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Suzuki SX4 Crossover



  • emmy26emmy26 Posts: 1
    I bought one today and the saleswoman warned me if you push the lid back too far it will need "reset" by the service department. She accidentally did that when she showed me how to use it.

    Sure enough I drove the car home and when I took the GPS off the cradle I pushed it back too far.

    So I would guess that this is a common ( and definitely annoying) problem.
  • Has anyone taken advantage of this up to $2500 off manual tranny SX4 offer recently?
  • Hi My ID says it all. I'm in NS, Canada, in winter snow country, get off-road to forests and beaches so I use the AWD Lock alot. I've had my SX4 AWD, JLX Hatchback since March 2007 and I love it. I've got 79,000 km (50000m) on it. Only one maintenance problem, right rear wheel bearing, happily replaced under drive train warranty at about 65,000km. (might be related to my trailer that I pulled for 5000km) Mine is an automatic and heavy hill climbing around the NS coast does require me to shift it like a standard from time to time. Last winter in a big snow storm I covered up the front air intake holes, locked in the AWD and drove out my 900 ft laneway through 16 inches of soft snow with it rolling up over the hood and off the windshield. How cool is that? Just wish I had a video. Take it on the snow covered roads and it handles very well. Compared to a Nissan Versa or other small hatches it is rock solid on the highway. The automatic does get better mileage on the highway than the standard but it is best without the cruise on because the engine revs higher on the hills to keep the set speed. Call me biased but I had a 94' Suzuki Sidekick with 330,000km on it when I sold it after 12 years. :)
  • What's your average MPG?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Be sure to check out Suzuki SX4 MPG Real World Numbers.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • I have done that. I was interested in this particular owners experience.
  • My experience is much the same as others. I drive it fairly hard but get 20 city - 30hwy most of the time. On a long trip from Ottawa ON to NS I got 32-33. Lot of flat country through Ontario and Quebec on the TransCanada.
  • 24-29 mpg
    2008 AWD
  • Thank you. Considering the 4wd capability this is not bad at all.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,437
    And I regularly get 29-31 with my 2008 AWD crossover. But it is mostly highway miles.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Some complain about the range but few complain about the view - that goes on for miles.

    2009 Suzuki SX4: I Can See for Miles and Miles (Inside Line)

  • So true! It is a great looking car. And speaking of the "view," that's one of the huge advantages of the SX4 Crossover: the visibility. So many cars these days have low rooflines in the back with thick C pillars (the rear ones) so it can be hard to see well behind you. But the SX4 has relatively thin C pillars a big wide windows, even in the back, so visibility is excellent 360 degrees. A definitive plus when it comes to driving safety.
  • i just got a deal from my local dealer.

    i got the 2500 for the manual sx4 touring, plus 500 holiday cash.

    my dealer is also running a special to move the 2009's out; another 2000 off.

    sweet deal for the features in this little car!
  • Hi.

    I got a 2009 SX4 Cross over with the Tecnolgy Package and wanted to know what security/remote start system could i install ??

  • Yes, you can get a remote starter installed in any auto alarm dealer.
    I just got one installed last month and it works great in warming your car in the winter.
  • There must be something wrong with my car then,
    I just brought a 2009 SX4 Crossover AWD. I am a female and I drive fairly nice. I got ONLY 15/22 on my car. Could there be something wrong with my engine? Or is the MPG reader is defected? But then I have to fill up my tank every week. So I only drive for 7-8 days on a full tank of gas. I drive mainly on local, to work and grocery shopping. My MPG indicator says 15.5mpg. When I went to NY last month it went up to 22mpg on the highway. Then it kept dropping every day @ 0.3mpg so now it went down to 15.5. I don't know if it will go any lower. I hope not!
  • I don't know why I don't have the fuel economy I should have on my car.
    I just brought a SX4 Crossover AWD. I am very disappointed in the fuel economy.
    I wanted to know if anyone else have the same problem.
    The fuel economy indicator drops the MPG every day at 0.3mpg. I had the car for a month and it went from 23mpg when it was delivered to me DOWN to 15mpg right now.
    I don't understand. I know that the Gas Economy depend somewhat on your driving but I a woman. I don't think I drive hard. I drive normally every day to work and mostly locally. I have a 3 year old son, so I wont drive harsh. I am a very careful driver. But I don't understand why my fuel economy went down to 15mpg.
    Can anyone tell me why?
    How can I fix it?
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,437
    What year is it? For example, the 2007 gearing for manual transmission gave lower mileage. The 2010s get better mileage because you have a choice of a 6 speed manual or a continuously variable automatic. Also, the AWD Crossover has a small fuel tank, so no matter how good your mileage, you will likely be filling it each week.

