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2001 - 2006 Honda CR-Vs



  • My 2002 V is great. I'm so much happier with it that I was with the 98 Civic I had. I am used to a console-all the hondas I've had have always had them but the center tray is nice enough for what I use it for. I have had mine since Nov 23 and have been getting 24-26 MPG so far. I have read on some forums of people getting better than this so I hope as the engine breaks in better that my mileage (not that I'm complaining) might go up a bit more.

    I got the Satin Silver. But...I would have gotten the red if it came with the black interior instead of the tan (ewww!)
  • That's why I like the Blue color the best, but I also like the red color as well. I wonder if I could have the dealer install aftermarket leather?
  • bailiebailie Posts: 12
    Any Canadians out there who may know the invoice price for the 2002 crv auto ex? (not Leather)
  • jrdwyerjrdwyer Posts: 168
    Has anyone here used the CRV in light duty off road use? Such situations as driving through pasture or crop fields, steep gravel or dirt roads(aka appalachia), rutted roads, etc. The specs show 8 inches of ground clearance and the departure angles look o.k. from pictures. And the new 2.4l should have enough low end, especially with a 5 spd. Does the 2002 engine get any sort of skid plates and is the muffler protected? Are the tires somewhat agressive or just road tires?

    I am looking for a small sport ute to replace my sedan, and I don't really need the toughness or heaviness of a Jeep Liberty. I would prefer something like the 2002 CRV with its decent gas milage, better on-road manners, and good build quality. It will be interesting to see what the next Suzuki Vitara/Chevy Tracker will be like and also the new Forester. Thanks.
  • dudkadudka Posts: 451
    dudka, please share your info. nmnazareno posted a message about a month ago stated 7/100k $0ded for $535, did he give you the info for that? Thanks

    No he/she never contacted me about the qoute. mine is from a finance manager from a dealership in vermont, the qoute is for 2001 cr-v se for $730 with $50 deductible for 7 year/100 000 mile coverage. you can call town and country honda in berlin vt, at 802-223-9700, and ask to speak with Chip Worthen. Tell him that David Budek told you to give him a call about the honda care warranty. hopefully he will remeber who i am, :-) he will fedex you the papers to sign, and will charge your credit card, and you will get the paperwork from honda finance directly in about a month or so.
  • Try this link from for a long list of trips, most with pictures.

    From personal experience the CR-V does just fine off road, assuming you're not taking it boulder crawling. I've driven my '99 CR-V EX 5spd through fields, dirt roads, gravel roads, snow mobile trails (covered with snow), and a healthy dose of mud and shallow streams. The earlier CR-Vs had a front skid plate available as an accessory, I don't know about the 2002. The muffler and rear differential are not protected on the earlier CR-Vs, again I don't know about the 2002.

    Good luck!

  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    MT TOY had automatic transmission 2002 CRV, and it (or any other vehicle in the test) didn't get stuck anywhere as they mention it, so it may do okay for some offcourse driving, but certainly not boulder bashing.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    Just learnt that a European magazines mentions possible launch of Honda's mid-size SUV placed between CRV and MDX, sometime in 2002 Summer. The prototype may be on display at Detroit Auto Show.
  • I hope it looks good. I am tired of the Ford Explorer and the Toyota 4Runner, I am dying to see just what Honda has in store for us with this new Honda SUV. Please don't let it look like the Passport I hate those SUVs (We own a 1995)
  • Thanks for the info :)
  • I noticed the Jeep Liberty mentioned a few times lately. I thought some perspective CRV buyers might be interested in a sample post from the Liberty problems town hall section (It is fairly representative of what many others are saying there):

    Remember me. I now have about 7000 miles on my Liberty. It's been in the shop a total of 4 times for the same problem, vibration in the steering wheel. Please read previous messages for details. There is still a vibration in the steering wheel at highway speeds. It is mild, but I can see my hand vibrating when I put my hand on the steering wheel. Also, I have noticed that the engine has missed a couple times. I can't duplicate the problem though. Actually, this morning, I was almost in an accident. It was not raining, but had been a little bit. I was pulling onto an onramp, going about 15 miles per hour and I started skidding. I left off the gas and the brake and it slid for a little bit and came to a stop. I was on a hill. I gave it a little gas and it spun up the hill. It was a very close call, lots of cars behind me. And yet another problem. The lights on my dash board (mileage reading and radio) get really bright and then go dim really fast when I have the lights on. Very strange stuff. I am scared of my Liberty. I do not feel safe in it after all the problems I've had with it. Still debating on doing the Lemon Law.
  • dz6tdz6t Posts: 18
    I got my 2001 CR-V for 3 weeks now and already put more than 800 miles on it. I like the 01 over 02 because of two reasons: 1. Price, $200 below invoice with 1.9% vs. MSRP 2. It looks more like a Jeep to me ( I was cross shopping with Jeep), well, the 2002 is very handsome.

