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Chevy Lumina Electrical/Lights



  • I the same car (year/make) with the same prob. . Did replacing the EST work for you. HELP, THANKS.
  • jonboy85jonboy85 Posts: 3

    I own a Chevy Lumina 1994 4dr sedan. Recently, I've noticed that when I turn the wheel to a certain degree, left or right, the corresponding turn signal will stop blinking until I turn the wheel further or tap the switch to 'jolt' it back into action. The hazard flashers work just fine. Any ideas?

    Thanks! :)
  • jonboy85jonboy85 Posts: 3
    Sorry, not completely sure what the EST is. I'm not very mechanically-minded. Just know how to do basic maintenance on the car. Is the EST the switch mechanism in the wheel housing?
  • I own a 1998 chevy lumina LS 3.8 L engine. I have recently replaced the back-up lights located inside trunk. There are visually and mechanically two bulbs in this compartment. The tail lights are separate. When I turn on the lights only the tail light portion and two squares(right where bulbs are placed) of the middle trunk white bar are illuminated upon reverse. I have installed the specific bulbs. Why doesn't the whole bar and ends red portion light up? What is the deal? I can see that the white bar is my back-up light when in reverse(BUT ONLY TWO SPOTS LIT) but the end lights are not lit either and I have see other Lumina's at night with ALL RED LIT, while a few with my issue. Also I have seen a FULL WHITE BAR LIT on other lumina's when in reverse. What do I have to do to make the lights work properly. Could this be fuse/electrical short related??? If you have experienced this problem please comment
  • I have a '97 Luminia 3.1l that I just had the back end apart for because of a few lighting issues.

    1) Brakes - I read it may be the turn signal switch and when I saw what was involved for replacing well, looking to add LEDs into the trunk lid, at the ends where its red open plastic and no lights. Basically... the brake lights don't work, yet the driving lights and turn signals do. The middle/3rd light works as well so from what I read it's common that it's the turn signal switch since everything else out checks out.

    2) Neither backup light works, bulbs look find but sockets look rotted so have to get bulbs and clean them out and see. The one bulb broke trying to remove it.

    My question is about the brake light issue... does anyone have any other ideas what it could be? Wiring seems fine otherwise, bulbs work, middle brake light works.... if indeed a signal switch (which again looks brutal to fix) does the wiring to the 3rd brake light have enough power to power a pair of LED cluster lights?

    As for the post from Whitelightni...

    I just had the whole unit off that houses the backup lights. I've never seen the whole unit end to end light up on any Lumina. The backup bulbs go into an enclosed plastic unit the blocks the light from escaping outside of the 2 white squares. If there is a lumina with the whole trunk lid unit lit, I think it was custom.
  • Hey I just made a post about the backup lights and my brake lights... but wanted to make sure you got a notice for this so replying direct as well.

    I just had the whole unit off that houses the backup lights. I've never seen the whole unit end to end light up on any Lumina around here (Ontario). The backup bulbs go into an enclosed plastic unit the blocks the light from escaping outside of the 2 white squares. If there is a Lumina with the whole trunk lid unit lit, I think it was custom.

    I have the whole unit off the car trying to sort out wiring and to get water out... mine got cracked before I bought it. But on the '97 model... it's just a solid white plastic box glued in place. one side lets the light out, the other has a whole to twist the light into.
  • :confuse: Here is my issue with my 97' lumina 3.1. At times my car has a hard time starting.. but it starts. When i put the car in reverse all of my lights dim ( head lights, dash lights and interer lights). Everything goes back to normal when i put the car in drive. At times my radio will turn on and off randomly and i hear a whining with the accelerating of the car running thru my stereo system. I replaced my radio and it stopped for a while but it came back. Needless to say my amp blew. At times while im driving when the radio turns off my car will shut itself off with it. I am at a loss with my car. Does any one know what can be going on? :cry:
  • About two months ago my car would start intermittently, I noticed security light on, then it wouldn't start at all, security light flashing. I had the ignition cylinder replaced and got my new pass key. The car ran fine for over a month, then once in a while wouldn't start, then would. Security light not flashing. Had battery checked, its fairly new and it was fine. Now car will not start at all. My son in law came over yesterday and ran a wire from the solenoid to battery ( I had key turned to on position) and it started right up. He cleaned connections from purple wire going to solenoid as they looked rusty. He had me start the car many times and started great. A few hours after he left went out and car again won't start. Tried it today same thing, It will make one click noise, all lights on dash come on and thats it.

