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Infiniti QX56 Problems and Solutions



  • It is a 2004, do you know the name of the part? That may be the issue. Did you have all kinds of computer malfunctions before replacement? Was it covered under warranty?
  • ldr63ldr63 Posts: 12
    No, sorry I don't have the name of the part but I believe it was a computer module behind the dashboard and steering wheel. It was the first time the service rep had the problem and had the part shipped to them since it wasn't in stock. My dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree, lost acceleration and the battery power was completely drained. The car totally failed to function. Fortunately for me though it died in my driveway as we were leaving on vacation. It was covered under my warranty since it happened at 58K miles. Once the car was fixed it was good as new. Good luck with your problem. I'd be interested in hearing what the problem is when you find out.
  • I just purchased a 2012 Black QX56. When I purchased this vehicle it was a cloudy/rainy afternoon and the SUV looked great. However, after a couple of days, when the sun came out, I noticed that there is a significant difference in color appearance between the deep black of the plastic/rubber front and rear compared to the metal hood and sides of the vehicle. I returned to dealership only to find that the other three Black QX56s shared the same problem. While the dealership fully admitted that they noticed the discoloration, they claimed that they would not do anything about the issue. They stated that the issue was common where the metal and plastic/rubber parts meet on vehicles. However, my 2009 Black QX was still sitting on the lot and did not show any differences in the color between these materials. Infiniti claims that they do not consider this a "Factory Defect" and refuse to do anything about it. Has anyone else noticed this problem? Extremely displeased with the appearance of this New Black QX. :mad:
  • I had the exact same problem on my 2011 Graphite Gray and have a note posted in this forum probably around November 2011. In my case, while all Graphite Gray exhibited this issue, mine was much much more prominent than others. I also didn't notice until after I had the car home. Since mine was more prominent than others, I was able to have something done about it but still there is a difference, just not as much as before. In your case, if your vehicle is similar to the others on the lot, I am not sure if there is much you can do. I would not recommend at all that you have your brand new vehicle painted with aftermarket paint. I had my front end switched with the front end of another vehicle in the same color which was better but that does not seem like a viable solution for you. If it bothers you, have them escalate it to Infiniti corporate and have them come and inspect it but do not let them paint the front end of your vehicle as I know you will be even less happy thinking about it. Feel free to reach out to me if you want to compare your experience to mine. I am very happy with my car and have had it a year now.
  • Im having the same problem with my 2010. Its locked up probably 10 times in the last few months. I eventually get it started after turning the steering wheel back and forth aggressively and just keep trying to turn the ignition saith. Frustrating to say the least! Its scheduled for service this week so I hope they get it fixed.
  • I have the '08 QX56, and this is an ongoing issue right now. This truck was at the shop 3 times now, and they can’t figure anything out. When you try to start, the ignition key will move and the lights will come on and it just sounds like it’s trying to start with no success. We have replaced the Battery twice now, starter and couple of other parts, but this is still going on. As soon as you connect jumper cables the truck will start. I do not know what to do anymore, every morning it is like a gambling. Please help if anyone else has heard of or had this problem. Thank you.
  • investments18investments18 Posts: 2
    edited March 2013
    I bought a 2008 with 106k miles in mint condition but the suspension issue is truly unsafe. I've replaced front and rear struts, front and rear sway bar links, front lower control arm and tie rods and the rear end of mine feels like its jumping and swaying over very minor road irregularities as well and the front wheel feels like its out of control. I've never driven a car with similarly issues. I've bought new tires and will now try the sway bar bushings and rear allignment but for me to read on line about the same problems others are having makes me believe these cars have very serious flaws. Several thousand later and my dealer can't figure out why its doing it. We've even discussed replacing steering bushings but where do you stop throwing good money after bad as everything feels tight at the bottom of suspension and I'm tired of throwing money at it. I would not recommend this car for this very reason. Car has many very nice features but this swaying and rear jumping over small road imperfections like manhole covers and small pot holes, is just not normal and I feel like I'm driving a tractor about to lose control. You also can't drive this car with one hand as you will need both hands to keep car in a straight line. The smallest of road bumps throw the steering out of straight line and car wants to veer to the right, so weird. Does anyone have any other ideas as I'm about to sell this thing. It's like the car has front steering stability issues as well as rear sway issues that make it feel like its jumping, very strange. Almost doesn't feel like its one frame but front is separate from rear as they act independently.
  • bk73bk73 Posts: 2
    We just bought an '08 QX56 with 79K miles. Basically in perfect condition. We're experiencing the EXACT same thing as you... perfect description. I'm already ready to sell and stay away from Infiniti!
  • elia3elia3 Posts: 1
