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Ford Expedition Noises



  • michmiesmichmies Posts: 1
    I too just started having this loud "tick tick tick" sound in my 03 expedition. It started when I turned on my rear air. When I turned off the air the ticking stopped. I doesn't make the sound if I leave off the rear air but keep the front air on. Now to add to the complication, This morning my husband went out to use my expedition and my battery was dead. We jump started it and as soon as it started, the ticking from the rear panel started. I checked my air controls and they were all off!! So what is the deal with that? Could whatever that is have drained my battery and why would it still be ticking if the air was off?

    Help, I am not under warranty and don't want ot fix something expensive.
  • I had this happen twice in my 03 Expedition. I was still under (extended) warranty and had it fixed both times. I think there is a switch or something inside the plastic wall that can be damaged if bumped. What I noticed when it happened the second time is - that it happened after loading a bunch of stuff in the back and a table that fits snug across the floor of the back - PRESSED firmly against the side wall and the clicking started again.

    I think something just inside the wall can be easily damaged. But I'm not sure.

    Now that I am out of (extended) Warranty - I will pull it apart next time to check it out.
  • My '99 Expedition 5.4 has developed a noise recently. Only when accelerating hard, up hill or towing. It sounds like classical u-joint noise, but the joints seem tight. Does this vehicle have the classic problem like the Explorer of wear in the output bearing or bushing of the transfer case?
  • My truck has an annoying noise at the dash that won't go away. It happens randomly, after I hit a bump or on a rough road, I have to hold the top of my dash for the noise to stop. I've visited the dealershi several times and they all think I''m crazy. Please help...
  • buzzz1buzzz1 Posts: 42
    Email me and I can help you diagnose the squeak. I fixed several on my 08. bmwolfe at yahoo dot com.
  • rpdrewrpdrew Posts: 1
    Recently my 2003 Expedition began to make a single clunk sound when starting to back up. It seems to be worse when the wheel is turned. Any ideas what this might be?

  • jswopejswope Posts: 1
    I am posting for my sister. She recently was diagnosed with having a Ford Expedition with a loose timing belt and bad bearings. Does this sound legit. I'm sure it is. Probably never been serviced and a lot of city miles. What is she looking at as far as cost and what would you rate the difficulty of doing the job yourself. Never done one. Thanks.

  • My '03 makes an occasional intense high pitch noise which lasts 15 seconds +/- and does not change if you fiddle with the fan switch. The noise happens while driving at steady Interstate speeds, radio off, and on a recent trip, after the first few hours, it did not reoccur. It can also happen at slower speeds. When it does happen, the pitch is steady and always the same. It does rapidly taper up, holds for awhile, then rapidly tapers off.

    Is there anything else under the dashboard other than a heater fan motor which could make such a noise?
  • I have a 2000 ford expedition E.B that is making a whining noise when it's in park and also when it accelerates. Is there anyone having the same problem as me i'm getting nervous don't want to spend alot of money on repairs hoping it's something simple also the transmission fluid is kind of brown could this be causing the problem?
  • I just bought 97 Ford Expedition XLT 5.4 Eng. 4WD.It has 203K miles on it .Original owner parked the car 1.5 yrs ago when he heard a sound coming from the engine.He did not get the car checked to see what the problem was.I bought the truck knowing there is a sound and hoping I can get it fixed for reasonable price since the car was running .I drove to my house 8 miles(sound was there seem like it was much less at low RPM)I know I am mechanically handicap but 3 mechanic looked at the car in my drive way and said "crank the engine...(5-6 seconds later) ok cut it off ,one of the rod bearing bad # re-built the engine or # replace long block or # I have to put used engine".....Again I am mechanically handicap but how can they be so sure this is my only option without even looking at anything??? I drove the car about 8 miles to my drive way after I purchased it , then next day I drove 25 miles round trip and on the way stopped and get an inspection,vehicle pass the emissions inspection.(car has been sitting 1.5 years). I just don't know what else it could be ? I know 203K miles a lot but I have every single oil change , tune up ,......record. from previous owner.(1 owner) Also if it is the bad rod bearing, base on what I read on the web site forms , no smoke from exhaust, oil pressure is normal, and when the RPM is low , driving between 35-75 mph I can not hear the sound. If anyone had this problem and fixed it or any suggestions please respond, I really do appreciated.Thanks
  • Recently I purchased a 2003 Eddie Bauer Expedition 2WD with 119K. I have since noticed a few noises that I am trying to figure out what they are.