    I hate to put more money into it as I have spent well over $2000 in repairs over the past few years, major repair being having gaskets etc replaced due to oil leakage.

    I spent almost $200 for ignition cylinder and key replacement.

    As the car started fine with the "hot wiring" does that rule out starter issues? Any ideas where to look next?
  • goobygooby Posts: 2
    I have a 98 Lumina that has a brake light failure. The center brake light works, but the lateral brake lights are both out. My novice technician and I went to the salvage auto parts place to find a replacement turn signal switch and found that most of the similar Lumina vehicles had the same problem. There is a defect in the turn signal switch retainer clip that holds the two outside plates together. When the clip wears out, the plates separate and so do the electrical contacts for the brake lights. The brake light wiring runs through the steering column into the signal switch and then back to the brake lights on the sides of the vehicle.
    The solution is to spend $55 on a new signal switch. It is tough to replace and requires some know how and safety steps including pulling the fuse to the airbag for the steering column. A technician can remove the airbag, steering wheel (requires a wheel puller) and other retaining gear. Once you get to the turn signal switch, check to see if the plates are separated and then commence replacement of the switch. Take care to disconnect the battery (not easily done since the battery is under the washer fluid tank) before you start.
    This is really a poor design for the signal switch and Chevy should recall the problem due to it being such a safety issue. Good luck with that though.
  • What a mess. Advanced Auto checked my battery that is still under warranty and it was low, they charged it and I told them the postive bolt is tight but cable loose, They recommended a spacer and longer bolt which we put on and the battery began sparking with car off and melted spacer and positive section of battery. They gave us a new battery but there was melted metal on wires and cables. Took car to mechanic and got a new starter and he installed the battery. Just got car back today and went to drive it to the store and the steering wheel turns completely around when parked. Has NEVER done this before . Now have to wait till after the weekend to call the mechanic and see what the heck went wrong.
  • babylacbabylac Posts: 1
    I have to go backyard with you on this one. Since we know that the Lumina of any year is not going to bring in a good resell or trade value, I want to save you 54 dollars. Go to your nearest dollar store and grab a trash bag clip. I you cannot get one,use the tie that comes from opening a loaf of bread. First, push the wires into the turn signal column and verify that all the stop signal lights are illuminated. Next, tie and fasten the clip to the turn signal preferably closet to the steering column just below where the wires separate from the plastic guard. Make sure it is fastened very tightly. This will solve the dilemma for the lifetime of the vehicle. Mine has been working since I discovered the discrepancy. Try it if have not already replaced the whole unit.
  • msc698ccmsc698cc Posts: 1
    Its in the side of the dash on the passanger side,atleast in my 97 thats where it is. chevy is not known from changing much. :shades:
  • My headlights are not operating on my 1997 Chevy Lumina yet the bulbs and fuse are fine.

    This occurred 6 months ago for one day and has been operating fine ever since.
    The problem reoccurred yesterday and I have no idea what else to check to rectify the problem.
    Please advise
  • I know it's been a long time and you didn't get any replies on your problem, but I was wondering if you ever found a solution. My 93 Lumina is doing the same thing, but only with the right turn signal. If you have any possible solutions it would be awesome if you could let me know.

