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Mitsubishi Outlander Steering Stability and Suspension



  • >>>>The dealer told me they put in new bearings, which are new design<<<<<

    Are they "wheel" bearings....?

    Did the serv. Mgr. say anything about a "recall"or any Service bulletins?

    Can you tell me where the Dealership is located for reference..?

    To me, it sounds more like a steering linkage or strut issue...maybe even ball joints...

  • I just came back from the Dealership.

    I talked to the Serv.Mgr. about the front end knock and He was aware of the problem..You are right, it is the wheel bearings and possibly the knuckles...'

    He said Mitsu is currently formulating a repair procedure for general distribution..

    He said there will be no recall because only a small percentage of the vehicles have this problem..

    He also said it is not a safety issue but if the knock becomes annoying to me to bring it in and they will put on the newly designed bearings.

    I am going to wait to see if the noise gets worse and if so I will have the repair performed.

    I also want them to have made a number of bearing repairs {for practice} before I get mine done... Like a Doctor with Operations..

    Other than this little annoyance, the vehicle is quite impressive. :)
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    I am very happy to report all front end knock was gone. Looks like the newly designed wheel bearings and knuckles are the solution to this annoyance. Mitsu fixed it for good.

    If you have this issue too, get to your nearest dealer, or write mitsu about it. I did and I got it fixed. :D
  • mucoolmucool Posts: 24
    rcpax , would you mind telling me the name of the dealership that fixed your Outlander? I think someone asked this earlier too. I think you are in Houston, and if so its probably best for me to go to the same dealer, now that they have fixed the issue on your ride. Help appreciated.
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    I am located in Northwest Indiana area. I bought my Outlander from South Holland Mitsubishi. If you want, you can have your dealer call my dealer's service department regarding the fix. I doubt there are other Outlander that have been fixed other than mine, so they know my case very well.
  • mucoolmucool Posts: 24
    Thanks, this should be helpful. I have already typed my letter for Mitsubishi as you recommended, which I will post tomorrow. Hoping that my experience , in getting the issues resolved go as smooth as yours!
  • I called my local dealer at the end of last week and my parts will be in this week to do the repairs to stop the knock. He said that Mitsu has issued a service bulletin to the dealers now and are going around and speaking w/ the service depts on the issue. So it is acknowledged by Mitsu now. Just FYI
  • Same issue here, had the car diagnosed yesterday and part will be in on Friday for repair. They said that they will be changing the hub bearing to fix the problem. They also mentioned to me that Mitsu is aware of these issues.
  • OK guys I meant to reply a few days ago when we got around to dropping off our Outlander. We made an appointment last week,dropped off the car,was given a complimentary rental for the day. I asked for someone to ride with me to see the complaint because the car doesn't always make the noise and I didnt want to find out that they "could not duplicate problem" which is a run-around Im fed up with (see below)regarding some dealerships. Anyhow they were kind enough to send the shop foreman along with me. I was able to show him the front end knock.

    It appears these are actually quite reliable. They've been selling the 07 Outlanders for 3 months now,outselling 3 to 1 vs the old model,and everyone in the service departmen said ours was the first one in the shop for any problem.

    So they contacted me within 5 hours,said they contacted Mitsubishi about the issue,ordered the parts and said they'd be in within a week. Got the trailer hitch installed at the same time,was pleased to find it came with the hitch,ball,protective covering as to not scratch the interior,and a nice pin with clip. All painted gloss black with a step built-in with grip tape to get to the roof and a plug.

    I had the wind noise on the mirror,but they said they tried tucking the harness inside and ordered a new mirror just to be safe.

    All in all I was happy with this experience. The last new vehicle we had that needed service was an 01 Civic and we must have brought that car in 10 times in the first year for a bunch of problems: leaking shocks,wandering ride,front suspension clunk very similar to the Outlander,just not as loud,hunting transmission that would refuse to shift,then suddenly upshift after you've already let off the gas,and a noisy power steering pump...oh yeah-the best one.. a seat that would suddenly slide on the tracks fully back and forth. I want to make a point right now that Honda never fixed a single issue. Well they sort of fixed the seat by simply bending the latches on it,it never worked right. They pretended they ordered parts but I found that they simply re-bent everything back. On top of that the jack failed and dropped the car onto it's brake rotor and crushed the subframe right behind that wheelwell. Honda customer service sent out an unbiased 3rd party investigator driving an S2000 (that he admittedly got an inside deal on (cue rolleyes) and was told without proof the jack was faulty we had nothing). :mad: Good job Honda,just lost a loyal customer (Bought 3 Hondas in a row)and all the recommendations I'd give them as a mechanic. A simple we're sorry and here's a free oil change would've sufficed-matter of principle.

    Didnt want to turn this into an anti-Honda rant but I had to point out why Im so happy that this is the extent of the problem with our brand new high tech "has everything" Outlander. ;)
  • Well I just picked my car up on Saturday. Yes I heard that clunk also. one time slowing down from a faster speed. 2 more times pulling into my driveway....YUK....
  • mucoolmucool Posts: 24
    I wrote a letter to MMNA , as recommended by rcpax, and as rcpax indicated , I too got a follow up call within 4 days of my posting that letter. Have been assigned a case number, they have also talked to my dealership. So there is progress!! and Mitsubishi is sincerely paying attention and addressing the issues :) promptly, a pat on their back for that . It is a slightly different story with my dealership, who still are giving me a lukewarm response (or maybe I am reading in too much into it) but I have been asked to check back next week once they have the complete fix solution available from Mitsubishi. But I can live with that :shades: ! Looking forward to get the issues resolved. Will keep ya'll posted!
  • Had the hub bearing replaced and the knuckle assembly, still get the knocking. Called the dealer and they said that they have parts on order and will be shipped in 2 weeks. If anyone has this issue, convince them to change both bearings/knuckles and not just one side. If there any consilation, they are going to detail, fill the tank and detail my other car for my troubles.
  • mucoolmucool Posts: 24
    I went to my dealership today. Had a good overall experience, was treated very nicely, the dealership had already ordered the parts. However , seems like the "clunking" noise that I thought was the front-end-knock issue , is "normal" ABS self check. I only have the issue when i start/restart the engine and back out making left/right turns (not on normal driving/turns etc).