    But, I am not very happy with two things:
    1. I have to twist my wrist to start the car.
    2. The head-liner feels like sand paper. I brought it back to the dealer and let them take a look at it. They were surprised. For all the 2001 CR-V owners out there, what does your CRV's head-liner feel like?

    Thanks for any info regarding the head-liner.
  • canadianclcanadiancl Posts: 1,078
    bailie, it is your lucky day since I just happen to have the info from!

    Invoice (dealer cost as they call it) on the '02 EX auto non-leather is $27,176 not including PDI & freight.

    Now please bear in mind that I believe "dealer cost" has factored in the holdback which has been the subject of some debate as to whether or not should be added back to determine "invoice". In other words, should the dealer be entitled to not pass on the holdback to the customer?
  • sluglineslugline Posts: 391
    I will preface all of this by saying that it's not a Jeep, and I haven't heard any offroading stories about the 2002 models . . . but the first-generation CR-V had a surprising amount of capability to offer. Personally, the sand at Galveston Island is the roughest stuff I have asked my 2000 CR-V to traverse. I know a fellow owner in east Texas who got himself hooked on "mudding" in a _2WD_ CR-V. He later traded for a RT4WD model partly so he wouldn't miss out on anything.
    But the best guy I know that can relate to this topic the best is a guy down in south Texas who has a '97 CR-V; I had the pleasure of meeting him two summers ago. He is an agricultural consultant who drives this vehicle over dusty and muddy fields on a daily basis . . . with the A/C running constantly . . . while towing a small trailer. The only unexpected maintenance he has had done was replacement of a CV boot after a corn stalk tore through it. The silly car is closing in on 190k-mi. His results are probably atypical, but it's fun to see what is possible.
  • Hi.
    How would I calculate this number? if it 2% of msrp?

  • Hi.
    Here are a couple of questions on this subject:
    1) I live in Northern California: what percentage would the charges be?

    2)Are these negotiable or simply mandatory?

    I just want to make sure that I am being charged a fair price when I purchase my car.

    Thanks for the advice.
  • sluglineslugline Posts: 391
    The only pricing put forth by American Honda are 1) the MSRP of the vehicle, 2) the MSRP of any Honda accessories, and 3) the destination fee. That's it. Anything else beyond government-mandated fees/taxes are just ways for the dealership to pad their profit. Advertising is just a regular cost of doing business and should be folded into the price of the car.
  • Question to the Forester owners who post here.
    I'm looking to trade in my 97CR-V (I'm not in a rush). I will again be looking at the CRV & Forester. The reason I selected the CRV last time was the lack of leg room in the Forester, especially the back seats. Any preliminary info on the 2003 Forester regarding this?
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    We're hoping for the same. That's been the most consistent complaint of the current Forester; the lack of rear legroom. One of the "rumors" floating around is that it may be spun off the larger Legacy/Outback platform this time. The current model is based off the last-generation Impreza platform.

    Keep your fingers crossed. The new Forester is scheduled for a "world introduction" at the NY Auto Show in the spring, and be in dealers in June.

