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Nissan Pathfinder Noises and Sounds



  • 2005 pathfinder has timimg chain, not belt
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    2003` pathfinder le after I did a oil change with a Nissan filter in which I have a Nissan filter on it before this one, I used castrol 5x30 ,thats whats written all over the manual to use, on the last oil change I used penzoil 10x30 . so now when I'm stopped at an idle I hear a slight knock sound on the right bank of the engine ,so I used my stethoscope to hear it better on the engine and it just sounds normal ,I never noticed this noise before with the 10x 30 oil and a Nissan filter what could it be a knock sensor? only 63,000 on the engine original owner. V6
  • I the exact same problem, I've replaced the U-joints in the front shaft, new shocks, had the CV joints and wheel hubs checked for excessive play all are good. Tires balanced, alignment. Brake rotors are good.

    Have you had any luck getting yours fixed?
  • Did you ever find out what this problem was? It sounds identical to what I am going through now.
  • This happened to my o5 PF It is the front drive shaft they have had a bad rep. for going bad. They click, vibrate, and humm at high speeds.
    Nissan fixed mine still under warranty. Mech told me they have been having problems with them.
  • Excuseme, is yours an 2010 Pathfinder, because mine it is, and the mechanics at the dealers keep sayng me that the noise come from the injectors and the say it is normal, that answer doesn't really satisfied me especially coming from a few towsand miles car, have you had any look with it yet? Thanks Santiago.
  • Have any of you experience an tic tic tic noise on a 2010 pathfinder( SE V6)
    Because mine does and the mechanics at two different dealers keep sayng me that it comes from the injectors and is normal.
    I been driving new cars for over 20 years and this is the first time that one of them have such kind of noise.
    And also i feel the truck doesn't have the same acceleration now with 8.000 miles on than whenit comes out of the dealer.

    Any help, i really apreciatte. Thanks Santiago.
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    well I took a picture and with sound and put it on you tube, and a good mechanic technician said it could be the timing chain tensioner not working properly or clogged up where oil suppose to go through it .
  • Ahhhhh....the Pathfinder.....lovely vehicle, isn't it?!?!?!?! Please accept my apologies in advance....after replacing u joints, mutiple sensors, radiator and transmission (x2), I have grown a little bitter about Nisssan as a company and Pathfinder as a product. So, after I had my transmission replaced, one day in to driving it and I am noticing a distinct whistling while it is shifting through the gears. Now, I drive this p.o.s. everyday and this noise was not there prior to the service. I have had it back tothe repair shop twice, they can't find the source. I am certainly not a mechanic but doesn't it stand to reason that there may be something going on within the transmission that is causing this annoyance? Please help!!!!
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    I have been there enough times .
    I had an engine problem with mine once that was intermittent , dies on the road and restarts when cooled off, so after many returns and under warranty they replaced coils wires, plugs, timing belt and more, its problem wasn't fixed, so I got in touch with a rep from main headquarters for them and insisted I talked to a diagnostic specialist, he was very understanding so from 1200 miles away he called the dealer and walked them through the diagnostic to find it was a transmission sending speed sensor ,that never gave any trouble until I let them do their great transmission flush and they must have broke the sensor ,all I can say is I should have never let them flush the tranny .there wasn't anything wrong before that. LOL
  • when im driving as i hit a small bump or pothole nyc a squeeking noise happens if im turning and hit it or striaght also happen when i slam the door make the same noise thinking of changing the struts and shocks but dont wont to waste the money if i dont need to
  • I have a similar noise and it is caused by the spare tire. The spare tire is bolted into a well which is underneath the vehicle and directly below the cargo area. It is common for the tire or associated hardware to squeek. If you can get your vehicle up on a lift, you can try tightening and/or spraying with WD40. Best of luck!
  • Hello all:
    I have a 2005 nissan pathfinder LE. Today i went to change tires and while inspecting, the mechanic found both engine mounts are cracked. They are saying to replace it and it will cost about $900 to change both engine mounts. Now, I am not sure what engine mount is and what it does. Does is cost that much to replace it? Do i really have to replace it? I dont have any issues with the car. Sometimes I hear some cranking noise coming from underneath while getting out of the car. Not sure if it has to do with engine mount or not. Anyway, any info on engine mount will be greatly appreciated.

  • dlavitadlavita Posts: 3

    Did you ever get an answer to this problem. I am having it with my 2010 at 85,000 miles. Between 35-55 when i accelerate. Dave
  • dlavitadlavita Posts: 3
    did you have the mounts changed, and yes it could cost up to $900 for both. They need to raise the engine.
  • On top of the transmission/radiator issue....Has anyone also experienced their pathfinder NOT STARTING/CRANKING. I brought it to the nissan dealership and they could not determine anything and assumed it was the ecu being burned out, i also looked online and they said it was a matter with the valve body having a short circuit. Does anyone who has experienced this problem know the real solution/problem?
  • I have a 1999 Nissan Pathfinder with 96,000 miles. There are noises coming from the rear suspension. It sounds as if it it bottoming out sometimes when crossing railroad tracks or hitting potholes or expansion joints. It has been doing this for at least a couple of years. I got new shocks and it seemed to quiet down just for a couple of months and then came back. Saturday a new noise started. When backing out of the driveway where the driveway meets the street there is a thump thump sound. this just started Saturday. The repair shop seems unable to tell me what it is. Does anyone have any clues? :confuse:
  • The only time mine has failed to start it was either the ignition switch or the battery.
  • dekiddekid Posts: 1
    I have the same problem and mechanic also couldn't figure it out. Always felt it had something to do with spare tire underneath the cargo area.
  • newronewro Posts: 21
    I have 2010 Pathfinder. Have a metallic noise upon acceleration, almost chain like. Only on hard acceleration, up hill etc. Have had it to the dealer twice, they have kept the car for a couple of days and of course cannot hear it. You would have to be stone deaf not to. Took the chief mechanic out, heard the noise, he did not. Thought it was a timing chain./tensioner issue, he says no. I have an extended warrenty so this would be on them. Anyone have this experience? Thanks
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,504
    Any chance you are hearing "pinging"? I dont' know the extent of your automotive knowledge, so if you need more explanation of that, let us know.

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