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Honda Fit Brake Questions



  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,966
    Are you saying it jerks left or right after you start sliding? That almost sounds like some kind of stability control/anti-lock brake behavior. My latest vehicle is my first with ABS and I'm planning on taking it out someplace safe when snow starts to fall to see how it's going to behave differently compared to our previous vehicle that didn't have ABS. I'm expecting a somewhat different type of feel as the ABS system tries to keep the wheels from locking up when I start to slide. I'm just wondering if you're experiencing something similar

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  • oc2oc2 Posts: 2
    The Fit jerks off course first, then I lose traction. I have wondered if it isn't a malfunctioning ABS, but the dealer said no.

    I have had several vehicles with ABS and I've actually tested the brakes on slippery snow just as you are thinking of doing. It is amazing how it pumps control to each of the tires and brings me to a controlled stop.

    Since I do not have a stability control system on the Fit I think the ABS is kicking in with just one tire on slippery surfaces at speeds higher than 40 mph. Since I can't get any confirmation as to what is wrong, I've decided to get a different vehicle before winter.

    I liked everything else about the Fit, but I just don't feel safe.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,966
    Since you're talking about sliding, I'm assuming that you're using the brakes when this happens. That's why I'm wondering about ABS being a factor. Have you had an ABS vehicle before this? If so, I assume that your Fit is behaving a bit differently than you expected?

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  • Have your brakes caliper check. If it is woring out one brake pad than the other, that means they need to replace the calipers. I just found this out today, since I have to for the first time brought my car to friend's mechanic. Since I have been having problems of grinding and sliding when I hit my breaks. I am now going to the my dealer on Wednesday to get this resolve. I will keep you posted.
  • I have been a careful driver for many years and never had an accident. On December 14th of 2010 I traded in my 2002 Civic for a 2008 Fit. I wish I could turn back the clock and not do it!! The first day on the way to work, I tried to stop at an intersection and I heard a "clicl,click,click" noise and began to roll on through the intersection! I was able to put it into a sideways slide which allowed me to stop but it scared me! I went to the dealership and I was told to get Blizzak tires and that the click I heard was normal Abs operation and I should get used to it. I believed them to my detriment. On January 23rd on dry pavement at 25 mph I was unable to stop for a firetruck and plowed into the back of another vehicle.. $9672 in damage and almost none to the other vehicle.
    I called American Honda and they got back to me but it was really odd...they called to ask me about "unintended acceleration" when I was very clear that the brakes had failed. The dealership had the brakes checked and they said there was nothing wrong.
    If you bought a fit It would be best to get rid of it for your sake and the sake of your family. Honda knows there is something wrong but won't admit it..look what happened to Toyota...All those people who had to die in Toyotas before the NTSB did something! I say as consumers our biggest impact is word of mouth and refusal to purchase. I went and bought an Older Buick. No Computer tied to the brakes. Much happier now!!
  • Hello, No More Fit For Me. I'm glad that you've unloaded your Honda Fit so that you can be safe. But please, make your complaint to NHTSA. Complaints to Honda (or any car manufacturer) go nowhere and NHTSA will only intervene once they see a pattern. If everyone on this forum would file their complaint with NHTSA, they might do a recall. I got rid of my 2008 Honda Fit more than a year ago because of brake problems that caused one accident and almost a second one. I have posted on here several times. Please go back and read my experience if you haven't already. Venting helps some of us feel better, but ultimately it accomplishes nothing. It only takes a few minutes to make your NHTSA complaint and it could save lives. Thanks.
  • janesterjanester Posts: 1
    Thanks for the discussion and forum. I've had ABS prior to this car, then a Civic without ABS (a relief), but now my Fit with ABS. Don't ask me why. I am used to stopping early because the braking action takes so long to finally stop the car with ABS. Tonight in a slippery snow squall I was a highway exit ramp, which goes downhill somewhat, lots of cars in a row--I was third up, getting to the stop sign at the bottom. I stepped on the brake well ahead of time but the pedal wouldn't depress more than half way. I leaned on it heavily, could hear the braking system but it wouldn't budge any more and I hit the car in front of me. I'm somewhat freaked out. No damage to my car I could see but a dent in the other car's bumper. Honestly felt as if I did everything right and had to just watch as I crashed. Really minor damage except to my ego and the inconvenience to the woman I hit. It was just so odd. I got home and looked at my records: the tires were replaced at 28K miles and it's gone 48K now. I'll have them checked again along with brakes. Any insights? I just am not feeling confident living in NH snows with this car. I will contact NHTSA, good suggestion.
  • evalentievalenti Posts: 9
    When I had my 08 Honda Fit, I had to change the tires prematurely as well. More importantly was the brake failure and subsequent accident. When I narrowly missed crashing into another car (only because he cleared my path) I decided I had to get rid of the car. I took a huge loss on the car, but my life is worth it. My suggestion to you is to get rid of the car and report it to NHTSA. They will eventually have to do something if we all voice our safety complaints. It is easy and only takes a few minutes. Your complaint could help make a difference. Thank you and NEVER drive an unsafe car.
  • northernfitnorthernfit Posts: 10
    2008 Honda Fit Sport, 35,500 miles

    Recently, the brake booster on my Fit seems to be sporadically malfunctioning for the first 30 seconds after starting the car. During this time the brake pedal is VERY hard and it requires a huge amount of force to get the car to stop (and I'm a big guy).

    It only happens occasionally (about 20% of cold starts) and it "fixes itself" after 30 seconds or less.

    I took it into the dealership and they could not find any problems. I did report this to the NHTSA.

    Has anyone else experienced this, and what was the resolution?