    The fuel economy indicator is not totally accurate, but it is a fair estimate of what you are getting. You can figure mileage by filling your tank, and setting the trip odometer, and then figure your mileage the next time you fill up (gallons used into miles driven).

    Fuel mileage drops considerably in really cold weather. It drops a lot with city and stop-and-go driving. It drops when you start off quickly and brake quickly. It drops if you drive over the speed limit. It drops if you carry a lot of crap around in your car.

    Re-set your fuel mileage gauge before you take a highway trip. Use your cruise control or pay attention to maintaining a constant speed. If you are at a long light in town, shut it down. In town, try to stay in the highest gear you can without lugging it.

    Oh, and it shouldn't make a difference, but on my Crossover it does...turn off the auto AWD when you don't need it. The readout will jump anywhere from .2 mpg to 1 mpg just by switching it off.

    Remember, you want to keep your revs down, except when you really need to accelerate, and drive like you have an egg between your foot and the accelerator. One other tip: use the instance mpg readout to train yourself to get better mpg. It can become a game to get the number to go up instantly.
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    Do you use snow tires or the original faactory tires during the winter months up in Nova Scotia?
  • Snow tires are a must here in winter as in most parts of Canada except the West Coast of British Columbia and a few areas of Southern Ontario nearer the Detroit and Niagara border areas. Some people try to drive on original equipment tires but they are likely to get in trouble just because the rubber compounds are not as flexible in colder temperatures so they do not grip very well. Just this past weekend, there was a big storm in parts of Atlantic Canada. One town about 200 miles from me got 22 inches of snow whereas at my place it was about 4 inches before it turned to rain. :)
  • So in the 2010 Suzuki SX4 Crossover you have 3 different driving modes: FWD, AWD Auto, and AWD Lock.

    Is it possible to engage AWD Lock without having to put the car in park? Sorry, I'm no car mechanic so bare with me please. :) I read somewhere that you can only use the AWD Lock mode up to 40 MPH. After that it switches to AWD Auto for a smoother ride (smoother?). What do they mean by a "smoother ride"?

    I guess a similar question that will help me with my decisions is what is the difference between the AWD Auto mode and the AWD Lock mode?
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,437
    AWD Lock is for low speed conditions. It locks the differential. Think Subaru in the 1980s when their 4WD was for slippery conditions only. Driving on dry roads with it put too much stress on components that had no way of compensating for tires turning at different speeds on cornering and such. AWD Lock is an extra way to possibly get you out when you are stuck. The gearing is different than on AWD Auto. Now, another factor is whether or not you have the stability control on when you use AWD Auto. Sometimes you get more purchase if you turn the stability control off.
  • Okay.