    Hi.. my 2004 q56 is driving me insane. Rpm tachometer temperature guage does not work. Instrument cluster lights flicker off and on like disco lights. All my indicator lights turn on an off. Brake, slip, cruise, 4wd, and plenty more. Signal light don't work. When I drive with the car it will take me anywhere as soon I as I turn it off it will not start for at least several hours. I changed ecm ipdm and fuel pump. Running out of patients. Please help. I am honestly lost confused and drained.
  • investments18investments18 Posts: 2
    edited June 2013
    The 2008 Infinity QX56 has suspension and steering flaws that are very dangerous and may lead to a crash. Car drives and handles fine but over any road imperfection the steering wheel shimmies and shakes and feels like you are about to lose control. Steering wheel must be held by two hands and even then feels like rear end is jumping and about to separate from front end. I replaced shocks and various other suspension items and had an alignment but there's something wrong with the way this car handles. Also feels like steering column is about to break off the vehicle. I updated and replaced all sway bar links, tie rods, control arms, steering bushings and other suspension bushings and nothing is helping address the unsteady feel of steering. If I will not hold steering wheel tight with both hands, I will lose control. After spending $4 thousand on updating all suspension components I'm getting rid of my car because I feel its unsafe. No question this is by far the worst suspension and steering of any car I've owned and at 50 years of age I typically buy 2-4 new cars a year and have owned dozens upon dozens of cars in my life time. The options inside this car are great, you sit very high, the room inside it is awesome but the steering and suspension is a nightmare. These cars need to be redesigned and recalled.
  • giuseppe3giuseppe3 Posts: 3
    I too have the same problem with my 2007 QX56 but I had a feeling that spending money would not help because its a technical design problem, the suspension is not
    keeping up with the demand of the vehicle driving on certain rod conditions, and even when you drive a little sporty, it will not stay on the rod.I was looking in the owners manual if there were some kind of dial to choose the ride, like many other vehicles have, ( soft,medium, hard. ) but I couldn't find anything. I wonder if anybody has initiated some kind of formal complain to address this problem before some horrible accident happens. Please keep me posted on this problem and also if
    infiniti peoples will address it.
  • First, let me say that this is our 5th Infiniti we have leased over the past 8 years or so, and 2nd QX56.
    We have loved the brand, and the vehicles until now. Some of the other vehicles have had some minor electrical issues, but now we have had serious issues with no apparent recourse.
    In February my wife's QX56 started having an issue where the gears seemed to disengage (which simulated stalling but the engine still ran) It was towed in, and was said to be repaired. Over the past few months, we had noticed a slight "grinding" noise which got so severe suddenly as to warrant it again being towed in. It was in the service department for 4 weeks awaiting parts from Japan, and when they finally arrived, we were then told it was fixed. It apparently was something with a "fuel jet", and we were told that Infiniti had recently issued a bulletin to its dealers about it. The service manager told us that he personally drove it several miles and that we were good to go.
    We went to pick up the vehicle the next day, and didn't even drive off the lot before it started to shake and the gears disengaged. We took it back and they ran the codes which revealed a "multi-cylinder mis-fire"They again "fixed" it and we are now told that it was a faulty solenoid, but I am hesitant to trust them, despite being told that it has been test driven again.
    I called the national customer service line (an oxymoron) and initiated a request for a repurchase.
    We were informed today that the request has been denied, with no explanation or further recourse. I am hesitant to put my family in a vehicle which could effectively "stall" at any time, particularly, because they have apparently fixed it several times.
    Suffice it to say, I am extremely frustrated and am now completely done with Infiniti. It is a shame because this QX 56 has less than a year left on the lease and as mentioned, I have up until now been very happy with the vehicles we have had.
    Buyer beware !!!
  • suvgirl3suvgirl3 Posts: 1
    I have had ongoing engine shut off issues with my 2011 qx56 and it started three mos after i purchased it. Service has always been excellent, even better than my husbands bmw service visits. i am curious if your issues were resolved with your vehicle? i leased two infiniti qx56 before purchasing the 2011 and this is the first one i have had any ongoing issues with. i also have contacted consumer affairs requesting a buy back and they have given me a ten day waiting period so the powers that be can discuss 'my' options. i have enjoyed the infiniti family for over ten years but i am pretty sure this will be my last vehicle with them. i hope it doesn't come down to getting a lemon lawyer involved but I'm never confident about any business doing the right thing these days. I would appreciate any info you can supply on this matter. thanks
  • txqx56txqx56 Posts: 1
    What was the resolution to the electrical problems with your vehicle? Mine is doing the same thing and has been in the shop for a week with no answer. Thanks
  • This is the worst SUV driving experience you can imagine. Vehicle was fine up to about 15k miles. Then the suspension has seemed to become so loose that you no longer feel like you can control it on roads with any type of offset in the pavement or small bumps. On the highway if you hit a bump, you are lucky if you don't go into the next lane and hit the car next to you especially if it's a bump on the curve in the road.