  • xfit08xfit08 Posts: 3
    Went to Honda dealer and was told there is nothing wrong with brake calipers and just needed new brake pads. Have them changed and paid for the pads. Went to my mechanic for the usual oil change and he was aware what I was told by the Honda mechanic, today. He examined the brake, they are still wearing unevenly and there are still the same constant noise when I brake and brake loosened itself when braking, the car was going at 20 miles an hour before me hitting my brake to stop the car from hitting a car. I did report this to NHTSA. today. Calling Honda again on Monday, since customer service on the weekends.

    northernfit. Yes I have experience the same thing, since I am in North California. Weather is not as cold in NH mind you, which volumes of what may be wrong the brake system.
  • dirtydoggiedirtydoggie Posts: 1
    edited June 2011
    Alright.... I registered just because I couldn't take all of the misinformation and people saying the same things. I needed to set the recored straight. Please dont think that I don't like Fits. I have and 08 Fit. I love it, but Honda Fits are not made to be driven IN THE SNOW! They are light, have skinny tires, and yes their ABS "Anti lock Breaking System" isn't awesome, but ABS in your, and everyone elses, Fit is doing it's job. It annoys me too. However, this ABS keeps your car tires from locking up in which case you will go from very little control to no control at all. Which would you rather have? And yes you "slide" a long way on the ice or snow because the Fit is light and the tires are skinny. Perhaps the reason you feel unsafe in those conditions is because you are driving the absolute wrong car for those conditions. People do not buy submarines to water ski, airplanes to scuba dive or motorcycles to explore the wilderness, The reason being....they are the wrong vehicles. I had an Expedition. It was a beast in the snow and the ABS was awesome.
  • ben70ben70 Posts: 16
    Honda seems to have a brake problem with most of their vehicles. Unfortunately nothing will be done until a lot of Honda drivers are killed when their brakes fail. Waiting for the 2012s. Our next vehicle will NOT be a Honda. Too bad; we had a 20-year relationship. In the meantime we will not let the incompetent dealerships near our Ody. What happened to Honda?
  • ben70ben70 Posts: 16
    After reading the posts in this forum and others, we won't be buying a Honda again - any Honda. Real scary stuff! Our Odyssey was OK until the recall was performed. All the brake fluid leaked out. Is Honda out to kill it's customers?
  • 808guy808guy Posts: 2
    My fit use to malfunction as well. It started only 2 weeks after I bought the car. very similar to your issue. I took it to the dealership explaining similar accounts to yours. yet they could not replicate it. This has been a very huge burden for me. It has happened more than 5 instances since bought new in July of 2008. I've even gotten into an accident because of the malfunction. Yet I can not prove its the brakes. From July 2008 - about Dec 2008, I have seen countless amounts of 2007/2008 fits being towed with front end damage. some far worse than mines. but yet i see no recalls on this issue!! I think more fit owner need to report theses type of incidents
  • I traded mine in for a nissan rogue. Needless to say, due to the two accidents on record, I didn't get a lot on the trade in, but I honestly couldn't put my child in that lemon another day. I will never buy another honda again.
  • anreesanrees Posts: 3
    Thank you. I will print out these messages and take to dealer. Keep thinking I did something wrong. Luckily, I only had one accident 2 years ago. Since then, whenever it is wet or cold I slow down way before. Also, I have a manual and take foot totally off clutch even if stalling results. Thank you for keeping at this. I have a fit07.
  • haveafithaveafit Posts: 1
    I wonder if that is the same problem I am having. It has only happened a few times when I have had to slam my brakes as when someone cuts in front of me. It sounds and feels like I am driving on those bumps installed on roads to tell you when you cross a line. I haven't crashed, maybe because I have been lucky to have enough space to stop first?
  • northernfitnorthernfit Posts: 10
    Here I am replying to my own message a bit over a year later to get an update online.

    I've had the Fit into the dealer 4 times in the last year, and the dealer has tried a few things to fix the issue, but with no resolution.

    At start-up there seems to be enough brake booster vacuum for one braking; the next time I hit the brakes it goes to the floor as if there is no power brake assist. There are brakes there, but it takes a HUGE amount of force and if you're not expecting it it would be easy to hit something. It happens 50% of the time I start the vehicle (after sitting 8+ hours). The issue is worse when in reverse (lower gear and thus more power from the engine?).

    The second dealer I went to said this is a known issue with no known repair. While at the dealership, a Civic owner said she has the same problem and the dealers told her that it is "normal". The service manager told me to let the car warm up for 2-minutes before driving.

    A year ago, I had 32,000 miles and now I have 76,000 miles. The problem is worse with no resolution in sight. And it scares me that if my wife drives the car (I usually drive it) she might not be ready to hit the brakes as hard as needed. Unless this gets fixed by a dealer, I won't be buying another Honda.
  • evalentievalenti Posts: 9
    Northern Fit,

    I have posted here before about my crash and another near miss due to brake failures. You can read those posts for more detail if you like. Please report your issue to NHTSA. It only takes a few moments. They are the only entity that can make a recall happen. Honda isn't going to voluntarily recall their cars.

    As far as you or your wife driving the car, an emergency can never be anticipated. If it could, it wouldn't be an "emergency." No matter your skill or anticipation of a problem, if the car doesn't stop in time, you or someone else could be seriously injured or die.

    I sold my car to a dealership...and yes, I disclosed the problem with the brakes. Though I suffered a significant financial loss because the car was only about a year old, the money was not worth my life or that of my daughter. Please be safe.
  • boy1derboy1der Posts: 1
    I'm setting up my 2013 Fit to be towed behind an RV. With my auxiliary braking system, I need to know whether the Fit has "Vacuum" or "Active" brake system.

    Thanks for any help.
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