    So I'm assuming the automatic change from AWD Lock to AWD Auto after you pass 40 MPH is a one way road, correct? In other words, you can't slow down to below 40 MPH, press the AWD Lock button, and expect it to change into AWD Lock mode while the car is still in motion?
  • my 08 sx4 crosover has a buzzing noise in the dash under the cover for the clock/mpg. how do i get the cover off without damage to look for the source of the noise? my local dealer was no help. they told me to hit the dash real hard. the glove box also has a buzzing noise it goes away when i put slight pressure on it with my hand. i cant do that and drive!
  • No, it works both ways. If you slow down below 40 mph on an icy road or in snow or mud and need the traction you just press the button until the light comes on and you are back in AWD Lock. I use this quite a bit at intersections where really good traction is needed when entering traffic flow.
  • I find all of that rather strange consider I've owned a total of 7 Suzuki vehicles. Very strange indeed. None of the Suzuki's that I've owned have needed any major repairs (just stuff like light bubls, breaks, clutches, "wear items") and out of all of those different Suzuki cars, NONE have ever had ANY A/C problems whatso ever. My current Suzuki is now 4.5 years old with approximately 45,000 miles on it. I just recently moved after having lived for 3 years in one of the driest deserts in the USA, using my A/C full blast everyday, and absolutely no issues, and it still blasts ICE COLD. My first Suzuki, the venerable Swift I put over 245,000 miles on that car, and the A/C worked just as good as the day I first bought it, with just a couple re-charges in between. I know alot of other people with Suzuki vehichles too, and none of them have had ANY A/C issues either.
    $2000 to repair an A/C unit huh? Where did you get that estimate, at the dealership or something? That's absolutely ludicrous, considering an entirely new A/C unit installed can be had for less than that, even in a car that never had A/C in the first place.
    Getting non-warranty repair work done at a dealership is a sign of stupidity, since their rates are sometimes 3 or 4 times higher than what you would pay at a competent non-dealer repair shop!
    Go to an actual A/C repair shop, you can get almost any A/C unit repaired for MUCH less than the rediculous $2000 price you claim.
    Also some people forget that as per the owners manual, the A/C unit should be operated at least once every month, including during winter months, since not using it for extended periods of time can actually cause it to lock-up and fail. Sometimes people that live in the northeastern states with long cold winters forget about this fact and don't turn on the A/C all winter long. The A/C can be operated even with the temperature selector set to warm or hot.
    Considering what appears to be your "fluke" of bad luck with A/C units, it would make alot of sense if in the future you decide to purchase another Suzuki vehicle that you also pick up an extended bumper to bumper warranty, since afterall, according to your own testimony you've had 3 Suzuki A/C units fail with a repair cost of $2000, you could purchase an extended bumper to bumper warranty at the delearship to match your 7-yr, 100,000 mile powertrain warranty for less (with some negotiating) than what you say it costs to repair one of those A/C units. Think about it ;)
  • I bought a suzuki croosover sx4 in april of 2010. As of this month the Suzuki corp in is the process of buying this vechile back. I have never had such problems with a new car. First month car was in for service for a recall and a bad sensor in the fromt left wheel. Then in august the check engine light came on, of course, I checked the gas cap, nothing wrong. The light would stay on for along time, then for no reson it would go off, this kept happening until the end of sept. took it back to dealership service but by this time the ESP was coming on with the engine light,when you drive it this way u cant use the cruise contol, it stops it from fuctioning. My car has been in the service area for 25 days. They cant find the problem. They even brought nin top techs from other parts of the us. So, now they are going to buy the car back, I would never buy another suzuki car. I am not a hard person on cars, take very good care and do proper maintence on them. When I started getting the service done my car had 3200 miles on it. I picked it up yesterday from the service dept. yes both lights still on and it has 4300 miles on it noe
  • perry99perry99 Posts: 43
    edited December 2010
    It's unfortunate that you had all of those problems, but at least the company recognized them and is buying the car back. No car company is 100% perfect. Even the company with the best quality rating is going to have cars that turn out to be lemons.

    I bought a 2008 Suzuki SX4 Crossover in October 2007 and have not had a single problem with it.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,437
    Yes, I am also sorry that you had such an incredibly bad experience with what is generally a reliable model (check with Consumer Reports). It is awesome that they are going to buy it back. Under the circumstances, I can understand why you say you will not buy another Suzuki. Bear in mind though that with any car company, current products bear little relationship with models of 10 or 20 years ago. Brands change for both the good and sometimes not so good. Some day you may even find that you consider a Suzuki again.

    My 2008 SX4 has been flawless. It has never been back to the dealer since I drove it away nearly three years ago. My mechanic has done routine maintenance. That is all.
  • i have also had my sx4 for over 3 years and not one problem had the engine light come on once my fault i put a cai on and didn't tighten one of the clamps properly this is a great little car and is bullet proof :P
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