    The 1st noise is when I put the car in reverse, I hear a single thump after the car has backed up about 3 or 4 feet. It scares me everytime as it feels like I backed into something.

    The 2nd noise that I hear is when I am accelerating with the wheel turned. It sounds almost like the tires are rubbing against something, but they are in fact not. I put new tires on the vehicle and the noise is still there.

    Does anyone have any ideas as to what these noises could be? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • i have a 2001 expy eddie bauer that has developed a ticking sound in the drivers rear near the third seat. it appears to be coming from behind the plastic panel. any ideas what it may be and what id the best way to remove the plastic panel.
  • My recently purchased '06 Exepedition has a high pitched noise. The noise is constant at 58-59 MPH. It sounds as though it's coming from the middle of the dash. I can't really tell if it's inside or outside of the vehicle, but I'm leaning toward outside. If I speed up or slow down it goes away. I've tried turning off the radio and blower. That didn't seem to make any difference. The noise doesn't sound like a whine it's more like a whistle that fades in and out. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  • I have that same noise.
    No one can tell us. We have had it checked at different dealers.
    no answer. :mad:
  • I just purchased a 2008 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer rental return from a Ford dealer with 12K on it.

    Question #1 I have found an annoying cricket chirp in the dash when I go over pretty much any sort of bump. (It's winter in Minnesota so the roads have lots of bumps.) The chirp is coming from the dash piece the covers the gauges, speedo, etc. It appears to be coming from the male end of the clip that goes into the dash receptacle. It has a plastic bag like piece that goes over it, which I assume it to reduce any friction or squeaks. I have pulled this part of the dash apart and stuck in felt, cardboard, but no luck. I can make it go away while driving if I place my hand on it. Any one else had this experience and know how to solve it?

    Question #2 I had an after market 10.5" dvd player and rear camera installed for the kids. Work great, but another rattle, which I believe is coming from the wire harness that the car stereo shop decided not to anchor down. There is likely 1- 1.5" of room between the head liner and the roof (with the rear A/C vents) it sounds like it is "slapping" when I go over bumps. Any advice to give the stereo shop to fix this when I bring it back?
  • My 2007 Expedition EB AWD makes a noticeable buzzing noise from somewhere ahead of the driver, maybe at the driver's feet, on the driver's side, at light to medium load (accelerating or steady speed going up a slight grade) at 1500-1700 rpms. I can feel it in the throttle pedal, and sometimes even in the steering wheel, but mostly it is heard. Transmission gear and torque converter locked or unlocked does not matter. Road speed does not matter, only rpm. Drives me crazy.

    I've checked everything obvious, including the various exhaust heat shields, but have not been able to find where it might be coming from. Dealer, too has struck out. No relevant TSBs that I can find. I'm starting to think the light-off catalyst media is loose inside the housing. Reasonable guess? Sound familiar to anyone? Other ideas?
  • 1999 Expedition 4WD

    I have a loud mechanical popping noise from the front of the car under acceleration. It does it in AWD or 4WD HI. If I remove the fuse for the 4 WD, it won't do it at all. If I am in a turn it won't do it until I straighten up. It will do it with the cruise set at anything up to 70 mph but if you set the cruise to anything over 70 it won't do it. I haven't found any information on whether or not the traction control is disabled above a certain speed. I have changed the speed sensor on the rear differential but have not changed the ones on the front because of the cost.