  • dudkadudka Posts: 451
    i have never actually had to touch it. i am 6 feet tall, and was immedeatly sold on the head room in the cr-v. it had much larger head and shoulder room than even 4Runner. in fact 4 runner was very cramped.
    back to your question, i guess i will have to touch it today when i drive it, but it looks like the headliner in my 99 civic, which is kind of hard felt material. much better than the vynil headliner i had in my 85 civic :-)
  • As long as the engine and transmission never fails, that what important to me. The quality of my first Honda Accord LX 1990 interior material were far above those of my 1995 Accord EX. The 90 came with a carpeted trunk cover as standard, the 95 it was extra. Both cars never let me down once!
    My 97 CRV has cheap vinyl sun visors and hard felt material for a headliner. Again @ 127,000 miles it has never stop running strong. The head liner and cheap sun visor have never made me late for work. The New 2002 CRV interior has better materials, maybe cause of the strong dollar against the weak yen. Interiors is much of a factor why I always buy Honda its reliability that sell me.
  • I got an offer of $500 under list here in Vermont on a 2002 CR-V EX -- but I have not yet got real serious on the negotiation front. I drove a CR-V on a test and it is a huge improvement on the previous generation -- note that it is now bigger and with more power than a Toyota RAV4 and about the same dimensions as a Ford Escape but of course not the same power. The quality of the new CR-V is just superb -- but this is not a luxury vehicle -- no leather and no power seats. I am 6-3 and the leg room requires me to kind of fold my knee a little to the right but then my 98 Accord does the same. Net is the CR-V is not quite perfect but close enough.
  • It is perfectly adequate for many off-pavement situtations. Just make sure you know its limits.

    Your best best may be to beg Nissan to bring the X-Trail over here. The X-Trail is a much more capable off-roader and is not as "heavy" as the Liberty.
  • jrdwyerjrdwyer Posts: 168
    Thanks for the Hondasuv link.

    The pictures from the roadtrip section of what people have put their CRVs through is amazing. I'm sold!
  • mmomammoma Posts: 1
    I can't believe that Honda Canada and Honda North America are so different. Offering a upscale version of the EX only to Canada and not to the US, What gives? I really like the improvements on the vehicle for 2002, but wanted the niceties offer on the Candian version, Has anyone tried importing one on their own? Probablly alot of red tape. May be less hassel to just buy current version and add options my self.
  • apatiaapatia Posts: 36
    I'm car shopping and am really only looking at the CRV and the Vue as small SUV options. The CR-v leads its class in emissions and gas mileage and Honda contends the CR-V will get a 5 star crash rating. I just can't figure out if those facts are enough to over come the center console and the CR-V's options packages.

    Can ABS be added after market? Hah, I'm just joking. But I am really irritated that I'd have to get an EX with a Sunroof and 6 cd player I don't want in order to get ABS (what I really want). Also, the center console is an atrocity. What was Honda thinking? Honda certainly could have thought harder about the design of the center console if the missing navigation system wasn't going to be an option for everyone.

    Mechanically, I'm leaning Honda. Aesthetically, I'm leaning Saturn. Ironic, isn't it.

    That's just my 2 pennies.
  • sluglineslugline Posts: 391
    Honda could have made things a lot easier if a decision was made to put ABS on every CR-V. I do like the fact that having just two or three trim levels makes pricing simpler, instead of being confronted with dozens of options packages. And why the opening in the center console doesn't accomodate CD jewel cases, I may never understand.

    Back in 2000, I knew that I could have met my driving needs with a 2WD LX. (Here in metro Houston where it's flat and it never snows, 8 out of every 10 CR-V's are 2WD!) But I felt that ABS was important enough to spend extra for. Over time, I've come to appreciate the looks of the alloy wheels too. So, I don't really have any regrets over paying more.
  • After having used the console first hand, I find the upper console that people are all complaining about is perfect for cassette tapes. I use the lower one for CD's. I actually think it's cool that there are so many compartments in the cabin area. Makes it easy for packrats like me ;)
  • varmitvarmit Posts: 1,125
    Like just about everyone else, I would rather that the upper storage bin were big enough for CD's, but I think that the lower bin is fine. Besides, with an indash six disk changer, I don't think I would need to search the compartments for Bela Fleck and Flectones all that often.

    I suspect that Honda will start putting ABS in the LX trim when people stop buying those models. The CR-V LX and EX trim levels have always been similar to the other Civic-based models in the US. When it becomes a market problem, they'll be forced to correct it. My guess is, it hasn't been a problem. Typically we don't hear from them on the internet, but there are people out there who think that ABS is bad mojo. Some of us here may recall the infamous Large Marge who debated the subject for several days over at the CR-V IX.

    I would like to see it as part of a saftey option. Maybe they could combine ABS and the side air bags into a combined package for the LX.
  • can this be installed on a 2001 CRV using the OEM cover box? Has anybody tried this? Any improvements on the performance? Thanks.
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