    Dealership refuses to acknowledge the issue.
    Infiniti Consumer Affairs directs you back to dealership
    Dealership says the 'driving experience' is Normal!?

    I don't think any SUV where the backend skips sideways on the road is normal. Wish I had my Lexus GX470 back. Would never consider buying an Infiniti again. I'm not stuck with a terrible SUV with 20k miles on it. I think I'll trade it in.. assuming the dealer buying it keeps it on a perfect road.
  • I own a 2008 QX with 82K and have no issues. Only the TPM sensors: 3 of the 4 need to replaced! She's a bit thirsty too! The vehicle is superb otherwise. The ride is great.
    Since you had a decent ride early on, the issue must be some sort of defective PART. My guess is it has to do with the automatic suspension leveling. There are many components that must work together for this system to function as designed and possibly one of these is out of order on your vehicle. The descriptions from you and others lead me to theorize that the air-ride is either over or under-inflated. Ask your dealer to focus on this system with respect to your problem and let us know.
  • 2008 QX - with 82K. Love it - none of the aforementioned problems on this site am I having - fortunately :)
    I do however have 3 of 4 TPM sensors out. Read that this can be somewhat costly to fix. I will need new tires soon, (thinking Costco), any suggestions?
    I could also use an updated navigation (disc?); many new roads in my area are not avail on the 08 version. Thanks
  • Elia
    How did you resolve this issue. I myself am having the same issue. Email me or post if possible. Thanks
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    edited November 2013
    The member you are trying to contact has not been back since posting. You might have a better chance of a quicker response in this discussion on our M&R forum.

    Electronic Gremlins - Electrical Problems That Are Driving You Crazy

    Or you can try Edmunds Answers.

    And I took a look on NHTSA and found several service bulletins concerning electrical issues for your vehicle. That may be helpful in determining the problem.

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  • I have a 2008 infiniti QX56 with about 60,000 miles and I do have the suspension problems with it, I replaced the front shocks with some kyb's and it did show some increase in ride and handling especially around corners and uneven pavement. but it seems to be deteriorating gradually. so the next thing I might tackle is the rear suspension which seems to be very complicated. im way out of any warranty so this job might cost me an arm and a leg. However the issue with your TPMS is not as costly as you might think if you go the rout I did. I replaced all 4 of mine since 2 of them stopped working, I did some research and found that the normal lifespan of the batteries in the TPMS is just about 4 to 5 years. anyway I ordered my TPMS form amazon and got them at $35.00 each with free shipping, paid $40.00 to install them and programmed them myself using a paperclip. yea a paperclip there are links on some other site that shows exactly how to if you want I can look it up and post it. its a matter of inflating each tire at a specific pressure and finding a connector under the drivers side dash, inserting a wire or pin, tapping it a set number of times after turning on the ignition and driving for about half a mile at 20 to 30 miles an hour. It actually worked. saved me about 8 to 900 dollars at the dealer.
  • I have a 2008 Infiniti QX56 with about 60,000 miles on it. Its in pretty good condition and runs pretty well but I have an issue, whenever I'm at idle i get this weird vibrating sound like a deep humming- sound coming from the engine or the transmission, it is very embarrassing when you have to try to explain it to passengers. I also get a kind of rattling sound when I drive off especially when the vehicle has just been started. I hear it when I'm trying to pass other vehicles on the highway as well. I took it to a reputable muffler shop thinking its the heat shields coming loose but they found nothing. Please help. Thanks.
  • I believe what you are hearing is the air pump for the suspension. I would suggest having the air shocks checked, If they are leaking they may cause the air ride suspension pump to work extra hard resulting in inordinate noise when it is trying to pump up a leaking suspension.
  • I have a 2011 QX - I drive a lot - but all regular road driving. at 67,000 (2 years) the dealer tried to send me home after all diagnistics checked out fine and I insisted they keep the car one more day - outside in the cold - the next day they told me I needed a new Engine - had I taken the car back and driven a few weeks it would have been out of warranty (apparently 70,000 miles) . That said, the dealer said they could only give me customer service line to request warranty extension on other parts (pretty sure I got a lemon here) - which they denied my request. Now, at 90,000 miles , my catalytic converter is apparently shot - this time "just out of warranty" - r u kidding me!! On top of that I'm having crazy steering problems - they told me at my last oil change - after I had just paid to have allignment done a month before - that I needed a "tie rod" replaced" which would "require allignment" (do you think they could have noticed this a month ago?. Then he told me I could wait until winter was over - but now my steering feels "loose" and crazy and I can't make sharp turns without crazy shaking. I wanted to drive this thing to 250,000 - thought I was buying a quality car that could do that.

  • dmvan10dmvan10 Posts: 1
    richj2 said:
    We just took our '08 QX56 to the shop today to have the suspesion inspected as the ride is bordering on unsafe at highway speeds if you encounter any bumps or small potholes. Upon hitting a small bump, the car veers off track and you need to recover to maintain control. The service dept found nothing wrong and sent my wife on her way dismissing the complaint as "normal performance". I'm not satisfied with this answer. Please reply if you have a possible answer and/or are having a similar experience.
    I know this was an older post, but I am hoping to get a response! ☺. We just purchased this same year and model infinity and it does the exact same thing! Have noticed the same complaint in various locations, websites, forums, etc.... Please, if you get this could you please tell me what you did to fix this issue, or what came out of it?
    Thank you!
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