    Has anyone had a similar problem and if so what was the remedy?
  • ngonzalezngonzalez Posts: 1
    Hi my name is Nelson i own a 99 expo. i have a bang when ever i hit a bump the noise is coming from the left rear, i have changed the shocks myself thinking that, that might be the problem, its still there can any one tell where the noise is coming from.
  • ajensonajenson Posts: 1
    I'm wondering if you found what it is? Mine is now doing it.
  • pattym24pattym24 Posts: 1
    I've got an '04 Expedition with about 54k miles on it. Just last week, it began making a noise while traveling at highway speeds. After a couple hundred miles or so, this is what I've observed:
    The noise:
    has not occured below 55 mph
    has not occured above 80mph (don't usually drive above that)
    occurs both while towing a small trailer and with nothing in tow
    usually begins as a shift point is approached, but continues after the transmission completes the shift
    happens much more often while going uphill than when going downhill
    if allowed to "build", the noise will develop into an irregular thump that can be felt in the floor by both driver and front passenger
    ALWAYS goes away when I take my foot off the gas. Always. Never fails.
    NOW the last 2 days , nothing..?????

    After the first two or three times I heard this noise I pulled off the highway and looked underneath, thinking I had picked up some road debris that was stuck underneath. Nothing there. I checked for loose heatshields - nothing. The thing I find really odd is that it always goes away as i let off the gas. I can get right back on the throttle and the noise is gone and everything is fine. there's no loss of power and other than the thumping I tried to describe above nothing feels different when it's making this noise. There's no check engine light and everything in the "system test" checks out OK.

    I'm at a loss now, scouring the interwebs to see if I can dig anything up. Anyone have any ideas about this?
  • I have 2006 Expedition 4x4 with intermitant virbation and buzz/ downshifting like sound at low rpm 1100 - 1500. No message on panel. Thought it was coil from other posts but mechanic could not find anything miss-firing. He said to bring back if it gets worse. I now think it is the transmission, only feel and hear at low rpm almost feels like it will stall at times.
  • hlmchlmc Posts: 2
    Amazing. I have the same truck and same problem. It has been a problem since I purchased it new. I have brought it to the dealer at least 4 times and can never recreate it (when I need to). Have you had any luck finding out what the problem is?
  • Yes, finally got it figured out. Took it to Tri -City Transmission Service in AZ and their guy knew exactly what it was. They removed the valve assembly body from the transmission and replaced the #7 Check Ball in the main control valve body. Said the #7 check ball was beat up and replaced it. Truck works great and no problems since. Total cost was $451.33 and they washed my truck.
  • I have a 2001 Ford Expedition XLT AWD 5.4L, I experience the same humming/ vibration as well. I was going take it to transmission place for a trans fluid change and replace the transfer case fluid as well. Will that help with problem? My truck only has 70, 000 miles on it. Or should I tell them to remove the valve assembly body and check first?
  • hlmchlmc Posts: 2
    Thanks for your help...I'll take it in and see what they say.
  • I have a 2004 Ford Expedition. The vehicle makes a noise after it has been driven and parked. The noise which comes from underneath sounds like a bong....Maybe a heatshield that has deformed during driving and once the shield cools, returns to its normal shape??? Any ideas as to how to ID and fix this issue?
  • HI again
    I am hoping someone can help me figure out what sounds like a loud pop in the exhaust when you start the expedition and let it warm up. Sounds like expansion and contraction pops?????
    It is towards the rear of the car.
    alwaysford2 helped me so much when the heater in the rear stopped. I am hoping someone can help me with this annoying noise.
  • Probably just a heat shield expanding and contracting.
  • Is this something i should worry about? It is just an annoying noise so far when it pops.
  • You could try to isolate where it is coming from if you lay near it, then give a little tweak on it here and there to change it's dynmaics. Might be able to make it go away.
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