a while, but it will eventually stop working altogether. School starts in two weeks and I don't want to be fighting with this problem any longer. A new vehicle is not an option at this time, so I guess I have no choice but to fork over the dough and get it fixed. :mad: I'll wait a few months and post again to let you all know if this truly fixes the problem.
  • Hi, this is my first enter in this site, i need help,
    somebody can say me why my car turn off during is running, Could be spark plug trouble?, or I appreciate is somebody give me guide, can be something worst?? Any recommendation??
  • I have a 2000 Chevi Lumina approaching 111,000. This has been a maintenance-free car with little problems. However, a couple of weeks ago my "Security Light" is on and stays on. The car still starts w/no problem. I had a similar problem when I first got the car, I switched keys and the light went out. I don't have any extra keys now. I also tried re-setting the Theftlock auto stereo code, but it looks like someone else has already done that. How would I get the code to disengage the Autotheft feature? Any advice on this? Thanks.
  • I have a 1995 Chev Lumina. When accelerating there seems to be a hesitation. If I depress the foot pedal to the point of going into passing gear, the car accelerates. Then when I let up, the car has a surging feeling, and if I try to accelerate slowly it doesn't respond immediately or at all.
    Unless I push the pedal all the way down.
    Any suggestions? Thanks, Larry
  • ytown1ytown1 Posts: 2
    Hello, My 95 Lumina has a miss with violent jerking above 45 mph. When I'm cruising above 45 and give it just a little gas as normal acceleration, it starts missing. If I baby the gas, I can accelerate without the miss. Also, if I'm above 45 and slow down quickly, the check engine light comes on. If I baby it back down to below 45 by easing the gas, the light won't come on. So I think a sensor is picking something up. Just bought the car and should have checked it out better. Someone cut the OBD wires and did some splicing so I can't get the code out. Ideas on what could be causing the miss are appreciated. Thanks, Tom
  • k179k179 Posts: 2
    hi my car will crank but will not start the shop where it was serviced at said it is my theft deterrent module is there any way to fix my car with out taking it to a dealer the prices are kind of high
  • k179k179 Posts: 2
    larry what did you do to fix your problem with the 95 lumina my car was doing the same .
  • I have a 95 lumina my dash lights wont work so i want to pull the headlight switch out i cant seam to get it out has anyone done it.
  • hi my car will crank but will not start...

    I had a similar issue recently with my 95 Lumina, except my car would not crank at all. FYI. The anti-theft system should disable the starter.

    Anyway, my problem was the ignition cylinder went bad. I took it to a private mechanic. It was still pricey to fix.
  • FWIW, my 95 Lumina was mise firing badly. Turns out it had a bad ignition coil and a vacuum leak at the intake.
  • ytown1ytown1 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the info jasper60103. My miss also ended up being a bad coil. But, the light still comes on when you slowing down from above 45 mph. Don't notice any missing and it seems to run fine though, so, I'll just live with it I guess.
  • I have a 1995 chevy lumina, nothing really pressing going on with it. I just need to know how to replace the tail light bulb? Any who can help? It would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  • gomacgogomacgo Posts: 3
    We took our 2001 Lumina, V6, out today, parked it, but when I went to restart it...
    nothing, except the key-in-ignition dinger. And it sounded weak and barely audible.
    No headlights, no interior lights, or dash lights. Like someone had cut all power from the battery.

    I installed a new battery, and the lights worked fine, the dinger was it's usual annoying self, but when I went to start it... nothing, and then it acted like it had before the new battery. It has no security system for the ignition, just the radio.

    Anyone know what I'm up against?
  • smadd38smadd38 Posts: 1
    My mom has a 1997 lumina. WERE IS THE FUSE BOX!
    Boy do I feel dumb asking this question.
  • fsk816fsk816 Posts: 1
    Was on the freeway and car stalled and wouldnt start back up.Now it Starts for a second ,Then stalls.And sometimes it sounds like its not getting no fire at all.And then when I take the key out and put it back in it starts up for a few minutes and stalls .It is getting fuel because I can smell it.Any help please.
  • gomacgogomacgo Posts: 3
    Open passenger door. On side of dash pull out "Fuse Box" cover.
    There may be an additional fuse box in the engine compartment.
    Open hood. Look to your left/middle. There maybe one on the right side as well.

    Hope that helps!
  • gomacgogomacgo Posts: 3
    My 2001 did something similar.

    I drove it about 5 miles, shut it off, then went to start it about 5 minutes later.
    Nothing. Like someone had removed the battery! I got a jump, drove it about 2 miles and it died.

    Found out it was the positive battery terminal/cable.
    I don't see how it could be that sporadic, but after the dealership replaced the cable, car has been ok.

    Hint: I was SURE I had it tightened when I replaced the battery, but they said it was loose. All I can figure is, I stripped it and the bolt came loose.
  • old1960old1960 Posts: 2
    I note that the messages above are old. I have a 1999 Lumina and Have- HAD- a similar problem.
    My neighbor, a mobile mechanic came to me when I was trouble shooting the problem. My problem also included blowing a fuse and a wire getting very hot. When the problem occured I would start the car with a screwdriver at the starter. The mechanic told me Lumina's have problems with the harness at the transmission. I tugged on it and set it a certain way and the problem went away, I mean gone. I looked at the harness connections this past weekend and this is what I found:
    -There is a wire harness that runs to the transmission with two separate connections. One has around four wires in it and the other has two. The one with the 4 wires were exposed and possibly grounding. I respliced them and taped them up.

    Hope this helps.
  • wzbzjmnwzbzjmn Posts: 4
    That sounds good, however, where you also getting a surge and hesitation at higher speeds? Did you get any codes? I have a 1991 Lumina Euro 3.1 and it's driving me nuts. The problem is obviously intermittent, sometimes it's just fine and last week I barely made it off the freeway. I am getting a code 42 which is a short or ground to the EST circuit. Maybe that's the wiring you found. This is great because you know the mechanics would have had me spending $1000.00 before fixing a short. which is 9 times out of 10 the problem.
  • old1960old1960 Posts: 2
    I did not have problems with hesitation or surging. The car ran perfect other than the starting problems which was a hastle. Especially in the rain at night. You could also have your ignition module tested at the local auto parts store. This could also be the problem.

  • rshepardrshepard Posts: 2
    i'm working on a 2000 lumina and the battery is dead every morning. i trouble shot it down to something in fuse #10 which is either I/P Electronics Battery-- Chime Module, Electronic Brake control module (EBCM), theft-deterrent Module, radio, DLC. I do not no were these component are located. I got this far by disconnection neg battery termanl hooking up test like between battery post and cable pulled fuses out till test light went out. now i have test light in # 10 fuse slot was going to unplug things until light went out. any one have thoughts?
  • gonzygonzy Posts: 3
    I own one Lumina sedan 1998 and drain the battery in a couples of days if the car is not in use. I found that the fuse 41 to power drop circuit have more than 1.8 amps while car still park and switch off. If I disconnect this fuse the car do not drain battery. My mech. toll me that this switch goes to the circuit that turn off lights indoor if you forget and let it on. Where are this circuit located and How can I replaced or if any know which is the problem. Thanks
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