    Thank You Very Much,
    Andy :)
  • i have a lumina same problem also though it was starter....found a relay behind glove box ,replaced same problem ,so i bi passed it bi hooking the two large wires together ,solved the problem ,just turn key and feel for the one that clicks
  • Can't afford another car so I have to revive this one, would appreciate any and all help as we are stumped.
    About two months ago if I let my car sit for >12 hours, the battery would be dead. Jumped it off a few times and then noticed considerable wear on serpentine belt, uneven, harsh wear. Replaced that. Replaced battery, which was under warranty and even paid to get better one. Car still died. Alternator or starter right-no it's not either of them and the battery is good too. Since the serpentine belt was replaced, the Tensioner started making that loose sound. Was told replace it and the harmonic balancer looked off, so I replaced the tensioner(sound is still there???), and harmonic balancer should be done later today. Today after having AAA come out and jump it yet again this morning I have A NEW CLUE!
    When I take key out of ignition, the ward chime(really irritating) still dings, can't make it go off now??????????????????????????
    so I disconnected the battery until I take it to mechanic later today.
    Anyone have Any Clue?????
    any help appreciated!!!!!
  • rafa63rafa63 Posts: 1
    My Father Has 1991 Chevy Lumina 3.1 litter. Two weeks ago this car stated stalling while driving on the road. The engine will crank up and will idle normally; it will even rev up OK. But once you take it out on the road, it will start to miss fire and stall. Wait a few minutes and it will crank up and run again, until one day it just will not start. After a few local mechanics (three of them), new spark plugs and wires, new ECM, new ignition coils, new fuel filter, fuel pump pressure test, and computer scan, the engine will not start up.
    To make this story short, I drove up to my Father’s house, a two hours drive; I checked the car and did what a friend of mine suggested. I cranked the engine three times, for 2 seconds each time. This procedure will reset all of the sensors and modules to the car computer. A few minutes later I cranked up the engine and eventually it stated up. I let idle till normal operating temperature. Doing nothing else, I stated moving the wires near and around the engine. There it was. The wires that are close to the engine, these wires run from the computer to near the fire wall, and connects to the ECM.
    I cleaned as many wires from oil and grease and used some elect wire tape, replaced most of the elect wire conduit with new ones and placed many wire tie wraps. The computer under the radiator water reservoir tank was missing two hold down bolts. After all was repair, the engine was crank up and stated. Drove the car the next day for about 20 miles, and it is running like new. These cars have many years on them, and most of the elect wires and connections are loose, dirty with oil and grease. A good inspection and test of the wires would give you a hint if there is a bad connection, or bad communication between sensors, modules and computer. I hope this helps….Rafael Ponce
  • Got a question for y'all. What exactly would cause a 98 Lumina without the key in the ignition or the doors open, for the door open chime to sound and the lights to continuously run.

  • smadd38 said:

    My mom has a 1997 lumina. WERE IS THE FUSE BOX!
    Boy do I feel dumb asking this question.

    there are three fuse boxes... two under hood (one each side above the wheel wells), and one on the side of the dash assembly in door jamb area when you open the passenger side door.
  • fsk816 said:

    Was on the freeway and car stalled and wouldnt start back up.Now it Starts for a second ,Then stalls.And sometimes it sounds like its not getting no fire at all.And then when I take the key out and put it back in it starts up for a few minutes and stalls .It is getting fuel because I can smell it.Any help please.

    could be a clogged fuel line, fuel filter or the fuel pump. to eliminate those three disconnect the air intake after the filter and spray carburetor cleaner into the intake manifold... cran over engine, if it starts keep sprying to keep vehicle idling. If this works and engine runs then your problem lies in one of these three parts. most likely the filter or the pump is bad.
  • I have a 1995 Lumina sedan w/ 3.1 L V6 and had issues with the a/c. found the relay for compressor to be bad. ordered one installed it an upon starting heard a pop and awful clanking sound coming from compress or starter motor area... promptly removed relay(which was now blown) and car wont start. doesn't really wanna turn over but when it does(intermittently) horrifying clanking sound still emitted from same area.... had battery testd, starter and solenod tested and all proved good. also changed ground cable from battery. still wont start! any suggestions out there?
  • ppost02 said:

    :confuse: I have a 97 Chevy Lumina that has been having intermittant problems starting. When you turn the key on the dash lights up but when you try to start, nothing. Won't turn over or anything. It may act up once and then be fine for the next 6-10 times, then it might act up 4 or 5 times in a row. The engine temp or outdoor temp doesn't seem to have any affect on this problem. The "Security" light on the dash has been coming on intermittantly also. It doesn't flash but might come on one day and stay on a few minutes or for the entire 45-min drive. Then I may not see it for days again. I took it to a local garage about a month ago and they thought the starter had a dead spot and replaced the starter ($300). It was okay for about 2 weeks and then starting acting up again. I called a dealer garage today and they say it sounds like the ignition switch ($375+). I think it may be the ignition module. Any ideas? If anyone else thinks it may be the ignition module do you know where it's located? :confuse:

    I had same issue...its either the key or the ignition module..anti security..if key dont make good contact then car was disable the start...may need new keys or new ignition module...order online do it yourself..not to hard if ya youtube it...
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