    The service manager gave me a printed Tech Talk monthly issued by Mitsubishi
    It had the following description for my clunking sound
    GROUP 35 Service Brakes : ABS Pump Noise (Update): 2006-07 Eclipse, 2007 Eclipse Spyder and Outlander : ABS System Conducts a self-check to ensure it is functioning properly the first time the vehicle reaches approx 2.5 mph. During the self check, a "clunking" noise will be heard from the right front of the engine compartment. The noise only occurs the first time the vehicle is driven after the engine is started. It will not reoccur until the engine is restarted. This noise is a normal operation of the ABS System. Do not attempt to repair this condition.

    However, my dealership still replaced the bearings etc as they had already ordered the parts. The replacement did not make any difference in the clunk sound though.

    So that is the update from my side. Am happy with the way Mitsu customer care followed up with me couple of times over phone, and the quick resolution from my dealership (with a complimentary car wash and 27 point inspection).
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    I thought of that too before. But the way the manual described it, it's supposed to be a "whining" sound, and not "clunking", as what I've experienced in my Outlander.

    For the ABS self check, see 07 Outlander manual p.3-104.

    I was happy they replaced the bearings, because after that, I don't hear the clunking sound anymore when I turn. I guess the fact that the dealer said these are newly designed bearings they've installed, this alone would indicate the the steering clunk is a different issue.

    But it was nice you've pointed this one out since new owners who don't have the true "clunk" issue might confuse it with the ABS self-check, especially now that we have several posts about this problem.
  • They are actually 2 front end noise issues. At a recent visit to the dealer, I was told the bearings are a known issue and that parts were ordered to repair. This noise occurs when you are turning the wheel sharply like when you parallel park.

    When I asked about the second noise, they indicated that this was normal. This noise occurs after I put the car in gear and begin to drive.
  • growwisegrowwise Posts: 297
    Will be picking up mine on monday. Keeping fingers crossed that I wont have this issue. I never had to take a new vehicle to a dealer for anything except for an oil change. Hope this wont be the first.
  • My dealer fixed bearing 'knocking on hard turns' issue, plus first oil/filter change/check-up at N/C. No more knocking on turns. Car has 3,000 miles on it.
  • Bought the 07 Outlander yesterday, XLS, loaded. Clunk was not present on test drive (same vehicle).

    Let me say first: I LOVE this vehicle and its amenities. Like others' experiences, the clunk sound is present when turning into, or backing out of, a parking spot, whether it is at the beginning or end of a ride (which debunks the 2mph ABS self test?). Will be calling the dealer tomorrow when they open and will report back.

    Thanks to whoever started this forum. It's been most helpful!
  • Picked up mu car last nite after having the second hub bearing/knuckles replaced. All is well, I am a happy camper. If any of you get this issue, tell them to replace both so as not to wait for so long for the delivery of the parts.
  • I just bought my Outlander on Saturday. I heard the noise the same day but I thought it was a fluke considering the car only had 11 miles on it. I am having it looked at tomorrow. I am going to the dealership armed and dangerous with all of the conversations and fixes that everone had....Thank you so much......

    Please keep me posted with any new findings!
  • I test drove an LS AWD last week and heard the clunk when I was making a sharp right turn. I asked the sales guy if he heard it. He blew it off like he didn't hear it. I didn't get it to happen again on the test drive.
  • craigm3craigm3 Posts: 20
    I have one quick, rather silly question; how loud is the knock in the front end? I got my Outlander on Monday, and usually my stereo is too loud to hear it, :) but the few times the radio's been off I thought I heard it. However, the "thunk" was a little softer than I'd imagined. Part of me thinks it's just paranoia from reading this thread, but I'd like to know for sure!
  • jsanzajsanza Posts: 3
    It's loud enough to hear it when I have the radio on at a resonable volume. When you hear it, you will know that it just doesn't sound right. I would take your car in and have them change the barrings and knuckles. Make sure they do both sides on the font end.

    I hope this helps.
  • ctgradyctgrady Posts: 9
    I was hearing the same noise everyone complained about. I took my car into the dealer on 2/22/07 and they replaced 2 bearings. Even the service advisor told they had several come in for the same problem. Make sure you call in if your radio is fluctuating in volume. I am still working on that issue. I now have Corporate involved.
  • jsanzajsanza Posts: 3
    My volume fluctuates as well. I thought I was just getting bad reception. I will talk to my dealership about that as well.
  • Just arrived home with a XLS 4wd. Immediately noticed I could feel the road quite a lot in the steering wheel, then when on the highway an unsettling amount of vibration from the front end. I didn't notice any of this during a test drive. Unfortunately the dealer is 40 miles away, but I'm sure I will be back. Anyone noticing this? Hopefully just a tire issue.
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    It could be a tire pressure issue or a road issue. Actually I like it that way although in my Outlander I can't say it's excessive. I like to have good feedback from the wheel so I know when I'm having good tire traction or not.
  • biscuit_xlsbiscuit_xls Posts: 194
    Yep, check your tire pressure. The factory has been known to send them out with 40+ psi in them, makes for a really rough ride. Try 32 psi all around.
  • zontarhzontarh Posts: 9
    Sounds like one of yours wheels hasn't been balanced correctly when the tyres were fitted.
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